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Author PermanentHigh (2 months)
Chief Keef makes music for niggas who don't wipe the seats of public
toilets before sitting down to take a shit.

Author SHELOVE PAPI (4 months)
I can take yo girl for no reason
But I don't want to Cause I'm #taken #gloup 

Author August Alsina (4 months)
Can I get likes for no reason?

Author TM (3 months)
Sometimes I just like to listen to something which has no lyrical meaning
at all. Tupac etc. makes me think too much about life, makes me depressed
af lmao.. Thats why I listen chief keef.

Author Just Cyrus (2 months)
Lean Chief Keef Is Better Thannn Today Chief Keef Idc What Ya Say 

Author Yung Joonas (3 months)
zaytoven is god, this beat is FIRE

Author Oas Hawili (3 months)
oooo nene

Author Александр Марков (3 months)
бездарность блять, 7 млн просмотров, куда катится мир, бомж на вокзале
лучше в тональность попадает

Author Josh Alcorn (4 months)
2015 bumping No Reason 

Author nimely8 (1 month)
Chief keft is my friend

Author Lord Dobby (3 months)
could they have got any other girls for this video besides thoes thots

Author Brandon Davis (6 months)
this is hood shit. if you aren't--whoops, i mean "ain't"--from the hood
then THIS MUSIC SUCKS BALLLLLLSSSSSSS and looks f'n retarded. This is the
type of shit you sing when you're half unconscious drunk and falling down a
flight of stairs

Author World Peace (4 months)
only smart people will know that chief keef is the worlds best rapper i
think even 2 pac would be jealous of his talent

Author Almighty Quay (2 months)
this and tec gotta be the best beats he ever rapped over

Author KiiNG LuNaaTiiC (11 days)
This was the shit when Bo2 was the shit! It just had the vibe for call of
duty 😐

Author MonoTown2025 (25 days)
You guys must have bad ears if you cant understand what he's saying lol, i
understood every word he said, just listen carefully 

Author You Are So Mad Right Now Please, Tell Me More (1 month)
Chief keef has more lyrical talent than any other rapper who has ever lived


Author Greg Vetter (9 days)
I accidentally clicked on this but lmaoooo this shit is fucking garbageeee

Author Joeletta Smith (3 days)
His sisters mad cute

Author Jon (1 month)
Love sosa

Author willie cameron (6 days)
What make you think like this.You had a opportunity to expand be big .Your
guys failed you this shit hear is a headache.ññ

Author Jimmy Royer (18 days)
Chief Keef - No Reason | Dir. by Ben Hughes:

Author BIGGZ1735 (3 days)
Chief keef got so many haters. We all know all them internet thug haters
aint no real hood nigga. We dont hate another niggaz shine. The only type a
hood niggaz should be hating keef is niggaz from New Jersey and they aint
coming on no internet to tall dumb shit about his music. Bunch a no getting
pussy niggas. I got all sosa albums and tracks in my phone i listen even
while i sleep and i still take care of my 5 yr old daughter and work and
trap and live a good life. Me fuck gyal and party hard. America is full of
haters lol. I aint from here its cool only born here. Yall some fuck ups

Author MadFredo ITA (2 months)
Randomly shouting " O ne ne " 

Author Smoll BvdMvN_Time (3 months)
Chief Keef - No Reason | Dir. by Ben Hughes:

Author NolimitMB Eternal Baybee (9 months)
Dooski (Capo's little brother) from NLMB 150ROC Block was in this video,
ha-ha, I always knew No Limit fucked with 300/BD's. Cause I see Dooski in a
lot of Lil' Herb, Lil' Bibby and EBK Juvie videos.

Author Zachary Registers (8 days)
And I don't like talking for no reason!

Author Master Jedi (3 months)
is that his sister?

Author drewdaguy (8 days)
I miss when it was just glory boys this glo gang shit kinda fruity

Author tyron lattimore (9 days)
Wait till I tell basegod what his basedworld fans are saying about another

Author clinteaston57 (1 month)
the video is good but the audio sounds like it was recorded with a potato

Author MrGoodcents (4 months)
If having money makes you good then I'd rather be homeless 

Author 360SRH 2 (3 months)
How I started to like chief, hard core conscious 90's hip hop fan; wu tang,
jeru, nas, hieroglyphics- less conscious hip hop west coat- e-40, spice 1,
too short- down south good beats/bad lyrics- master P, no limit, cash
money-----GBE chief keef, drill.

Author James Sims (15 days)
Still listening to this in 2015

Author MON3YonPC (13 days)
I could just imagine someone in the medieval era singing this to a
pleb.......little boy you don't get no bread

Author oneIDG007 (6 months)
Did I really just watch this!? All I could make out was "You ain't got no
breeeed!" Well neither will you soon buddy, Ima start selling the free
chief Keef t-shirts right away so . .then I got some breeeed.....

Author dan martin (4 months)
You hate on him but yet he has more money that you, please rethink.

Author Johnniem Beck (19 days)
"Ion like talking "

Author BIG FRED (3 months)
Gorly thots in the video for no reason lol look me up bigfredmusic615 

Author Whee Goo (2 months)
damn that kid 0:39 is serious.

Author Collin Erb (1 month)
fucking love these keef videos

Author Gloria Funn (3 months)

Author Dashaun Adams (5 months)
Them thots at the end they fucked keef and the crew for shout outs 

Author M. Ervin (4 months)
Chief keef was smoking and that's not good for him and anybody period.

Author ㅤ ㅤ (2 months)
goofy ass nigga tryna rap without no mouth 

Author Shakia Locke (3 months)
Jus because y'all don't like this song. Or chief keef doesn't mean somebody
ears need to be cut off. Everybody likes different music and I like chief
keef and his music. And I really like this song and don't care what nobody

Author Kazuma Kiryu (3 months)
Zaytoven the god

Author v7 Dinero (3 months)
if youre looking for lyrical stuff dont listen to chief keef ,its that
simple stop fucking hating , he makes music to turn up 

Author Tahjay Smith (23 days)

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