Gang shootings & Murder Caught on video

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Author grizz474 ( ago)
Have you ever seen a group of people so hell bent on killing one another?
Silly Negros.

Author BlazeIt420 ( ago)
That last one was fucked up

Author daygowill ( ago)
@WickedHatchetman . Keep the bullshit comments to your bitch ass self. The
only thing you're going to be shooting is your "FAGGOT FATHERS CUM IN YOUR
MOUTH". fuck you & your Family Tree & your retarded kids. Shoot that bitch

Author TheWickedhatchetman ( ago)
if you have to be such a scared little puny pussy to use a gun instead of
your fists,you are just that.A SCARED LITTLE PUNY PUSSY.

Author TheWickedhatchetman ( ago)
i don't get it,you post these videos on youtube,allow people to
comment,like,dislike etc.Yet,while you're expecting people to laugh and
like this stupid,ignorant shit,you are at the same time allowing people to
reason with those that are racist BECAUSE OF THIS.this gang bullshit is why
people like YOU should be shot.

Author daygowill ( ago)
Got something else to say

Author daygowill ( ago)
"Snitches get Stitches" & the only reason why you are bad mouthing this
video is very simple. You are scared you Atheist piece of Shit. Stay the
fuck off my site. Dont need pussies like you viewing reality videos like
mine. Go fuck your Sister you inbred.

Author daygowill ( ago)
@AtheistWar.. Listen you little Faggot this is my youtube site If you dont
like what I have to say to these bitch asses that try to point me out like
you just did then stay the fuck off. Noone asked you to view my videos, so
with that being said get off my site. Besides I dont need Wimpy ass
"Atheists on my site". Get a life because yours sucks. Fuck you & your
worthless family. I got my Associates in "Criminal Justice" you fuckin Nerd
I know the law so call the Police on that Bitch.

Author deandre tipton ( ago)
I bet this nigga steve scared of apes lol but its ok steve everyone has
their own fears they have to get over :)

Author deandre tipton ( ago)
Hey Barack the day that blacks leave this earth is the day, Dumb scary ass
bitches like u leave.... I BET YOU, only grows balls on comments lol You
must of gotten your ass bully by some real ugly toad lookin ass niggas that
mad u feel like a little pussy/bitch that you are ;) its sad i dont even
have to meet u an i know u a pussy .. BANG BANG ;) but hey man i know uts
not your fault i know that it was just passed down from your pussy ass
parents, i understand they were pussys to and before them

Author Rich Man ( ago)
Silver Backs are fuckin unpredictable. fuckin apes with guns. Hot wheel
fuck witts.

Author PantherSquad ( ago)
Telling someone to kill them self is illegal i've reported you to the

Author PantherSquad ( ago)
fake and gay

Author alex ozolins ( ago)
buncha intertron homeboyz squablin...must be the gangsta music, everyones
gotta make a tuff comment...IT'S THE INTERNET!!!shiiit

Author Fergus tuifua ( ago)
all that wealth and not one penny to any good cause?now your in hell and
too late ,sad.fuckin stupid nigga.

Author steve va ( ago)
Look at the niggers doing the shooting.Walks and acts just like a dumb
fuckin ape.

Author Cináed Kingston ( ago)
Bandhoe157 why don't you come to west Philadelphia and say that shit, I
know for a fact if I was next to you wile your saying that shit out of your
mouth yuh cap would been pulled the fuck back..... You racist ass bitch

Author Al Jayy ( ago)
If you mute it, it actually make the video a lil....nah who am i kidding.

Author daygowill ( ago)
@matt91gee. Eat your Sisters shit you pathetic excuse for a human. "Your
deadbeat fag father is gay you inbred". Your mother is my whore & very
inexpensive. due yourself a favor & kill yourself !!!

Author Herpius Derpus ( ago)
Uploader is a gay faggot.

Author daygowill ( ago)
@Esco2265. Gay fucking name you pussy ass hater. Kill yourself

Author Pablo Valdez ( ago)

Author Benjamin Manghram ( ago)
Look at yall raciast ass faggs white people do it just because the get off
scott free

Author Sam Firth ( ago)
That clip of a shooting outside a shop next to the ice cream freezer
happend in Italy by the mafia NOT America

Author madmax13326 ( ago)
What is this feral shit?

Author DIYcomedy123 . ( ago)
Impulsive animals.... No wonder some people are racists. This shit is

Author mezalong ( ago)
Black hood people please please stop making babies. Please

Author Kwasi Perry ( ago)
wtf did i just watch 0_o

Author paul7from7ukr ( ago)

Author devonte robinson ( ago)
Fuck u white bitches , mfs kill you bitches why yall aint riding in yall
pick up truck now ,kill yall bitch azz , chiraq bitch

Author Jess Watcino ( ago)
I miss you already

Author daygowill ( ago)
@JessWatcino "Cry away" I've already washed my hands with you.

