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Author Andre Rutgersen (24 days)
Does anyone know the music at 6:01? Any help would be so greatly

Author MIMITransleted HE (1 month)
She have a reputation of a whore because of the JFK i can't say that they
had an affair but this is defentliy shady but if she really had an affair
with jfk than she is a whore i mean only a whore try to break up between a
husband and wife but anyways i love marlyne i don't care what she did ...

Author nora // (7 months)
why does this fag make her seem like a cheap whore?
because she certainly fucking wasn't.

Author Kristof Schepens (4 months)
what is the music on 2:26 ?????????

Author LowLa Lve (7 months)
"she had difficulty escaping the nightmare" bitch she looked happy to me

Author flashy5150 (8 months)
I do think that she would have had a more positive attitude and life if she
quit drinking. She already had depression in her family and I know it was
in her too, then she added alcohol and bad sleep habits in which made her
even more depressive. When the alcohol wasn't doing it for her, she went to
the drugs. I have to say, her and I are a lot the same. We are lonely, sick
of fake people and situations, we don't trust anyone.The only thing that
makes us smile is alcohol. If we were an item back then, it would be like
Sid & Nancy(Sex Pistols punk band) but set in 1962. 

Author krboops26 (1 year)
People just because you've never heard of some stuff about her doesn't mean
it isn't true. If you knew every single thing about her you wouldn't be
watching different videos trying to learn more things about her. You people
also need to stop saying what she would've, wouldn't, and could've done
when none of us knew her personally. You can't speak for anyone but
yourself anyways so please stop trying to make everything you don't want to
believe about her to be false. 

Author brandon marlow (1 year)
I'd like to know how she was playing the white baby grand on 5th heena dr
in CA when it was in her NY apartment ?

Author Paco Segovia (1 year)

Author futurehotchickin2009 (1 year)
Am I the only one, or does it seem more like instead of it being Greenson
gave Marilyn more of his time/personal time to he can bank on their
relationship more that "Marilyn was pulling him further & further down,
like a drowning man clinging to his rescuer". He gave himself jobs on her
films for goodness sakes. Smh

Author Marilyn Monroe - Nunca Fui Santa (1 year)

Author calaragazza (2 years)
Yes but most Americans are very racist even though they pretend not to be.
Turns out it was Russians that bombed the Marathon. Who would've thought?

Author sylviarenken (2 years)
Marilyn .....Is one of a kind ....Awesome I love Her

Author Tom Roudebush (1 year)
The video freezes at 2:13, but the audio rolls fine...becomes a radio
show...what's up with that?

Author Kimberlee Keesler (2 years)
I love her sooooooo much

Author dorotheainmiddle (2 years)
htsand is just envious. After all, she's watching a video about an American
actress on an American invention, Youtube, using an American invention, a
home computer. Don't be offended. She's actually giving us a compliment!

Author niki lee (1 year)
you're right.

Author April Gosa (2 years)
He makes her sound like a crazy whore she was neither of thise she was a
vulnerable woman

Author Madeleine Swann (1 year)

Author Tom Roudebush (1 year)
It wasn't the Kennedys....but they might have sent Lawford over there to
get that diary, who knows?

Author Nancy Miracle (2 years)
what a pack of lies this is. what a pack of lies horrible.

Author Yellow4494 (2 years)
Britney Spears is no where near as beautiful as Marilyn. I see no

Author marcus Schapper (2 years)
oooh fuckhead. LOL real original. You must be smart.

Author JeffreeMonroe (2 years)
it is , if you watched many documentary's and read the news you know its
fake fuckhead

Author maria edelyn Gunda (2 years)
How dramatic this video is... and how horrible too..

Author Ojo Momoko (1 year)

Author Tino Trivino (2 years)
he was born in england but than he was american citizen!

Author Noelle Jordan (2 years)
I never knew that either...I didn't know she was a bisexual either...

Author scientificcreative (2 years)
She was murdered by special interest folks for the purposes of implicating
Bobby and the Kennedys

Author Brooke Elizabeth Cerda (1 year)
I can't see images ... why were they blocked on this episode ?

Author Monrocsol (2 years)
Everything that is supposed to be private, it is public when is about MM.
Even after death she has been raped over and over.

Author Kels Monster (1 year)
around the part were it's suppposed to show her singing it
frezzes......please fix this

Author ctcole77 (1 year)
Jones circumvent the peer review process by not showing his nanothermite
paper to the chief editor and printing it without her approval? Why won't
Kevin Ryan allow ANY of his precious dust samples to be tested by an
independent laboratory? Why won't Niels Harrit, Steven Jones, or Kevin Ryan
refute the recent truth seeking professional scientific study of the WTC
dust performed by Dr. James Millette?

Author musicavitor (1 year)
I'm sorry. I don't know why it freezes at 02:13

Author Shelby NYC (2 years)
I'm having a hard time believing some of the things said of Marilyn here. I
don't see much factual info here just a lot of hearsay and speculation.

Author MenFromSpain1922 (2 years)
yeah. i kind off believe that the stuff that they say its not true. well
some facts are

Author lene73 (2 years)
I AGREE WITH YOU....makes me soooo angry,she was no slut..u just know
it!!!too much sex?lol....died i feel of accidentally taking too many
pills.....she was a godess....and had a heart,a big one.I think that
Dr.Green....whatever made her worse!!!

Author MultiBlueLighter (2 years)
That was the first time I've ever heard about her having sex with random
men in public places. Wtf?

Author jülide eser (2 years)
Beauty symbol of all times .

Author Tino Trivino (2 years)
Like i Answered in another comment, he became northamerican!

Author SeparateisntEqual (2 years)
what a bunch of fucking garbage this is

Author justpinahy (2 years)
im on 6th part of this documentary and still doesnt understand what caused
her to be that depressed? I mean she had all the fame and money everyone in
her time was wishing for..she had a husband..yeah she may have been
abandoned but im sure other ppl in her time have had the same thing if not
much even worse than wht she whats up with the drug abuse and
immaturity? why couldnt she be blessed with what she have? just saying..too
bad i was stil not born during her time

Author JeffersonDinedAlone (2 years)
Her white baby grand sold at auction at Christie's for $600,000 USD.

Author amscia (2 years)
Someone told me I should not watch this Last Sessions videos and that they
do not give correct picture of whatever happened. So don't believe
everything whatever he says about Marilyn here.

Author joe schmo (1 year)
She was depressed due to being surrounded by assholes ...

Author mainey190 (1 year)
Not really, his saying it how it is and how it happened, it's obvious his
reading of a script. And any situation she was in like her somewhat
obsession for sex, lateness, drugs that society didn't accept was explained
by marylin herself that the narrator quoted, actually making sure its not
just looked at in black and white but a grey area. Now I'm only just
learning of Marilyn Monroe and this is my first documentary about her and i
haven't got that impression.

Author Lee Harding (2 years)
Marilyn had a nose job and her jaw fixed, is that not surgery. she was
beautiful before it, but she did have surgery.

Author powerstryker (2 years)
I dont' Believe this. she was not like the,

Author VAMPYR ENGEL (1 year)
Poor beautiful baby surrounded by dogs who wish to rip her apart and
eventually they did

Author Martina M (1 year)
she was the hottest woman in hollywood history, that's for sure.

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