Top 10 Dunks on Dikembe Mutombo

Its Mount Mutombos´s turn. Guys like Vince Carter, Joe Smith, MJ, Amare or Malik Rose posterized the African Defender of the Year. Kobe said it once in the Allstargame 2001, but he never climbed him. Enjoy watching!

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Author Marcello Wheeler (1 month)
It happens, thats what happens when his teammates get left behind he tries
and picks up the slack. Most of these dunks its to late by the time he gets
in the air.

Author Jake P (2 months)
A lot of those were Mutombo plying perfect D but not having any help. So
Dunks on Motombo is kind of a misnomer

Author cihan arslan (3 months)
the last dunk and the last gaze (:

Author Frituur Meister (2 months)
Gotta love the porn music theme

Author deepals (5 months)
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army.
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+
Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ Youtube if you are with us

Author askilledkilla (1 year)

Author MultiJoshuad (1 year)
u said that becuz mutombo fuck u in the ass

Author gmoses1984 (1 year)
Kobe dunked on mutombo when he played for the sixers!

Author Brandon Sustala (1 year)
The reason you never see a "top ten dunks on shaq" or something like that,
is because Mutumbo wasn't scared, he defended the basket like a man,

Author jellehaeck (2 years)
every good blocker got few times dunked one.. but they dont show u how many
dunks he blocked , that vid would take 24h to watch :p

Author Thomas B (2 years)
that is direspectful not putting Kemp on, Im from Denver, everytime Kemp
came to D-Town he took it Mutumbo...Big D did get him every once in a while

Author 25titanfan (1 year)
kobe did just not in the all star game

Author Devin Vartuli (2 years)
Obviously one of the best blockers of all time will get dunked on once and
awhile, hes the one with the balls to go up with everyone

Author Vcarter15range (1 year)
it obviously wasnt that good cause when you search ''kobe dunking on
mutombo''....nothing comes up...

Author Malikk (1 year)
No shit...

Author Mackenzie Levi (1 year)
He's awesome :)

Author pakkmann (2 years)
So many of these are on help D. Of course he's going to get dunked on when
it's not his man. That's why I like Shaq highlights of him destroying HIS

Author keverinkarama (1 year)
1 dunk on : 5 blocks for mutombo

Author xourafis (1 year)
i don't see Mutombo wearing any nugget t-shirt in this 10top in-his-face
list... and that's because it never happened...

Author john paul (1 year)
It's funny because all of them dunks was contested by him, unlike other
players don't even try to block it or they stand their hoping to get a
charging foul

Author boom doo (9 months)
5 was a travel

Author wornoutshoes11 (2 years)
now this background music is heaven to my ears...

Author thaboysarebackintown (1 year)
Any shot blocker has a top ten list. Except for maybe Shaq.

Author Jimmy Clemmons (2 years)
its funny how some one makes a highlight reel of people dunking on a good
defender and a great shot blocker

Author TheNikest (10 months)
I searched up top 10 mutombo blocks and found this.

Author Ronnie Martin (1 year)
Get real almost all these dunks are when he left Denver!! When he was at
the end of his career!! Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Author wonsuksong592 (1 year)
Honestly, the reason he got posterized so often is because he tried to
block as many shots as we could. Players now just avoid defending so they
won't get posterized.

Author ThePrIsMcAURA (2 years)
If you dunked on Mutumbo when he was at Denver or Atlanta thats impressive
because thats when he was at his best, after that Mutumbo just was just
that tall guy around the rim, people still don't know how old the guy is.

Author mack mo (7 months)
has anyone jumped over mt. mutombo?

Author upinya25 (1 year)
to be fair...mutumbo was 700 years old in most of these

Author matambabossalka13 (1 year)
You'll never belive me but dikembe mutombo is my uncle on my dads side

Author KKurt8892 (1 year)
#10 is my favourite, the quality jumped out at me

Author Byron Benton (1 year)
Mj did the finger thing after he dunked on him

Author andrew scala (2 years)
your missing Scottie Pippen and another MJ one that were better than the
first 9.

Author basketballjones (8 months)
the joe smith and chris carr dunks on mutumbo were CRAZY! they should be in
the top 3!! as for #1, its vince. mutumbo cannot jump, compared to VC.

Author dunkleybwoy1 (1 year)
No offense but those dunks on Mutumbo was under the basket or the player
dunked past him, not on him.

Author mevarvincvar . (2 years)
the song is awfull!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Joseph Trevino (1 year)
Malik Rose's should have been number 1

Author SHAWN24MSJ (1 year)
Vince Carter= Best dunker ever

Author Hugo Delgado (2 years)
Lol, who is the retarded who actually makes a video of some NBA player,
Dikembe Mutombo, who actually is a GOOD DEFENDER and one of the BEST SHOT
BLOCKER of NBA History! Get a life!

Author Jam Abad (1 year)
Shaqs dunk on dikembe mutombo

Author Noah Bright (1 year)
the pass for #8 was amazing

Author AQUAPHREESH193 (10 months)
excellent point lols

Author kevin weiler (1 year)
whoever made this list is a douche

Author spidah59TH (8 months)
Uh where u been Kobe has the best dunk on mutumbo

Author seahawker74 (2 years)
No Kemp??? lol

Author N1hla (2 years)
I was just giving fact's I know he was a good defender and a good player....

Author Brooklyn Finest (6 months)
he was dunked on becuz he was a herb in the nba

Author RL Williams (2 years)
Vince Carter Dunked on everybody he is the exception.Mutombo with Alonzo
Mourning is one of the best shot blockers ever but Vince Carter didn't have
to do him like that! or did he because Mutombo would of wagged his finger
at him and had him on youtube.

Author Dwayne Angel (1 year)
where's shaq in this video

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