Author Jess Watcino ( ago)
hahaha I just thumbed down your video!! Yeah Dawg, I did! lol Why in the
world are you so flipping Angry??? Nobody thinks your tough or gangsta with
all that filth coming out of your keyboard. Nobody's Scared of you, you no
talent ass clown. Your material sucks and I'll stay on it if I want, even
if you make me cry. See what you did?? you made me cry. haha tough guy

Author shakebjan mosafer ( ago)

Author swerve zero ( ago)
why, u gonna call the police and put restraining orders on every black
person who does? then who will deliver your newspaper? who's gonna install
your cable? who's gonna fuck your wife or girlfriend the RIGHT way while u
are out smoking meth? fuck outta here cracker, niggaz are worse with guns
now more than ever. you whites been watching too many movies. don't play
yourself like trying to be a tuff guy cause we remember that we STILL
didn't get justice for TRAYVON and we are waiting, so try it!

Author Blackmanonafence ( ago)

Author daygowill ( ago)
@jessWatcino. So is your life & Inbred family. Kill yourself, dust off your
knees & Wipe your mouth cum guzzler. Stay off my site. & quit sweating it
hater. nobody asked you to get on my site watch my videos & hate. So go
take a flying fuck.

Author Jess Watcino ( ago)
haha why so angry?? you are pathetic

Author Kameron LeaSure ( ago)
Subseeker just a stupid, racist bitch that comments on youtube videos but
can't defend himself in real life

Author James T. ( ago)

Author daygowill ( ago)
@JessWatcino. While you on the whole "FETISH" subject, your whole family is
SHIT. your Cheap "MOTHER" your Trick "SISTER" your bastard "BROTHER" & your
broke bitch ass. Dont hate, congratulate. Kill yourself & curb stomp your
children for your lastname is worthless on your family tree. now you can
eat this shit i just dished out to your pathetic family.

Author Vaas Montenegro ( ago)
last song sounds like epic rap battle of history, vader vs hitler #1

Author Jess Watcino ( ago)
what a bunch of low life nigger knuckle draggers. daygowill, go eat some

Author Scott Deaton ( ago)
i wonder why ppl will put those big rims on cars and totally destroy them
like that... it makes no sense to me... someone explain this to me plz

Author brandoon fretto ( ago)
Then you and your little muscles can live at peace

Author luke quixere ( ago)
UMMM actually it's spelled...i-l-l-i-t-e-r-a-t-e.

Author Matt Jones ( ago)
So you need guns? Because you can't fight

Author sirenz flex ( ago)
lol i have no problem at all watching these niggers kill each other. its
fucking great. soon their wont be any left.

Author ghettobird2012 ( ago)
The first vid was real. Murder caught on tape

Author manchesta ( ago)
Maybe in your society.

Author ozzmosis sabbath ( ago)
sad but true

Author daygowill ( ago)
@lovenpaopo. Yes unfortunately this video is real.

Author daygowill ( ago)
@ D. Michael Montiel. Didnt nobody ask you for your bitch ass opinion. Shut
the fuck up hater & stay off my youtube videos & site

Author lovenpaopo ( ago)
was tha fake or real cuz it looked real to me

Author Kadeem Jr ( ago)
Nigga U gay thuggin fosho. U B droppin yo soap on purpose up in prizzon.

Author signorpippistrello ( ago)
Wrong title! This is "Ridiculous Rims Compilation"!

Author freeyourmindtc ( ago)
In the past the rich white men that still rule this planet use to set and
have supper with there friends and family and for amusement they would kill
or torture there slaves or some poor person. Now they set and watch youtube
while you people kill each other for there amusement. They have defeated
you without a fight, you are separated by neighborhoods, color, and
religions. Sad, Truth, Peace

Author Looney25er ( ago)

Author daygowill ( ago)
@JEREMY POWERS. "Everything you stand for is trash". Fucking Hater. You
just one of them Pussies that cant stand watching reality & whats really
going on in society. Your a bitch, get off my site

Author Jeremy Powers ( ago)

Author daygowill ( ago)
@racelol. Learn how to spell you illeterate piece of mouse shit. Fuck you &
your pathetic family. Research that bitch

Author Daryl Dixon ( ago)
were the fake fiction killers franklin and lamar on gta 5?! lol

Author daygowill ( ago)
1st. song is "SOUTHSIDERS" Ridin-on-em

Author BlackoutPB ( ago)
Whats the first song?

