Awesome fight scene between KARNA and ARJUN from BR Chopra's MAHABHARAT. Full fight unedited. Just have a look to believe the stunning action! BR Chopra's mahabharat was THE ULTIMATE MAHABHARAT EVER MADE IN HISTORY OF ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS. Aamir Khan once said that if we make a film on MAHABHARAT then it will be 'THE BAAP' OF LORD OF THE RINGS!

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Author Adesh Kumar ( ago)
Jai shri krishna....

Author Ajad Hindustani ( ago)
Comparing between Karna and Arjuna is almost as difficult as comparing
between Maradona and Pele. However unlike Karna and Arjuna, they were not
a Contemporary of each other

Author Nitin Godse ( ago)
great .....

Author sujay venkatesh ( ago)
green arrow is a remake of arjun.

Author sujay venkatesh ( ago)
green arrow is aremake of arjun because arjun is king of archers.

Pritam gosh, Karna is only a real hero. All r cheaters.

Author Andre Sihotang ( ago)
This Arjun - Karan fight scene is FAR ABOVE the boring and redundant 1,5
hours scene in the Star TV version, even with limited and outdated CGI /
effects. Here I can feel the tense but also respect between the 2 warriors
and the real bow and arrow fighting between 2 greatest archers in
Bharatayudh (could be much better if it shows the entire arrow crashings
anyway). While Karan in the Star TV series look like a reluctant and
confused young kid having no clue what to do in front of superior Arjun,
not to mention the excessive graphic madness distracted the real tense
making it realcartoon ish

Author nocturnal97 ( ago)
For the love of God this is mythology, it didn't happen.

Author Torikul Islam ( ago)

Author manoj suri ( ago)

Author BrillianT AdneyldA ( ago)
Ngomong opoooooopoo?

Author MukeshPandya1985 ( ago)
for me, this bit in the series was so sad. once karna dies, it evokes a
vacuum in the series. i dont know how to explain it, but from here onwards
the series feels empty. thats why im happy this video didnt show karna die

Author axel blez ( ago)
one thing i wanted to asked if arjun is realy great warrior than
why they cheat to beat karn....after all their is no have kavech kundal and
any shakti weapons to the karn...why their was nt fair dual....that is mean
that karn is the greter than arjun becoz of that krishna chated to kill
karn.............anyone explain m wrong or right..plzz

Author Dewi Ambarsari ( ago)
gambare koq bruwet :(

Author Noor Mohammed ( ago)
Karna is the hero

Author Noor Mohammed ( ago)
Pritham gosh u r fool its a cheat

Author pritam ghosh ( ago)
ARJUN is the best warrior of MAHABHARAT after EKLAVYA..karna had a "kavach
and kundal" to protect himself from any disaster which saved him lots of
time but ARJUN had nothing,,he can defate karna without any protector..
karna is a fucking charecter of MAHABHARAT ,,he had no position in this
epic,had no personality and no potentiality.....he was sold himself to
duryodhan to take some respect from others..

Author jbiafra08 ( ago)
this has got to be the stupidest thing i've ever watched. a couple good
laughs though, but i don't think it was supposed to be funny.

Author rs poshwal jaipur ( ago)
karan ek kayar or ashabya yodha tha. jisne mahabharat me kitni hi baar bhag
kar apni jaan bachai hai.
abhimanyu ka vadh karna karan ki kayarta ko prakat karta hai, karan yadi
abhimanyu ka vadh nahi karta to shayad uska ant nahi hota, or fir war me
koe kisi ko kahta hai kya ki meri loongi khul gaee hai jara rukna.

Author wahyu utomo ( ago)
Hajar terus arjun

Author Dhruv Mehta ( ago)
Arjun is better than karna

Author el maut ( ago)
arjuna cheating zz

Author rancid jr ( ago)

Author mukesh ojha ( ago)
Good arjun is the best

Author mukesh ojha ( ago)
Good arjun is the best

Author sachin mundhe ( ago)
Nice one

Author Deepak Pandey ( ago)
i think karna was the real hero.. in mahabharat

Author kiky anwar ( ago)
dude, mahabharata is the indian version of romance of three kingdom

Author Ajay Gonbare ( ago)

Author dharmendra prasad ( ago)
zakir is fucked man join hinduism u feel like ur in heaven

