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Author Kaylee Moraine (5 months)
NICE!!!!! That was really good! You guys killed it!

Author Makaila The Creator (1 year)
get it... love dhem pants girl

Author dadrew day (1 year)
Yall did that

Author Keiyonna Parker (1 year)
This was the bomb they killed it I want to see more.

Author whitad30 (1 year)
Werk bestie!!!

Author Ray Payton (1 year)
Tht was dope!!

Author Alexandria Kelley (2 years)
Aye!!!!! that go

Author Crystal Marie (2 years)
I'm going to learn it

Author Tannika crease (1 year)
I like that.....thats whats up....

Author Willow Vinks (1 year)
I am gas pedalling your video

Author Seth Johnson (1 year)
swgg go gurl

Author LUV Mina (1 year)

Author Shirley Miller (1 year)
They kill that shit rock it girl

Author K00L K!Dz Mizz P & Mr D (1 year)
thank u hun

Author jaelyn ramchatesingh (1 year)
shieett! me doing this.. be looking like im trying to get gum off my shoe
lmAO Ian even gone lie.

Author Shanan Cox (1 year)
She killed that shit yo

Author Briana Whittington (1 year)
yall killed this shit

Author Lisa Karis (2 years)
Loved it!

Author Marquel Pierce (1 year)
Y'all was hitting it I like this

Author whitad30 (2 years)

Author luvnoh3124 (1 year)
best one have seen!!! needs millions of views

Author Nimericann (1 year)
God Damnn . Y'all Murdered This Dancee

Author Layla Coakley (1 year)
Ya'll killed it!!!

Author TupacMonroe (1 year)
you know she knew she killed it by her facial expression.

Author Amari (1 year)
....considering the fact that u can't see her face.

Author najae bain (1 year)
this legit tho (y)

Author Mat Kadiri (1 year)
Yo that dance is a modified south dallas swag!! Smh

Author K00L K!Dz Mizz P & Mr D (1 year)
thank u hun!!

Author LaDaria Avery (1 year)
ayeeeee that was sweet asf!!

Author Cheney Newman (1 year)
On beat thats wassup

Author Nevaeh Paige (1 year)
U cant even see her face so STFU?!.....Jeezz :P

Author oYezOYTieoYe (2 years)
aye aye aye xP

Author moni12320 (2 years)
Bessst lol hi Kenaia

Author Isabel Valdez (1 year)
Man gayy go to flze gas pedal dance wayyy better!!!!

Author Michel Olubadewa (1 year)
thumbs up for this , i'm gonna learn this.

Author Salonika Salone (1 year)
Yall did good

Author Snooni Taylor (2 years)
i really didnt get it but cute leggins

Author dasmith819 (1 year)
get it

Author Kurby Austin (1 year)

Author nika walker (2 years)
Aye They Killed It !!

Author Sydney Poindexter (2 years)
Frfr , theyy killed that . Likee nuin to it .

Author K00L K!Dz Mizz P & Mr D (2 years)
Thanx love.. Deff think were going to do it again Because we keep messin up
lol and its too short

Author Redmoney1570 (1 year)
Great job

Author iiBeautifulSoul (1 year)
I loved the way yall diid it. so far the best one

Author K00L K!Dz Mizz P & Mr D (1 year)
thank u lovie

Author Dez Zy (1 year)
She killed that

Author kel smith (1 year)
this da best one i seen

Author Nia Larkins (1 year)
Killed it

Author ThatsSo Lea (1 year)
best one I've seen!

Author Tashayla Clark (1 year)
She did great

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