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Author EdTV20 (1 month)
Rot in hell ugly bitch

Author samina love (4 months)
did susan and charlie have like a love history together?

Author Ted Cantu (23 days)
They talked in riddles when they were first arrested. They sang and laughed
a lot too. 20 years in the can wiped all that away. They aren't joking much

Author Lorraine S (1 month)
Why was she even allowed to have her meeting with Charles Manson, after
being arrested for murder? Her giddy manner makes my blood run cold. The
Parents, La Biancas, Tates, Sebrings, Parents, and others would have just
finished burying their poor murdered family members.

Author Michael Rooney (3 months)
I'd say she wasn't feeling too well possible due to her drug addiction and
inability to get her drugs OR maybe her gonorrhea acted backup. Who knows.
Sexy dirty Sadie. 

Author bill varner (4 months)
Fuck This Cold Hearted Bitch,Rot in Hell!

Author Mary Rose Roche (2 months)
She became a Christian not that long after and repented before she died so
she is probably in Heaven now because people CAN change and be sorry,
especially after the drugs which numbs emotions where off and people kill
babies every day trough abortion, some even up to 9 months but God can
forgive them. Sure this was different from an abortion, it was the murder
of someone elses child but a child is a child and God can forgive all types
of murders. Rest in peace Susan AND Sharon Tate and her baby

Author Samuele Falzone (2 months)
I don't feel very well.... yeah right, maybe a good number of stabs on your
fucking body will make you feel better? this is what I'd have told her.

Author Ebony Reynolds (5 days)
Her physical disorder is she's pregnant. Look closely at her belly

Author pbruc brooks (5 months)
Well she made her decsions and make a Mockery in that court and She died
in Prison. Sad, Sad strory. Caballero tried to make money on this slop. I
wonder if he's still practicing. 

Author Mister Nitro (1 day)
I would have fucked her so hard!

Author Mary Rose Roche (1 month)
+Lorraine S Having the ability to be forgiven doesnt mean you can just sin
all you want. The person has to feel geniunely guilty, remorseful and not
murder anyone ever again. The person has to change, they cant just stay the
same and keep doing what theyre doing just cause they can be forgiven but
you are just hard hearted and think people cant change. Well the Bible says
if you cant forgive others, he wont forgive you and I R.I.Pd the born again
Susan who was a new creation in Christ.

Author Michael Rooney (2 months)
At 5:18 you catch a very fast glimpse or colonel sanders. I wonder why he
was there 

Author Mikey Macabre (11 months)
Hey, I had a wet dream about you last night "SEXY SADIE" Rest in peace my

Author Mary Rose Roche (2 months)
And to all the people hating on her; if you cant forgive her, God will not
forgive you and why should he? If you show no mercy for other peoples sins,
he will show no mercy for your sins either. Dont judge somebody just
because they sin differently than you.

Author Kevin Moss (5 months)
So why tf is charles manson in prison 

Author Andreas748 (7 months)
Rock Star....

Author Marcus A (9 months)
Crazy ass cunt!

Author steven tempest (9 months)
Susan had potential she could have been a movie star or whatever else but
she threw her life away and prison didnt seem to bother her one bit.And it
didnt seem to bother the others as well

Author jhjustice4all (7 months)
i wonder if she realized how bad she fucked up by admitting everything. do
you think she felt stupid? it seems she kind of realizes the gravity of her
situation, whereas during the trial it didn't seem so. 

Author Kelline Pickett (1 year)
*"Charlie never commands anyone to do anything, he never has."* ....and yet
there he was being prosecuted for commanding the deaths of those people.

Journalist: *"Now that this is all over, can we ask how you feel."*
Atkins: *"I don't feel very well."*
Journalist: *"You don't feel very well?"*
Atkins: *"I don't feel very good at all."*
Journalist: *"Why?"*

....because I'm sobering up moron and I feel like shit!!! Reality sucks!!!

Author Funeral Fiend (4 months)
...notice early at the beginning of this edited clip she was quoted
"Charlie doesn't command anything or to anyone" later after she had some
time to speak w/ her attorney... she change her mind as the lawyer
commented at the end of this clip?

Seems they just through Manson under the bus and refused for a long time to
take full responsibly for killing those people.

Author vatonorteno (8 months)
Will you die a slow and painful death rotting away in prison?? Your guess
is as good as mine!!

Author karmalevel (10 months)
Susan showed NO EMPATHY to Sharon or her friend Gary Hinman. She is a

Author I love Susan Atkins (8 months)
Susan Atkins, looking so sexy, good looking in this video. I love her
sweet voice....Love you Susan!

Author Edna Red (9 months)
"Apathetic" does not even come close to the blasé attitude she has about
absolutely everything in these interviews. The only time she expresses any
"human-ness" is when she says she does not feel very well. She's a major
LSD/meth'd-out drag.

Author zezozose glutz (1 year)
I don't care what anybody says but she was a misunderstood teenager who was
used to do something evil

Author karmalevel (10 months)
What a wicked witch

Author Andrea Jimenez (11 months)
This case was so bizarre. All three of the women on trial during this time
were just puppets. I hope that reality has set in, after all these years. 

Author Stacy Alemar (1 year)
We did NOT evolve from animals idiot...god created us and if a person does
A evil thing it's from their own choice no one else's

Author judy reeves (9 months)
Susan, you lying murdering bitch, we're not stupid. You are feeling good
after murdering a pregnant actress, ''physical disorder'' my ass! Rot you
filthy murdering cunt, and your other killing scumbags.

Author adahir100 (4 months)
sounds like total spaced out dope head "I don't plan I just do what I do"

Author karmalevel (10 months)
such warm eyes

Author Jason Dixon (1 year)
She knew fully well what she was doing, and she was no teenager, she was
21, a legal adult, Manson wasn't around when she was talking nasty to
Sharon before she help knifed her, and no one told her to taste her blood.
She also helped kill Gary Himman by making him suffocate with a pillow
while being stabbed by B.B. May she burn in hell for all eternity for what
she did! That goes for the other murderous Manson family members too,
including Manson himself!

Author J-London M (1 year)
sexy…? She looks like a man in a wig. 

Author Dave Cee (1 year)
Susan atkins was a marvel at cookies and warm milk based drinks.. we should
remeber the good and forget the bad. 

Author MrROBCRUSOE (1 year)
if you think she's not sexy, check out the cover of "child of satan, child
of god"
...gorgeous. although Leslie is still my favorite.

Author Romina Hernandez (1 year)
For being a physco junkie she had nice hair.

Author Antes San Diego (1 year)

Author hesforsale (9 months)
"physical disorder" = "half dead from gonorrhoea"

Author bassbuckmaster (1 year)
sharon tate gets prettier every time i see her picture, how could you stab
her to death. for no reason either.

Author Vona Talks (1 year)

Author rhonda thompson (1 year)
this bitch gets to see a doctor

Author pbruc brooks (1 year)
Sick bitch

Author C. Jones (1 year)
She was clearly on acid during the questions by the media.

Author Kristina Marquez (1 year)
I'm glad she died of cancer! I"m not a evil person by saying this either!
She deserved it for what she did to a prego women.Plus, she killed those
other people.

Author bsaez1962 (1 year)
Manson was a little midget coward bastard

Author shavennnn1 (1 year)
It's all a game til father time catches up with you!

Author jeff deers (1 year)
i woulda liked to have fucked her next to dead bodies.

Author karmalevel (1 year)
She and Tex are more evil than Manson 

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