400,000 Year Old Human Remains Found In Israel? -- Find Could Change Evolutionary Picture

Archaeologists in Israel find possible 400,000-year-old modern man remains while excavating a cave in central Israel. If the find turns out to be genuine, the landscape of human evolution could be altered forever.

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"Homo sapiens lived in Eretz Yisrael 400,000 years ago"


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Description: Jaskinia Ostrężnicka, Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska (A cave in Poland)
Date: 02.05.2008
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Author: Przykuta
Permission/License Terms: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


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Author Exotik Angel (2 months)
This is vry intriguing. We shuld b amazed by this discovery. So, I want 2
knw y is there so much hate? It doesnt matter where any1 came frm. The
human race is dominant among all!! Nt the "different races" of ppl. We r
all human & shuld respect 1 another. Id b miserable if i had so much hate n
my heart. I believe God is the creator of all...

Author superlynn27 (4 months)
Pls can somebody explain to me how do they know that it is 400,000 years

Author Wilson Takiwa (5 months)
blacks were the original Egyptians, the Romans integrated with the black
cush in Egypt is why you get black Egyptians mummies with red hair and so

Author TheHelixballerone (3 months)
Conservative New Media. You are so full of shit! Post the fossil evidence.

Author VTeach (4 months)
I would assume they used carbon 14 dating. I have been teaching ancient
history for 17 years and am amazed by some of these comments. Very

Author Molten Metal Studios (1 year)
yeah, true story there even though its been proven -.-

Author Daniel Fulton (6 months)
bible still says the earth id 6000 years old...

Author hayastan foever (1 year)
all lies the found a dead dog there. so means that jews come from dogs

Author mebe84 (8 months)
cont but that's still not all. some scientists associate brain
lateralization with language, and neandertals had the same 9:1 handedness
ratio as modern humans. all the evidence we have suggests neandertal could
in fact have language. sorry, but you will have to rely on the wonderful
accomplishments of africans to show your superiority over us non-blacks, or
the obvious advanced culture in africa right now to show me "who the true
apes are". we're all humans numbskull

Author Alientcp (7 months)
And where are the remains? U know, have to show the evidence.

Author flowers galore (11 months)
no!! neanderthal could no more vocalise talk than a chimpanzee or other
great apes!! they were NOT HOMO SAPIENS they were HOMO HABALIS primates!!

Author Ralph Conner (9 months)
Politicization of archeology - nice try.

Author Rostam e Iran (9 months)
Sorry jews, but you came from Africa and started as a black man

Author Dwayne Johnson (6 months)
Dude... I know it hurts... When the white man " discovered" Egypt.. He
realized that Egypt Was winding down From thousands of years Civilizations
and 31 Dynasties...

Author StarletAndTheHoods (8 months)
fuck yeah ! i am the truth,! creatures from hell

Author flowers galore (9 months)
UR denial is laughable all non blacks have neanderthal bloodline DNA in
them Caucasians Eurasians and Asians on what planet are you on geneticists
scientists today have found between 1%-6% neanderthal DNA in all so called
humans outside of the continental continent of Africa it would seem that
Black skinned Africans that never migrated out side the African continent
have ZERO% percent of neanderthal bloodline ape DNA do your own damn
research this has been proven scientific fact for a long time!

Author truthfinder96 (11 months)
If thay were not human then we could not produce an offspring with it.think
about it.and the man said it could be. doesn't mean it was a neanderthal.

Author Dwayne Johnson (6 months)
And During this time he was still wandering the hillside and dwelling in
Caves in the caucus Mountains of Europe.. ( Fact )!!!! And the was a time
you didn't even exist at all. Africa taught the Cave man how to wipe his

Author StarletAndTheHoods (8 months)
lol, your fucked up, lol, i'm not a liar or a racist... i'm much more
intelligent than you, i don't live n a cave, and the last guy to call me
bitch is still missing... bye

Author flowers galore (8 months)
you fucking albino demons have tampered with and manipulated the bible in
its translation from ancient Hebrew to modern English you fucking demons
have even changed the (Shabbat) Sabbath from Prime Creators/Gods holy
commandment "Saturday" to "Sunday"!! So don't talk about the bible to me
demon I know what I'm talking about!! And white people and other non blacks
R mankind your not even considered human genetically because of your
(neanderthal) bloodline DNA!! Neanderthal was NOT human!! True!

Author nussecke1980 (6 months)
Maybe a hut like this would be a nice place for you.

Author clitmint (6 months)
So please enlighten us all as to which book you got that garbage out of,
which liberal trendy communist multi-culti pamphlet did you read that on?
The definition of "white man" id a modern thing i know that, but i also
know that's not what you meant.

Author Muhammad bin Muhammad (7 months)
Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham) Pbuh had two sons: Ismael (Ishmael) and Ishaaq
(Isaac) Pbut. The Arabs (Ishmaelites) are the descendants of Ismael (Pbuh)
and the Jews (Israelites) are the descendants of Ishaaq (Pbuh). Ishmaelites
(Arabs) are the brethren of Israelites (Jews). Thus, Prophet Muhammad
(Pbuh) is from the brethren of Prophet Musa (Moses) Pbuh. [Genesis
16:12/25:18] Dear you must study scriptures with clean heart. I will pray
for you.

Author flowers galore (8 months)
stop lying fool I know my genealogy bloodline DNA!! Do you know yours? you
R the most assuming dumb bitch I've come across in a long time don't know
shit about nothing!! Always assuming!! Neandies were zoo animal superior
beasts your descendants not mine!!

