NextBook Premuim 8 SE Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich a Quick Review.

This NextBook Premium 8SE tablet, runs Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich and is under $200.00.
(Around $167.00 on Amazon)
It's decent for the price and I thought I would give it quick review.
I feel like it's worth the money.
Here's some alternative Android App Stores.

Opera Mini browser also offers apps.

Dolphin HD browser also offers apps through the browser. also offers apps through the Amazon Marketplace-

Other CheapGeek Stuff-

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Author theticalstraw1 ( ago)
mine will not allow me to download anything I go to download something and
it shows install it says downloading Russian dictionary that was ok with me
I tried to use it I have to download another app that is not available

Author Janet Joseph ( ago)
how do you download subway sufers?

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
The sound isn't very loud. Headphones or speakers is cure for this.. :)

Author subtain jafar ( ago)
the sound of my tab is very can i plz?

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I don't know how to play minecraft pocket edition. :) Actually, I've never
tried it. :)

Author Ernesto Torres ( ago)
Its a stupid question but can you play minecraft pocket edition?

Author Cees Timmerman ( ago)
Low sound but nice review.

Author Gene Fuller ( ago)
How do you download a movie to it ?

Author Hakeem Dykes ( ago)
Do you know how to unlock it ? My little brother did it as a prank and
doesnt remember the password. Now everyone is locked out ! Please tell me
you can unlock it

Author RipTide ( ago)
How can i root it ?

Author Brandon Coons ( ago)
do you know of any way to attatch a keyboard and mouse to one of these?

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I would plug it in, and hold the power button for 30 seconds to make sure
it's not powering on. If it's not working, since you just bought it, I'd
take it back and get another one. :) I always try to use the stores return
policy first.

Author jean-jean almazar ( ago)
we bought one yesterday and it was working well,and all of a sudden the
power is not i have to bring it back to the store?

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I'm not sure what you mean.. The tablet is made in China, like all of them.
Nextbook USA is what it has listed on the box. nextbookusa is the web

Author The_ Westplox ( ago)
What country is "NEXTBOOK' brand?

Author Joe Ann Duffy ( ago)
how can i stop this tablet from talking i enabled something and dont know
how to change it back help

Author Karim ElSakka ( ago)
i just got one as a gift and it came with google play store

Author scooter15111 ( ago)
How do you down load the Amazon app store to my next book 8

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I added the Amazon APP store, and downloaded Pandora from there. :)


Author sothus ( ago)
I will let you know that after the first boot after it upgrades to the new
patch it can take up to a minute to boot so don't be affraid that you
bricked the Tablet. After that initial boot, the Tablet boots alot faster
then when first out of the box state.

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I'm going to be doing this very soon. Very Excited thanks!

Author sothus ( ago)
You're welcome, I was actually displeased with the nextbook 8 se for the
fact of no google software. But since that patch over on xda I love this

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Really good information! Thanks!

Author sothus ( ago)
If you want to put Google Apps/Play store. Go to google and search Next8P12
Biglots and go to that XDA forum, then skip to page 5. . And look for the
post by patriciogac and download that patch and follow his instructions.
After doing that the Tab will be rooted. Then go to page 6 and follow
Modem_Over's Instructions on how to get Google apps and the Play store
running on this NextBook. I have done it on two and it works flawlessly.

Author YoutubeBrute100 ( ago)
Um whats the problem?

Author Kévin Doré Poudrier ( ago)
I Fanally Got one & :( why cant have Google play & netflix with the 4.4 V !

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I really don't know. If you find out let me know..

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
That's weird..

Author CheapGeek ( ago)

Author CheapGeek ( ago)

Author Murad Obaisat ( ago)
Hey dude ... does this thing support Skype video calls ???

Author James Majzun ( ago)
what happened with the Wi-Fi? I just bought one today and I can not connect
to my Wi-Fi but I see my neighbors?

Author Kévin Doré Poudrier ( ago)
With This Tablet Can we put GameController USB Like Logitech or Saitek for
playing with the Emulator Nes & Snes Etc ??

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Very Nice! You have a newer version of mine.

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Newer model has hdmi, mine does not.

