Chief Keef - No Reason | Dir. by Ben Hughes

The Official Music Video for Chief Keef's "No Reason". Starring the children of O BLOCK!

Director/DP/Editor/VFX: Ben Hughes
Artist: Chief Keef
Producer: Zaytoven

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Shot on the Canon T2i, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, intro made in After Effects.

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Views: 6,155,336
Added: 1 year
Runtime: 2:40
Comments: 9166

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Author Nicolas Perez (2 months)
lmao, props to keef for bringing out the real hood rats to the video shoot

Author IslandGerl876 (3 months)
Honestly, I think people like Chief Keef's music because of the beats. lol
The lyrics don't have any substance to them and are enigmatic to say the

Case in point: 

Author Isaac Harris (5 months)
Yall Mf’s hatin on dude, come on! Hes 18 why yall gnna judge him so early,
its not like hes gucci mane or lil wayne where dey been rappin for over
like 4 years or sum. Chief is fuckin dope for an 18 year old, he got
different styles of his rapping. Yall gotta understand he does drill
music... Squad music.... his music jst wanna make u turn up! #Squad 

Author whereskarlo (1 month)
How I started liking Chief Keef: Goa - Trance - House - Progressive House -
Drum & Bass - Jungle - Reggae - Dubstep - Trap - Drill. It's got influences
of everything, if you can't tell get better speakers.

Author Mathias Laustrup (5 months)
Music is rarely this bad. Holy shit. I don't even. How can this have 15.828
likes? People are fucking retarded.

Author Jaliyl Bruessard (3 months)
Too many clowns here hateing for no reasonXD. Like for real if u hate the
nigga so bad y u even here? Don't understand him don't listen mind yo
fucking self. 

Author SasoriSpecialist (5 months)
2:21 she look goofy as fuck threw the whole video

Author popasmuerf (1 month)
WTF is this garbage? People actually pay to this cretin for this shit ?

Author DUTCH GOON (5 months)
Almighty Goon

Author Loccdawg shawty (4 months)
these niggas goofy af coming up here talking shit on the songs like damn if
you dont like it then dont listen you not changing nobodys opinion with
your youtube comment yall lames be up here more then niggas who actually
like this damn get a life goofy!

Author Mike Fred (7 months)
this video look like chief was having a regular kick back n stumbled across
a camera and decided to put together a video

Author James D (3 months)
Sosa Songs Is So Catchy 

Author chok666 (5 months)
lmfao fucking 15 year old kids on this video

Author minn rin (4 months)
i saw women in his video 0o0

Author Saleh Abdul-Nabi (5 days)

Author BIGGZ1735 (12 days)
Them ugly girls n ppl in the video is his family n some they friends. I
fuck with this

Author Robert Meeks (17 days)
I aint hatein on nobody but the music weak plane and simple

Author HHS Fr (21 day)
So bad. In the wrong way.

Author Flash Stax (4 months)
+Turbokill909 OONINI

Author hardyton desarmes (2 months)
MK4MO3 months ago

its retarded music but yet were all here clicking that play button

Author Gregorio Diaz (5 months)
Loll his lil ass dread up front be having me so weak 

Author KING CZAR (2 months)
Y'all niggaz that's getting pissed over other people talk in bad about
Chief Keef need to calm down....y'all act like he y'all god or
sumthin...y'all trapped yo for real....don't even realize and its sad

Author yungg D (5 months)
Boy in the Orange acting a little too serious!!

Author jojo (2 months)
The beat is just gold, Keef tho..

Author Romylee Saint Cloud (11 months)
Chief keef

Author fleeboy savage (11 months)
Goofy ass nigga tryin kikin wit no legs +tyree whiting 

Author Pintor Steven (14 days)
This why I know hate rap know All its about is weed and money it's like
bitch get a life for real just cause u smoke weed don't mean u got to make
it worldwide headline news. Man 2pac, Biggie, Snoop DOG, To, Ludi Chris
where u at 

Author dandeville81 (1 month)
Orgasm to fagits
Only the feminine
Only tranny fuckin

Gay boy escorts
Gay black enterprise
Got bloodmoney executed

Author Nick Hayden Productions (1 month)
them girls maddd ugly

Author Ariss T (2 months)
Which one is hermana?

Author swag2much407 (4 months)
top 5 rappers of all time
1.chief keef
2.chief keef
3.chief keef
4.chief keef
5.chief keef

Author Cloudiest Yew (8 months)
First time I've ever seen him with a girl

Author K-DotIs SavinHipPop (7 months)
Lil B still the best rapper alive tho

Author Cristian Sabedra (8 months)
reminds me of Lil b 

Author Gon Freecs (5 months)

Author 3pppz (19 days)
This is retarded... -_- he cant even rap... Seriously, wtf is this? This
isnt even rap?

Author marlin jones (1 month)
how does he do that at 2:04

Author rawsketch (6 months)
This is making me think that the illuminate stuff is real. I've watched
three Chief Keef videos and I'm just wondering who is financing this
trash? It seems that this dude is barely awake when he records his
"vocals" and he's barely coherent in his videos. Who is buying this shit
and WHY???

Author skinnyJEANking2 (6 months)
Beat goes hard as fuck ... Instrumental ? lol

Author cocoa9270 (6 months)
lol keef has "No Reason" to call anybody goofy

Author Kyle Scheel (4 months)
One time he got bitches in his video and they ugly af . lmao

Author perfect brown (4 months)
How u can't understand
I could dis shit slap

Author Raul Collazo (1 month)
I like chief keef a lil beat but GODDAMN this music and video super shitty,
lousy video ugly ass black bitches looks like he picked them off right off
middle school. Can't believe I wasted 3:39 off my life FUCK!!!

Author Marko Lend (7 months)
I saw girls in his videos for the first time..

Author Jason Alleyne (1 month)
Pure crap...Beat made on old school ejay...lyrics by a 6/7 year old and a
video shot god knows where with no props and white walls. Most shocking, a
bunch of jail bait running around. You can do better, Keef. Don't post
trash, folk. Even if its a promo.

Author TEXEL T (5 months)
everyone of these girls are so busted! I would never fuck any of them jesus

Author t money (5 months)
he seems like hes literally a retard... who would sign him....???

Author Chopper Charles (7 months)
And this is what hip hop became... It's a shame 

Author Milk Dud (7 months)
Awesome song an beat

Author eddie gonzalez (8 months)
this guy FUCKING SUCKS what would 2 pac or biggie say about this shit?

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