HP DV7 Video failure repair BGA video chip replacement reball

HP DV7 Video failure repair BGA video chip replacement reball
If you have a total BGA video chip failure you are left with few options when the reflow fails. Reball if the chip is still good or replace the BGA video chip with a new BGA video chip.. This video we show an ATI BGA video chip replacement on this HP DV7 laptop. After we are done it will be good as new.
If you need help with your laptop call our repair hotline 321-332-0710
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I hope you enjoy this laptop repair video.
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Author Stephane “ET3RNiTY” R. ( ago)
Did you do reballing on the same GPU or reballing a brand new GPU on this

Author spark hd ( ago)
can the bga in PAVILION G6

Author Joshua's Recordings ( ago)
Is it possible to upgrade the chipset? I want to put a Core 2 Duo in a LGA
775 that currently has a P4HT.

Author Eslam Hosny ( ago)
hey can i remove my E2-2000 microprocessor ( 1.75 GHZ .. BGA413 socket )
with another higher processor ? 

Author petrit maknori ( ago)
Good job . i use jovy re7500 with reballing but most of the chip does work
not last more than 3 up to 6 months , but with replacement with new chip
how months living the laptop ?

Author will curtiss ( ago)
What is the song at the end of this video called? Thanks.

Author Nico Van T Dack ( ago)
is there anyway you can replace a chipset processor to a normall processor
i still have 1 intel pentium 4 processor of 3 GHz and a intel core i3
processor of 2.40GHz do you think its posible to replace it with 1 of those
cpu with normall tools

Author Luke Den Hartog ( ago)
I have heard this is common with the dell lattitude d620 and d630, i own
the motherboard for both and the rest of the laptop for one, and neither
board gives me video, unless i am lucky. Vga out *usually* works though.
Bad screen cable or bad chip? I have a modded driver that lets me always
run the cooling at full tilt. i got it for 10 bucks nonworking because it
had a core2 duo and a 720p screen.

Author Ghost Rider ( ago)

Author Powerprick red ( ago)
i did that but couldnt find the back plate do you know some one who does :(

Author abong60 ( ago)
i have a motherboard fan working but no display will it work ?

Author Igor Blohov ( ago)
Hi, I've replaced the motherboard in an hp DV4 (the south bridge
stopped functioning but with an external hard disk the laptop worked). Now
after replacing the motherboard the laptop blinks one time and there is a
black screen (which might be a cpu problem by hp web). Which is strange,
because prior to replacing the motherboard the cpu worked. what can it be
and how can i fix it?

Author thempfteam ( ago)
what kind of pliers are those?

Author francis singh ( ago)
I got a question. i have an hp dv7 4190us. have had it since 2010. The
laptop turned was working one moment, and it won't turn back on now. it
just shut down. the power works, with and without the battery, when I press
the power button, nothing happens. it just stays off.. 0.0 any suggestions

Author Mario Ramos ( ago)
Did you guys replace the soldering balls with lead-free soldering balls?
Just wondering since it does not mention anything about that.

Author Steven Harshman ( ago)
I have the same exact problem. I like your work around to using the laptop.

Author bradmeg128 ( ago)
What do you charge for this exact repair? I have the same problem "minus
trying to reflow" and i need to know if its worth the price to repair it or
get another laptop.

Author Richard Martelli ( ago)
a reball on the same chip is possible not always do you haft to replace the
chip call for further questions 321-332-0710 we be glad to help

Author Anibal Cruz ( ago)
Any questions you have on that feel free to cal 321-332-0710

Author flyguille ( ago)
you didn't the heat profile thing? overkill the chip lifetime, or the near

Author Richard Martelli ( ago)
we would use the same chip give us a call 321-332-0710

Author Richard Martelli ( ago)
your more than welcome to call the shop 1- 321 332 0701 Monday through
Friday 9:30-6:30 the answer to this all depends on what type repair

Author BAKARDAN1 ( ago)
do i have to replace the chip or u can use the same chip only reball ???

Author Rafumatsu Studio ( ago)
hi what temperature for preheater? n how long it take? please help me

Author Ishqhi Ishq ( ago)
Hello everyone, dear all can anyone kindly help me?? I am someone who
Reballs the GPU and Grafikchips I use the followings: 1- AMTECH Flux:
NC-559-ASM-UV (TPF) Made in USA but I bought it from China 2- Solder Balls
from Profound Material Technology Co.LTD 3- Heat Gun THLP 2000 EP, Made in
Germany 4- Termameter 50c-750c It works very nice, but after one week or
MAX 1 mounth its not working anymore, so therefor I wanted to know why? Can
anyone help me please? Many Thanks in Advance. Regards

Author surbo133 ( ago)
i have a dv7 as well, similar symptoms but on mine the lcd backlight comes
on.. unlike others ive seen that are completely dark.. is this still video
chip issue?

