Christmas Calendar - 01 The Old Library - Minecraft Parkour Map

Christmas Calendar - 01 The Old Library - Minecraft Parkour Map


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"First Flight (Epic choir orchestral hybrid music)" by EpicKayay MusicFlavor
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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Author ItsMigell ( ago)
hfs you're so good at parkour

Author Jack Baldwin ( ago)
He is Germin

Author Cam the Gamer ( ago)
That is just the dubcraft server

Author Ryan Simms ( ago)
where are the coordintes for the start????

Author Mark Tobin ( ago)
Your awesome at parlor

Author Mark Tobin ( ago)

Author TheVictorious3214 ( ago)
What does your voice soundalike

Author Jaeden M ( ago)
This was on the dubcraft server

Author GunneN SticK ( ago)
Harding !!!!! I Dont Clear How to Clear !!!!!

Author chloe chan ( ago)
when pg5's playing it seems so easy, when i play after 2 hrs i haven't even
got through the old library =(

Author FirkantGaming . ( ago)
/watch?v=vND8xRKg-nU I speedrunned it:-)

Author wolfblasters ( ago)
they* theres more the just 1 guys

Author Armin Gerber ( ago)
why is at 1:26 a hole at the half slabs on celing and in the download map

Author Loolnicetryy ( ago)
I can never make the jump 0:58. :<

Author zenzangzong ( ago)
I kinda prefer it, it will make one big fun experience

Author Tech ( ago)

Author Chris Rojo ( ago)
Whoever Thought That The Would Was Gonna End Were STUPID AS FUCK!!!

Author Chris Rojo ( ago)

Author Geometry Dash Hiper Lucario ( ago)
No one is dying on the 21st of december ! Also, this comment was posted on
the 22nd of december 2012! LOL

Author William Guthrie ( ago)
I have... I know its possible to split it up.

Author Rudyhea ( ago)
not insulting never heard about MCedit?

Author Ninos FL ( ago)
they could just seperate them :\

Author thelooooooooooz ( ago)
you are right we all die on the 21st ;)

Author Mine NNDE ( ago)

Author MrJonyish (911 year ago)
Terrible release date if you had payed attention to current affairs then
you would know that the world would have ended by 24/12/12 ;)

Author Nathan Jeteleditpas ( ago)
download link please

Author Richard Gauthier ( ago)

Author ★ ShadowBolt ★ ( ago)
I'm going to laugh so hard when you all wake up on December 22nd.

Author zerocreepersteam ( ago)
This map looks so cruel.

Author Steve French ( ago)
29 of November?

Author TheConvergenceNow ( ago)
Seriously youtube! The first one to show up for me was on the 9th...

Author TheUnknownMartin ( ago)
on the first day of mice-mas, PG made for me: The old li-br-r-ray.

Author hillaryisbetter ( ago)
I've got a question. How many tries did it take you to film that?

Author thewarriorking2000 ( ago)
this is the most epic parkour map ive ever seen

Author thedarksidedueler ( ago)
over 18?lol that definitly has nothing at all to do with porn

Author thedarksidedueler ( ago)
talk about your self

Author 100hampus ( ago)

Author MX/Enduro ( ago)
wie geil

Author Vladimir Kroflin ( ago)
wft nobody is dying on 24th december guys.

Author Marcradish ( ago)
Ah man, i'll never be able to play it. We all die 21/12 :(

Author xland44 ( ago)
Why is it published on the 24th? The world ends on the 24th, so nobody can
play it....... :P

Author Brahmin Herder ( ago)
You should consider releasing it early, just in case we die on the 21.
Don't wait till the last minute though, I don't want to be playing
Minecraft for the last hours of my life when I could take part in the

Author Sebastien Harris ( ago)
Agreed (everybody hates it)

Author Peedeelnn ( ago)
New YouTube layout sucks

Author FullSizeLOLKing ( ago)
New youtube layout!

Author Alex Manchester ( ago)
It all depends on what you need help with...

Author William Guthrie ( ago)
Because he has only gotten to lvl 6? what are you talking about? He has
been releasing one a day and will keep doing that till the release on the

Author TheGameKing BestMovies ( ago)
Click on my name for cool movies II II v

Author TG fyeah ( ago)
24/12/12=end of the world i think btw nice map

Author Frex Jir Jó ( ago)
The map has 24 levels

Author EnderSpy ( ago)
This looks great!

