Had to change the description on all videos per youtube.....

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Author SikModz™ ( ago)
This works.
Also works for BO3.

Author Aaron Moquera ( ago)
dosent work -_-

Author TheJaki[NOR] ( ago)
How can I do this in PC (Steam Edition)

Author Brian Truong ( ago)
It works great for PC zombies. I hate zombies match where I play with
fucking non English speaking foreigners. The only recommendation I give you
is that you increase everything to "40". In that way I can get my own
little lobby and let the foreigners suffer. Thank you. Also, the link in
the description is gone. I would just recommend you to google UDP Unicorns.

Author Jacob Loff ( ago)
whats the port?

Author MustyMods ( ago) heres the link guys

Author ZKP (1547 years ago)
where is the file

Author ramsey144 ( ago)
DDosing ur self lol

Author thewolfsogood (544 years ago)
this is wired but it makes my computer speed quicker 

Author thewolfsogood (727 years ago)
fuck you it booted me ofline and now every time i try to sighn in it says
error ps3 fuck you dont do it guys it works sure but this could happen to

Author Josh Hernandez ( ago)
download in the description always ends in virus or too much complication

Author 4400seriesFAN ( ago)
What is the point in this? The host has the WORST issues! The host is
always lagging as he was with a 1/4 connection!
I changed my connection to fix my lag and now the system sees it as a very
good connection and it makes me the host most of the times...And it SUCKS.!
While I'm playing as just a player, I seepeople before they seeme, many
times...While I am being the host, all hell breaks loose, and I can't see
anyone. I get rekt every single time I amthe host!

People, don't do what the video says, you are going to regret it! Trust me!

Author Lewiis Tagell-Cooke ( ago)
It says rand at top right I swear you have to put call of duty I have this

Author D3FuZz ( ago)

Author TheLuigiTech ( ago)
this thing kicked me out of xbox

Author messievolutionFOREVA ( ago)
Since you like correcting people. The statement you made, and i quote "you
should probably study more rather than play games your not old enough to
play", should be: You're not old enough to play.. Maybe you should go back
and take some advice from yourself. Goodbye.

Author RJ FromPhx ( ago)
No dude, its NOT awesome.... Its Fuckin Epic!!!!!! EXPLOSION!

Author Carlos Ley ( ago)
When I run this and I'm in a party (me being host leader) will my
team/party have that advantage too?

Author RJ FromPhx ( ago)
this program used to work for me to force host; but ever since i upgraded
my internet from 40 mbps to 150mbps it seems to not have any effect on my
lobby now. my question is - do i need to adjust the packet size or
something? its not working at all >_<

Author RidingWithRegi ( ago)
what about for ps3

Author Rikardo BG ( ago)
guys this only for xbox??

Author Tulip Kirrukal ( ago)
@qlnkfns yeah i totally agree! ALSO! if your bored check this good time
waster! =>\olKX

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
lol and in "Whats your business accept spending for life trying to take the
piss out of 7 year olds?" you used the wrong word it should be except....
not "accept" or at least i think... it seems like you must be failing
English class. you should probably study more rather than play games your
not old enough to play.

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
i cant really decipher what your trying to say.all i was abe to get was
that you are 7 and i could kick you off xbox for days if you where in my
party,you do realize that after you get offline then next time you get on
you have a different ip address right?i understand you're young but is"get
a life bro"all you can say?i have one,you're still leeching off your
parents but seriously" Whats your business accept spending for life trying
to take the piss out of 7 year olds?" WTF does that even mean

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
son ive served my time in the military, ive been a private contractor, and
now i own my own business. i have seen shit you couldn't even imagine and i
was more successful in my twenties then you will be in your entire life. i
do have a life and i can provide for my kids, something i doubt you will be
able to do... and no, i play most of the time with my fellow solders and we
wipe kids like you up and down the sidewalk. but i dont need to explain my
self to you. your young and u think your right.

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
not really... your underage and had to get your mommy to buy you this
game... thats sad. so your telling me that when you are 20 you are going to
stop playing video games forever? i highly doubt that... just because i
like to spend my free time having fun with friends on cod isnt bad... its
not like im you and spend 9+ hours on xbox every day.

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
plenty of older people play xbox... you do realize you have to be 17+ to
buy most of the good games... and your right, i wouldent have said that to
you over xbox live because i would have muted you after the first sentence
you said. as ive learned from my childeren you can't argue with adolescence
because they think they are always right.

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
(i read the comment) lol little boy, that's the arrogance of a teenager
right there, just go back to school and stop disrespecting your elders.
maybe one day you will be smarter than be but i doubt it... you cant even
read sentences, your Hippocratic, and you like to start comment fights on

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
i said nothing about lagswitching and no, jays booter is childs play... way
to google search "how to ip flood" and come up with that little boy...

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
lol so your calling me a faggot for doing exactly what you do.... thats
Hippocratic... ive never been ip flooded and never will.

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
yes it is illegal, but there's nothing this kid can do... i ip flood people
on cod all the time.

Author ADAM S ( ago)
well he is kind if right, its a federal offense in the us & uk

Author TykE Myson ( ago)
fuck that grandmas ass and punch her in the face till her eyes pops out
from the skull . then pee on her ears and cut her nose . boooyah! long live

Author Vaktrus ( ago)
This seems illegal.

Author Dario Mercado ( ago)
fuck chuck norris

Author GHPYELLOWMAN ( ago)
Is there anyway to get host in mid game?

Author bubba82069 ( ago)
what a dipshit.... you cant do anything little kid.