Author Anwarul Haque ( ago)
Like this

Author TheFlyGuy87 ( ago)
this was a epic battle, cant choose who was better. just like the rock vs
austin, ali vs fraser, micheal schumacher vs mikka hakkenin,

Author Toton Roy ( ago)
lol congo :P ur now zombi maid by zakir fakir lol

Author Smoker-Ajitabh ( ago)
well... than you brother, i agree

Author Arjun Sharma ( ago)
I am not confused, so why are you? Zakir Naik is good at manipulating
ignorant people into believing him, you are an example. It is too easy to
refute his arguments, he is only believable if you do not study our
scriptures (Vedas, Puranas, upanishads, etc). You can message me about
anything he says that you are confused about. And no, you will not go to
hell for following your dharma. Also, try My guess is that
you have no understanding of Sanskrit, have never read any texts, etc..

Author Smoker-Ajitabh ( ago)
Sometimes when I listen to the lectures of Zakir Naik, it fucking confuses
me about my own lord. I mean... I don't know why but it sometimes happens
that I doubt on myself, my own religion. What if he is true? What if Islam
is true? Are we all going to hell ?

Author Надя амирбек ( ago)

Author Partha Sarathi ( ago)
Robot?? Your understanding is too much materialistic. I don't think any
scholar has said Arjuna as robot. Krishna will not do anything which will
make society to call Arjuna as robot or coward etc. Because he always say
that he can only teach, but you have to take decision. You may be more
attracted towards Adharma side, without understanding Krishna's message.
This is not a film that you will start debating on whose role is good. I
never discussed regarding favorite character.

Author Nabin Chandra Halder ( ago)
tale from the Vishnu Purana tells at the time of destruction of Daksha's
sacrifice (Yajna), Yajna, the lord of sacrifice, was escaping as a deer.
Yajna's head was severed by Virabhadra, a fierce incarnation of Shiva.

Author Nabin Chandra Halder ( ago)
I thank god Indra create Maruts and also Lord Shiva to Beget Veerabhadra
and also Lord Krishna to help pandava to attain victory and uphold
dharma.Now it is time to kill kali the demon of kali yuga so mersilessly so
that no demon can dare to be born again.Let adi brahman comes and let us
help him in his conquest.I am with him are you all.

Author Gaurav Joshi ( ago)
ohhh,,u may be right to some extent and i admit my mistake,,,but everything
is SHIVA :).... Thanks for giving this inf. The Gandiva (IAST: Gāṇḍīva;
Sanskrit: गाण्डीव) is the bow of Arjuna, the hero of the Hindu epic
Mahabharata. The bow was created by Brahma, the Creator of universe, the
supreme God in Hindu theology. Brahma held it first for a thousand years,
then Prajapati held it for five hundred and three years,

Author Partha Sarathi ( ago)
I know that. Thats what I told also.

Author Nabin Chandra Halder ( ago)
remember i don't hate arjuna but I felt he is just like robot in krishna's
hands and krishna always tolerate duryodhana and I think he can give last
chance to karna when arjun kill him if he given he should not killed by
jara lat last

Author Nabin Chandra Halder ( ago)
can anyone remember veerabhadra

Author Nabin Chandra Halder ( ago)
Dear partha krishna should always help arjuna as he is in arjuna human form
see nara-narayan

Author Nabin Chandra Halder ( ago)
one must learn upanishad to understand vedas written by Lord ganesh

Author Nabin Chandra Halder ( ago)
sorry to critisized u gandivam is not siva dhanush but created by brahman
the absolute god check wiki or kashi ram das mahabharata

Author sandip rai ( ago)
arjun said he will not use divyastra bt at last y he used it.if he used his
divyastra when the war was started then there will b no harm to pandavs
army at all..he shall defeat them all by arjun himself. he was fool....

Author sandip rai ( ago)
the artor has played well h karna

Author Gaurav Joshi ( ago)
Arjuna was a very good but not best..3 things always went favor of him.. 1.
ganriv(lord shiva's dhanush) 2. hanumanji on flag 3. Lord krishna as sarthi
and if anyone read mahabharat ,,then it is clearly mentioned there that
lord shiva was destroying arjuna's enemy in invisible form.