Author MathIsFun ( ago)
My HP pavilion d7 has the black screen problem and i assume it has to do
with the video chip. Is there way i can buy the chip and install it myself
or does a more experienced person need to do it?

Author eltacoxpress73 ( ago)
how much would this cost to have done?

Author Ibrahim Bitar ( ago)
I have a dv7-6xxx series, I have a 6440m HD ATI graphics card. I would like
to replace the graphics card on the laptop. What all do I have to replace
to be able to replace the graphics card? Thank you for your help!

Author Iulian Matesica ( ago)
Is this a 1105ea? I think I might have the same problem. The screen is
black, numlock and capslock leds blinks, no blinking pattern. I can't
identify the error code. I tried to flash the bios but o luck, nothing
happens when I put the usb in... What were the symptomes in your case?

Author Frodoe100 ( ago)
hi i have a hp pavilion dv7-4165dx, about month ago i start seeing a
vertical lines on screen, when i would bump it the lines would go away and
back to normal, but one day it just stayed all togather, seemed when i open
and close the lid it made worse. i wonder if the invertor bad or maybe a
cable. i have it hooked up to a hd tv with hdmi right now to use it but
would like to fix, please assit and if something i cant do maybe i can send
in for u to have a go at it. ty sir. Matt

Author Lutziferuz ( ago)
Hi guys! How much does it cost?

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
You can only put back what the board was made for. There are newer versions
of the same GPU avail and we do that all the time at the shop. All the
best, -Pete 321-332-0710 MixcatComputers . com

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
Toshiba, Dell & Sony.. Even some of the Gateways are good. I hope that
helps. ;o) All the best, -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
We sure do watch?v=JEpnqhRYGLw If you need help with the repair let us
know. We are open monday to friday 9:30-6:30 321-332-0710 All the best,
-Pete MixcatComputers . com

Author brave heart ( ago)
I wish you had a tutorial on how to fix dv6000 wifi problem :(

Author Eric Lopez ( ago)
what brand of machine you use or recommend .... I want to learn to do this
job any recommendations'm in Los Angeles California

Author UltraNSC ( ago)
nice video... btw: is it posible to sold or replace a better nvidia GPU to
a notebook? or would that make problems?

Author kuljotak47 ( ago)
What is the ir rework station you used to resolder the chip on to the

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
We reball if needed and have a dark ir rework station thats completely
computerized and does a super job.. Its expensive but worth its weight in
gold. All the best, -Pete

Author GeneralKenobiSIYE ( ago)
Oh, I also had a dv5000 series before that, but it never did anything like
that to the panel it sat on (which is the same one the dv9000 sat on). Any
tips on what I can do to prevent this with my new laptop is appreciated.

Author GeneralKenobiSIYE ( ago)
Besides not using the laptop on a bed, what is the best way to keep it
cool? I just ordered a ENVY dv7t-7200 Quad Edition today. I used to have my
old dv9000 series sitting on an old aluminum PC tower side panel to keep
the vents clear and usually had the A/C cranked up. But over time, I
noticed a black soot discoloration on the aluminum panel where the laptop's
fan was. I never had any type of failure, but that couldn't have been good.
Any ideas as to what might have caused the discoloration?

Author hydrolisk1792 ( ago)
Hey, I'm a self taught computer/gameconsole/laptop tech, would I have to
get schooling to be able to repair a store's failed repair units? Did you
go to school for what you do or are you self taught like me?

Author thesmashtvnetwork ( ago)
do you do fix on m17x i got one free that got drop fry gpu and lost parts
and scarch outer screen

Author thisphil ( ago)
What are the names of those machines? I noticed two different ones.

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
Come on down, we will get that working for you. Just give us a buzz Office
number 321-332-0710 Website MixcatComputers . com All the best, -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
Just give us a buzz Office number 321-332-0710 Website MixcatComputers .
com All the best, -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
I dont like seeing them run up to 100-110C thats the danger zone.. I like
to see temps under 80C -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
Just give us a buzz Office number 321-332-0710 Website MixcatComputers .
com All the best, -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
a heated stencil from ebest -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
You cant upgrade that video without swapping out the whole mother board.
Sorry about that. -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
A lot of companies get bad boards and reflow them, China boards on ebay are
known for coming here bad. We tried many, we can reman your board and get
it working like new. Just give us a buzz Office number 321-332-0710 Website
MixcatComputers . com All the best, -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
Thanks for the kind words.. I will have a video up soon on the sockets and
how to clean them. All the best, -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
We can get that working for you. Just give us a buzz Office number
321-332-0710 Website MixcatComputers . com All the best, -Pete

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
I agree with Sony being better. But its worth repairing if you have one..
All the best, -Pete

Author Mothy Mothy ( ago)
I disagree, been doing laptop repair for almost 10 years, dissasembled
hundreds of different models. I rate laptops from easiest to hardest to
disassemble. Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Sony

Author ablacon64 ( ago)
I can't see the music reference, is it yours?

