Sugar Ray Leonard Vs Floyd Mayweather Sr 1978 Full Fight TKO Sugar Ray Leonard Vs Floyd Mayweather Sr 1978 Full Fight TKO.

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Author DarthSniper .Massetti (17 days)
I remember Sugar Ray fighting when I was a kid. He was SO amazing.

Author Matt Rose (21 day)
look at the power and explosiveness of Sugar Ray, incredible. Him, Marvin,
Duran-the best era in boxing. No classic rivalries anymore, Floyd jnr
cherry picks people either after their best or before their best, its a
smart move on his part, but is failure is that he thinks have a "0" in the
loss column confirms your greatness, it doesnt and real boxing fans know

Author larry wheeler (28 days)
Floyd sr. you are one tough dude. you coulda stayed down, but you got up
every time. sometimes I give props to the loser.

Author DoesNotExist305 (3 months)
Floyd Sr. fought Sugar Ray Leonard and Roger fought Julio Cesar Chavez....
Floyd Jr. has fought Diego Corrales, Arturo Gatti, Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar
Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton, Canelo Alvarez .... Yet you people say that
Floyd Sr. fought the tougher fights? Don't act like Junior hasn't beaten
the best of this generation. Only Pacquiao remains and I believe that they
will fight soon and Floyd will beat him too. 

Author tyvonable (3 months)
floyd will get defeated by leonard, because SRL always find a way to defeat
his opponent the best example is the fight against the thomas hearns where
he had difficulties to reach him, but view round later he figured out
hearns weakness. FMJ is good yes, but not so good like SRL. FMJ have a
better defence than SRL but not same hand speed, footwork, power and
tactical skills as SRL. if SRL find out a weak spot in FMJ defense (which
SRL will surely find) FMJ have no other option than to attack, and
everybody knows that SRL is a all rounder which make it really really
difficult to defeat him. SRL is superior in hand speed, power, footwork and
tactical. the only thing that FMJ is better in than SRL is defensive skills
nothing else. 

Author Mike D (3 months)
Good old days when nobody grabbed and held like today. 

Author Ulquiorra Schiffer (3 months)
Floyd senior's defense that improved by Junior. Junior is far better than

Author staninfire1 (4 months)
No doubt great fight enjoyed it they came to handle business!

Author Uameamalositagata Nofoalii (2 months)
Floyd senior what a nappy head mother fucker. Gerry curl against nappy

Author iiwatcher (3 months)
Wow, I didn't know Sugar Ray Leonard fought Buckwheat.

Author davisismail1comcast (3 months)
Real warriors, i take my hat off to Leonard and Mayweather, a era that will
not be forget. The 80's was the decade of the welterweights, no doubt they
were garnering all of the excitement. Than the heavyweights started coming
back strong with the Mercers- Bowes and Holyfield and Tyson, and big George
making a come back as well as Larry Holmes during the 90's I enjoyed this

Author Louie Marinda Jr. (2 months)
Sr don't play like Jr

Author Rhon Vhan (3 months)
lol.. if you put a prime jr and prime leonard.. leonard will punish him!

Author peter chessell (2 days)
Mayweather was a good fighter but Leonard was pure class will we ever see
the like of those fighters again I hope so they were great.

Author jim layey (6 days)
ray is one of greats fought the the best beat the best not like that sack
of shit f mayweather

Author KING KLIPS (2 months)
Soo false. SRL lost 3 fights. Money never lost. He was good for his day but
Money is the epitome of boxing. For every guy that SRL lost to , Money has
fought a better version of, and won. 

Author mike james (1 month)
wtf a allstate commercial in 1978

Author crimdell (17 days)
Dang, those Mayweathers really have the ugly gene, don't they? This is
exactly what would happen if Junior was brave enough to get in the ring
with Pacquiao.

Author sagatbalrog (4 months)
the camera angle is nice and zoomed in here. now days they zoom soooooo
fukin far away you can't see any punches landing or anytihng

Author Thegreatgamer101 (3 months)
Well Floyd vs Pacquiao might actually happen after all. Look it up, I'm not

Author obaidCarkey (5 months)
looking at his hair i guess floyd senior had two sons, floyd jr. and flavor

Author red88alert (2 months)
Mayrunner is a bitch for ducking pacman for a longtime lol

Author anthony jackson (1 month)
Jr. fought Canelo. The supposed Savior of Mexico. How do people think that
the older and slightly weaker Manny can handle Floyd? Like have you seen
the boxing styles? Floyd makes people miss. If Marquez can telegraph Manny
and knock his head off, then how is it that Floyd will lose? Like I don't
get it. It's boxing. Defense wins fights. 

Author Topu Rahman (2 months)
My god floyd snr had some blazing fast hands..he made ray look slow

Author Duba White (5 days)
Floyd Sr would of had Won! But didn't perfect that shoulda roll ! And that
rope a dope shit don't work for all! But good fight! Now Floyd Jr TMT TBE.
NO MORE rivalries because there's not many close fights anymore! when Floyd
became Pro they cherry picked the better fighters then him but he beat them
his record superb and for his last Ten fights he fought no bums! So many
believe they would move Floyd but since didn't jus a hating ass no life MF
start talkin shit! If you fight pac then ya legacy! Shut the fuck up!
Pacfrog should of did what he had to do! Pacfrog didn't even beat Bradley
the second fight and i guess God told him don't knock him out! Bradley gave
the fight up stupid! 

