Gang shootings & Murder Caught on video

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Author Greedy-Grove Tx ( ago)
I find it funny how white people have so much to say about us behind a
computer but in person they won't even look us in the eyes. Yall will never
understand black people and I'm tired of tryna make u cuz truth be told its
alot deeper than Niggas killin each other. Believe that.

Author Jordanbarrykobe The Greatest ( ago)
So stupid

Author Adam Baber ( ago)
I'm confused....nice cars, not so nice rims

Author Kay Figgs ( ago)
fuck whatever lame nigger made this

Author shakes7720 ( ago)
let the niggers kill each other ,the more the better say i

Author realgs2010 ( ago)

Author Bryan Stanley ( ago)
bitches need guns

Author Alex Munoz ( ago)
There's black people and then there's niggers honestly there doing it to
themselves. They wonder why they get profiled.

Author Mishania Chevery ( ago)
fake as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author tessa mitchell ( ago)
that"s true sean your true crip for life

Author americansarebeggers ( ago)
put all these HEROS circasam onto the front line in the middle east! they
might be usful to them as target pratice and get rid of the scum!

Author Anthony Thompson ( ago)

Author robert china ( ago)
shit video shit music bad attitude no wonder the world hates you

Author Andrew Campbell ( ago)
Damn that last one was real as fucc! Succs that the dude got his own pistol
taken from him and got smoked by it and the lil teen age kid with what
looked like a .22 

Author soeasty1800 ( ago)
White people are so stupid sumtimes always got sumthin to say when they
wish they was us so bad white kids talkin like us tryna dress like us and
shit yall just mad kause we do ever thing better than yall everthing and I bet on my life yall called a blackman a nigger to his face fucking cowards

Author ott mick ( ago)
Thé last one whas the only one im sure is real

Author nowyourenraged2 ( ago)

Author Larry Leverett ( ago)
. job well done coming from the clergy

Author AUDIE1219 ( ago)
Yo on some real shit all u mutha fuckaz are hiding behind a fukin screen
web banging and I ain't talkin bout da boyz in da video I'm talkin bout u
clown ass white boyz leaving comments on this shit and u dam well know u
wont step to anyone wit that trash comin out ur dick sucker so who's really
pussy ask ur self that question 

Author Aztec Assassins ( ago)
society is filled with pussy's too afraid to fight like a man, just using a
toy like the child they are.. anyone who fights with a gun isnt worthy of
callin themselves a man

Author Damon Cureton ( ago)
Well of course, the 1st shooting is fake, saw it a long time ago. But the
rest is O.G.!!!

Author KR3Wnumbauno ( ago)
Damn black people even sound dumb commenting on YouTube.

Author Denise hall ( ago)
i really didnt pay attention to the video just saw alot of sexy southsiders
on here lol

Author xPeD Clan ( ago)
Haha don't get mad cuz your a dumb bitch nigger

Author nate brown ( ago)
this is not a racial comment it is an observation how come when these
gangbangers shoot they jump around like a monkey or something?

Author joe renold ( ago)
garbage... your no artists

Author mac gore ( ago)
they don't know how fucking stupid they look ha ha well they were allways
entertainment for us and still are ...

Author Your Mom ( ago)
These aren't fake retards 

Author WalkerEMC ( ago)
blacks shooting blacks, so much for homeboys lol

Author Arch Elion ( ago)
@Sean So you say you guys are so tought you want to compare street gangs to
Mexican cartels?

Author THUGNIFICENT420 ( ago)

Author METALRON ( ago)
Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake lol.

Author mitchell haag ( ago)
monkeys on monkeys. i love dumb niggers. very entertaining

Author MysticGotMystery ( ago)
Why would he scream lmao white guys dude never fucking scream when is guy
is that close I'm sure he spotted you and didn't want to get caught coming
after you because people never leave a witness unless they really want to
get out fast 

Author Jacob Bergman ( ago)
The guy in the last segment wearing the white shirt... should be thrown
inside a glowing white hot brass bucket watching the skin melt off his
bones as they would have done in the 16th century... i hope he gets shot
lying on the ground begging for his life. as the guy in the black shirt did
to him.

