How to jailbreak IOS 6.1.3 (Iphone 5,4s,4,3)

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Author Seb Do (1 year)
does it work on ipod touch 4 generation??

Author Khalid Kloody (1 year)
this work on every ios but u cant update from app store

Author famil134 (1 year)
turn off programm than open again

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Author Darian Tobin (1 year)
Can you do this on a iPod 6.1.3 iOS 5th gen. Without the computer

Author kevin lim (1 year)
does it work for ipod 5g 6.1.3

Author famil134 (1 year)

Author mirza sheraz (1 year)
hiii i really liked your video ,its helpfull but i neeed you help i
downloaded dat software in my laptop but unfortunately when i run/open this
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Author famil134 (1 year)

Author TheLifeOfMSnikinator (1 year)
is it untethered???cuz i watched one guy he said that there is no jailbreak
for the iphone 5 on ios 6.1.3 and i should NOT trust all other jailbreak
tools cuz they could be scam or maybe fake so is it save???

Author ross simpson (1 year)
its chines

Author NinjaNarutoJapan (1 year)
Thank you, its working my ipad 2.

Author Lipovscak08 (1 year)
does it work on ipod tocuh 5 generation?

Author famil134 (1 year)

Author famil134 (1 year)

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does this work with the new io7 beta for iphone 4s?

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It works for iPad 2 iOS 6.1.3?

Author famil134 (1 year)
no you need a comp to do this

Author famil134 (1 year)

Author Khaled4549 (1 year)
iPad 4.

Author famil134 (1 year)

Author Vaibhav Nagvekar (1 year)
Brother u r genius hats off...

Author famil134 (1 year)

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Author Eesh Aggarwal (1 year)
I need help. I cannot find anyting i search.

Author MrUnpredictable (1 year)
daes it work for 3gs 6.1.3

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