Had to change the description on all videos per youtube.....

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Had to change the description on all videos per youtube.....
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Had to change the description on all videos per youtube.....
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Author ramsey144 (1 month)
DDosing ur self lol

Author 4400seriesFAN (5 months)
What is the point in this? The host has the WORST issues! The host is
always lagging as he was with a 1/4 connection!
I changed my connection to fix my lag and now the system sees it as a very
good connection and it makes me the host most of the times...And it SUCKS.!
While I'm playing as just a player, I seepeople before they seeme, many
times...While I am being the host, all hell breaks loose, and I can't see
anyone. I get rekt every single time I amthe host!

People, don't do what the video says, you are going to regret it! Trust me!

Author thewolfsogood (4 months)
this is wired but it makes my computer speed quicker 

Author South Africa Gamer (6 months)
mine automatically does that anyway xD
it puts me in my own lobby

Author Josh Hernandez (4 months)
download in the description always ends in virus or too much complication

Author thewolfsogood (4 months)
fuck you it booted me ofline and now every time i try to sighn in it says
error ps3 fuck you dont do it guys it works sure but this could happen to

Author Max DaRk05 - Sniping Gamer (7 months)
you MUST get a medal! yeahh fuck thanks mate :)

Author IRawr (6 months)
Doesn't even work

Author Guilherme Wilczak (11 months)
this work for ps3??

Author Garrys Message (8 months)
Hahaha!!! 0:42 josh do you have some tampons??? Haha

Author Scharm Haar (9 months)
nice, but a question: how the fuck du you got a Nuketown 2025 mode?!?!

Author TheJason2123 (9 months)
Is this for ps3 too

Author Jack Webster (8 months)
does this work for mw2?

Author Ze Fear (1 year)
do you have to do this every time u join a match

Author Dark Horse (1 year)
hey friend steam disconnects every time enable the program.

Author Mahsum Korkmaz (1 year)
Can you do this in League Play?

Author Beast Folife (1 year)
hahah, just download xlag 2.0. its wireless and its very simple, 

Author XcceLL (1 year)
Make one for COD:GHOST

Author Peter Ireland (2 years)
in fact, its just DOS'ing not even DDOS'ing, which is not even illegal
whoever you use it on

Author 94SICKMAN (2 years)
no problem, hope you get it to work ;)

Author xGamerZ1999 (1 year)
It is only illegal to ddos someone else

Author SupaReVvo (2 years)

Author mraowjoyce17 (1 year)
Does anyone know if there is any chance of getting banned for doing this?

Author 94SICKMAN (2 years)
are you connectet with Wlan oder a lan cable? try wlan

Author bubba82069 (1 year)
lol so your calling me a faggot for doing exactly what you do.... thats
Hippocratic... ive never been ip flooded and never will.

Author Xiphion (2 years)
AH i actually did it, works great on PS3. It does take a while to get it
down though. Hit detection is 100x better when host. I may actually do a
the fresh start thing and only play games with me as host.

Author 2010CristianoRonaldo (1 year)
any program for MAC?

Author saud alsuwaidi (1 year)
i love you here is a sub

Author bubba82069 (1 year)
i said nothing about lagswitching and no, jays booter is childs play... way
to google search "how to ip flood" and come up with that little boy...

Author XcceLL (1 year)
Works awesome!!!

Author Kal V (2 years)
love you. so much. <3

Author izUjelly (2 years)
i think you need to have your xb directley connected to your router/laptop
via an ethernet for it to work. nuggets.

Author RJ FromPhx (1 year)
this program used to work for me to force host; but ever since i upgraded
my internet from 40 mbps to 150mbps it seems to not have any effect on my
lobby now. my question is - do i need to adjust the packet size or
something? its not working at all >_<

Author Mohammad Amro (1 year)
if u want to join ppl quikcly search how to enable upnp

Author Omar Diaz (2 years)
Everytime i do it it disconnects me from xbox live and i cant use my
internet i gotta turn it off and turn it on

Author Undergroundbombs (1 year)
It's actually DOSing, DDOS is more than 1 person attacking at once. It's
not illegal however as long as you're attacking your own network for
security and DDOS prevention tests. You're comment is invalid.

Author messievolutionFOREVA (1 year)
Since you like correcting people. The statement you made, and i quote "you
should probably study more rather than play games your not old enough to
play", should be: You're not old enough to play.. Maybe you should go back
and take some advice from yourself. Goodbye.

Author nonsolo macintosh (1 year)
yes, it does :)

Author ii Satori (2 years)
you do understand lag comp mainly affects the host, right? Also, this is
illegal. If you're bad enough that you need host to play competently then
stop playing a game that you aren't good at. It's like me trying to play
basketball. I'm white, 5' 6'', and uncoordinated. Wouldn't make sense.

Author TE72.Siso (1 year)

Author Timeless Gamer (2 years)
This + Dexterity and QuickDraw

Author GeTTingWiGGly (2 years)
Check out my channel. I have a different method which is easy to do and
gives you host advantage everytime.

Author Carlos Nixon Rodriguez (2 years)
does it work for ps3 ???

Author 94SICKMAN (2 years)
try it wit laptop wired and xbox wlan that is what i am using

Author tophower33 (1 year)

Author Xiphion (2 years)
keeps migrating host right before the match begins.

Author DarkLygofast (2 years)
its not illegal to ddos yourself

Author John Wallace (1 year)
does this still work in june 2013 because i get stuck in random lobbies? i
guess this just increases your chances of getting host or something?

Author Vicrod23144 (1 year)
You're obviously not the real Chuck Norris, you will die very soon.

Author 94SICKMAN (2 years)
it works perfectly you need a nat type from open and atleast a ubload rate
from 1 mb :) then it works 100%

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