Top 10 Dunks on Dikembe Mutombo

Its Mount Mutombos´s turn. Guys like Vince Carter, Joe Smith, MJ, Amare or Malik Rose posterized the African Defender of the Year. Kobe said it once in the Allstargame 2001, but he never climbed him. Enjoy watching!

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Author ben hep çırağım ( ago)
Videoya eklediğiniz müziğe sokayım. Çok mu aradınız lan bunu.

Author djkevingr ( ago)
most of these dunks are not "dunk on" cause they r out of time and some
others are when mount dik was over 35 !!

Author Polux Troy ( ago)
ohhh "the masta"...Vince Carter

Author Jay Zinho ( ago)
This music makes me wanna play an old school video game

Author gaylord mcgillicuddy ( ago)
Did you record this with a toaster?

Author Rico Suave ( ago)
nice porn music

Author brettfred7 ( ago)
Thing is Mutombo makes it difficult for himself because he's trying not to
foul by living under the hoop. Hence he jumps at the last minute when the
dunkers already taken off. Rarely fouls but often doesnt get up in time.

Author CJ Mooney ( ago)
The dunker is running with forward momentum. The blocker is standing still.

The dunker has much more force. It's amazing they are ever blocked.

It's 5x harder for Mutumbo to block a Jordan dunk than it is for Jordan to
dunk on Mutumbo

Author CJ Mooney ( ago)
Dunkers should always win the battle, no matter who is blocking. It's basic

Lebron James is a 250 pound man, running at a basket. He has momentum.

The centre trying to block is probably 270 pounds, and is standing still.
He has no momentum

Lebron James will be displaying about twice the force as the blocker. They
have no chance

Author CJ Mooney ( ago)
Yeah, none of these dunks were on him during his peak

Author Campbell Cunningham ( ago)

Author Craig McEwan ( ago)
Nearly all these dunks are on him when he's about 40 years old lol

Author DANIEL DAN ( ago)
mutombo was THE MAN. even Michael Jordan had trouble at attemping to dunk
on him. It took several years for Jordan to finally dunk on mutombo. 

Author Kenny & Kast ( ago)
pretty good video being 240 p and all

Author lenny playa ( ago)
Grant Hill dunk on Mutombo was nasty, it needs to be posted on the top ten
list also

Author Equine Beastiality Extravaganza ( ago)
*The Only 10 Dunks on Dikembe Mutombo

Author joydivsion77 ( ago)
The number 10 was cool, when the little pixel dunked on the big pixel.

Author MrAitraining ( ago)
There is no one Vince Carter could not dunk on in his prime.

Author Marcello Wheeler ( ago)
It happens, thats what happens when his teammates get left behind he tries
and picks up the slack. Most of these dunks its to late by the time he gets
in the air.

Author Jake P ( ago)
A lot of those were Mutombo plying perfect D but not having any help. So
Dunks on Motombo is kind of a misnomer

Author cihan arslan ( ago)
the last dunk and the last gaze (:

Author deepals ( ago)
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Author Brooklyn Finest ( ago)
he was dunked on becuz he was a herb in the nba

Author mack mo ( ago)
has anyone jumped over mt. mutombo?

Author Romeo Villarreal ( ago)
He got dunked on cause he was lanky ass fuck lol.

Author Raidell De Pree ( ago)
yoooo stop crying... we all know mutombo was the best shot blocker and a
legend. but he just got dunked good a couple of times nothing wrong with
that so just wach the vid and the nice dunks

Author sundi712 ( ago)
so you use NCAA basketball music to play a NBA video? Get it together smh

Author ghostandgoblins ( ago)
WTF is up with the music

Author ronel victor mendoza ( ago)
Tmac's dunk is the toughest one, its over two defenders.

Author basketballjones ( ago)
the joe smith and chris carr dunks on mutumbo were CRAZY! they should be in
the top 3!! as for #1, its vince. mutumbo cannot jump, compared to VC.

Author spidah59TH ( ago)
Uh where u been Kobe has the best dunk on mutumbo

Author kevf505 ( ago)
jordan's dunk should of been top 5

Author boom doo ( ago)
5 was a travel

Author Squatch Socks ( ago)
Finger wag those mutombo

Author Larry Butler ( ago)
half of these are when mutombo was way past his prime

Author Jon Zimmel ( ago)
for real. when you block 2 thousand shots you're gonna get dunked on once
and a while....10 or so

Author TheNikest ( ago)
I searched up top 10 mutombo blocks and found this.

Author marzilyas ( ago)
and because NBA players don't wear T-Shirts when they play basketball. they
wear jerseys.

Author AQUAPHREESH193 ( ago)
excellent point lols

Author linkthe kink ( ago)
which pixel is mutombo?

Author Seth Baker ( ago)
Mutumbo got dunked on sometimes because he was a man and defended the hoop
like any good defensive player would, half the players in the NBA today
just run away when they see someone driving the lane

Author alex23sn1per ( ago)
one does not simply get an easy dunk on dikembe mutombo

Author dunkleybwoy1 ( ago)
No offense but those dunks on Mutumbo was under the basket or the player
dunked past him, not on him.

Author EyeOfTheGeiger ( ago)
None of those were while he was playing for Denver which is when he was in
his prime

Author Yanhao He ( ago)

Author Justin Yu ( ago)
how does shaq get a t for finger wagging at matumbo but not MJ???

Author Joao Cruz ( ago)
the finger wag... show some respect

Author KAE'LA YOUNG ( ago)
He's awesome :)

Author Heath Melrose ( ago)
1992 All-Star Game - Barkley put Mutombo on the ground with a lefty dunk.

