Usher - Scream Choreography - Eduardo Amorim

Usher - Scream
Choreographer: Eduardo Amorim

Instagram: @Eduardoamorimoficial
Twitter: @Amorimoficial


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Author sumarni moon ( ago)
hi,my name is Woon Jing Wen,i have a quetion.Can you teach me the

Author Christopher Brea ( ago)
this will always be my favorite choreography video. love the song and the

Author ivan rondina ( ago)
so whats his name joao or marcelo?

Author thecarolina1216 ( ago)
Me encanta este video 

Author jus rum ( ago)
noob all

Author Ted Green ( ago)
It's pure genius!!! i want a tutorial ^^

Author Leonardo Yoyo ( ago)
Caracas meu de bobeira aqui meu, dança muito

Author carmen godoy ( ago)
me encanta esta coreografia!! SUPER!!

Author Jade Quimson ( ago)
OMYG its their any tutorial video ANS.. pls

Author Martin sosa paz ( ago)
un video paso a paso xfa esta xveres

Author Rafael Garcia ( ago)

Author Andrea Pinto Uribe ( ago)
I love this choereography, Eduardo a tutorial please.

Author Vaz Milan ( ago)
Was ok . Too many dancers and distracting. Main guy in middle was good.
Just wasnt a flow to the dance which was abit missing in the rythem. Shame.
But was still good. Enjoyed it. 

Author Chris woooll ( ago)
Shooooow Como de Costume

Author Martina Lym ( ago)
No hay paso a paso? D:

Author hola soy otaku ( ago)
Esta coreo es super chevere

Author nathalie donner ( ago)
waouuuuuuuuuuuuuu superbe choré j'adore bravoooooooooooooooo

Author Erica Herrera ( ago)
i can't do all that. it's too hard but i'll do it!

Author Dawn Wilkinson ( ago)
I'm loving the dance sequence to Ushers scream,the choreography is
amazing,I really need to learn this,please come teach me Eduardo... Xx 

Author 陳柏文 ( ago)
May I use this dance for our activity

Author Mayrean Limen ( ago)
Wow ! i Like This Steps.. & I want to learn this dance move.. :) 

Author ♪4MeMusic♫ ( ago)
Tutorial pls ))) I need to know this dance , sooo good 

Author Sean Tee ( ago)
The choreography is just phenomenal. I can't even walk properly lol

Author Benjamin Didier ( ago)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Author David On ( ago)
Es el mejor video que he vistoooooooo!!!!!! Por favor todo el mundo aqui lo
pide hagan un tutorial paso a paso de los magnificos pasos!!!!! Y podremos
decir ahhhhhh esta coreografia la aprendi del mejor...!!!!!! Su
nombre!!!!!!!! Todos a favor del tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Ted Green ( ago)
fuck. i need this now! XD

Author Nikita Embon ( ago)
Let's dance

Author Franyerson Amaya ( ago)
siguen pasando los años y sigue viendo este video!! el mejor video de

Author Lil H ( ago)

Author Moises Perez ( ago)
Usher - Scream Choreography - Eduardo Amorim:

Author Katherine Soule ( ago)
Muchos efectos dificultan disfrutar el video ;) solo un consejo

Author Nikita Embon ( ago)
Usher - Scream Choreography - Eduardo Amorim:

Author Юля Лис ( ago)
teach dance please!Very important!

Author Andromeda823 ( ago)
This is great choreography!

Author Raviel Rodriguez ( ago)
what kind of footwork in 1:00?

Author Na Lu ( ago)
Me encantooo !!! felicitaciones a los bailarines es impresionante!!!

Author kimpoy pilipino ( ago)
this choreography was amazing... good job..

Author Anju Augustine ( ago)
best ever

Author Makka Ma ( ago)

Author TheYulaow ( ago)
Which is the correct name of this type of dance? It is a specific type of

Author Eric Sanz ( ago)
Lo miro y no puedo parar de mirarles , increíble , pura envidia de quien
les haya enseñado esta coreo ! FANTÁSTICA !

Author jak Silva ( ago)

Author jojo nguyen ( ago)

Author esteban ramirez ( ago)
amazing, amazing, amazing... :D

Author Rafa Barrios 11 ( ago)

Author Ksenia “Lollipop” Panasuik ( ago)
make the lesson ?

Author ivan rondina ( ago)
whos the guiy in checkerd polo shirt in the back?

