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Author hola soy otaku (17 days)
Esta coreo es super chevere

Author Ted Green (3 months)
fuck. i need this now! XD

Author ♪4MeMusic♫ (1 month)
Tutorial pls ))) I need to know this dance , sooo good 

Author Benjamin Didier (2 months)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Author Andrea Pinto Uribe (6 days)
I love this choereography, Eduardo a tutorial please.

Author Yamila Jahsjadh (15 days)
No hay paso a paso? D:

Author Makka Ma (5 months)

Author Chris woooll (7 days)
Shooooow Como de Costume

Author Eric Sanz (5 months)
Lo miro y no puedo parar de mirarles , increíble , pura envidia de quien
les haya enseñado esta coreo ! FANTÁSTICA !

Author nathalie donner (27 days)
waouuuuuuuuuuuuuu superbe choré j'adore bravoooooooooooooooo

Author Moises Perez (3 months)
Usher - Scream Choreography - Eduardo Amorim:

Author Dawn Wilkinson (1 month)
I'm loving the dance sequence to Ushers scream,the choreography is
amazing,I really need to learn this,please come teach me Eduardo... Xx 

Author Lil H (3 months)

Author PrilinLoL UchNiHa (3 months)
Muchos efectos dificultan disfrutar el video ;) solo un consejo

Author jak Silva (5 months)

Author TheYulaow (5 months)
Which is the correct name of this type of dance? It is a specific type of

Author Raviel Rodriguez (4 months)
what kind of footwork in 1:00?

Author alhes lobo (6 months)
me encanta esta coreografía
♥ amo quien la hizo ♥

Author Vaz Milan (7 days)
Was ok . Too many dancers and distracting. Main guy in middle was good.
Just wasnt a flow to the dance which was abit missing in the rythem. Shame.
But was still good. Enjoyed it. 

Author Юля Лис (4 months)
teach dance please!Very important!

Author Andromeda823 (4 months)
This is great choreography!

Author jojo nguyen (5 months)

Author Anju Augustine (4 months)
best ever

Author Lore Sánchez (10 months)
me lo kiero aprender. No ay un video paso a paso?

Author esteban ramirez (6 months)
amazing, amazing, amazing... :D

Author Na Lu (4 months)
Me encantooo !!! felicitaciones a los bailarines es impresionante!!!

Author Mayrean Limen (1 month)
Wow ! i Like This Steps.. & I want to learn this dance move.. :) 

Author CARPERONIDAS 11 (6 months)

Author Bonny Honny (2 months)
Preparando las piernas para bailar esta noche :)

Author Lucila Carro (6 months)

Author David On (2 months)
Es el mejor video que he vistoooooooo!!!!!! Por favor todo el mundo aqui lo
pide hagan un tutorial paso a paso de los magnificos pasos!!!!! Y podremos
decir ahhhhhh esta coreografia la aprendi del mejor...!!!!!! Su
nombre!!!!!!!! Todos a favor del tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author 陳柏文 (1 month)
May I use this dance for our activity

Author Nikita Embon (3 months)
Usher - Scream Choreography - Eduardo Amorim:

Author Sean Tee (2 months)
The choreography is just phenomenal. I can't even walk properly lol

Author Franyerson Amaya (3 months)
siguen pasando los años y sigue viendo este video!! el mejor video de

Author LiHun Kai (9 months)
where is this class ah?

Author ivan rondina (6 months)
whos the guiy in checkerd polo shirt in the back?

Author Nikita Embon (3 months)
Usher - Scream Choreography - Eduardo Amorim:

Author Suellen Rodrigues (7 months)

Author Marco Eduardo Sandoval Toapanta (8 months)
mueve el cuerpo

Author Ksenia Panasuik (6 months)
make the lesson ?

Author KAJORI GUPTA (8 months)
can i get the step by step tutorial ???

Author Meyrianne Reis (9 months)
Queria passo á passo :\

Author Roma_beautician (8 months)
could you do a step by step tutorial it just SO AWESOME!!!

Author Valentina Vargas G (11 months)
hagan un vídeo paso a paso :( 

Author kimpoy pilipino (4 months)
this choreography was amazing... good job..

Author Erica Herrera (1 month)
i can't do all that. it's too hard but i'll do it!

Author MariyJesu Rodriguez (1 year)
Eso es bailar! Fantástico coreógrafo .Gracias Eduardo

Author Titi Porti (7 months)
Hagan un vídeo con los Pasos Please

Author Roberta Stéfany (8 months)
Por favor faz um tutorial, sou louca pra aprender esses passos

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