Author xPeD Clan ( ago)
Love how niggers have no taste in good cars the rims on thoes shit buckets
cost more then the car itself lol

Author Brian Thomas ( ago)
in the beginning where was the driver of the car that got shot up I only
saw the passenger lol

Author Jae Brookens ( ago)

Author Jacob W ( ago)
man there are waaaaay to many angry white kids on this video lmao.... we
all know that niggas are pussy bitch's always sucker punching, using guns,
and attacking some one in groups because they cant seem to handle a damn
thing on there own best example in the world Obamacare and niggas are
eating it up same with illegal wet backs.

Author rusalebre ( ago)
Niggers are so dam stupid, those look like clown cars that should be in the

Author Jac Trippa ( ago)
LOL !!!! these comments are hilarious

Author Regan St.Amour ( ago)
Yea nigga 

Author Michael G ( ago)
what the hell, gets in the drivers seat??? Who was driving the car before
he got in?

Author Eric Spooney ( ago)
That last segment is raw, if this is real I wonder what he did to deserve
that. I hope it was more than money. Im a ex Marine and that was raw!

Author Jorge Colin ( ago)
How do you know it is fake

Author russell brass ( ago)
I hate fucking niggers

Author Catch-22 ( ago)
Will Mr. Zimmerman be shooting more negroes soon?

Author Fat Stinky ( ago)
first one was fake

Author KakashiSanngan ( ago)
You guys are all KKK. I hope all of you burn in hell. 

Author jjsantora75 ( ago)
Wtf, they need to murder them ugly ass cars

Author Allister2015 ( ago)
What a bunch of shit this was.

Author Joe apple ( ago)
FUCKING GAY death to all niggers lol 

Author GWT Night ( ago)
no wonder they die so quick let's kill other gangs and ride in my obvious
gang mobile such idiots they deserve death

Author JustinBlazzzee ( ago)
niggers are such niggers

Author stayridenchevyz ( ago)
the last guy fought till the end

Author skillsrx2582 ( ago)
dumb niggers Please keep killing each other Fucking Monkeys

Author fuckobama4 ( ago)
need a facepalm emote to go with the niggas.

Author shawn wellington ( ago)
a bunch less niggas awsome!

Author daddy 2twins ( ago)
Dumb asses. Primitive idiots. 

Author Justin Maloney ( ago)

Author pim nwd ( ago)
dis is what happens when you give a monkey a gun

Author Kathie Hansen ( ago)
brains of a pet rock..will go far in life

Author Miguel Vargas ( ago)
I saw it all it took me a Wyle to find the video tht starts in the

Author Ulas Duzgun ( ago)
3:40 damn that dude a fighter i would play dead

Author Silas Lopez ( ago)
pussy ass scraps

Author Daa “Unleashed” Beast ( ago)
They fucked da last one up but he was surving doe til da end

Author chris chavez ( ago)
Dam that one dude got lit up wow prrtty fucked up 

Author ed cen ( ago)
Fuckinh! Dicks in the end 

Author ed cen ( ago)

Author TheRanchez ( ago)
Fucking pussys. All of them. Can't fight for shit so you gotta use guns.
Yea real gangsta, your mothers should of killed themselves with them still
in the womb.

Author RedWhiteAndBlue4evr1 ( ago)
I thought it was suppose to be gang shootings, but mostly it was just some
silly ass cars. You've got to be dropped on your head to think cars that
look like that are actually cool. I laugh every time I see one in public. I
can't help it. They're so ridiculous. lol

Author Tray Jones ( ago)

Author Trevante Hampton ( ago)

Author fastramm ( ago)
so its a dumb ass music video? How fucking stupid you lame ass putz!

Author grizz474 ( ago)
Have you ever seen a group of people so hell bent on killing one another?
Silly Negros.

