How to install, repair, remove, replace a fence post the easy way

Here's how to fix , repair and replace broken fence posts and poles easily as long as things are thought ahead and you used the fence post socket system before using concrete and cement

You can purchase the bags on ebay by serching the words
fence post socket
or by clicking on

more info about the method with FAQ on

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Author Scott Garside ( ago)
This is more steps, materials and expense than fixing it the usual way.

Author Brandon Winchester ( ago)
Seems like this completely goes against all moisture/rot issues. The bag
system traps water that travels down the wood post and systems that trap
water at the bottom of the post, rot wood posts exponentially faster than
systems that allow for drainage.

Author easyfencing (256 years ago)
to those who moan about comments not being published.... *rude comments or
comments that cannot replied to will be deleted*

Author Robinhood179 ( ago)
But wouldn't installation of the 2nd post be wobbly now that the sand that
was so full around it is gone? Even pouring more sand in afterwards doesn't
seem like it will be as snug.

Author MasterCacophony ( ago)
What an excellent solution to a perennial problem! For any domestic fencing
this is an excellent innovation!

Author Tiger Audio, Inc. ( ago)
What the heck is a boot of a car?

Author DIY Creators - Build Something ( ago)
Easy wood fence installation

Author equirke ( ago)
I love your music it sounds like the Russian anthem.

Author Tom M ( ago)
Seems like a lot of work to prevent future work YEARS down the line. Hate
to say it, but pulling the post YEARS in the future does not seem any more
work than doing all this YEARS ahead of time for what YOU MIGHT have to
do? Or maybe years down the line pulling the original posts is someone's
else problem? Pulling post isn't that hard and MANY ways of doing it.
Just not sure why I would want to do all this work now to solve an issue I
MIGHT have in the future?

Author Troy Emmett ( ago)
Wow! That is pretty much all I have to say...Wow! I said it again. Crown
the concrete or use a inexpensive Post Collar to keep the soil from coming
into contact with the wood. Easy Peezy! I do agree with the beginning....

Author chris topher ( ago)
these bags just hold water i have dug plenty of these out the ground

Author OilBaron100 ( ago)
Can someone please tell me the name of both of these musical scores?

Would really love to download each tune.


Author juan carlos Camarena ( ago)
Dont know the word next to

Author simhopp ( ago)
for 4x4 posts that were set in concrete that need to be replaced,
the reason for that is usually severe rot.
if you cut off the part above the ground, you will be left with 4x4
embedded in concrete.
you can use large and long wood boring bits. 1 inch wide and 16 inch long
bits are readily available.

remaining 6 inch is obviously problematic, but it is possible to reused the
concrete foundation.

Author Kevin Challinor ( ago)
This is what's known as, designing a solution to a problem that doesn't
exist. It is also obvious, that that post will not be fully secure when
held in by loose sand. Waste of time and money.

Author Alex Aken ( ago)
I use this to remove posts its a great
product that I would recommend to any one in this line of work

Author smugBBQ ( ago)
That looks a lot of work

Author roland fosdike ( ago)
Proud to be British !!!!!! ;)

Author D Fence ( ago)
Great video. Another addition to your fence post replacement is to install
a D-Fence post protector that comes in two sizes to fit a 4x4 or 6x6 wood
post. This will significantly prolong and protect the life of your fence
post. Check it out You can't find a cheaper insurance for
your fence

Author Harry Klair ( ago)
Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!
That is Brilliant!

Author GoodLife ( ago)
I am a professional fence installer and NO NO NO NO

Author Cynthia Emmett ( ago)
The Post Collar- the only way. You dont need a metal
anchor or shrink wrapped posts.. Fast easy and inexpensive to install. Can
be installed to existing fences.

Author uni000ver000sal ( ago)
I normally get a Mexican do this for me.!

Author tabcobra ( ago)
Or, just use galvanized steel posts and forget about it. Wood posts are

Author John Magnus ( ago)
Check out

Author OpinionatedMonk ( ago)
Totally appropriate music. 

Author yopagedotcom ( ago)
I can't believe I sat through this...

