Giant Shark Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig caught on rigs cameras

This is a video taken of a shark swiming arround the base of a oil rig in the Gulf Of Mexico at a depth of 8,717 feet..
for all you whiners this vido came from BP's oil rig sight i did not film it so if you dont want to believe the cameras on the rig tell it to BP QUIT CRYING TO ME

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Author Freddy moostaff (1 month)
It looked like its been "oiled" black from the oil rig,Maybe wants to get
revenge from it?

Author Freddy moostaff (1 month)
How could they base the size of it? because of the rig size undeneath?

Author Beksultan Nusipkozha (7 months)
Megalodon alive

Author entuydeleila (24 days)
we saw a shark last September on south padre jetties, during a feeding
frenzy of bait balls, that he must have been 30 to 35 feet the same kind of
shark on the video crazy man

Author LordHelmet X (3 months)
Possibly a Greenland Shark.

Author Sebastian Lopez (5 months)
It's a megamouth shark

Author hannah uselton (4 months)
what the hell thats a greenland shark

Author Suomen Mies (5 months)
So can anyone put the size of this thing into perspective? Like, how big is
the pump behind it, 10ft, 20ft? No mistake, it looks big, but really...

Author Matthew Noe (6 months)
The shark is called submarine it goes from south africa to gulf of mexico
every year it is 62ft long and is suspected of taking down a fishing boat
regular size like off of wicked tuna on tv and is to be the only shark
closest to a megaladon

Author Jordan Boggs (7 months)
I feel like people wouldn't get in the water after seeing this but they
still do I do atleast its almost like we want to get eaten we just like sit
out there fkr no reason like were waiting to be eaten

Author Vivek Shukla (2 years)
Giant Shark Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig caught on rigs cameras
Giant Shark Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig caught on rigs cameras

Author ThreeWickedWonders (1 year)
It's from the wizard of oz

Author moomoo1337 (1 year)
Damn grammar, you scary! You may also use: Damn, grammar, You Scary! Sorry,
just had to. Correcting people (especially when they have top comment;
therefore inviting ridicule) while still being wrong is the lowest form of

Author trha2222 (1 year)
So that's where Michelle Obama swims. Never woulda guessed!

Author zzztubazzz (1 year)
That a whale stupid ass people

Author SEVERUS PIRLO (1 year)
Pay the troll toll.... PAY IT

Author synapse131 (1 year)
It's a whale shark. They're harmless.

Author zzztubazzz (1 year)
old man it's not ok stupid

Author scott walker (1 year)
its an american shark, slow and dumbwitted :)

Author Duncan Gibbons (1 year)
A shark swimming, wow.

Author Noah Stickney (1 year)
you're lying,there's no such thing,that's a greenland shark's
harmless to humans.''

Author Rana Loca (1 year)
thats what i thought too but whats it doing in the gulf?

Author mikebe41 (1 year)
the shark is saying...come on man, someone fall overboard

Author Ross Craig (1 year)
If it's not a sleeper (and it looks like it is) it's most likely to be a 6

Author acid4blood (1 year)
Six gill shark?

Author Luke Darling (1 year)
No shit they can grow up to 8ft. This shark was like 4 ft

Author Matthew Manwaring (1 year)
no its a shark, you can tell because whales have horizontal tails and
sharks have vertical tails. this has a vertical tail so therefore its a

Author TheMaddogjake (1 year)
Does anyone know roughly the size of this shark.

Author Andrew Smith (1 year)
id say wire drawing animation.

Author Marko Kraljevic (1 year)
i saw one of this eating sea cucumber ;). it looks like Greenland Shark and
its not vegetarian. thanks :)

Author Kenji Mancini (1 year)
It's so cute

Author Reynub (1 year)
Ghost K - Stop

Author Elaydeful (1 year)
Song: Ghost K - Stop! (Blue mix)

Author TyrantLord76 (1 year)
Bluntnose Sixgill Shark (Hexanchus Griseus). This species typically
inhabits depths greater than 90 m (300 ft), and has been recorded as deep
as 1,875 m (6,150 ft).

Author Dan Feral (1 year)
Definitely not a vegetarian shark... Thank god you aren't an ichthyologist.
Look up Greenland Shark.

Author turbocpt1 (1 year)
yeah, uhm, ok, need any help getting an appointment booked at the doctor?

Author Kristijan Varga (1 year)
You serious o.O

Author Kiwidrumstick s (1 year)
His/her profile picture might hold the answer to their little confused
heart bleed.... lol

Author Grape Cool-ai' (1 year)
the proper name is a greenland shark ok that is that.

Author souamay082303 (1 year)
whaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! johnr u friggin liar! this video is so fake!! ;)

Author MrDoyle420 (1 year)
This is a whale shark. Look it up. Greenland shark your a retard.

Author Sigurd andersen (1 year)
that is not a big shark!

Author ranchero rt (1 year)
this is a lurker shark. There meat is poisoness to humans.

Author wilfredo rodriguez (11 months)
It's a Greenland shark don't ask how it got to Mexico be creative

Author eugen nikitin (10 months)
greenland shark

Author RUFUS492 (1 year)
Greenland shark !

Author Pete Nice (1 year)
no its a shark asshole a sleeper shark or lurker shark in the same family
as the greenland shark

Author Joshua Doig (1 year)
It's a Lurker shark

Author YouTubeUsername (1 year)
The fuck? Looks like a normal size shark, say why it's special in the video.

Author Sigurd andersen (1 year)
a great white shark is much bigger than that

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