Chief Keef - No Reason | Dir. by Ben Hughes

The Official Music Video for Chief Keef's "No Reason". Starring the children of O BLOCK!

Director/DP/Editor/VFX: Ben Hughes
Artist: Chief Keef
Producer: Zaytoven

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Shot on the Canon T2i, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, intro made in After Effects.

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Added: 1 year
Runtime: 2:40
Comments: 9501

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Author Warren B (19 days)
All music is just noise. What makes a song seem like music or not is
dependent on how your brain is wired to received auditory stimulus. So, if
a song sounds like bullshit to you, all that means is that your brain is
not wired to appreciate that kind of music. I see too many posts on Chiefs
uploads talking about how they can't understand this music. Great; all that
means is what I just said, so keep the shade to yourself because all you
are actually commenting on is your lack of ability to appreciate this music
rather than it's quality. Don't get that fucked up.

Author alex perching (3 months)
If you think song or this nigga are genuinely good, then you're fucking
ears deserve to be cut off.

No flow, shit production, no lyrics, no basic sense of melody.

This nigga doesn't even RAP, he incoherently miles random words.

Shame on you if you like this.
Yes, I'm a hater.

Author Brandon Davis (2 months)
this is hood shit. if you aren't--whoops, i mean "ain't"--from the hood
then THIS MUSIC SUCKS BALLLLLLSSSSSSS and looks f'n retarded. This is the
type of shit you sing when you're half unconscious drunk and falling down a
flight of stairs

Author whereskarlo (8 months)
How I started liking Chief Keef: Goa - Trance - House - Progressive House -
Drum & Bass - Jungle - Reggae - Dubstep - Trap - Drill. It's got influences
of everything, if you can't tell get better speakers.

Author harvey keitel (1 day)
How I started to like chief, hard core conscious 90's hip hop fan; wu tang,
jeru, nas, hieroglyphics- less conscious hip hop west coat- e-40, spice 1,
too short- down south good beats/bad lyrics- master P, no limit, cash
money-----GBE chief keef, drill.

Author GLO SQUAD (8 days)
I cat take yo girl for no reason
But I don't want to Cause I'm #taken #gloup 

Author World Peace (6 days)
only smart people will know that chief keef is the worlds best rapper i
think even 2 pac would be jealous of his talent

Author Seargant marc (5 days)
His sister cute

Author Andrew Wagner (21 day)
If having money makes you good then I'd rather be homeless 

Author RedGlo Gaming (29 days)
Niggas be stuck listening to his voice for lyrics, like bitch listen to the
best and how he flows over it 

Author AquazPrincessX8 (1 month)
Chief keef lil' sis in dah videoo , #squaa 

Author Anthony Beck (15 days)
Can I get likes for no reason?

Author Tommy WM (4 months)
dis fool look like a long hair Alpaca

Author Kirk Kimberly (1 month)
Wish I could pull off dreads and not look like a tweak ass stoner hahahha

Author Dominic Fuller (8 days)
my 5 year old made this beat. i threw my mpc in his room and him and the
other kids threw it around for while...called up keef told em i had a hot

Author M. Ervin (6 days)
Chief keef was smoking and that's not good for him and anybody period.

Author Jordan Atanasio (1 month)
Woooww this is almost too funny. God it has to be a parody how this guy is
haha its cool cuz ita funny, hes like based god, I dont think he even takes
himself seriously haha

Author MergimMuchacho (24 days)

Author Jennifer Adams (1 month)
lol who brought the rug rat to the party 

Author Jake Gallagher (3 months)
Haha all these girls are ugly ha this dude holdin racks n still has these
bitches? Thaaa fuk

Author CraccShot757 (3 days)
Capo based his WHOLE career off this Song right here

Author Jayden Kenny (9 days)
Boy I wonder why ain't gettin no bread

Author Dreads Power (1 month)
This nigga is trolling, right? D:

Author Carlen Lawson (20 days)
Rae Sremmurd would kill this beat if it wasn't Chief Keef's

Author Rap Artist, RaMello (1 month)
This shit GLO (go ), lmao forreal... sont blame chief keef for finding a
niche just as other ppl do in businesses outside of music. They signed him
for that niche... i rap inda like chief keef but DEF more intelligent give
a real nigga listen lol, music on my page.

Author keith kozart (11 days)

Author Chon Lost (4 days)
😭😂at the dunkin donut cup

Author dan martin (22 days)
You hate on him but yet he has more money that you, please rethink.

Author Dashaun Adams (1 month)
Them thots at the end they fucked keef and the crew for shout outs 

Author Lionel Hampton (22 days)
niggaz to serious about music!!!