Author jawar anish ( ago)
buddy power doesnt means dt u would alwayz be victorious.....leading
towards VEDAS preaching is too important....latter were powerful bt lost
the way towards mankinds development....they were only limited to their own

Author Partha Sarathi ( ago)
यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत । अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं
सृजाम्यहम् || परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् । धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय
सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥

Author Partha Sarathi ( ago)
Dear...this will be my last response. I don't have much time for a single
person. A person will be Sarvasrest only if he/she uses powers in the favor
of Dharma. Ravana was also very intelligent brahmin. Krishna repeatedly say
Arjuna as Sarvasresta. Karna committed many sins by mixing with Duryodhana.
So he must be killed as advised by Krishna. I read Gita many times. He
shared all sins or Duryodhana. Your comparisons will lead to only
inferiority complex. Calm down. Bye.

Author broulys1729 ( ago)
this is the thing people dont understand. arjuna was "called" the best but
was"nt the best(warrior/ fighter). just like bhima is "called" sarvshresta
gadadhar but krishna admitted the fact that only balram could beat
duryodhan, meaning balaram to be better than bhim. yes we should be in
favour of truth as u say. but what illusion do u expect me to have for
this. arjun + bhim>karna+duryodhan??? no i wont keep illusions. is"nt this
the teaching of krishna- "get rid of illusions n see the truth"

Author Partha Sarathi ( ago)
Why are you looping on same emotional facts. I know there is injustice to
Karna. There is injustice to Pandavas also(Vanvaas, Lakshagiha, Draupadi's
rape etc). And Karna told Draupati as Vaishya. Karna shared all sins of
Duryodhana and in the favor of Adharma. I read Mahabharata many times.
Instead of debating who is big/small, understand the message why Arjuna is
called as best by most, and why Krishna joined him. We should always in the
favor of righteousness and truth like Arjuna.

Author broulys1729 ( ago)
n its nothing of personal choice. karna is my favourite but i dont hesitate
saying bhisma as the best. if u want to look overall then certainly karna
is superior to arjuna without competition bcause karna=arjun as archer and
karna =bhim as empty hand fighting and strength. i mean it looks like a bit
injustice to karna that beating arjuna on both days he still is called less
than arjuna keeping in mind that krishna had requested hanuman to sit under
his flag to protect him.

Author broulys1729 ( ago)
"neither Bhishma can be killed nor defeated."this nor defeated part is
wronge. shikandi"s presence can force him put down his bow but does nothing
to icha mrityu, bhism is still with icha mrityu. if arjuna was superior
then he wud have done it without shikandi but it did"nt happen. krishna
waited n waited for more than a week ultimately ended up trying cheats out
of desperation as they did to drona n karna. and yes bhisma certainly
"looks" to be the best archer.

Author Partha Sarathi ( ago)
Arjuna used Shikhandi because to put Bhishma into sleep he has to use
Divyastra, which he avoided a lot. Because Dharma yudha should be won by
own physical skills, rather than by magical weapons. Arjuna had more
divyastras than Karna even(except Nagastra and Praswapastra), but used only
in extreme cases. Between two parallel skilled warriors, only divyastra can
lead to victory. I hope u got my point.

Author Partha Sarathi ( ago)
Icha mritye matters a lot. It works as a shield due to which neither
Bhishma can be killed nor defeated. He accepted his own defeat from Arjuna,
because he was the hindrance in the victory for both armies. I know about 3
curses of Karna, but nothing proves he is better than Arjuna. Again its
personal. If I will say anybody as best archer, then I can say Bhismha, who
even defeated Parasurama.

Author broulys1729 ( ago)
above all arjuna could not beat any three of them during the ultimate life
and death struggle, in the so called "antim yudh." neither drona nor karna
in both days.

Author broulys1729 ( ago)
yes he was parallel to karna, drona but both of these were surely better
than arjun by some "little bit" factor and bhisma certainly by some bigger
margin. karna scared parasurama with his limits to bear pain and even drona
said in one of episodes about karna"u talk in language of warriors." "Icha
mrityu" does not matter. if arjun was better then without shikandi he would
have made bhisma sleep on arrows, who cares whether he dies or not?