Author SukaFreeCity ( ago)
I'm replacing my rotted fence post and this is one smart idea!

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
by the way .. I am still waiting for the countrer videos of those who
claimed they can replace a broken concreted in post in 5 minutes as they
boldly said.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
sarabande by Handel watch?v=JSAd3NpDi6Q

Author mccarty7video ( ago)
What is the piece of music in the beginning of the video? Thanks

Author brian mcguire ( ago)
to funny ok i call bs 20yrs fencing crete n forget about it, you wont be
the one to replace the post

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
none of course. it is just dust but you'd better use an wet and dry vacuum
cleaner which so far I haven't had to use anyway.

Author Ned Morlef ( ago)
how many vacs would you go through to do 8 posts?

Author robz40 ( ago)
google instructables robz40 How to repair a leaking gutter union joint (and
poly tunnel and follow the same principle ;-)

Author McPrfctday ( ago)
I'm putting 4 posts in on sunday and one of the holes retains about 1 foot
of water for a long time. I'm going to try wrapping it in a plastic bag.
Thanks! The bottom 2 foot of the old post had completely gone into thin air
(or water). I know people used to paint them with bitumen but that was
before properly treated wood was available.

Author Joe pechie ( ago)
drilling out broken fence post

Author Joe pechie ( ago)
one of the toughest jobs there is. i use a 17lb post hole bolster and
trying to smash down through 2ft of endgrain encased in postcrete and hard
packed loam is damned hard.

Author ranting 95 ( ago)
I guess if you buy pre built panels.

Author shanan stodolka ( ago)
because wood fences have panels and post has to sit in same hole to
reattach the panels

Author shanan stodolka ( ago)
wow that didn't look to easy I should know im a fencer and that's very time
consuming and besides if I told my secrets I would be out of a job

Author ranting 95 ( ago)
This has probably already been said but why not just cut the old post off
at or below ground level, move over a foot or two, and dig a new hole. The
old concrete will be in line with and under the new fence out of the way.

Author bleh ( ago)
My God. This video is utterly horrible. The music is choir music from
church. The video editing is horrendous. Cutting back and forth from what
looks to be .ppt slides and still pictures. The moving video footage that
actually is present looks like it was filmed 3 decades ago. There are
misspellings. Very unprofessional. You should fix it.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
I tried that myself a few times. easy if the post is well rotten, much
harder and time consuming if the wood is still sound

Author rodonisle ( ago)
Just fix what's broken. Leave the old cret in place, chip out the post
stump with long drill, bar and shop vac. then put in new post, cut slightly
smaller, and set with some LP one part.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
Thank you for the suggestion but your objection has been answered in the
previous posts.

Author Wally ( ago)
Why not just buy treated post and put them in concrete, slopping the
concrete away from the bottom of the post for drainage. I've done many like
this and has lasted for 25 plus years. Your method looks like a lot of work
for not much gain.

Author Ed Macfarlane ( ago)
just put it in properly dig a hole with a shovholer post inna few rocks
with a tamping bar make sure its tight and then pack the hole in with the
earth removed from the shovholer !

Author italiansurprise ( ago)
Does anyone have any clue how to level a vinyl fence? I live where there is
an association and they've demanded that I level the short fence. Only one
(~6x6in) post is not level but there is about 16 in diameter concrete under
ground. I tried digging up the dirt, watering and smashing with a sledge
hammer, which did not work. I could also lift the adjacent end post. Any
tips help.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
previous post dated 2 years ago "like I said it depends on the custom of
the country and what people are used to. It is not good nor bad, just the
way it is and improvements are there to be considered. Another advantage
of the post socket system is that it can also work for metal or concrete
posts as you can temporarily remove the post should you need to do so e.g.
make room for large machinery (it can happen) . In that case any post would
be in the way. "

Author ijustwanttoseetitty ( ago)
The easiest way to do this would be by altering step # 1 slightly, do away
with the wooden post and use a concrete one for a start you cheap skate!

