preet tractor

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Author krzysztof pietras ( ago)

Author Szilárd Karlovich ( ago)

Author 鄭慶豐 ( ago)

Author 鄭慶豐 ( ago)

Author Sal Etti ( ago)
Mitä nuo raudat oli tuossa oliko ne pyykkitelineitä :D

Author agri movie ( ago)
Ça a pas l'air de coûté cher les tracteur la bas 

Author aca555 aca555 ( ago)
trator do capeta

Author the pizza devil ( ago)
ok, this is a message to all africans, muslims, russians and chinese: just
pleas stop driving, let us humans take care of that stuff :)

Author Shivanand Benni ( ago)

Author agajim patel ( ago)

Author Marc Lejeune ( ago)
ouhouhou 30 chameaux sous le capos

Author George Doorley ( ago)
i would no give you a wheel barrow , never mind letting you NEAR a tractor
, as the old saying goes "..put a begger on a horse and he will ride to

Author Punnu Ghuman ( ago)
Sab to Fudu tractor a punjab da maa di lun vareya kayi vaar Arjun ne adi 

Author Jan Demšar ( ago)
I would like to see this tractor logging. I bet it would at least fly

Author martin jeffery ( ago)
great tractor if your just move dust

Author 000Redangel666 ( ago)
Кто дал технику этим придуркам?

Author Nocoment8940 ( ago)
Take away the tractors from this idiots, and give them donkeys........

Author vja y ( ago)
what is the cost of 35hp and 45 hp preet tractor..

Author syncm22 ( ago)
Idiot !!

Author The Rebel 22 ( ago)
This video should be called; How to screw up your brand new tractor in 5

Author Nicholas Ferlat ( ago)
Stupidi indiani!

Author joni riesgo ( ago)
un poco idiota, haciendo el estupido con un tractor nuevo luego cuando
vengan las averias se quejara

Author Clement57agri GoPro ( ago)

Author leoporchif ( ago)
vao pro caralho filhos duma puta

Author Sebastian Warchoł ( ago)
kurwa moje pole!

Author zombiak1616 ( ago)
lepiej niech się za kebaba weźmie

Author josef13reisner ( ago)
nice tractor,driver idiots

Author Джорж Хрустик ( ago)
Ни уя се PREET!!!!

Author memyselfand ifarmer ( ago)
Asshole 101

Author 12Deltic34 ( ago)
good way to fuck your tractor up!!

Author quadfan100 ( ago)
how much coast it?

Author Romgenas ( ago)
Useless Shit! Tracktor must be trucktor, but not sport car!

Author gorenc97 ( ago)
poor tractor

Author szymon703 ( ago)
arabie zaraz rozdupczysz ten traktor

Author DRDJDify ( ago)
wtf co to jest ???:)

Author DRDJDify ( ago)
wtf co to jest ???:)

Author Michal Agro ( ago)
Chyba widziałem tam 3 przewody z pompy rotacyjnej. Ale skąd to ma tyle mocy
i zrywności to nie mam pojęcia ; D

Author Crosby ITA (1501 year ago)
ma che cazzo? o_O o_o o esco lentamente da sta pagina piano piano

Author Luciferia Wervolf ( ago)
ile ma mocy POLAND

Author Massimo Ciardi ( ago)
Ma che cazzo di video e'' non se sa da quale cazzo di
incrocio esce fuori sto trattore ,fatelo meglio sto video

Author Cristian Casari ( ago)
guardate sti tratori alto che preet fendt, john deere, class, new holland,
landini, fiatagri

Author Hofi Hofmann ( ago)

Author Paddy Murphy ( ago)
Dangerous job....they all seem to have suffered some kind of head injury.

Author OttTommy ( ago)
3:16 Suizid Vogel :)

Author LeOmantovano ( ago)
al rogo tutti!! ho già visto abbastanza da come trattano le macchine!!!

Author Carondriver ( ago)
Wie zur hölle kann man so einen Schlepper quälen?? -.-

Author Redhawk ( ago)
indiani di figa

Author Preet Bhathal ( ago)
motherfucker shut the fuck up stupid motherfucker shut your bullshit stupid

Author psichoparano ( ago)
fuck you little paki smelly asshole ...fuck your dirty race monkey face

Author Preet Bhathal ( ago)
chup kari ga bugi jana ma

Author HipHopDaily848 ( ago)
preet bahi eh saleh fuddu goreh NEELA FORD di power ni vekhi mother choda
ne ;)

Author Preet Bhathal ( ago)
210 fendt vario fucking sucks preet tractor rocks

Author Preet Bhathal ( ago)
fuck u

Author HipHopDaily848 ( ago)
@MrPsychoStylez i watched that video those tractors are crap

Author HipHopDaily848 ( ago)
@MrPsychoStylez its not arabic you iggnorant fuck in arabic countries their
are desserts... dumb fuck

Author ebikeracer9 ( ago)
that music (weird)

Author Spyratos Agriculture ( ago)
milame gia megalo malaka

Author Raman Brar ( ago)
22g..............indofarm 3055 di better than preet

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