Author daygowill ( ago)
@ i am an aspie. you suck also. "DICK" you bitch. quit drinking that

Author i am an aspie ( ago)
Song sucks

Author Jessie Bockoven ( ago)
Wow these people need to get a fucking education and stop killing each
other for no reason. Grow the fuck up and be a productive person of society.

Author Bro Richard X. ( ago)
This is the devil using your ignorance and self hate to promote the
senseless murder of your own kind. We didnt endure slavery, jim crow and
the civil rights era for you to be this here. All for a few dollars, please
grow up and be responsible for our childrens future

Author YTnew2012 ( ago)
Fucking dumbass at 3:50 cant even shoot a gun right. Has to start pistol
whipping instead. Complete bitch made nigga.

Author Jeremy Gadson ( ago)
What rich???? I'm confused

Author Adrian Medina ( ago)

Author HoldThePickle800 ( ago)

Author UnderGroundMuzik ( ago)
You all blind as fuck this is real if is fake proof right now niggas

Author daygowill ( ago)

Author daygowill ( ago)
All you mothetfuckers pn my site that aint got nothing positive to say can
kiss my "WHITE" ass.

Author daygowill ( ago)
@ Ian Cole.. Hater.. Suck your Sisters hairy dick Pussy. just because you
white trash @ got no followers on your you tube account. Talking about my
videos are stupid. Well guess what. Your fucking name is stupid. What kind
of Whore mother would insult their kid by that fucking stupid name... Haaaa
"Ian bring in the oxen & Mules" You must be Fucking AMISH. Go fuck your
mother you pathetic inbred, & stay the fuck off my site bitch boy.

Author Ian Cole ( ago)
video was pretty dumb man, whomever ur boys r that told u this was a good
idea r just as dumb as u. but I must admit I like seeing some ethnic

Author daygowill ( ago)
@yazman70. How about I stick that flag straight up your faggot ass bitch

Author daygowill ( ago)
@ yazman70. Why dont you shut the fuck up hater & stay the fuck off my site
with that dumb shit. Noone forced you to watch my shit Fuck boy.

Author yazman70 ( ago)
everyone flag this videro

Author KL Wollenalleswissen ( ago)
shilderick What do you think that a camara team stands behind them does are
low quality camaras in stores or something

Author Ahr Cee ( ago)
Parade O' Chimpz... with Retard Noise accompaniment.

Author Liberty309 ( ago)
Fucking animals !

Author 3astsidemike ( ago)
single action deuce-deuce LMAO!!!

Author Children Of Desire ( ago)
lol that first video in this is actually australian because it's got the
holden commodore in it, as well as being fake lol

Author shilderik ( ago)
Shitty vids, poor quality, ridiculous cars, no interests at all, lame

Author daygowill ( ago)
@ patrick Custer. You the one hatin faggot. I dont give a shit who
subscribes to my site. Why dont you go take a flying Fuck. You aint nothing
but a Fuck Boy. Get off my site like I got off your Mother.

Author Lalo Castaneda ( ago)
Weak bitches

Author dmect2207 ( ago)
And the point of this garbage ass video was? And you can make a hater
comment back if you want wigger boy I don't give a fuck what you say.

Author punkz perez ( ago)
@Santanna Guzman. . .whats the matta brah. cant handle the gangsta shit
huh?. . with that dumbass picture lol

Author Santanna Guzman Sr. ( ago)
Dumb ass song, dumb ass wanna be gangsters, dumb ass cars, dumb ass iodine
who uploaded this POS!!!

Author Tony Huntley ( ago)

Author rambosperm ( ago)
I'm sure I'd be shaking in my shoes, but I would never go there because I
live in a nice area in a nice house. You seen son, I have this thing called
a "college degree" and a "job." I pay taxes and am a productive member of
our society. The people in this video are a cancer that should be cut out
of our society and discarded in the trash. "And after a long night of
drinking, Abraham Lincoln woke up and said "I did what?!?!""

Author Armitix ( ago)
My bad, but most were well, you know.

Author prs4me ( ago)
should have never brought them here.

Author NGT4LIFE ( ago)
what about when most murders were carried out by white gangsters in the
states??have you forgotten about all the mob killings that took
place,especially during prohibition.

Author NGT4LIFE ( ago)
actually one of the hits in the video was a mob hit.guess you didnt pay

Author NGT4LIFE ( ago)
you would if you went to a real hood,youd shit youself.but in the comfort
of your mummys home in the suburbs,your safe for now.

Author NGT4LIFE ( ago)
the murder rate in russia is higher than in the states.most of those
murders are white on white you didnt know that did

Author mememojo ( ago)
Can you roaches please hurry up with your killings of each other.

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