Author Lucila Carro ( ago)

Author alhes lobo ( ago)
me encanta esta coreografía
♥ amo quien la hizo ♥

Author Britany M. ( ago)
guwaoooooo where can I take classes with Eduardo Amorim?! Don't like the
lyrics of the song, but the beat and choreography is AWESOME!!!

Author Titi Porti ( ago)
Hagan un vídeo con los Pasos Please

Author Suellen Rodrigues ( ago)

Author clara ramone ( ago)
Michael Jackson

Author Roberta Stéfany ( ago)
Por favor faz um tutorial, sou louca pra aprender esses passos

Author leoncal88 ( ago)
Amazing!!! So energetic and full of life

Author leoncal88 ( ago)
Amazing!!! So energetic and full of life

Author Marco Eduardo Sandoval Toapanta ( ago)
mueve el cuerpo

Author KAJORI GUPTA ( ago)
can i get the step by step tutorial ???

Author Roma_beautician ( ago)
could you do a step by step tutorial it just SO AWESOME!!!

Author Martin Lell ( ago)
Que estilo de baile es este ?

Author Santiago Ruiz ( ago)

Author Loorena Hernandez ( ago)
espectacular :) mil respetos para todos ustedes <3 <3 

Author Meyrianne Reis ( ago)
Queria passo á passo :\

Author Eduardo Montiel ( ago)
Tengo que aprender a bailar asi.. 

Author LiHun Kai ( ago)
where is this class ah?

Author Romário Ribeiro ( ago)
Merece um Tutorial. Please

Author Lore Sánchez ( ago)
me lo kiero aprender. No ay un video paso a paso?

Author Steh A.C ( ago)

Author Marsha GuTi ( ago)
Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Author katia perez ( ago)
agan paso a paso

Author satochi007 ( ago)
They are very difficult moves. If I can dance, it'd be worthy. But why I
can't dance!!! why !!! dang!! too difficult Why!!

Author Masker L Eyes ( ago)
wow. i like this

Author leonardo villalonga ( ago)
muy buena coordinacion.. los pasos super wow.?? de paso como es una canción
muy movidaaa me encanto asi si provoca hacer un vídeo..

Author Sergio Brian Contreras Arias ( ago)
Dios Mio que Coordinacion!!! excelente!!! Like Like :D

Author Dragonic BlazeDB ( ago)

Author Marcelo Aguiar ( ago)
Sensacional! Não me canso de assistir.

Author dulkisschris ( ago)
i fell in love with him with this video *-* .... the way he moves omg 0.0 

Author luisito paz ( ago)
esta lokaso el baile y eso es coreografía xD 

Author Dary 97 ( ago)

Author Valentina Vargas G ( ago)
hagan un vídeo paso a paso :( 

Author silvia bravo (480 years ago)
He visto este video unas chorrocientas veces, y cada vez que lo veo,me
emociono, pueden creerlo?

Author Salvatore Toto ( ago)
Daaaamm this is Amazing 

Author Kri Blackstar ( ago)

Author Agustina Dagrossa ( ago)
muy buena coreo:)

Author Gissy Conrad ( ago)
me encantó!!! excelente coreo..!!!

Author Xavier W. ( ago)
Boys behind you are such great dancers ! I just started dance this year and
I would like so much get their dance level one day!
By the way, You are a very good choreographer Eduardo!

Author ProGamerX ( ago)
tutorial please!!! ^_^

Author Marcelo Aguiar ( ago)
Não me canso de ver esse vídeo. Sensacional!

Author Андрей Марков ( ago)

Author Zeyneb♥♥ ( ago)

Author I Love 5sos ( ago)
that was epic!!!

Author Chris Valen ( ago)
U can learn how to do it. Im getting it down little by little. So watch the
video, you'll pic it up

Author Chris Valen ( ago)
U can learn how to do it. Im getting it down little by little. So watch the
video, you'll pic it up

Author Laura Saenz ( ago)
me encantó genioooo!!!

Author Glitterfan479 ( ago)
This is really good:)

Author Aleyna Çiftçi ( ago)
I loved it . this video is the proof that you can dance without wearing
flashy,irritating clothes.

Author Debora Godinho ( ago)
i love you, Eduardo!!!

Author Miss Vanilla ( ago)
This is still my favorite dance of all time.

Author pao santi ( ago)
me gustaria que me enseñes a bailar :)

Author Jorge Vivas G. ( ago)
Great song... muy buena coreografía! 

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