Christmas Calendar - 01 The Old Library - Minecraft Parkour Map

Christmas Calendar - 01 The Old Library - Minecraft Parkour Map


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"First Flight (Epic choir orchestral hybrid music)" by EpicKayay MusicFlavor
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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Author QwertyuiopThePie (7 months)
And once more, this map is relevant.

Author Brandon Nguyen (6 months)

Author trulynes (1 year)
I got your autograph at minecon! Remember, I was the guy who saw you in the
minecraft meet ups! It was EPIC!!! :D

Author JackPunk8 (1 year)
You have been on Minecon!

Author haallooful (1 year)
in germany month comes first then day then year... so it's not a fail in
almost whole europe and the rest of the world month comes first... :P

Author thelooooooooooz (1 year)
you are right we all die on the 21st ;)

Author NugenProductions (1 year)
you cant release it if we die 3 days before

Author thewarriorking2000 (1 year)
this is the most epic parkour map ive ever seen

Author Ninos FL (1 year)
they could just seperate them :\

Author Chris Rojo (1 year)
Whoever Thought That The Would Was Gonna End Were STUPID AS FUCK!!!

Author Estebinn4 (1 year)
Hey, use the /spawnpoint command with command blocks to dont use beds

Author wilni7 (1 year)
Hi i'm from Swizerland

Author Frex Jir Jó (1 year)
The map has 24 levels

Author TheOloloFka (1 year)
клас!! !

Author Vojtěch Rončka (1 year)
nice minecon cape :D

Author Emmoo (1 year)
So he's an amazing animator and redstoner, and he's also a parkour pro? O_O

Author Wes007mich (1 year)
ehm in 12 21 12 the world goes boom so we cant se it :D

Author haallooful (1 year)
sorry my fault :P i'm dutch and by us its also day-month-year.... stupid me

Author DaGamerZ (1 year)
Because all of the maps is in the same map he cannot set the download for
like 6,7,8 or 24 he has to wait How i found out is here 01:36

Author Loolnicetryy (1 year)
I can never make the jump 0:58. :<

Author Steve French (1 year)
29 of November?

Author saintjonII (1 year)
its still a good idea and i want to see what he can make out of it

Author William Guthrie (1 year)
I have... I know its possible to split it up.

Author Sebastien Harris (1 year)
Agreed (everybody hates it)

Author William Guthrie (1 year)
Because he has only gotten to lvl 6? what are you talking about? He has
been releasing one a day and will keep doing that till the release on the

Author Monkeylabs (1 year)
You should release one level per day, not the entire thing at the last day.
It's how advent calenders work. Nice work anyway.

Author thedarksidedueler (1 year)
over 18?lol that definitly has nothing at all to do with porn

Author mrMinecraftCheep (1 year)
Then why is there 6 vids of parkour maps today?

Author PhilCrafting (1 year)
this is gonna be so epic :)

Author zerocreepersteam (1 year)
This map looks so cruel.

Author Milooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (1 year)
Antvemon is in this video?

Author Peedeelnn (1 year)
New YouTube layout sucks

Author red death (1 year)
particle detector, an a loop. done. this would let you change position to
wherever, but wouldn't be at all reliant on the noteblock's tune. it would
just change because you sent a redstone signal telling it to put you
somewhere else

Author MrBlackBapt (1 year)
That's a troll. Wanted the map to be impossible, bwahahahaha xD

Author Jonas Carson (1 year)
elementanimation liked this x3

Author TheSuperMathemagicia (1 year)
He's planning on making it a huge map. :D

Author GunneN SticK (1 year)
Harding !!!!! I Dont Clear How to Clear !!!!!

Author ThaAppleMan (1 year)
for every one who things this can't be done it can, the noteblocks can
activate pistons

Author ★ ShadowBolt ★ (1 year)
I'm going to laugh so hard when you all wake up on December 22nd.

Author DrKillerKiwi (1 year)
Hi I'm from Germany. ;D

Author Tommy12xDiabloxFCB (1 year)
Hay I'm from german :D

Author Mark Tobin (1 year)

Author Dino462G (1 year)
DDMMYY makes a whole lot more sense.

Author Chris Rojo (1 year)

Author Fr0ZenPvP_ (1 year)
Nein, in Amerika sind die Tage und Monate vertauscht ;) Auch wenn sie
Deutsche sind.

Author fdagpigj E (1 year)
What's so difficult about 3 block jumps? Unless they changed it in the 1.4
update, 4 blocks to the front + 1 block to the side jumps are fully

Author V4LOVER (1 year)
i believe they're all connected in one map

Author TheConvergenceNow (1 year)
Seriously youtube! The first one to show up for me was on the 9th...

Author FullSizeLOLKing (1 year)
New youtube layout!

Author hillaryisbetter (1 year)
I've got a question. How many tries did it take you to film that?

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