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
Please do so, I am eager to see the video. Wooden post STUMP (underline
stump) concreted into the ground 2ft deep

Author eightballproaudio ( ago)
If I I can make a video where we pull the old post out in 3 minutes will
you subscribe to my channel? I am serious no bullshit post REAL post 2 feet
in the ground with cement I can bet we can get out the stump in 3 minutes
or less. Use 99 cents worth of concrete and a METAL post we can have the
whole deal done in about 5 or 6 minutes. we do on average 100 post a week.

Author Don theford ( ago)
it will last the same concrete or foam it going to hold moister

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
this one buddy? mS-2TiwQogY ? :-) good fun, let them try at home. :-)

Author eightballproaudio ( ago)
please anyone see my video on how to build a fence or how to remove posts
it is alot easier than everyone thinks this video is shocking to me I pull
posts out every day! no trucks no pulleys just a shovel and a new METAL post

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
in which planet?

Author Heavyboxes ( ago)
It's highly illegal to use sand...let alone vacuum it.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
Yes, you have to. But I don't use ballast or postcrete, instead I use sharp
sand and cement.

Author thomas hurley ( ago)
so do you still put concrete around it ?

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
the oldest is 4 years old and it is still up, I saw the guy a few weeks

Author thomas hurley ( ago)
Hi im interested in using this method my only worry is what is it like long
term? whats the condition of the oldest one youve done in?

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
by the way, a private message from someone Jan 31, 2013. 7:43 PMReply I'm
sold how do I get the bags in the United States? In my case I'm installing
a cross fence in a place that would be great RV parking. Since I don't know
for sure I will get the RV I don't want the hassles of building a gate.
This allows a great fence solution and quick ability to put in gate later

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
#4 as stated a vacuum cleaner or heavy duty tools.. it's a choice. no
offence at all as I said, it is a choice #5 this method is also very
useful if you need to remove the posts temporarily, it gives a degree of

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
#1 Exactly, with this method you don't have to pay one. It is debatable
the so called professionals will do a good job I have seen horror stories.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
#2 Britain is wet and windy, I had to repair posts that were 3 years old #3
no way see #2

Author robz40 ( ago)
There's no easy way to remove stumps and root, the cheapest option is to
make it as flat as possible with a chainsaw and leave the roots in the
ground but that in itself requires some experience. Chainsaws are dangerous
and unforgiving tools.

Author Yvette Moore ( ago)
I need to find a way to remove Leylandii stumps and roots without breaking
my back (I have arthritis and no macho bloke around to help) it's either
that or pay the best part of a grand for someone else to do it :o( The wind
here is so awful that putting up panels is pointless. It has to be boards
with a small gap between each. I've been looking but other than elbow
grease (which I'm not physically up to) I've found nowt.

Author tango viper ( ago)
I've seen this. It's not bad.. but leaving the galv exposed is awful ugly,
especially when he went through all the effort to do top rails and even
cover the screws with boards. He could have simply boxed those posts.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
How about this video done by an American company? watch?v=X0Jv_PV3v98 wood
into concrete?

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
isn't this a garden in America? watch?v=9D2H_xq78Mw

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
It seems there's a proliferation of "5 minutes superguys" coming up.....
Tch! I start getting worried. "Before accepting the diagnosis of depression
or low self esteem just make sure you are not simply surrounded by
assholes" Dr C Hogburner

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
easy, after a stormy day/night just one fence post is damaged and the
others are still sound and standing. I do that quite often, £60~100 per
post repair/replacement. Breaking and extracting the concrete takes time
and it is hard work not just 5 easy minutes as some superfencers like to
say, I have asked for their 5 minutes video more than once but none
published yet (and never will as a man can sustain just 1/3 hp muscle power
for a short time, simple physics)

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
like I said that's the custom, galvanized posts are used for commercial
properties. Occasionally concrete posts are used in back gardens . The US
and Britain are 2 different countries with different housing and different
ways, people simply prefer wood fences

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
fence with 10 posts. only one post breaks and only one post needs
repairing. QED

Author tango viper ( ago)
I don't know why you don't do that in Britian as it's the highest end way
to do a commercial wood fencing installation. Posts never rot as they are
galv. Fence can last countless decades this way.