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
You have the model newer than mine. Mine doesn't charge through and no
hdmi. I wish my model did.. :)

Author Kiyonte Butler ( ago)
and it does have hdmi output (the long slot beside usb slot)

Author Kiyonte Butler ( ago)
it can charge through usb

Author MyPanda121 ( ago)
i got this one a few weeks ago, and mine did come with an hdmi port. cost
about $90.

Author Zik Jackson ( ago)
If you plug your USB into a laptop or PC then attach the tablet to the PC
via USB you should be able to copy files between the flash drive and the
tablet's file folders. I did it and it worked with MP3 music files. Not
sure if the 8SE can play .FLV movies with the built-in player, but there's
probably an app that can.

Author Zik Jackson ( ago)
It was fun and cool for about 3 weeks. I added new apps and got used to the
whole tablet experience and Android. Even went and bought the last one from
Big Lots for my 13-year old. She loves it. However, mine froze up one day
and wouldn't boot. Got stuck on the bootup splash screen and wouldn't
reset. I took it back for a refund today. In the meantime got a HTC One X
smartphone with Android 4.0 and 4G LTE. It does way more and now I don't
need the tablet. For 90 bucks, why not try it? Good luck

Author Wutznex Stef ( ago)
how do u like this tablet i was thinking of purchasing this for my 2 year
old son

Author Mustaf Abdullahi ( ago)
hey help! 8 SE or 7 have usb place so i have USB Flash with flv movies Is
it possible to connect and play my videos to watch?

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Nope, just micro SD. :)

Author George Albair ( ago)
does it have simcard slot ??

Author Zik Jackson ( ago)
I got mine at Big Lots for $89.99 as well. Mine does appear to have an HDMI
out port, but I haven't tested it yet. Didn't realize it was not compatible
with Google Play, but as you said, for the price that's not a deal breaker.
Amazon App Store works fine.

Author nappyboyruiz ( ago)
I bought mine for $82.99 @ big lots a week before black friday last year

Author Tyrin Wesley ( ago)
Im going get it after school

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Very Nice!

Author Tyrin Wesley ( ago)
Im going get one monday

Author Maxine Vigil ( ago)
how did you get 1mobile on there? It has getjar and it blocks download of
any app store.

Author Miguel Barajas ( ago)
why cant i get new apps like fun run and temple run ? pleas help

Author trust626 ( ago)
im trippin out i been watch video about this tablet an i notic that non of
the NB8se have an HDMI output like the one i got ...

Author I.E._Prepper ( ago)
going to get one now XD

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Very Nice! Good Price.

Author marty-susan f ( ago)
and skype actually work fior you on tghis tabnlet? Skype and Nextbook tells
me it is not compatable with this nextbook tablet? Please let me know if it
actually works correctly for you? Thanks

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Skype is also available on the GetJar Market as well.

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I used the Amazon Market to download Skype.

Author marty-susan f ( ago)
Can you please tell me how, and where I can download the proper version of
Skye on this tablet? I know you can't get it from google aps, and does not work either. Can you help with the instructions I need
to download skype on this tablet? Thanks

Author marty-susan f ( ago)
Ok, who can tell me how to properly download skype on this tablet? Nothing
I've tried so far seems to work...Google ap store is not an option with
this tablet, and I tried did not work either...Can
anyone HELP ?????

Author BeautyByBee ( ago)
I bought 2 for my daughter how do you download apps?

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Not bad! Better than what I paid, which wasn't free. Hope you like it. Any
questions let me know. :) Thanks for commenting!

Author Aaron Koscielski ( ago)
Just bought one from The Source Today for $114.00. Got it pretty much free
when I bought a phone

Author OblivioniX17 ( ago)
i downloaded skype form 1mobile, and the front camera wont enable. is there
any solution to this?

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I believe I used the Amazon store for Pandora and Angry birds. I'm pretty
sure it wasn't SlideMe or GetJar. I'd give Amazon a try.

Author lorenzaaureliano72 ( ago)

Author Jaheim Jenkins ( ago)
How do i download apps

Author P Gilz ( ago)
Did you root your tablet to make the OTG work? And I have a Nextbook 7. Do
you think that would work with a keyboard case? I mean since yours did I
should be able too.