Author Partha Sarathi ( ago)
Just because of winning in a tournament he can't be called the finest
Archer by Drona or by Krishna. He had his extreme ability of concentration
which he showed to Drona by only looking at the bird's eye only. Karna also
equal. Bhisma can't be defeated because he had icha-mrityu blessing. I
can't say without that whether he is better than Arjuna or not. He was not
just a tournament winner. He is parallel to Drona, Bhisma and Karna. Most
scholar will say him as finest. But choice also plays here.

Author broulys1729 ( ago)
i have the exactly same opinion about both of ur statements.

Author broulys1729 ( ago)
bhishm, drona and karna, all 3 were better than arjun. he was called
Sarvashrestha Dhanurdhar because he won a championship tournament back
then,he was the best disciple of drona in gurukul(nothing more than that).
and in that tournament neither of bhisma, drona, karna or eklavaya had

Author FURIOUSGEORGE108 ( ago)
@adityapachpute yes because the death of abhimanyu, who destroyed karna and
checked bhishma, the so called unbeatable ones, was not cheating or unfair
was it?

Author CrimsonGlory999 ( ago)
2:32 okay

Author LilPinkykitty ( ago)
It is actually Karna's refusal 2 be with the so called "dharma" which made
him greater in my eyes. Had he listened 2 krishna and joined the pandavas
before the war it would have totally appeared as if he was greedy for the
crown and fame, and afraid of losing his life, and I'm sure every1 (except
blind krishna followers) would disrespect him as a power hungry traitor.
But his nobility refused 2 desert the losing side, and he is now hailed as
the foremost of heroes.

Author LilPinkykitty ( ago)
In my opinion as an archer Bhisma>Karna=Eklavya>Drona=Arjun. Also, as a
mace warrior, Hanuman>Balaram>Bhim=Duryodhan.

Author Ravindra Jadhav ( ago)
Jeshta Kaunteya

Author Partha Sarathi ( ago)
When Krishna said Karna was better? He said he was same as Arjuna. But
Krishna repeatedly said that Arjuna as the finest archer(Sarvashrestha
Dhanurdhar). Anyhow Dharma was on Pandava's side, thats why Krishna helped
them. So Pandavas has to win.

Author redtihor1 ( ago)
"The Easterners follow the practices of the barbarians; the Southerners
have fallen from Aryan culture; the Vahikas (Western- Northern India) are
thieves; the Saurashtras (Western- Central India) are bastards." - Karna on
Iron age Indian kingdoms (Karna Parva) So, under which category do you
come, my friend?

Author Shalya Madra ( ago)
but Krishna said Karna was better... and every underdog has his day, don't
be mistaken Arjuna was certainly a brave warrior, but Karna was cursed and
swindled of his kavacha and kundala and he was still Arjuna's eqaul, if not
his superior. However you are right Arjuna did not use his special astaras
in the war.

Author Shalya Madra ( ago)
if yuddistira was such a great man why did he gamble away his brothers and
wife? why did he lie to his guru? yet he was a great man, you see my friend
the world is not that black and white, just because you commit one sin does
not make you evil.

Author Shalya Madra ( ago)
ooh, thats scary...

Author mochamad supandi ( ago)

Author TheMeenakshi29 ( ago)
it matters dear....krishna did d last rites of only one person n
mahabharat.dats karna..n dat shows dat even krishna knew karna's
character........i knw karna choose d wrong ..but if u thnk frm his shoes
he choose d ones who helped him.........

Author Arjun singh ( ago)
it dont matter who is and who is not.....krishna jiske side ho wahi great
hain. If karna was that great than why he had to slay 16 year Arjuns son
along with 6 other maharathis.

Author Arjun singh ( ago)
aukat dehka diya. lol

Author Arjun singh ( ago)
whose bitch are u? ZILLUR RAHMAN

Author Arjun singh ( ago)
karna was indeed brave warrior, Arjun beat im in virat war and he did not
even use divya astra. karna was part of every deceit caused by kauravas and
want kind of bravery was it to slay 16 year old abhimanyu by 7 great
warriors. abhimanyu did not even had weapon when this kauravas murdere him.
In mahabharat bhishma, krip abd dron said that ''ARJUN IS ARJUN''.

Author Manish Singh ( ago)
If you know Mahabharata..Arjun could have ended this war in just one day
...He had so many power that even Bhism cant stand. Before Mahabharata he
took oath that He will not use any special powers which he gained by doing
puja of Mahadev and all gods during their exile.. Karn used his entire
power but Arjun just used those power which he learned from Drona and not
what he got .