Author Cali kidz11 (15 days)
Maidona lost to devin alexander ......this is bs. A real king of boxing
that is great.... Would have cleared all the conteders, kahn, paq, bradley,
alexander, garcia, maybe catchweight martinez...etc. yhats what the best of
my time would do if im gona call a boxer the est of his time!!!!! Hes
capitalizing off cherry-pikin!!! Thats gay in my eyes. Id have more respect
if he fought all those guys i mentiond and retired wit 1or2 losses than him
avoiding all the threats sayin that their not deserving????? Broner, berto
b4 whic would probly most of em lose biut PROVE UR TE BEST!!!!!! DONT TALK

Author Joe Johnson (20 days)
left left left, all night long like it was NASCAR

Author Kale Opray (16 days)

Author Jeremie Small (3 months)
this generation every coach is trying to make their fighter like "ali" and
get the points to win thats why you see lack of power now.

they keep saying speed kills but you dont get power without speed, they
just dont put much weight behind the punches they keep their feet planted
its sad olympic style.

Author hain lordul (1 month)
mmmm jr's style of fighting is completely different than his father. I see
jr winning by close decision. 

Author Nick Nolte (3 months)
can't help but think floyd sr learnt a lot from this fight that would have
helped floyd jr no doubt- number 1 lesson- if you haven't got ko power be a
counter attacking puncher like leonard... leonard isn't hugely different to
floyd jr- Floyd is unlucky in that he wasn't fighting in the 80s with his
style- I think leonard and floyd would have fought a great technical fight.
...and either of them would have beat hearns, hagler etc with their
style..because they had flaws.. hagler just ploughed forward, and hearns
had an awkward style that got him in trouble sometimes... and his chin was
far from granite. The exception was duran who was the manny pacquaio of his
day, and while I think leonard should never have lost to duran.. he did-
1st time around, because durans attacking speed was quicker than his very
fast defense.. and that would resonate with floyd.. is pacman faster than
his defence can handle? if so, does amir khan (as poor as amir is compared
to floyd) have the speed to beat floyd? a loss for floyd wouldn't be the
worst thing.. should a pac fight happen soon after

Author Erik Turner (3 months)
still don't think srl can beat floyd junior his dad lacked foot speed/work
and his defense wasn't tight enough overhand right landed to easy. SRL
doesn't have the defense to beat floyd junior in my opinion he would get
out pointed 

Author Neo Robert (3 months)
Fought like son like father, both quite dirty fighters.

Author Ed's lah_rabia (3 months)
this is real boxing!!!!

Author JussT Emmanuel (3 months)
daaaaammmnbb they look like zombiess.. o_O

Author Daryl C (3 months)
This is exactly how Sugar Ray would destroy Mayweather Jr.

Author Joel Nzinga (21 day)
Sugar ray leonard would rule over today's fighters, mayweather jr may give
him trouble but that's about it.

Author erick Garcia (15 days)
Fuck maywethwer sr

Author Quentin Godot (2 months)
mayweather looks like a young duck before and now he looks like an old

Author Dawan Currie (2 months)
You can clearly see Sr.. broke his right hand and SRL did what he had
too... And SRL still have him props at the end of the fight. .

Author Mike Kennedy (1 month)
He is nothing like his son!

Author Joey Gonza (5 months)
The worst ref of all time, Martin Tabor ?

Author Daniel Garcia (28 days)
Damn Floyd sr had some balls

Author Jimmy Quintana (19 days)
As for you haters talking about Floyd Jr. being scared and losing to Pac -
Man shut the heck up. Floyd would and will beat the living crap out him.
First, Jr. asked him to just take the test but he knew he was and is on
steroids plus scared so he declined. Just recently before Floyd Jr. agreed
to fight Maidona. He personally call Pac-Man and offered him $40 million to
fight but Pac-E-Hoe passed the phone to someone else. Didn't even try to
negotiate a fight at all. So tell me who is scared of who. Plus look for
yourself it's on YouTube. FMJ is not scared of Noone. He is gonna beat
Maidona ass too..lmfao watch come May 

Author Edmundo Herrera (1 month)
that's what an arrogant boxer got . Floyd jr will have his end the same as
his father

Author cj rosario (3 months)
youre right david fischer 100 % right

Author DAVE COSIP (28 days)
Leonards wins agains Hugler is not convincing.

Author berchman corvera (3 months)
maybe this is what Sr talking about his personal reason why he dont what Jr
to face pacquiao.

Author Sean Hen (2 months)
Floyd Jr is just an Improved Floyd Sr... Faster more accurate hands.. He
doesn't stand there and just cover his face like Sr. Really crazy how much
the resemble each other though. 

Author zack blake (5 months)
Mayweather was amazingly fast

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