Giant Shark Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig caught on rigs cameras

This is a video taken of a shark swiming arround the base of a oil rig in the Gulf Of Mexico at a depth of 8,717 feet..
for all you whiners this vido came from BP's oil rig sight i did not film it so if you dont want to believe the cameras on the rig tell it to BP QUIT CRYING TO ME

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Author hydroneese tuno ( ago)
that shark looks dusty

Author jazzy872 ( ago)
oh wow ...amazing.... and scary

Author Madison Skelly ( ago)
Wow im surprised I go there every 2 years and have never seen a shark I
have seen dolphins tho 

Author Toby E ( ago)
Whale shark?

Author Phil Carter ( ago)
¨ *Looking For Truth?*
Google: *TruthContest*

Author Tim Philfellinabrook ( ago)
It's a 7 gilled shark

Author TheTigger38 ( ago)
shark yes, GIANT... pff please... a resounding HELL NO! get real...

Author Branden Haddock ( ago)
ooh its a bull shark get a good look before their extinct

Author Holymakinaw ( ago)
Wha...??? A shark? IN THE OCEAN???????

Author HappyHateDay (1049 years ago)
That's weird looking. Good find.

Author Steve W ( ago)
A whaaaaaat?

Author Brocksta1 ( ago)
Meh, Greenland shark. Big one too. They should rename them goofy ass shark

Author VIPgadget ( ago)
People are so quick to dismiss videos like this, when humans have only
explored about 10% of the earths oceans. We know more about whats out there
in space, than whats in our own waters. Theres so much more to discover

Author Jol Tron ( ago)
Nice Pacific Sleeper shark you got there dude

Author Andy Raeburn ( ago)
+Brady Abbs Did you say Scientists believe Megalodon still exists..? Which
Scientists?!?!? The same ones that believe in intelligent design or the
ones who know that a first off there isn't enough prey and if there were it
hunted in a similar style to extant Great Whites and we'd bloody well know
about them. You Twonk. Nice vid of a 6 gill though :)

Author kingbongo ( ago)
song is called - Stop - Ghost K

Author angel gomez ( ago)
Song name?

Author Akinator Eigin ( ago)
Eso parece un "Tiburon Cañabotas" demasiado crecido.

Author Karen Piotte ( ago)
Greenland shark-What the Hell is it doing in Mexico 

Author Alex plotkin ( ago)
Greenland shark I've caught a couple and I know what they look like from
heart but what song is this?

Author 7466nuts ( ago)
You need a big oil rig :) 

Author TK ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin ( ago)

Author Angel the Great White Shark ( ago)
Possibly a Sixgill shark or a sleeper shark. It can't be a Greenland shark.
Still, its a big species.

Author Brady Abbs ( ago)
That is a shark named Submarine. Been traveling the oil rigs in South
Africa to Gulf of Mexico oil rigs. He is an approximate 40 feet. He's the
closest thing to a Megalodon that anyone has every seen. One of the reasons
scientist believe Megalodon lives. Submarine is a very intelligent shark
that sunk a Whale Watching Boat and ate 2 people on it. Then broke the
shark cage the rescue team was using. That was in 1 night... What does he
do in a month?

Author entuydeleila ( ago)
we saw a shark last September on south padre jetties, during a feeding
frenzy of bait balls, that he must have been 30 to 35 feet the same kind of
shark on the video crazy man

Author Freddy moostaff ( ago)
It looked like its been "oiled" black from the oil rig,Maybe wants to get
revenge from it?

Author Freddy moostaff ( ago)
How could they base the size of it? because of the rig size undeneath?

Author LordHelmet X ( ago)
Possibly a Greenland Shark.

Author hannah uselton ( ago)
what the hell thats a greenland shark

Author Suomen Mies ( ago)
So can anyone put the size of this thing into perspective? Like, how big is
the pump behind it, 10ft, 20ft? No mistake, it looks big, but really...

Author Sebastian Lopez ( ago)
It's a megamouth shark

Author Matthew Noe ( ago)
The shark is called submarine it goes from south africa to gulf of mexico
every year it is 62ft long and is suspected of taking down a fishing boat
regular size like off of wicked tuna on tv and is to be the only shark
closest to a megaladon

Author Matthew Noe ( ago)
The shark is called submarine it goes from south africa to gulf of mexico
every year it is 62ft long and is suspected of taking down a fishing boat
regular size like off of wicked tuna on tv and is to be the only shark
closest to a megaladon

Author Beksultan Nusipkozha (StrikerKZ) ( ago)
Megalodon alive

Author Jordan Boggs ( ago)
I feel like people wouldn't get in the water after seeing this but they
still do I do atleast its almost like we want to get eaten we just like sit
out there fkr no reason like were waiting to be eaten

Author adilene189 ( ago)
that's the shark I saw

Author MrLoadedBoarder ( ago)
without a doubt a greenland shark wandering far from home

Author eugen nikitin ( ago)
greenland shark

Author Bengalsfan089 ( ago)
It's called a sleeper shark.

Author Michael Murray ( ago)
Looks like a Greenland to me as well, zero threat to humans, unless you
stick your head in it's mouth.

Author wilfredo rodriguez ( ago)
It's a Greenland shark don't ask how it got to Mexico be creative

Author Ryan Rayburn ( ago)
To get in this boy's soul.

Author Kristijan Varga ( ago)
You serious o.O

Author tensamagetsu ( ago)
Name of the song???

Author LegendaryH1tman ( ago)
Yea its bad 8,000 feet below see level and BP behind it being there. Fucken
right its bad.

