Awesome fight scene between KARNA and ARJUN from BR Chopra's MAHABHARAT. Full fight unedited. Just have a look to believe the stunning action! BR Chopra's mahabharat was THE ULTIMATE MAHABHARAT EVER MADE IN HISTORY OF ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS. Aamir Khan once said that if we make a film on MAHABHARAT then it will be 'THE BAAP' OF LORD OF THE RINGS!

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Author kiky anwar (3 months)
dude, mahabharata is the indian version of romance of three kingdom

Author mukesh ojha (1 month)
Good arjun is the best

Author Deepak Pandey (2 months)
i think karna was the real hero.. in mahabharat

Author sachin mundhe (1 month)
Nice one

Author mukesh ojha (1 month)
Good arjun is the best

Author Partha Sarathi (9 months)
I know that. Thats what I told also.

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Author godboykmar (1 year)
He was the real hero but he was on the wrong side and was stood against
Shri krishna and his Avtar arjun that's why he got punishment by Shri

Author Atish Sharan (1 year)
Cocopeewee1, correct, rightly you said , I had threw a bitch and it became
as your mother after being fucked by your dad. That is why I said it was
your culture and gene. Tell your dad to enjoy that bitch, Again and again.

Author Divsnshu009 (1 year)
Greatest duel in the entire 18 days!

Author Arjun singh (1 year)
it dont matter who is and who is not.....krishna jiske side ho wahi great
hain. If karna was that great than why he had to slay 16 year Arjuns son
along with 6 other maharathis.

Author TheFlyGuy87 (7 months)
this was a epic battle, cant choose who was better. just like the rock vs
austin, ali vs fraser, micheal schumacher vs mikka hakkenin,

Author munkierunner (1 year)
@redtihor1 balarama was krishnas brother, and krishna was there at
kurukshetra to offer spiritual advice to arjuna, hence the bhagavad gita.
krishna being thr 7th avatar/incarnation of vishnu, the preserver and one
of the holy trinity. krishna slew many asuras and ushered in kali yuga when
he left this world, the yuga we are currently in and the 4th and final yuga
until the process starts anew.

Author jawar anish (11 months)
buddy power doesnt means dt u would alwayz be victorious.....leading
towards VEDAS preaching is too important....latter were powerful bt lost
the way towards mankinds development....they were only limited to their own

Author Nabin Chandra Halder (9 months)
sorry to critisized u gandivam is not siva dhanush but created by brahman
the absolute god check wiki or kashi ram das mahabharata

Author Partha Sarathi (1 year)
यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत । अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं
सृजाम्यहम् || परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् । धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय
सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥

Author broulys1729 (1 year)
i have the exactly same opinion about both of ur statements.

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Author redtihor1 (1 year)
The greatest warrior living during the Mahabharata was Lord Krishna
himself, followed by Lord Balarama. These two never fought with anyone
during the war. The greatest human warrior mentioned in the Mahabharata was
the Emperor Bharata, the ancestor of the Kuru princes and the one after
whom Bharatavarsha is named. The Emperors Kuru and Hastin are also regarded
as being greater than any living warrior at that time. You did read the
Mahabharata, didn't you?

Author Atish Sharan (1 year)
Cocopeewee1, why are you inviting personal comments towards you? I am
feeling pity, really. Try to be a good boy. Do not take this as a comment.
Understand. Upton you.

Author Athul Ns (1 year)
karna is the real hero and powerful than pandavas...

Author FURIOUSGEORGE108 (1 year)
@adityapachpute yes because the death of abhimanyu, who destroyed karna and
checked bhishma, the so called unbeatable ones, was not cheating or unfair
was it?

Author cocopeewee1 (1 year)
Atisxyz what a dum shit! I just gave u one of ur own dozes. Thats how
stupid u spell and type. Gay atisxyz

Author Partha Sarathi (1 year)
Icha mritye matters a lot. It works as a shield due to which neither
Bhishma can be killed nor defeated. He accepted his own defeat from Arjuna,
because he was the hindrance in the victory for both armies. I know about 3
curses of Karna, but nothing proves he is better than Arjuna. Again its
personal. If I will say anybody as best archer, then I can say Bhismha, who
even defeated Parasurama.

Author vishal sharma (1 year)

Author munkierunner (1 year)
@redtihor1 did YOU read the mahabharata??? krishna was arjunas charioteer
and did NOT fight in the battle of kurukshetra. hence he was NOT the
greatest warrior of all time. karna and arjuna were. karna perhaps more
becquse it took help from indra himself, 3 curses and kunti to defeat
karna, plus he was truly the eldest pandava brother.

Author FacialExpressions90 (6 months)
Although the duel was evenly-fought for a long while, Karna was suddenly
stricken by the playing-out of the curses that had been thrown at him and
which would now put him in grave danger. Hampered as his chariot wheel sank
into the ground in loose, wet soil, he found himself unable to remember the
incantations for his divine weapons, as his teacher Parashurama had
foretold. Descending from his chariot to remove the wheel, he requested
Arjuna to wait, as the etiquette of battle allowed.

Author redtihor1 (1 year)
"The Easterners follow the practices of the barbarians; the Southerners
have fallen from Aryan culture; the Vahikas (Western- Northern India) are
thieves; the Saurashtras (Western- Central India) are bastards." - Karna on
Iron age Indian kingdoms (Karna Parva) So, under which category do you
come, my friend?

Author Atish Sharan (1 year)
Cocopeewee1, your country's not only condition but also character is
poor,recognizible from you. Influenced by your religion only.

Author daleepsingh440 (1 year)
Arjun and karan

Author LilPinkykitty (1 year)
In my opinion as an archer Bhisma>Karna=Eklavya>Drona=Arjun. Also, as a
mace warrior, Hanuman>Balaram>Bhim=Duryodhan.

Author cocopeewee1 (1 year)
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Author Shalya Madra (1 year)
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Author Gaurav Joshi (9 months)
ohhh,,u may be right to some extent and i admit my mistake,,,but everything
is SHIVA :).... Thanks for giving this inf. The Gandiva (IAST: Gāṇḍīva;
Sanskrit: गाण्डीव) is the bow of Arjuna, the hero of the Hindu epic
Mahabharata. The bow was created by Brahma, the Creator of universe, the
supreme God in Hindu theology. Brahma held it first for a thousand years,
then Prajapati held it for five hundred and three years,

Author Shalya Madra (1 year)
but Krishna said Karna was better... and every underdog has his day, don't
be mistaken Arjuna was certainly a brave warrior, but Karna was cursed and
swindled of his kavacha and kundala and he was still Arjuna's eqaul, if not
his superior. However you are right Arjuna did not use his special astaras
in the war.

Author Smoker-Ajitabh (9 months)
well... than you brother, i agree

Author Atish Sharan (1 year)
Cocopeewee1, gods are coming to meet you. Know y? Gods are going for a war
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Author Partha Sarathi (1 year)
When Krishna said Karna was better? He said he was same as Arjuna. But
Krishna repeatedly said that Arjuna as the finest archer(Sarvashrestha
Dhanurdhar). Anyhow Dharma was on Pandava's side, thats why Krishna helped
them. So Pandavas has to win.

Author cocopeewee1 (1 year)
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