Author TooCleanTurk ( ago)
Music is annoying as fuck

Author Edison Barría Alvear ( ago)
and that was the only dunks than makes on mutombo

Author SHAWN24MSJ ( ago)
Vince Carter= Best dunker ever

Author Byron Benton ( ago)
Mj did the finger thing after he dunked on him

Author BigVerll ( ago)
Those wer the games he played sick..probably still had 7 blocks by halftime.

Author kevin weiler ( ago)
whoever made this list is a douche

Author doleac g ( ago)
Fuck this list. Wheres shaq??

Author Brandon Sustala ( ago)
The reason you never see a "top ten dunks on shaq" or something like that,
is because Mutumbo wasn't scared, he defended the basket like a man,

Author Joseph Trevino ( ago)
Malik Rose's should have been number 1

Author Nikko N ( ago)
Seriously, how old was Mutombo in most of these, 40, 41, 42? Anything past
a Hawks jersey means his over 35 and less impressive. Vince's # 4 is pretty

Author Diaz23 ( ago)
Vince carter is a beast!

Author askilledkilla ( ago)

Author xourafis ( ago)
i don't see Mutombo wearing any nugget t-shirt in this 10top in-his-face
list... and that's because it never happened...

Author Noah Bright ( ago)
the pass for #8 was amazing

Author Le Conte ( ago)
All of these dunks were when Mutombo was not in his prime! Notice none of
the clips have dunks when he was playing in Denver.

Author blarae50 ( ago)
Grants Hill over mutombo is missing

Author Airupthere1 ( ago)
10 dunks vs 1000s of blocks lol

Author Zed Smith ( ago)
Jordan told him: No no no!! haha!

Author Jam Abad ( ago)
Shaqs dunk on dikembe mutombo

Author JohnnyTiDo ( ago)
Those were the only 10 times Mutumbo got dunked on...

Author keverinkarama ( ago)
1 dunk on : 5 blocks for mutombo

Author Benny Joshi 林辰乔希 ( ago)
great dunks, but even more respect for dikembe now! never back down!

Author Vcarter15range ( ago)
it obviously wasnt that good cause when you search ''kobe dunking on
mutombo''....nothing comes up...

Author Perry Noydicus ( ago)
i am sorry but that music is fucking wack

Author TheTuRoK33 ( ago)
dikembe mutombo mpolondo mukamba jean-jacques............

Author MultiJoshuad ( ago)
u said that becuz mutombo fuck u in the ass

Author arlichar11 ( ago)
the nba now relys on highlight dunks and atheletic quicness,,,they cant
have real defense games cause that would be bad for tv and the crowd...

Author pray4kolapo ( ago)
where is Kenyon Martins dunk??

Author Sackxay ( ago)
The first clip of #10 gave me a seizure, how did it end?

Author dianoel23 ( ago)
I tend to agree, It's like he has to protect the rim at any cost...I think
he even knew that some of the dunks he was trying to contest were out of
reach but he wanted to prevent the scoring anyhow.... The thing i find
funny is the dunkers' reactions afterwards, It's like dunking on Mount
Mutombo is in itself an exploit, loll

Author john paul ( ago)
It's funny because all of them dunks was contested by him, unlike other
players don't even try to block it or they stand their hoping to get a
charging foul

Author KKurt8892 ( ago)
#10 is my favourite, the quality jumped out at me

Author hottbeatz10 ( ago)
Notice none of these dunks where over him in a nuggets jersey. Thats when
he was in his prime blocking shots..

Author James Wilson ( ago)
Good vid, but 9 times out of 10 if he got dunked on its cause a teammate
fucked up and by the time he rotated it was too late.

Author PortlandPimperoni ( ago)
#5 was actually my favorite. Good video though. And like everyone else is
saying, give the man credit for trying to block dunks. These
international(pussy) bigs nowadays just try to take a charge.

Author Woei Foong Chen ( ago)
Man, Mutombo deserves more respect than this. This man was a great player,
one of the best defenders of all time. Him getting dunked on isn't because
he wasn't a good player, just goes to show that he is willing to try and
block the shot. Nowadays, you see lazy players who just move out of the way
whenever someone goes for the dunk.

Author wonsuksong592 ( ago)
Honestly, the reason he got posterized so often is because he tried to
block as many shots as we could. Players now just avoid defending so they
won't get posterized.

Author soosee swagger ( ago)
Wtf? Just shut the fuck up. Please!

Author therzaoflollygags ( ago)
Well to be fair, when Kobe said "I'm gonna climb Mount Mutombo," that was a
euphemism for having gay sex with him, not for dunking on him...

Author jezzlaffy ( ago)
Booooo!! He got caught helping off the weak side for most of them. His had
at least 10 big blocks for every dunk in this video. Thanks anyway though.

Author sznj90 ( ago)
Doesn't matter, he's second in blocks all-time and everyone gets dunked on

Author russelll15 ( ago)
Those Raptors jerseys are terrible.

Author Ronnie Martin ( ago)
Get real almost all these dunks are when he left Denver!! When he was at
the end of his career!! Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Author Dwayne Angel ( ago)
where's shaq in this video

Author gmoses1984 ( ago)
Kobe dunked on mutombo when he played for the sixers!

Author Eddie G (1410 years ago)
The top 10 shudve bin really from the finals, lol, when Philly went against
L.A, Shaq dunk on him @ least 15 times each game....

Author Malikk ( ago)
You don't say...

Author Malikk ( ago)
You don't say...

Author Malikk ( ago)
Of course..

Author Malikk ( ago)
You don't say..

Author Malikk ( ago)
No shit...

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