Author Nathius Mendoza ( ago)
mom in the back groud

Author TheTootyfruity123 ( ago)
doesnt work any more i dont think

Author jclongboarder 123 ( ago)
doesnt work

Author tony de avila ( ago)
Who the fuck is going to believe anything you just said ? May I suggest

Author Chuck Norris ( ago)
Once again, I will have the FBI swarming your house to confiscate any
suspicious items, also anyone that was mean to me is being banned. I am a
Youtube Admin and I will fuck your grandmas.

Author Noah Cosme ( ago)
isnt this illegal?

Author Undergroundbombs ( ago)
It's actually DOSing, DDOS is more than 1 person attacking at once. It's
not illegal however as long as you're attacking your own network for
security and DDOS prevention tests. You're comment is invalid.

Author oM ( ago)
You are a fucking dumbass. May I suggest suicide.

Author TheMrAwsomness ( ago)
yes you do. 1st offense suspended from cod block ops 2 2nd offense banned
and rest stats from black ops 2 ***not banned/suspended from xbox live,
just bo2. hope this helped. :)

Author mraowjoyce17 ( ago)
Does anyone know if there is any chance of getting banned for doing this?

Author Flint Given ( ago)
does pc have to be connected to console

Author JonnieBoy ( ago)
What do you put fir port

Author JonnieBoy ( ago)

Author Vicrod23144 ( ago)
You're obviously not the real Chuck Norris, you will die very soon.

Author Anthony Johnson ( ago)
You people listening to Burnsy took it the wrong way and now went full

Author Too Many Sweg ( ago)

Author GlNGR ( ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author tophower33 ( ago)

Author John Wallace ( ago)
this doesnt work for me. but it does slow down matchmaking.... it does
allow me to lock out a lobby but not the way advertised..... only if i have
6 friends with split screen join on me while im slowing down matchmaking...

Author Matthew Eaton ( ago)
DDOSing in general is not illegal.

Author juneya04 ( ago)
The only reason I want to pull host is due to all the people that dash on
me. I have an 8+ win loss ratio in demolition and nearly all of my losses
are from dashboard.

Author juneya04 ( ago)
Does this work on Xbox? I am about to try.

Author AbominableOs ( ago)
trys witching from rand to xboxlive

Author John Wallace ( ago)
does this still work in june 2013 because i get stuck in random lobbies? i
guess this just increases your chances of getting host or something?

Author KittyKong650 ( ago)
Why does this crash my laptop!?

Author saud alsuwaidi ( ago)
i love you here is a sub

Author starmiguel1 ( ago)
Of course because you are ddosing youself.

Author MrMavTheSav ( ago)
omg i love you for this!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Author Mohammad Amro ( ago)
if u want to join ppl quikcly search how to enable upnp

Author jesus rojas ( ago)
if your laptop is lower than vista it does that and if it isnt i dont know
wats happening

Author Ron Burgandy ( ago)
Can u get banned for this?

Author moist rectum ( ago)
Are you stupid?

Author Rest Vortex ( ago)
can you press attack to get host in a host migration

Author KittyKong650 ( ago)
This freezes my laptop why?!

Author Matheus Henrique ( ago)
lol DDoSing urself is not illegal

Author KeshaAndLolaGaga ( ago)
Would this help me of my problem that i have to wait like an hour in the
lobby for people to join?

Author nonsolo macintosh ( ago)
awesome: i love you :)

Author nonsolo macintosh ( ago)
yes, it does :)

Author xGamerZ1999 ( ago)
It is only illegal to ddos someone else

Author Hack Facilito ( ago)
Where is the link???

Author XcceLL ( ago)
Works awesome!!!

Author Edwin Renteria ( ago)
No. We have dedicated servers, but it might work for Zombies.

Author x3ShouTx3 ( ago)
i tried but i just get "waiting for host" all the time

Author Soxsrule14 ( ago)
Does it work for ps3. How do u do it if you have dns

Author KingGamer411 ( ago)
Kind of..

Author KingGamer411 ( ago)

Author pedro Stokoe ( ago)
i to dont think you know what lag comp is if you have a good connection
when host its unplayable your probably just plain old lagging so you need
to host to get a good game but people with a good connection get penilised
its just as bad on mw3 which is unplayable as host

Author Timeless Gamer ( ago)
I keep finding games and everything i followed this guide to the T? help?

Author Timeless Gamer ( ago)
This + Dexterity and QuickDraw

Author wallmartkiller ( ago)
Does this work on PC?

Author Cody ( ago)
it's not illegal to ddos yourself you retard lmao

Author Peter Ireland ( ago)
in fact, its just DOS'ing not even DDOS'ing, which is not even illegal
whoever you use it on

Author ii Satori ( ago)
you do understand lag comp mainly affects the host, right? Also, this is
illegal. If you're bad enough that you need host to play competently then
stop playing a game that you aren't good at. It's like me trying to play
basketball. I'm white, 5' 6'', and uncoordinated. Wouldn't make sense.

Author No Remorse ( ago)
This exploits the "Best" search preference. It's also illegal as you're IP
flooding someone (Lowers your connection). Another way is to block all
connections. Legal, safer, and other uses.

Author StefanOFWG ( ago)
Whats your method?

Author No Remorse ( ago)
I have a much better way that guarantees it...this is not a guarantee

Author 94SICKMAN ( ago)
no problem, hope you get it to work ;)

Author 94SICKMAN ( ago)
hmm than i don´t know what you can do i use it for geting host too not to
cheat in game -.-

Author Jorden Madsen ( ago)
it just puts me in a game right away /;

Author 94SICKMAN ( ago)
try it wit laptop wired and xbox wlan that is what i am using

Author 94SICKMAN ( ago)
are you connectet with Wlan oder a lan cable? try wlan

Author 94SICKMAN ( ago)
not really because i try it with both and it works :)

Author 94SICKMAN ( ago)
hmm try packet size 10or15 delay 10 and the other 2 try 10-15 i use it too

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