HP DV7 Video failure repair BGA video chip replacement reball

HP DV7 Video failure repair BGA video chip replacement reball
If you have a total BGA video chip failure you are left with few options when the reflow fails. Reball if the chip is still good or replace the BGA video chip with a new BGA video chip.. This video we show an ATI BGA video chip replacement on this HP DV7 laptop. After we are done it will be good as new.
If you need help with your laptop call our repair hotline 321-332-0710
Or hit our business website
I hope you enjoy this laptop repair video.
All the best,

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Author francis singh (6 months)
I got a question. i have an hp dv7 4190us. have had it since 2010. The
laptop turned was working one moment, and it won't turn back on now. it
just shut down. the power works, with and without the battery, when I press
the power button, nothing happens. it just stays off.. 0.0 any suggestions

Author evilstalkerhorne (1 month)
Mixcat or whatever you call yourselves now - I tried to write on your
website but surprisingly I cannot message you there. Hopefully you will see
this and if not any would be customer may see my post. I am writing again
about the laptop I sent you 6 months ago. I understand you were having
overheating issues with it last time we communicated. Since then I have
attempted several times over a period of a few weeks to both call and email
you with no response. I talked with my administrator today (he is the one
that actually is the owner of the laptop) and he is ready to contact a
lawyer about this. If I do not hear from you by next Tuesday, (2 business
days from now) I will be contacting my bank about fraud since I paid you
with a charge card issued by them. I will also tell my boss to go ahead and
file a claim with his lawyer and will share ANY records that he needs to
prosecute you. That being said, if I have ANY problems at my job of 14
years due to this I am mobile and have already mapped my route to come for
a visit. My bike gets 60mpg and it is only a 19.5 hour ride. This is not a
threat of any kind but a fact that if I get fired or anything like that
because of you I will take it very personal. You can resolve this issue
right now by (A.) giving the money and the PC back - in short a refund (B.)
Giving me a working PC of the same or a comparable make and model.
Communication is a must in this situation and if I do not hear back by
Tuesday June 17 I and my boss will begin legal actions. If this occurs I
sincerely hope for both you people and myself that my profession is not on
the line. Have a good day!

Author thempfteam (4 months)
what kind of pliers are those?

Author Igor Blohov (4 months)
Hi, I've replaced the motherboard in an hp DV4 (the south bridge
stopped functioning but with an external hard disk the laptop worked). Now
after replacing the motherboard the laptop blinks one time and there is a
black screen (which might be a cpu problem by hp web). Which is strange,
because prior to replacing the motherboard the cpu worked. what can it be
and how can i fix it?

Author Nohemi Cruz (8 months)
Did you guys replace the soldering balls with lead-free soldering balls?
Just wondering since it does not mention anything about that.

Author Ivana Milić (3 months)
You will just need to buy this:

Author Powerprick red (2 months)
i did that but couldnt find the back plate do you know some one who does :(

Author abong60 (3 months)
i have a motherboard fan working but no display will it work ?

Author mixcatcom (1 year)
Just give us a buzz Office number 321-332-0710 Website MixcatComputers .
com All the best, -Pete

Author vagexpeter1 (2 years)
This is it, Im subscribing.

Author mixcatcom (2 years)
@Crayfish1010 Awesome! Im glad we can help.. Have a great weekend, -Pete

Author Frodoe100 (1 year)
hi i have a hp pavilion dv7-4165dx, about month ago i start seeing a
vertical lines on screen, when i would bump it the lines would go away and
back to normal, but one day it just stayed all togather, seemed when i open
and close the lid it made worse. i wonder if the invertor bad or maybe a
cable. i have it hooked up to a hd tv with hdmi right now to use it but
would like to fix, please assit and if something i cant do maybe i can send
in for u to have a go at it. ty sir. Matt

Author Nickxmodz (2 years)
I saw the Achi towards the end why did you just use that to pull the chip
its a higher quality machine.

Author thesloc Loc (2 years)
Great video Pete, I'm only just starting out with a T-862++. Did my first
successful reflow today! :) I will slowly move into reball territory. But
thanks for all the informational videos.