Author tango viper ( ago)
How often do people just have one post when tearing out fencing? Come on.

Author Jonathan Janis ( ago)
That's pretty brilliant. If it were my house I was working at, I would do

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
they are available for sale although I tend to use for my customers first.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
like I said .... that's not the way it is done in Britain, see any fencing
yard and see what they sell. Customs matter.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
try to get a bobcat (just for ONE post for instance?!?) in every back
garden in Britain .. good luck.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
As per picture 0:09 broken fence post 2ft deep concreted in with concrete
7:1 or 5:1, post stomp and concrete out in less than 5 minute. Ready ..
steady.. go! Anytime, show us your video show us the way. By the way..
where I live there are areas where you have to dig out chalk and breaker is
almost compulsory. 5 minutes in your dreams, like I said put your video on
without any editing from start to finish.

Author cbuddy812 ( ago)
We always just dug a half moon shape on one side of the old post, poped it
loose with a spud bar wrapped a come-a-long around the Crete ball and
cranked it out of the ground. Takes about 5 minutes .if you know what
you're doing...

Author tango viper ( ago)
They make it sound like tearing out the posts is a nightmare. A bobcat can
rip out posts effortlessly. No dangerous pulling with a truck or digging.
And you can rent a bobcat virtually anywhere these days.

Author tango viper ( ago)
Me neither, a much better method is just install galv poles in concrete.
Box them with wood, then build the rest of the fence in traditional
methods. No rotting as no wood is in the earth. This is the way the pro's
do it and the way we fenced my acre. It's not cheap, but it will last.

Author Robert S. ( ago)
So you are seling plastic bags?

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
try first?

Author electricbacfac ( ago)
Not convinced.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
QED, like previous fencing contractors (not customers) criticising without
knowing is the way forward.

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
Here in the UK they use 4"x4" or 3"x3" (imagine what happens then) and the
plastic bag is designed for that size . Why do you bury the concrete under
1ft of dirt? The post should be kept free of dirt as much as possible as
the dirt retains moisture which feeds the microorganisms responsible for
the rot. That's at least what I see all the time.

Author FantastikFences ( ago)
I am somewhat familiar as I lived in Dunkirk 2 years after that storm, that
northern sea is quite windy. On the other hand we get storms too - note -
Ice storm of 98. We do like do use 6'x6' posts & our holes are between 48''
to 60'' deep (concrete is buried under at least 1' of dirt). Works nicely!

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
Good , so do I. Thanks Google 25 years on: how Great Storm permanently
changed landscape

Author FantastikFences ( ago)
Our #1 priority is building Fantastic Fences, not saving money or cutting
corners & some how we're successful with 100% customer satisfaction.Cheers.

Author FantastikFences ( ago)
I had no idea that the weather in England was so rough, I guess with the
mild weather we get in Canada our fences get to stay up longer. Whatever
works for you is great!

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
You don't like it and you don't use it, customers pay your wage and do what
you say anyway, what's to worry about? "By that time the whole fence will
probably need to be replaced...." after an Atlantic storm it is pretty easy
in Britain having to replace posts even after 2 or 3 years depending on bad
luck and exposure of the fence. 30 years for a fence in Britain is wishful

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
you are quick on commenting but not at reading: how can you judge what you
haven't tried? "easyfencing 2 years ago there is a simple experiment you
can try. At minute 3:00 there's a scaled down post (stick) and socket
(water bottle) filled with dry (has to be dry!) sand. Seal it with ordinary
silicon, let it dry and immerse it in water for a few weeks or months. When
I cut the seal the sand was still completely dry, that's why I went ahead
introducing the new method."

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
(not my post) "When a new method to save money introduced, you can tell
which side is the poster by reading their comments, negative is the
loosing income side and positive is the money saved side. Cheers. " PS
still waiting for your 5 minutes video. Haven't done yet? It takes only 5

Author easyfencing . ( ago)
(not my post) "When a new method to save money introduced, you can tell
which side is the poster by reading their comments, negative is the
loosing income side and positive is the money saved side. Cheers.

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