Grandmaster Haim Gidon, IKMA President and Imi Linchtenfeld sucessor. This video shows Haim and Imi Lichtenfeld in important moments like Haim´s 8 Dan graduation, the highest rank given by Imi in his lifetime.

music: Ramin Djawadi - Iron Man
Haim is the true Imi´s chosen sucessor, responsible for developing the Krav Maga system in the last 30 years to its best and most efective evolution.

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Author חומס צ'יפס סלט (4 months)
Glad that i choose to learn at haim geav maga place.

Author israeli krav maga association Gidon System (1 year)

Author arbiv yigal (5 years)
the original Krav Maga association founded by Imi Lichtenfeld, the inventor
of Krav Maga. Founded in 1978, decades before any other Krav Maga
association, the IKMA was the first such association to be recognized by
the Israeli government. Imi appointed his top student, Haim Gidon. To be
his successor Working from Imi's techniques and principles, Grandmaster
Gidon has spent nearly two decades developing Krav Maga into its most
modern evolution: the Gidon System

Author nyclear (4 years)
@yigal289 Any thoughts on mapping out where Gidon's moves in which
scenarios are superior? It would be so cool if someone in Gidon's camp put
this out on the line for the world to see. Not only to back up your passion
about it but to help us all know what you guys are so excited about. Would
be awesome.

Author arbiv yigal (5 years)
israeli krav maga the only system krav maga that represent imi and grand
master haim gidon the original the one and the only

Author LaneJoseph (3 years)
Finally a video (proof) to the world the power and veracity of the Gidon
System drawing a direct line from the inventor of Krav Maga Imi. We look
forward to seeing you soon in America.

Author lironen (5 years)
grand master haim gidon the original the one and the only

Author nyclear (5 years)
Please explain to those new to KM. How different is Gidon KM? Are the
differences dramatic or subtle? Not all of us can choose between
organizations because there is only one school nearby. Is all KM great?

Author nyclear (5 years)
@yigal289 thanks! So if we put the different KM next to each other they
would look really different? How different are they? There is no Gidon
system KM near me. The guy who teaches nearby went to brown belt under Zut
system and it seems from there learned to teach and also get his black belt
from Darrin Levine? Are these classes worth studying in your eyes? Or
should I go to mma classes? What do you think?

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