Drilling Rig

Heres an older picture of us spinning chain, so much fun.

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Author Mohamed geology (5 months)

Author odatmatt (1 month)
that's the best chain hand here on YouTube, only on that knows to slap the
wraps back down close to the tool joint,,,

Author Oscar Yacolca (3 months)

Author eigene Ölquelle - Geld verdienen aus der eigenen Ölförderung (9 months)
Profis vom Bohrteam vorort erledigen die ganze Arbeit für Sie.

Drilling Rig

Author larryjohnny (6 months)
wow that looks super dangerous.. crazy job!

Author Deoblo61369 (11 months)
so I have a few questions on the drilling aspect. im going to school to
become a petroleum geologist not a derrick hand so, what is going on with
the shoe that is being put in when connecting the pipes? also what's with
the chain being wrapped around the pipe?

Author Tobias Shaver (10 months)
Reminds me of when I was Ruff necking in northern AB. It was hard work but
at the time pay was good, food was good, beer was good and the body got
into tip top shape. Can be very miserable work though especially when the
weather and other workers don't co-operate. A great experience overall

Author Вера Киндий (11 months)
Класс! Молодцы канадцы.

Author Aung S. (1 year)
look so dangerous.

Author Robert Long (1 year)
nice work!

Author Chris Stodgell (1 year)
Is that pd 174, or pd 179. 

Author Ruud Van (1 year)

เป้าหมายต่อไป ต้องทำแบบนี้ให้ได้

ต้องทำให้ได้ สู้ๆ

Author BrunoHarvelot (1 year)
Safety 0%

Author Jeff Stanley (4 years)
The key is the rope tail on the end of the chain. When I was a chain hand I
had one fall off, and the driller didn't want to stop to affix a new one. I
threw that chain exactly twice without a tail, and got whacked like a
red-headed step child by the end of it both times. Uh, no. I walked off the
floor until the driller came to his senses. Duh.

Author tyeman182 (5 years)
none of you fucks know anything, as you can clearly see ther trippin back
in and the derrickhand is obviously up on the board, its most likely the
motorman videoing, i dont a see a kelly anywhere in this video, you must
those dumb american rig workers who do nothing but pipe dope each others
asses all day and pass the float back and forth, come do some real drilling
up in the mountains and -35 weather, fuckin yankees

Author hiltzie (5 years)
@MrDriller666 What kind of "ching-lish" is this? Is this how the Yankees
talk south of the border?

Author shagger67 (4 years)
@hiltzie you mean to say the guy running the spinning chain had a year in?
caught all his wraps good that time!

Author baffinjigger (3 years)
@MrDriller666 You're proof of how fucking stupid someone can be and work
their way up in the oilfield. I worked in the oilfield and on the rigs,
it's a miserable lifestyle, you piss away the short existence we have on
this earth on a lease then off to camp or maybe a hotel. Everybody's loaded
and doing rails or smoking a crack pipe on the way back from lease. Your
balls deep in mud and freezing cold while getting shouted at by a Push with
a small dick and a big truck. Now I have an awesome job!

Author Lady Scattergun (3 years)
Whoever disliked never got their hands dirty.

Author Erskine Sam (2 years)
At the Well Head...

Author Sphinn (4 years)
Nice, smooth connection fellas!

Author Jason Ball (2 years)
Other then the slips being to close to the hole.. great fucking job!

Author Kimberley Mintenko Baker (2 years)
just to bad to see that it takes that many raps to spin it in

Author beefshake (4 years)
Cool video and all, and I'm not in drilling, but to a 'fresh pair of eyes'
as they say, it doesn't look very ergonomic, and in general looks pretty
damn unsafe! Must be hard on the body after only a couple of years. Anyway,
much respect to anyone who works hard and loves what they do!

Author roadsiderods22 (4 years)
Put this on oilpatchworld website so all the riggers get to see this shit

Author Michael Culm (4 years)
@hiltzie Fuck yeah thats how its done boys!! get that chain spun!!!

Author hiltzie (4 years)
You r right, PD 174

Author a2zhandi (3 years)
That looks fun. I drilled 6" production blast holes underground for 5
years. Very similar to this. Everything is based on the same principle.
Always wanted to work on an oil rig.

Author DILLI GAF (4 years)
@riverfootballchamp7 Bloody fuckin oath mate

Author akkwilly (4 years)
@surrealismisabitch need to have a enough string weight to lock the table
they were prob still to shallow

Author Lucas Sanderson (3 years)
Hell yeah!

Author MrSyLeNT30 (4 years)
Hay razor really what do you do beside get the roughneck to take your shit
to the floor or are you just a frac guy who can't really work

Author hiltzie (4 years)
@berner Show up with all your tickets,work gear, licence, truck and tell
them "im here,put me too work" keep buggin till u get hired.

Author Gentilejedi (4 years)
Now we can see how dangerous a job this is.

Author DomcheckProduction (3 years)

Author oogaboogachiefwalkin (4 years)
They ain]t seen shit if they never worked for Ty Cooper in Oklahoma!!!!!!!!!

Author magprob (4 years)
There's no worm. He got his head caught in the chain and the driller hit
the gas. End of the worm. When I worked as a Roughneck up in Wyoming back
in the 70's, this long hair hippie dude got his hair caught in the chain
and the driller let 'er rip It pulled off his head. Another guy on the rig
told me he walked almost to the dog house before he collapsed. Said it
totally freaked everyone out.

Author SH4DES1 (3 years)
@kaa10 depends on what kind of rig your working on, be prepared to work
your ass off and stay alert. and spend less time on youtube.

Author TOYDOLLSKID (5 years)
@CannibalCorpse909 3k every 2 weeks here...LOW! by the way cannibal corpse
kicks ass...been listenin to them alot lately haha

Author JennieMiss (3 years)
that's hot :)

Author omirp sellibaj (2 years)
i salute this heroes.... may be u need another worker please hire me.

Author Joe Castillo (4 years)
@MrDriller666 LOLOLOL!!! omg thanks for the laugh! ive never laughed this
hard in a long time!! LOL!!!!!

Author Marzio Delvékio (4 years)
Would be better to use rope to make the connection, Would be not so
dangerous. Here in Brazil, we use power tongs to do it.

Author Chancellor88kt (5 years)
Huh?shut up faggot, your comments dont even make sense I worked triples
spent most of the time sleeping your obviously a lease hand go get
me a coffee bitch

Author baffinjigger (3 years)
@SH4DES1 Good for you, I'm a Financial Advisor myself. There wayyy too much
drugs on the rigs in Canada, especially Alberta.

Author TIGITOE (4 years)
Wow man ! Thats some hard work. How many tubes plugs one team in an hour ?

Author aboodsadeq1111 (4 years)
great job poeple keep it up i am a casing and tubing man from FRANKs

Author DILLI GAF (4 years)
@akkwilly Ah man im pretty sure the ol' jack knife double i use to
roughneck on, it didnt matter ay?

Author Ariana Costilla (3 years)
Check our connection on my page

Author MyT2000 (2 years)
Service riggers come in and fix our fuckups? Thats hilarious we drill the
dam hole and they come in with their dinky ass pipe and fuckin power tongs
and run into the hole we drilled. Then they bitch that they do more work
and blah blah blah. If it were true and service rigs were harder work coadc
would have them making more money than us. How about you service riggers
come out of the strawberry patch and join us real riggers in the oil patch.

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