Author Scoobubeh ( ago)
Love the entrances! :)

Author Rexauer ( ago)
SPOILER ALERT: Easter egg :3

Author JackPunk8 ( ago)
You have been on Minecon!

Author TheOloloFka (246 years ago)
клас!! !

Author Jonas Carson ( ago)
elementanimation liked this x3

Author epic4hell ( ago)
smart moving mod can be awesome if you wanna install it.

Author saintjonII ( ago)
thats pretty good too

Author Raymond B ( ago)
Why in creative?

Author DaGamerZ (533 years ago)
Because all of the maps is in the same map he cannot set the download for
like 6,7,8 or 24 he has to wait How i found out is here 01:36

Author Leo V ( ago)

Author ThaAppleMan ( ago)
for every one who things this can't be done it can, the noteblocks can
activate pistons

Author Freddy Newman ( ago)

Author Bobek CZ ( ago)
nice minecon cape :D

Author fordarkzero (349 years ago)
Damn... good challange...

Author Mad_ptyik100001010110 ( ago)
"Christmas Calendar" mean he will upload on CRISTMAS :D

Author Sam Zylox ( ago)

Author packman852 (1044 years ago)
They're all segments of one giant map.

Author William Guthrie ( ago)
Because it is all one map

Author JoVi []_[] ( ago)
Reminds me of assasins creed brotherhood

Author oat1000 (271 year ago)
It's actually two people. One is tall and skinny, the other is average
height and skinny.

Author saintjonII (416 years ago)
its still a good idea and i want to see what he can make out of it

Author Estebinn4 (974 years ago)
Hey, use the /spawnpoint command with command blocks to dont use beds

Author Estebinn4 (1033 years ago)
You are a Redstone God, and a Parkour God

Author Charles Jurman ( ago)
Probably because he wants to make it like an advent calender, and is
letting you see them all as the days go by (seeing as they are all done on
the map) up until the 24th, then on the 25th it'll be like a Christmas
present to his users. You get what I'm saying?

Author red death ( ago)
particle detector, an a loop. done. this would let you change position to
wherever, but wouldn't be at all reliant on the noteblock's tune. it would
just change because you sent a redstone signal telling it to put you
somewhere else

Author Railguy0 ( ago)
1 download probably. Wouldn't want to have to download a ton of stuff

Author cookiebandit18 ( ago)
Think of it like a Christmas gift. You gotta wait for it. ;)

Author Josh Ebner ( ago)
To bad the world ends on 12-21-12. Won't be able to download it!

Author TheSuperMathemagicia (58 years ago)
He's planning on making it a huge map. :D

Author SVWfreak1899 ( ago)
nice idea :) looking forward to 24th :D

Author red13emerald ( ago)
i guess because it's christmas on 24th. you know, this magical day with
presents and stuff...

Author A-K-A H ( ago)
oh...wieder was gelernt, hat mich grade gewundert, weil ich ja wusste das
sie deutsche sind

Author Gizzy Gazza ( ago)
Welp, I found my new series for 2013.

Author FrZn ( ago)
Nein, in Amerika sind die Tage und Monate vertauscht ;) Auch wenn sie
Deutsche sind.

Author SlugKing ( ago)
i believe they're all connected in one map

Author trulynes ( ago)
I got your autograph at minecon! Remember, I was the guy who saw you in the
minecraft meet ups! It was EPIC!!! :D

Author A-K-A H ( ago)
das datum is iwie falsch oder? :D muss es net Map release date 24-12-2012

Author Mr. Akeronian ( ago)
Hi, I'm from Sweden!

Author TheWonderfulWorldOfWill ( ago)
Happy birthday!

Author daniel allott ( ago)
this reminds me of assassins creed

Author TheRedstoneApocalypse ( ago)
ur the king of parkour!

Author PhilCrafting ( ago)
this is gonna be so epic :)

Author Patrick McReary ( ago)
happy birthday

Author habbotv Mark ( ago)
Hi I'm from my Mother BIATCH!

Author Ethan Mak ( ago)
PG5, you are so good at parkour.

Author EVILBUNNY28 ( ago)
Hi, I'm form Wales

Author EVILBUNNY28 ( ago)
I got a question? Why are you releasing it on the 24th? When we could play
each level on the day?

Author AsHalt ( ago)
I'm from the multiracial country of Singapore!

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