NextBook Premuim 8 SE Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich a Quick Review.

This NextBook Premium 8SE tablet, runs Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich and is under $200.00.
(Around $167.00 on Amazon)
It's decent for the price and I thought I would give it quick review.
I feel like it's worth the money.
Here's some alternative Android App Stores.

Opera Mini browser also offers apps.

Dolphin HD browser also offers apps through the browser. also offers apps through the Amazon Marketplace-

Other CheapGeek Stuff-

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Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Here's some answers. 1. It does install .apk files. That's how the SlideMe
market gets installed, among others 2.Not sure about those games. I'm not a
gamer. 3. Amazon Store works fine, installs easy 4. It's not laggy or slow,
it works pretty well for the spec's it has. 5.I have Skype installed, and
Tango. They work video from front camera is not so good. 6. Web Browser is
good, I use Dolphin. 7. No real problems, Except no GooglePlay. 8. You can

Author Cristian Villafuerte (2 years)
Sorry didn't finish just search it on YouTube

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Hopefully you'll be able to find one that works better for you. Thanks for
commenting! Good Luck.

Author buddykeltyify (2 years)
Dose it has adobe flash support???

Author CheapGeek (1 year)
I'm not sure what you mean.. The tablet is made in China, like all of them.
Nextbook USA is what it has listed on the box. nextbookusa is the web

Author Austin Watson (2 years)
He like penutbutter

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Really good information! Thanks!

Author Tyrin Wesley (2 years)
Im going get it after school

Author CheapGeek (1 year)
I added the Amazon APP store, and downloaded Pandora from there. :)

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Netflix and YouTube work fine on my tablet. Some people are having issues..

Author Maria021175 (2 years)
Can You Use Youtube On This Device ?

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
That's weird..

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
It does not..there are a lot of Android devices that don't have the Google
Play Store. There are other alternatives. There's a list in the description.

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Does it give you an error message? Details..

Author trust626 (2 years)
im trippin out i been watch video about this tablet an i notic that non of
the NB8se have an HDMI output like the one i got ...

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
You have the model newer than mine. Mine doesn't charge through and no
hdmi. I wish my model did.. :)

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Very Nice! Good Price.

Author Chad Clifton (2 years)
I just purchased a nextbook premium 8 SE dual core and 2 premium 8 single
core tablets and all 3 have google play......

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
What does it look like? I'm a little curious. How did you install the
firmware update?

Author Qusai Bakeer (2 years)
can you put games on on ??? by installing apk ??? please answer quickly
because i want to buy one !

Author Joe Ann Duffy (1 year)
how can i stop this tablet from talking i enabled something and dont know
how to change it back help

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
You can install .apk's on it. So you can install a game or another program
on it.

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
I used the Amazon Market to download Skype.

Author George Albair (2 years)
does it have simcard slot ??

Author sothus (2 years)
If you want to put Google Apps/Play store. Go to google and search Next8P12
Biglots and go to that XDA forum, then skip to page 5. . And look for the
post by patriciogac and download that patch and follow his instructions.
After doing that the Tab will be rooted. Then go to page 6 and follow
Modem_Over's Instructions on how to get Google apps and the Play store
running on this NextBook. I have done it on two and it works flawlessly.

Author ILuvItAll (2 years)
(Part 2) So a Craig tablet with great great specs with a cheaper price tag
, but it is 1 inch smaller and also it is a unknown company to me , and
also it has a cheap build on it , great features , but double as thick
allmost and it looks like a japeneese made peice of brick.... so should I
take a nextbook with bigger screen but waste allmost double for less specs
and get a nice looking tablet? Or waste 100 and get epic specs but a cheap
looking tablet? I will post the link in another comment

Author ILuvItAll (2 years)
Would you recommend this as a main device for a half gamer... book
reader..heavy web user... mainly apps and web and sometimea games

Author theticalstraw1 (1 year)
mine will not allow me to download anything I go to download something and
it shows install it says downloading Russian dictionary that was ok with me
I tried to use it I have to download another app that is not available

Author I.E._Prepper (2 years)
going to get one now XD

Author scooter15111 (1 year)
How do you down load the Amazon app store to my next book 8

Author Wutznex Stef (2 years)
how do u like this tablet i was thinking of purchasing this for my 2 year
old son

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Yes you can root. You'll need to find someone who can root it for you. Or
you can learn it. I don't know of a place that will root it for you.
Sorry.. wish I could be of better help.

Author Cristian Villafuerte (2 years)
U can also get apps from and get paid apps from the play store
for free most of them that how u get free apps for andriod devices just

Author Zik Jackson (2 years)
I got mine at Big Lots for $89.99 as well. Mine does appear to have an HDMI
out port, but I haven't tested it yet. Didn't realize it was not compatible
with Google Play, but as you said, for the price that's not a deal breaker.
Amazon App Store works fine.

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Thanks for the comment! Much Appreciated...

Author nadia09424 (1 year)
Hi, just wondering if you can play mine craft on this? Hoping to buy
something similar for my son to specifically play this game :) thanks.

Author subtain jafar (1 year)
the sound of my tab is very can i plz?

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Google Play.. nope..

Author Kévin Doré Poudrier (2 years)
I Fanally Got one & :( why cant have Google play & netflix with the 4.4 V !

Author RipTide (1 year)
How can i root it ?

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
I still like mine. Overall, It's not bad! I'd but it again..Thanks for the

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
Yep. You Can..

Author natasha morante (2 years)
are you from GUAM

Author ELIOREPH RIVERA (1 year)

Author JadaBabii2017 (2 years)
how did you get pandora and angry birds on there? I cant get it on mine and
i have the same exact thing..

Author CheapGeek (2 years)
@Rafael Santiago Very Nice!

Author ~zeus~ (2 years)
93€ on chinavasion :/

Author ILuvItAll (2 years)
I ussually dont care if its pretty for phones laptops etc.I look for
hardware specs but this is totally different... I like the 1gb of ram...
and I will need that 1gb most likely... I only think alot about design is
since I am going to have this for a long time and I will use it a ton and I
dont want to pick it up and say "its ugly" or "woah your heavy" mostly
since I will need to use it most of my day.. :) thanks though so far....

Author CheapGeek (1 year)
I would plug it in, and hold the power button for 30 seconds to make sure
it's not powering on. If it's not working, since you just bought it, I'd
take it back and get another one. :) I always try to use the stores return
policy first.

Author YoutubeBrute100 (2 years)
Um whats the problem?

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