Author xxiFear (2 years)
Youre so great at what you do

Author Blake Merrell (2 years)
this stuff is good

Author Ishqhi Ishq (11 months)
Hello everyone, dear all can anyone kindly help me?? I am someone who
Reballs the GPU and Grafikchips I use the followings: 1- AMTECH Flux:
NC-559-ASM-UV (TPF) Made in USA but I bought it from China 2- Solder Balls
from Profound Material Technology Co.LTD 3- Heat Gun THLP 2000 EP, Made in
Germany 4- Termameter 50c-750c It works very nice, but after one week or
MAX 1 mounth its not working anymore, so therefor I wanted to know why? Can
anyone help me please? Many Thanks in Advance. Regards

Author TrulyBless3d (2 years)
So My Dv7 last night. while on the screen went black and hasn't come back
since. I tried connecting it to my external monitor, no response. Powered
off, remove battery. Pretty much all the basics that came to mind. The only
thing out of the ordinary I noticed is that the CAPS + Scroll Lock light on
the keyboard keeps flashing. Please advise me of a possible solution Thanks
in advance. Samuel.

Author mixcatcom (1 year)
I agree with Sony being better. But its worth repairing if you have one..
All the best, -Pete

Author nhoctruelove (2 years)
cool video

Author MrCRAMproductions (2 years)
kudos. awesome vid.

Author Ibrahim Bitar (1 year)
I have a dv7-6xxx series, I have a 6440m HD ATI graphics card. I would like
to replace the graphics card on the laptop. What all do I have to replace
to be able to replace the graphics card? Thank you for your help!

Author Leo Cruz (2 years)
@mixcatcom I can't hit your website because i'll crack my screen.

Author MrDjRayner (2 years)
you said about the new radeon chip where do you get them from

Author Richard Martelli (10 months)
we would use the same chip give us a call 321-332-0710

Author Robot Hero (2 years)
@DrRobotX25 dv4*

Author mixcatcom (1 year)
You can only put back what the board was made for. There are newer versions
of the same GPU avail and we do that all the time at the shop. All the
best, -Pete 321-332-0710 MixcatComputers . com

Author maxbuyblog (2 years)
very very good keep it up;)pls check out my new channel and teach me how to
do that cool comments

Author ComputersTN (2 years)
Great job guys!! It's good to have a nice video. But when you couple that
with EXCEPTIONAL work, people would be crazy for not sending all of their
repairs to you. I recommend everyone to you. When I get my website up in
the next few weeks, I am going to refer all board repairs to you guys. Have
a Great Weekend!! Billy :)

Author DianaaM27 (1 year)
what stencil do you use to reball it?

Author mixcatcom (2 years)
@Macizogatonegro who makes the station I never heard of it..? Just be sure
to set your top off flow point to 220C -Pete

Author manojlovicm (2 years)
pretty cool mate

Author GreatSongsLyricsHQ (2 years)

Author Deiba Toya Jujal (2 years)
I really like your attitude keep it up.

Author IchBinEinCrafter (2 years)
This video was almost as great as your last one :D

Author Steven Harshman (9 months)
I have the same exact problem. I like your work around to using the laptop.

Author †HAMASK®APPER (2 years)
@mixcatcom ok pete that sounds cool but remember i have PS2

Author mixcatcom (1 year)
We can get that working for you. Just give us a buzz Office number
321-332-0710 Website MixcatComputers . com All the best, -Pete

Author OnlineFaxService (2 years)
big video

Author mixcatcom (2 years)
@ComputersTN Thanks for the kind words.. Its lots of fun.. I hope you had a
great weekend.. -Pete

Author boybokdau92 (2 years)
whant more keep it comming

Author M1 Family (2 years)
one word, SUBSCRIBED.

Author SolarCraig83 (2 years)
hey! i really like your video i have subscribed to you:)

Author 754Nando (2 years)
Hay whats up mixcatcom i have a dv4 dont post. The caps light blinks once
dont know what it is. have you had any of these come into your shop? thanks
for the videos.

Author mixcatcom (2 years)
@MrDjRayner I order them directly from the factory in bulk. All the best,

Author chineselolz (2 years)
dang yo cool ur amazing? at making videos

Author LeeBeirge (2 years)
wow... amazing video

Author Bruno Desantiago (2 years)
Does anybody know where I could find a video chip just like the one
replaced here without having to buy a new motherboard?? Website? Thanks.

Author mixcatcom (1 year)
a heated stencil from ebest -Pete

Author justinlc87 (2 years)
Hey Pete, I'm having this same problem with my DV7. I've had it sitting for
at least 2 years now. I would like to get it going again. Where are ya'll
located and how much would you charge to do this? I know it would vary
depending on the shape of the chip.

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