Author Pete Washington (1 month)
I Want Nene 

Author Antwaune Childs (8 days)
bos I want ne ne 

Author Citroen Meloen (22 days)
wtf is this shit fucking annoying voice 

Author Josh Alcorn (28 days)
2015 bumping No Reason 

Author Bob Smith (3 months)
People are so quick to hate on Chief Keef. Sure, some of his songs can be
seen as pointless and impossible to listen to, but that doesn't mean all of
them are bad.

Lyrics in this song, such as "(Goofy ass nigga) tryna fly without no wings"
and "tryna kick it wit' no legs", as well as "If ya outcome ain't income,
you thinking wit' no head" and "Broke Boy I wonder why you ain't getting no
bread" have a lot of meaning. These days, a lot of people simply speak for
the sake of speaking, or do things for, as the title of the song refers to,
"No Reason". This refers mostly to the type of people who volunteer to
answer questions in class (or on the internet, etc.), even though they have
no idea what they're talking about, and then try to call-out or correct
other students even though they're the ones who are right. These are the
same people who wear fake Jordans and fake designer clothes and then try to
claim that other people are the ones wearing fake things. Keef sums this
point up with the line "You...just lie for no reason", because though the
people he describes try so hard to be smartest, the coolest, and the
richest, they are often the ones who are the biggest failures and are the
least liked.

In the second part of the song, Keef says "If you knockin' at my trap,
betta' kock for a reason", and continues on to say "I got that bitch number
I didn't need it, cause if I text her she gon' wanna call me ... and I
don't like talking for no reason" which emphasizes the point he made
earlier on that people can talk a lot even though they have no useful
content to offer. The entire purpose of speaking is to convey important and
useful information, yet people like to use their words and actions to
create useless, unnecessary, and unneeded drama, and this is why Keef
"(doesn't) like talking for no reason". He finishes this part off with "I
fucked her then made her walk for the four seasons" as the girl is no
longer of any use to him, she might as well leave.

Chief Keef may not always have the most insightful lyrics, and it can
sometimes be a struggle to understand what he's saying, but he does
occasionally offer some well-thought-out content.

Also, to those of you making rude comments about the people in video, these
people are likely meaningful to Keef. I don't know the situation, but they
are probably people he grew up with or are friends of family/friends. It
makes sense that he has people like this in the video as these are the
"real" people; the people who have something to offer and mean something,
rather than the "goofy ass niggas" he describes in the song.

Author Dtk12 Lampard (12 days)
What is this? 

Author mykel carter (1 month)
0:43 that's dude that hang wit lil herb...look at lil herb y'all don't
really hear me

Author Nigel Burke (1 month)
Goofy ass nigga try kick it with no legs

Author mark deboer (1 month)
wij haten jullie moederneukend cocksuckers in dit leven krijgen jullie
fokking hell en als
jullie fokking dood zijn neuk ik jullie met de fokking hell afgeneukten
kankerlijers sterf.!!!

Author AlienLyfe .com (1 month)
he did this . i got to tilt my hat to keef. Just when i thought i had him
he do this and let me no he got this shit solo.

Author Ashley Sealy (2 months)
This is just pure aids

Author oneIDG007 (2 months)
Did I really just watch this!? All I could make out was "You ain't got no
breeeed!" Well neither will you soon buddy, Ima start selling the free
chief Keef t-shirts right away so . .then I got some breeeed.....

Author jp mastermind (1 month)
This is the reason why people should get educated.

Author UmaReal One (2 months)
damn 3,577 dedicated haters smh lol why do people watch things they hate
lmao shit is so funny to me

Author i.i (2 months)
People askin wtf is this shit were listening to. It's talent that's why
your sitting on your ass at home while soSa is smoking a blunt fucken yo
bitch getting $$$$

Author walter nelson (1 month)
@1:05 was tight 

Author Miss Mimi (9 days)
Keef jus telL DA WHOLE da truth.. I
love he keep it FAM n friends on his vids.. He truly talented and puts his
team on. Dats trill.. B gud keef Midwest luv YAL ..BALLOUTTT!BABY 

Author Eternal Splendor (5 months)
Dooski (Capo's little brother) from NLMB 150ROC Block was in this video,
ha-ha, I always knew No Limit fucked with 300/BD's. Cause I see Dooski in a
lot of Lil' Herb, Lil' Bibby and EBK Juvie videos.

Author Keyshawn G (2 months)
yo chief keef's sister looks exactly like kaykay!

Author Kbrezzy (5 months)
Lil mouse in the background ? 

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