Susan Atkins Raw News Footage Charles Manson Family Helter Skelter Trial Backporch Tapes

Susan Atkins Raw News Footage Charles Manson Family Helter Skelter Trial Backporch Tapes

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Author Mikey Macabre (3 months)
Hey, I had a wet dream about you last night "SEXY SADIE" Rest in peace my

Author vatonorteno (5 days)
Will you die a slow and painful death rotting away in prison?? Your guess
is as good as mine!!

Author ledzep75254 (14 days)
Susan Atkins, looking so sexy, good looking in this video. I love her
sweet voice....Love you Susan!

Author Kristina Marquez (6 months)
I'm glad she died of cancer! I"m not a evil person by saying this either!
She deserved it for what she did to a prego women.Plus, she killed those
other people.

Author Marcus A (20 days)
Crazy ass cunt!

Author steven tempest (1 month)
Susan had potential she could have been a movie star or whatever else but
she threw her life away and prison didnt seem to bother her one bit.And it
didnt seem to bother the others as well

Author Edna Red (1 month)
"Apathetic" does not even come close to the blasé attitude she has about
absolutely everything in these interviews. The only time she expresses any
"human-ness" is when she says she does not feel very well. She's a major
LSD/meth'd-out drag.

Author Stacy Alemar (4 months)
We did NOT evolve from animals idiot...god created us and if a person does
A evil thing it's from their own choice no one else's

Author MrROBCRUSOE (4 months)
if you think she's not sexy, check out the cover of "child of satan, child
of god"
...gorgeous. although Leslie is still my favorite.

Author karmalevel (1 month)
such warm eyes

Author karmalevel (1 month)
Susan showed NO EMPATHY to Sharon or her friend Gary Hinman. She is a

Author Andrea Jimenez (3 months)
This case was so bizarre. All three of the women on trial during this time
were just puppets. I hope that reality has set in, after all these years. 

Author J-London M (7 months)
sexy…? She looks like a man in a wig. 

Author Kelline Pickett (6 months)
*"Charlie never commands anyone to do anything, he never has."* ....and yet
there he was being prosecuted for commanding the deaths of those people.

Journalist: *"Now that this is all over, can we ask how you feel."*
Atkins: *"I don't feel very well."*
Journalist: *"You don't feel very well?"*
Atkins: *"I don't feel very good at all."*
Journalist: *"Why?"*

....because I'm sobering up moron and I feel like shit!!! Reality sucks!!!

Author karmalevel (1 month)
What a wicked witch

Author zezozose glutz (7 months)
I don't care what anybody says but she was a misunderstood teenager who was
used to do something evil

Author Dave Cee (4 months)
Susan atkins was a marvel at cookies and warm milk based drinks.. we should
remeber the good and forget the bad. 

Author Antes San Diego (4 months)

Author hesforsale (23 days)
"physical disorder" = "half dead from gonorrhoea"

Author Jason Dixon (5 months)
She knew fully well what she was doing, and she was no teenager, she was
21, a legal adult, Manson wasn't around when she was talking nasty to
Sharon before she help knifed her, and no one told her to taste her blood.
She also helped kill Gary Himman by making him suffocate with a pillow
while being stabbed by B.B. May she burn in hell for all eternity for what
she did! That goes for the other murderous Manson family members too,
including Manson himself!

Author judy reeves (1 month)
Susan, you lying murdering bitch, we're not stupid. You are feeling good
after murdering a pregnant actress, ''physical disorder'' my ass! Rot you
filthy murdering cunt, and your other killing scumbags.

Author Vona Talks (5 months)

Author rhonda thompson (6 months)
this bitch gets to see a doctor

Author bassbuckmaster (6 months)
sharon tate gets prettier every time i see her picture, how could you stab
her to death. for no reason either.

Author Romina Hernandez (10 months)
For being a physco junkie she had nice hair.

Author pbruc brooks (4 months)
Sick bitch

Author Canijo Jones (4 months)
She was clearly on acid during the questions by the media.

Author bsaez1962 (5 months)
Manson was a little midget coward bastard

Author shavennnn1 (9 months)
It's all a game til father time catches up with you!

Author jeff deers (9 months)
i woulda liked to have fucked her next to dead bodies.

Author karmalevel (8 months)
She and Tex are more evil than Manson 

Author karmalevel (8 months)
Darth Vader has more humanity in his eyes

Author karmalevel (8 months)
Wicked wicked witch!!

Author MrSmr2010 (1 year)
yep she does haha

Author sandy Doesntcare (1 year)
That's true. But they didn't run into someone like Charles Manson

Author DaDamuse (1 year)
Sandy, they still killed people. KILLED people. This isnt just naivety or

Author cjh661 (1 year)
what a charming lovely girl...NOT!!!!

Author Tony Card (11 months)
L.S.D. and brainwashing seems the answer..and why Charlie had the crazy
idea that Devils them somewhere to hide in 1969..that is
total nonsense..but as Charlie said "No sense makes sense" Figure that one
out..So here's to Charles Watson,Patricia Krenwinkle,Susan Atkins,and
Leslie. Linda well dear the Beach Boys wrote in 1979 'Lady

Author Tony Wood (1 year)
Charlie dug chicks with 'staches

Author MissEnigmatic81 (1 year)
She could of had a shave lazy woman.

Author DarkDreams420 (1 year)
Agreed. A lot of people do drugs but they don't butcher pregnant women.
These people had something in them that Manson realized he could exploit. I
don't think they would've ever done anything like that without Manson
feeding them drugs and his lies, though. They obviously had it in them or
they wouldn't have done it.

Author iamjeona (11 months)
we are manimals that have evolved from aninimals. some of us are
carnivorous, some of us are not. If you are not a vegetarian then don't
come on here and preach to me. I repeat, WE HAVE EVOLVED FROM MOST OF OUR
ANIMAL INSTINCTS. W e now have human instincts. We do(or should) live
peacefully with animals. We are HUMAN beings. Animals are not human beings.
There is a difference between us and animals.

Author Steve G (1 year)
That was when she was like her videos whe she is 70, must
different story.

Author Astarothmountainlion1989 (1 year)
if she was alive today i would be her freind..

Author SmittyWerben JaegarManJensen (11 months)
Half of these people in the comments have a mind as violent and as sick as
any murderer. All I'm seeing is "I hope she burns in hell, I want to see
her suffer, I hope she rots." You sound just as disturbed as the person
you're talking about. I understand she did horrible things, but it's scary
to see how many people fuel the negativity and violence in society by
saying such things for others to see. You're not doing any good by saying
such things on the internet.

Author Jesse Sendejas (1 year)
she killed people violently and quickly. God, fate, karma or whatever you
wish to call it deemed she should die a more prolonged and excruciating
death while cancer ate away at her brain. her leg was amputated, so she
lived her last days knowing what it was like to have a limb severed and to
be incapable of running, literally or figuratively, from what was to come.
she became partially paralyzed, begged for a merciful release from
imprisonment to live just a few final moments in a free world.

Author iamjeona (11 months)
it really doesn't matter if you like my comment. You don't have to. Also I
never said that's what made her dangerous. It was just an observation.

Author perciful1 (1 year)
She could have let sharon go whilst the others were being hacked up, she
made the choice . Just an evil arrogant young girl then but in the end she
suffered for it !

Author imonmeown (10 months)
good luck with that fantasy,, she is dead idiot

Author Andreas748 (11 months)
lol, you obviously don't know the reason she was barefoot at the Tate

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