Author dragchute86 ( ago)
Karna got what he deserved for his behaviour towards Draupadi and for his
part in the butchering of Abhimanyu. As one that knows right from wrong,
these sins are unforgivable. As one that always gave away anything that was
asked of him, could he not have dispensed some righteousness and justice
when the moment asked for it? As great as he is, he had his flaws and his
inescapable fate. The whole message of the Mahabharat is to strive for
perfection by learning from mistakes.

Author bravo minami marco ( ago)
sayange wes gak di puter ha ha

Author munkierunner ( ago)
@redtihor1 balarama was krishnas brother, and krishna was there at
kurukshetra to offer spiritual advice to arjuna, hence the bhagavad gita.
krishna being thr 7th avatar/incarnation of vishnu, the preserver and one
of the holy trinity. krishna slew many asuras and ushered in kali yuga when
he left this world, the yuga we are currently in and the 4th and final yuga
until the process starts anew.

Author munkierunner ( ago)
@redtihor1 did YOU read the mahabharata??? krishna was arjunas charioteer
and did NOT fight in the battle of kurukshetra. hence he was NOT the
greatest warrior of all time. karna and arjuna were. karna perhaps more
becquse it took help from indra himself, 3 curses and kunti to defeat
karna, plus he was truly the eldest pandava brother.

Author Aditya pachpute ( ago)
KARNA was a brave warrior.pandavas cheated and won the battle. Kauravas had
bheeshma and karna who were unbeatable..

Author Apoorv Waldhurkar ( ago)
no arjun was the real hero if karna was a maharathi then why he insulted
draupadi and killed abhimanyu in wrong way ai the time of war when karna
chariot wheel got stuck arjun hesitate to kill him

Author vishal sharma ( ago)

Author CrimsonGlory999 ( ago)
This is the Greatest Video, of All Time

Author Subadra chibi ( ago)
awassssss bocah gemblung'''

Author Abhay Chauhan ( ago)
Sbi prakarK divyastron ka gyanHone ki vajah seArjun sarvadhik vir
the.1hindi poet Samar Chauhan hs written something like d following abt d
bravery of Bheeshma,Drona,karna&Arjun- "Bheeshma jo apne pe aven,1divas me
dou dal maren DronaGuru jo krodh mein aven,do divas mein sab niptaven
KarnaVeer jo nij bal here,3divas mein dou dal maren Arjun jo gandeev
uthaven,palak jhapak me bache na kou,chuo na doojo ban"Arjun jhan palak
Jhapak me he donoSenayonKo mar skte the,vhin Baki 3koKramshah1,2,3din lgte

Author Abhay Chauhan ( ago)
divya tezvant jo param shaktiman hai,maharathi karna to mahanon mein mahan
hai..Kehta hai itihas duga karna nahi mere pass..

Author Athul Ns ( ago)
karna is the real hero and powerful than pandavas...

Author watertaco (396 years ago)

Author Anto James ( ago)
karna is the real hero..

Author TheNashd12 ( ago)
he was the greatest warrior of Mahabharata since he was only able to be
defeated by Arjuna along with a combination of 3 curses, Indra's efforts
and Kunti's request.

Author redtihor1 ( ago)
The greatest warrior living during the Mahabharata was Lord Krishna
himself, followed by Lord Balarama. These two never fought with anyone
during the war. The greatest human warrior mentioned in the Mahabharata was
the Emperor Bharata, the ancestor of the Kuru princes and the one after
whom Bharatavarsha is named. The Emperors Kuru and Hastin are also regarded
as being greater than any living warrior at that time. You did read the
Mahabharata, didn't you?

Author Divsnshu009 ( ago)
Greatest duel in the entire 18 days!

Author Divsnshu009 ( ago)
Shri Krishna's message: To protect the righteous, it doesn't matter if any
cheating is used. Karna was killed by his misdeeds.

Author Divsnshu009 ( ago)
People say that there was no greater archer than Arjuna in the world. But
in fact, there were many, and Karna is a nice example. Other archers were
Pitamah Bhishma, Dronacharya, Eklavya, Gattu Shyam

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