Author Stephen Anthony (7 months)
what a dumb ass video

Author mebe84 (8 months)
what scientific research? i notice you gave no sources for that
claim,again. is an outlandsih rumor about some inbreds walking on all fours
the best you can come up with? you must be proud of yourself, engaging in
the same type of prejudiced, hateful rationalizations of those who would
oppress blacks.all you racists are the same. haters and liars, who can only
justify their hate by convincing themselves the object of their hatred
isn't worthy of anything better.

Author Abtulah Manzis (1 year)
So you wanna say we evolved from great blue wales?

Author clitmint (6 months)
A fact... whose fact is it? Europeans were most likely trying to attain god
hood through battle as usual, trying to please Odin haha I know, crazy. Oh
and Egypt wasn't "black", never was either - It has always been Arabs and
still remains as such today.

Author Dragonmanxx5 (1 year)
Im aware of that, im saying Pagans would be one the first to bow to Aliens.
Since many of there faiths already believe in these "gods" and how they
look. Actually Rome adopted Christianity cause it was growing to powerful,
they tried to make a lasting Roman kingdom. So Pagans like Constantine
pretended to be christian to save face and old Roman ways. Same thing about
science its tainted, science has to be printed through media. Media is
controlled by the government.

Author jessie james (1 year)
ancient modern ???

Author nussecke1980 (6 months)
Ancient Egypt was "black". It's Africa, you know. The country where maaaany
black people live. And the people living in Egypt today are of persian,
greek and arabic ancestry.

Author StarletAndTheHoods (8 months)
im a typical hairless ape... lol.. i swing thru da jungle tearin limbs off
ah trees n' I'll knuckle yo head before you count to 3

Author RBEO22 (1 year)
tell that to certain fundamentalists...

Author StarletAndTheHoods (8 months)
howard the duck hollywood argyles alley oop

Author da walker (7 months)
white men are cavedwellers

Author spaceshipjessica (8 months)
Some how I just Knew!, there'd be some bull shitting racist Democrat in the
comment section, spouting their anti white horse shit.

Author Steve Valentin (10 months)
Talk is cheap and that's all this is

Author flowers galore (9 months)
UR not dealing with the (truth) all non blacks have neanderthal bloodline
DNA check it out for yourself geneticists scientists from around the world
has stated this fact as scientific fact!! just because your in denial
doesn't make it not so!! lol lol!! the only (true huemans) R the black
skinned Africans that never migrated out of Africa homo sapiens sapiens
true man and woman now Caucasians Eurasians Asians R mankind kind of a man
but not quite a man homo habalis!! U can't handle the truth!!

Author mebe84 (9 months)
all humans are part of the great ape family numbskull, including you.
secondly, only SUB-SAHARAN africans do not have neandertal dna. lastly,
there is no scientific consensus on the issue of whether they had language,
but the scientific fact is that they COULD in fact talk, as their voice box
is virtually identical to ours. consider yourself thoroughly pwnd, and stop

Author StarletAndTheHoods (9 months)
every humans blood line goes back to north africa... and no humans have
neanderthal in them...

Author Dennis Morrison (6 months)
Man I will pray for you. Such hate can only come from satan. I pity you
truly. Jesus would be truly ashamed of you.

Author Muhammad bin Muhammad (7 months)
Dear what I have quoted is from the books of Hadeeth (with reference) and
they are not my own sayings. Muslims follow God's last scripture (Qur'aan),
His last Messenger (Prophet Muhammad Pbuh), and His last religion (Islam).

Author cambell1308 (1 year)
All these "pre Human" remains would not fill a suitcase

Author StarletAndTheHoods (9 months)
how does some racist black religous nuts ideology become scientific
facts... lmao.... no humans have neanderthal in them... all human
bloodlines go back to north africa... the original man was not of any race
we know today, his skin was a reddish color, similar to people from india,
but he wasn't indian... our skin color, bone structures, brain and organ
development is a result of generations and environment... all human races
are more similar than people seem to notice

Author billy bob (6 months)
I say we should leave that flowers guy alone. It looks like he has mental
issues lol

Author womanintheraw (9 months)
Come and get your programming! Come and get your programming!, once you get
yours be sure to pass it on. Come one come all! Learn the swallow it whole,
throw it up and feed it to your children and watch it become the truth,
Everybody you have a right to know.

Author flowers galore (11 months)
only one true race on planet earth the black man and black woman
sub-Saharan Africans black skinned huemans have ZERO%percent neanderthal
primate DNA bloodline!! However mankind sort of a man but not quite a man
Caucasians Eurasians Asians have 1%-5% neanderthal primate DNA bloodline!

Author Muhammad bin Muhammad (7 months)
Without knowledge you cannot perceive reality. I advice you to study the
sacred scriptures for God sake.

Author clitmint (6 months)
Hell naah, I wanna gitz meez a big ol chiefs hut with 10 zebra bitches
maids up in durr...... something like that.

Author flowers galore (8 months)
oh!! I've always known you mutated pale face apes would chimp out once the
truth got out about your kind mankind so it really doesn't matter how much
you "yeti's" bitch and moan about all of this scientific research on you
people the jig is up the genie is out the bottle so to speak U look up they
walked on all fours a Eurasian family from the Caucasus reverting back to
walking on all fours look up non blacks born with (tails) Caucasians
Eurasians Asians y'all all related from time to time! True

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