Author BlazeIt420 ( ago)
That last one was fucked up

Author daygowill ( ago)
@WickedHatchetman . Keep the bullshit comments to your bitch ass self. The
only thing you're going to be shooting is your "FAGGOT FATHERS CUM IN YOUR
MOUTH". fuck you & your Family Tree & your retarded kids. Shoot that bitch

Author TheWickedhatchetman ( ago)
if you have to be such a scared little puny pussy to use a gun instead of
your fists,you are just that.A SCARED LITTLE PUNY PUSSY.

Author TheWickedhatchetman ( ago)
i don't get it,you post these videos on youtube,allow people to
comment,like,dislike etc.Yet,while you're expecting people to laugh and
like this stupid,ignorant shit,you are at the same time allowing people to
reason with those that are racist BECAUSE OF THIS.this gang bullshit is why
people like YOU should be shot.

Author daygowill ( ago)
Got something else to say

Author daygowill ( ago)
"Snitches get Stitches" & the only reason why you are bad mouthing this
video is very simple. You are scared you Atheist piece of Shit. Stay the
fuck off my site. Dont need pussies like you viewing reality videos like
mine. Go fuck your Sister you inbred.

Author daygowill ( ago)
@AtheistWar.. Listen you little Faggot this is my youtube site If you dont
like what I have to say to these bitch asses that try to point me out like
you just did then stay the fuck off. Noone asked you to view my videos, so
with that being said get off my site. Besides I dont need Wimpy ass
"Atheists on my site". Get a life because yours sucks. Fuck you & your
worthless family. I got my Associates in "Criminal Justice" you fuckin Nerd
I know the law so call the Police on that Bitch.

Author deandre tipton ( ago)
I bet this nigga steve scared of apes lol but its ok steve everyone has
their own fears they have to get over :)

Author deandre tipton ( ago)
Hey Barack the day that blacks leave this earth is the day, Dumb scary ass
bitches like u leave.... I BET YOU, only grows balls on comments lol You
must of gotten your ass bully by some real ugly toad lookin ass niggas that
mad u feel like a little pussy/bitch that you are ;) its sad i dont even
have to meet u an i know u a pussy .. BANG BANG ;) but hey man i know uts
not your fault i know that it was just passed down from your pussy ass
parents, i understand they were pussys to and before them

Author Rich Man ( ago)
Silver Backs are fuckin unpredictable. fuckin apes with guns. Hot wheel
fuck witts.

Author PantherSquad ( ago)
Telling someone to kill them self is illegal i've reported you to the

Author PantherSquad ( ago)
fake and gay

Author alex ozolins ( ago)
buncha intertron homeboyz squablin...must be the gangsta music, everyones
gotta make a tuff comment...IT'S THE INTERNET!!!shiiit

Author Fergus tuifua ( ago)
all that wealth and not one penny to any good cause?now your in hell and
too late ,sad.fuckin stupid nigga.

Author steve va ( ago)
Look at the niggers doing the shooting.Walks and acts just like a dumb
fuckin ape.

Author Cináed Kingston ( ago)
Bandhoe157 why don't you come to west Philadelphia and say that shit, I
know for a fact if I was next to you wile your saying that shit out of your
mouth yuh cap would been pulled the fuck back..... You racist ass bitch

Author Al Jayy ( ago)
If you mute it, it actually make the video a lil....nah who am i kidding.

Author daygowill ( ago)
@matt91gee. Eat your Sisters shit you pathetic excuse for a human. "Your
deadbeat fag father is gay you inbred". Your mother is my whore & very
inexpensive. due yourself a favor & kill yourself !!!

Author Herpius Derpus ( ago)
Uploader is a gay faggot.

Author daygowill ( ago)
@Esco2265. Gay fucking name you pussy ass hater. Kill yourself

Author Pablo Valdez ( ago)

Author Benjamin Manghram ( ago)
Look at yall raciast ass faggs white people do it just because the get off
scott free

Author Sam Firth ( ago)
That clip of a shooting outside a shop next to the ice cream freezer
happend in Italy by the mafia NOT America

Author madmax13326 ( ago)
What is this feral shit?

Author DIYcomedy123 . ( ago)
Impulsive animals.... No wonder some people are racists. This shit is

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