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
It does. It supports Adobe Flash 11.

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I tried my friends keyboard case. Worked just fine. He got it off Not sure what model it was. He said he paid $4.00 for it.

Author unhypedup ( ago)
how do i delete videos off of it from the movie player . whenver i leave my
finger on the video , no list pops up ..

Author P Gilz ( ago)
Does the tablet support Keyboard cases or OTG?

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
It doesn't suck at today's price. This tablet has been out for about a
year. There are much better tablets out there now. Prices on the new
tablets are also much better too. Most newer tablets do run better
hardware. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is running at about $179.00 at Best Buy.
NextBook Tablet are now going for around $70-80 bucks at places like Big
Lots and other close out stores. At that price, it's not bad. If I was
going to buy a Tablet today, I'd buy Nexxus7 or the Tab2.

Author Liam C ( ago)
that tablet sucks for the price. get the Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 for the
same price and its getting updated to jelly bean, comes with the Google
play store, its dual core with a TIO map chip set (processor). don't buy
this tablet because you will definitely have future problems and dealing
with them will suck since its such a low end company

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
When I got the tablet, Netflix didn't work. Then the firmware update was
available. So, I installed the firmware available and that was it. I had
ICS 4.01. I think people with ICS 4.03 and higher are having problems.

Author chris torres ( ago)
how were you able to get netflix to work on this tablet?

Author Kelley beasley ( ago)
cant figure out how to download netflixs, facebook or youtube. im using the
get jar app that came on it but its really no help. i type in facebook and
the facebook app dont come up. its just DUMB. please help before i take
this darn thing back.

Author buddykeltyify ( ago)
Dose it has adobe flash support???

Author Cristian Villafuerte ( ago)
Sorry didn't finish just search it on YouTube

Author Cristian Villafuerte ( ago)
U can also get apps from and get paid apps from the play store
for free most of them that how u get free apps for andriod devices just

Author Chad Clifton ( ago)
I just purchased a nextbook premium 8 SE dual core and 2 premium 8 single
core tablets and all 3 have google play......

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Hopefully you'll be able to find one that works better for you. Thanks for
commenting! Good Luck.

Author Shakir Muhammad ( ago)
I just got it at 7am on Black Friday. I didn't wait in line, I just
happened to be out and about. They had plenty in stock behind the service
desk @ where I got it from. I bought it for $90. My son is 8 and I was just
looking for something to be an ereader. You won't have ease of getting apps
but if you want to simply load your own videos on there and your own PDF's
and passively search the web without much speed. I plan on returning it
tonight after 1 hour of trying to figure it out.

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Netflix and YouTube work fine on my tablet. Some people are having issues..

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
I wonder if the update you installed is for a different model? Mine doesn't
have hdmi. The updates are model specific. Wonder if that's the problem?

Author Berenice Magana ( ago)
i've been trying to delete a video but i have no clue how to do it.. Could
anyone help out?

Author sagebates ( ago)
Does netflix and youtube work on this? That's my biggest concern is being
able to play netflix

Author converselover08 ( ago)
i just got my tab on Fri amazon keeps on crashing on me i have other app
programs on but amazon is the only one i am having problems with.

Author richandmaime ( ago)
its almost the same except there is hdmi out on the side and i download the
update from nextbook usa

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
What does it look like? I'm a little curious. How did you install the
firmware update?

Author CheapGeek ( ago)

Author lorenzaaureliano72 ( ago)
Does it have google play stores

Author richandmaime ( ago)
so i just bought a nextbook premium 8se on black Friday for $83.00 and it
looks so diff also i am having problems with netflix any ideas (also I've
tried to do the firmware download update )

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Yep, agreed. Nexxus 7 wasn't out at the time..It's good tablet. :)

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
Google Play.. nope..

Author chinolofus ( ago)
Nexus 7 is a much better deal for $50 more.

Author Chad Clifton ( ago)
Android market I meant

Author CheapGeek ( ago)
If you mean Google Play Store, nope. I've tried this tablet with other
Android App stores with no problem.

Author Chad Clifton ( ago)
So does it have the Android app store?

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