Author Alexander Lopez ( ago)
the answer is easy, it's the memory RAM

Author crackface5 ( ago)
Can this same technique be used to upgrade the graphics card for this
shitty laptop.

Author snaycko ( ago)
I really like your videos guys, thanks for the tips and how to's, I also
have a question, what about the CPU Socket problem on those laptops? I
would really like to see a video of that fix, Greetings from México.

Author PITDAWG HYDRO ( ago)
Then ohh no its yoru motherboard.. Soo i ordered a NEW mother board from
china for 175.00 (Only place i could find it ) Gave it to computer man...
he says after putting in new motherboard its doing the same thing.. ???? So
i just got it back today after 2months waiting and spending money adn all
the hassle computer still dont work and i got a extra mother board i cant
do nothing with ??? aNY way you guys can help me ? Why would it do the same
thing after replacing the motherboard??

Author PITDAWG HYDRO ( ago)
Plz help. Just went threw a 2month thing with a computer bussiness.. Theyve
tryed everything and cant get mine to work.. Mine does just!!! what this
ones doing power on then shut off.. so 1st he said it was fan and a stick
of ram ..

Author Khalid A. ( ago)
Good Job

Author aviatech22 (1556 years ago)
At what max temp this gpu can take before it damage i know before you melt
the solder ball on it you applying how much temp can pls tell me

Author Bruno Desantiago ( ago)
Does anybody know where I could find a video chip just like the one
replaced here without having to buy a new motherboard?? Website? Thanks.

Author carissa813 ( ago)
OMG I have this computer and I had the same problem. I didn't want to get
rid of it b/c I felt there was another way I could fix it without having to
buy a motherboard. I took it to a computer fit it guy down the street from
me and he said that my video chip was bad.. he tried to resauter the same
one one and had no success. I feel like he didn't know what he was doing...
and I was out dollars for him to tell me that my computer was a lost
cause... I live in tampa.. I will come to you to fix it

Author 754Nando ( ago)
Hay whats up mixcatcom i have a dv4 dont post. The caps light blinks once
dont know what it is. have you had any of these come into your shop? thanks
for the videos.

Author Nickxmodz ( ago)
I saw the Achi towards the end why did you just use that to pull the chip
its a higher quality machine.

Author tj7729 ( ago)
I loved the outtro too - what program(s) did you use to do the graphics and

Author Dominic Garneau ( ago)
Does the DV6 have the same problem?

Author mixcatcom ( ago)
@nadeypoo Im glad the video helped.. Lots more to come.. All the best, -Pete

Author Adam Bailey ( ago)
thanks for your guide you help me so mach thanks.

Author Deiba Toya Jujal ( ago)
I really like your attitude keep it up.

Author manojlovicm ( ago)
pretty cool mate

Author battlebug1209 ( ago)
Looking forward to future videos! =)

Author Thang Tran ( ago)

Author GreatSongsLyricsHQ (1951 year ago)

Author V. Millz ( ago)
Thats the coolest video id ever seen

Author M1 Family ( ago)
one word, SUBSCRIBED.

Author Mack ( ago)

Author Hradyesh Kumar ( ago)

Author stratton94o ( ago)

Author Arpon Chakma ( ago)
best. video. ever.

Author Redster Redster ( ago)
That was awsome.

Author nhoc truelove ( ago)
cool video

Author shnioob1 ( ago)
I just jizzed!

Author PriscillaNSimpson ( ago)
subscribe i like this videos

Author John Snow ( ago)
OMG i cant stop watching it

Author SolarCraig83 ( ago)
hey! i really like your video i have subscribed to you:)

Author Blake Merrell ( ago)
this stuff is good

Author Yorum Sever ( ago)

Author LeeBeirge ( ago)
wow... amazing video

Author MrCRAMproductions ( ago)
kudos. awesome vid.

Author Hoang Hon (1964 years ago)
Why is there a dislike? That person should get shot.

Author Keanen Buckley ( ago)
Your channel is sick all the vids are heavy!

Author xxiFear ( ago)
Youre so great at what you do

Author 120Rapper (1025 years ago)
you are great

Author IchBinEinCrafter ( ago)
This video was almost as great as your last one :D

Author Lainzor (616 years ago)
1 Love your videos keep it up i love having your vids there

Author 48047paulsplace (794 years ago)
ja was soll ich sagen .. top ++++++++

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