preet tractor

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Author Punnu Ghuman (1 month)
Sab to Fudu tractor a punjab da maa di lun vareya kayi vaar Arjun ne adi 

Author The Rebel 22 (8 months)
This video should be called; How to screw up your brand new tractor in 5

Author Jan Demšar (2 months)
I would like to see this tractor logging. I bet it would at least fly

Author martin jeffery (2 months)
great tractor if your just move dust

Author Nocoment8940 (4 months)
Take away the tractors from this idiots, and give them donkeys........

Author vja y (6 months)
what is the cost of 35hp and 45 hp preet tractor..

Author syncm22 (6 months)
Idiot !!

Author 000Redangel666 (3 months)
Кто дал технику этим придуркам?

Author Michal Agro (1 year)
Chyba widziałem tam 3 przewody z pompy rotacyjnej. Ale skąd to ma tyle mocy
i zrywności to nie mam pojęcia ; D

Author OttTommy (2 years)
3:16 Suizid Vogel :)

Author Cristian Casari (2 years)
guardate sti tratori alto che preet fendt, john deere, class, new holland,
landini, fiatagri

Author Spyratos Agriculture (3 years)
milame gia megalo malaka

Author HipHopDaily848 (2 years)
preet bahi eh saleh fuddu goreh NEELA FORD di power ni vekhi mother choda
ne ;)

Author szymon703 (1 year)
arabie zaraz rozdupczysz ten traktor

Author Carondriver (2 years)
Wie zur hölle kann man so einen Schlepper quälen?? -.-

Author josef13reisner (1 year)
nice tractor,driver idiots

Author Romgenas (1 year)
Useless Shit! Tracktor must be trucktor, but not sport car!

Author Lucyna Dziamara (2 years)
ile ma mocy POLAND

Author DRDJDify (1 year)
wtf co to jest ???:)

Author zombiak1616 (1 year)
lepiej niech się za kebaba weźmie

Author DRDJDify (1 year)
wtf co to jest ???:)

Author Raman Brar (3 years)
22g..............indofarm 3055 di better than preet

Author Preet Bhathal (2 years)
motherfucker shut the fuck up stupid motherfucker shut your bullshit stupid

Author Sebastian Warchoł (1 year)
kurwa moje pole!

Author andersv114 (1 year)
03:16 playing with his life

Author Джорж Хрустик (1 year)
Ни уя се PREET!!!!

Author ebikeracer9 (2 years)
that music (weird)

Author memyselfand ifarmer (1 year)
Asshole 101

Author Hofi Hofmann (2 years)

Author Crosby ITA (1 year)
ma che cazzo? o_O o_o o esco lentamente da sta pagina piano piano

Author gorenc97 (1 year)
poor tractor

Author HipHopDaily848 (2 years)
@MrPsychoStylez i watched that video those tractors are crap

Author LeOmantovano (2 years)
al rogo tutti!! ho già visto abbastanza da come trattano le macchine!!!

Author Redhawk (2 years)
indiani di figa

Author HipHopDaily848 (2 years)
@MrPsychoStylez its not arabic you iggnorant fuck in arabic countries their
are desserts... dumb fuck

Author Massimo Ciardi (2 years)
Ma che cazzo di video e'' non se sa da quale cazzo di
incrocio esce fuori sto trattore ,fatelo meglio sto video

Author quadfan100 (1 year)
how much coast it?

Author Preet Bhathal (2 years)
210 fendt vario fucking sucks preet tractor rocks

Author leoporchif (1 year)
vao pro caralho filhos duma puta

Author 12Deltic34 (1 year)
good way to fuck your tractor up!!

Author Paddy Murphy (2 years)
Dangerous job....they all seem to have suffered some kind of head injury.

Author Preet Bhathal (2 years)
fuck u

Author Preet Bhathal (2 years)
chup kari ga bugi jana ma

Author psichoparano (2 years)
fuck you little paki smelly asshole ...fuck your dirty race monkey face

Author joni riesgo (8 months)
un poco idiota, haciendo el estupido con un tractor nuevo luego cuando
vengan las averias se quejara

Author Nicholas Ferlat (8 months)
Stupidi indiani!

Author Clement57agri GoPro (9 months)

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