Author I can see you ( ago)

Author mbm13213 ( ago)
So fake. That's obviously just some actor wearing a giant shark costume.

Author SEVERUS PIRLO ( ago)
Pay the troll toll.... PAY IT

Author Scottie Hainey ( ago)
thats looks like a greenland shark

Author Linda Hendry ( ago)
really bad vid

Author Marko Kraljevic ( ago)
i saw one of this eating sea cucumber ;). it looks like Greenland Shark and
its not vegetarian. thanks :)

Author Dan Feral ( ago)
Definitely not a vegetarian shark... Thank god you aren't an ichthyologist.
Look up Greenland Shark.

Author Marko Kraljevic ( ago)
this looks like the vegetarian shark. not dangerous if you are not plankton.

Author Andrew Smith ( ago)
id say wire drawing animation.

Author rvbsmcaboose ( ago)
Run get to the sunlight, the trolls natural enemy, they can't stand going
out during the day away from their computers.

Author Keera Monnett ( ago)
Greenland shark...also called sleeper shark, gurry shark, ground shark,
grey shark. Very large (up to 25ft), 6 gills, believed to be almost blind
do to the fact they tend to run into things, & live in cold water (deep
waters or the artic). Another type of shark that was thought to have died
out a long time ago.

Author trha2222 ( ago)
I suppose if you had to be covered in oil it would be a big deal? Hypocrite!

Author trha2222 ( ago)
In England, it's spelled 'sentuance'. They love their u's.

Author trha2222 ( ago)
So that's where Michelle Obama swims. Never woulda guessed!

Author cleo962 ( ago)
how did I end up in the weird shark part of youtube...

Author bruceownsu ( ago)
i dont give a shit i was only trolling him anyway, this is 2013' grammar
police are so pre-txt, pre-urban dictionary pre-internet, pre-2000's ,

Author Devil Z ( ago)
it's spelled "sentence" not "sentance"

Author Skyler Haze ( ago)
Its just a shark covered in oil....big deal.

Author TransistorZero ( ago)
Six gill shark?

Author Rebelone Burleigh ( ago)
How big is this shark?

Author samnottm ( ago)
@bruceownsu And your spelling is terrible.Would you like a go at spelling
sentence again?Bottom of the class for you.

Author ranchero rt ( ago)
Ok Ok people yes my grammar is horrible but that was the intention I spell
just fine and am fully aware that this shark is a species of sleeper shark.
Very similar to the greenland shark. Thanks for giving the stupid kid the
top spot though ;-)

Author bruceownsu ( ago)
You forgot a capital T (start of sentance) and Their (not there) aswell.
Shame on you!

Author Jesse Roth ( ago)
Poisonous *

Author barry badrinath ( ago)
This is an illiterate. Their grammar is poisonous to humans.

Author MrDoyle420 ( ago)
This is a whale shark. Look it up. Greenland shark your a retard.

Author scott walker ( ago)
its an american shark, slow and dumbwitted :)

Author BOSSblackopsclan ( ago)
its a greenland shark for you retards who dont know look at the positioning
of the dorsal fin and the slow lathargic manner it is swimming in

Author RenegadeXGamer ( ago)
Hey man fuck you for asking stupid questions. I'll marry your sister and
rape your mother all the while feeding your dads dick to my trusty
companion of a dog that I named Dick Eater. That my a troll.

Author Aaron Keith ( ago)
Six gill shark if i am not mistaken

Author YouTubeUsername ( ago)
The fuck? Looks like a normal size shark, say why it's special in the video.

Author Laks Elv ( ago)
Greenland shark

Author hrvic02 ( ago)
OMG I live right across the road

Author Taff Gardner ( ago)
that is a sleeper shark

Author Reynub ( ago)
Ghost K - Stop

Author Reynub ( ago)
Ghost K - Stop

Author ThreeWickedWonders ( ago)
It's from the wizard of oz

Author Tristan Wilty ( ago)
Please to anyone that makes a 20 second video never try to put a song in

Author doctordrew66 ( ago)
Whales aren't fish you retarded fuckwit.

Author zzztubazzz ( ago)
old man it's not ok stupid

Author Seas of Bronze ( ago)
Dude. Seriously. It's a shark.

Author Jackrhion ( ago)
THANKYOU! Ive been looking for this song for like 2 years!

Author Noah Stickney ( ago)
you're lying,there's no such thing,that's a greenland shark's
harmless to humans.''

Author zzztubazzz ( ago)
you people are so stupid people mother fucker

Author Elvis Lintalu ( ago)
What song it is?

Author TheMaddogjake ( ago)
Does anyone know roughly the size of this shark.

Author moomoo1337 ( ago)
You're new here. don't worry, the trolls will soon come to greet you.

Author Pete Nice ( ago)
no its a shark asshole a sleeper shark or lurker shark in the same family
as the greenland shark

Author Paddy Flynn ( ago)
His grammar wasn't that bad. You are trying too hard to get thumbs up.

Author Doodthedood ( ago)
so cute! I want one...

Author Verisimilitude Dude ( ago)
It would only be ironic if the sharks were named oil rig sharks.

Author Adrian Cross ( ago)
Wtf is a troll? Lord of the Rings?

Author zzztubazzz ( ago)
i don't think you know nothing about fish stupid ass

Author Grape Cool-ai' ( ago)
the proper name is a greenland shark ok that is that.

Author jordon boulton ( ago)
Greenland Shark, for sure.

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