HOW TO: Save iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 / 4S Battery Life - Secret Siri Trick / Tip

In less than 1 minute, I'll explain how you can save battery life on an iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C / iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. One simple step is all you need to perform in order to save massive amounts of battery life.

Watch this video and stop charging your iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C / iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S 4S ALL the time.

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Author ThiVids (5 months)
I'll turn her off, but it's gonna feel weird lol.

Wait a second...I already had this set on my phone lol. Welp, It lasts me
the whole day with a full charge, good enough for me :P

Author larrysprinkler (2 years)
ya shes a dumb bitch anyway LOL

Author Ben Short (2 years)

Author bobby singh (2 years)
it does work everybody

Author Coolkid09098 (10 months)
Thank u

Author mypcblewup (2 years)
Tough to say. You could run an experiment by closing all apps during one
entire day and seeing if your battery life has improved.

Author mypcblewup (1 year)

Author mypcblewup (2 years)
I've been thinking about doing that lately. She was definitely a novelty
when I first got the iPhone 4S, but as of late I really have no use for

Author Rony Zeran Z (11 months)
thumbs up for iphone 4s !! XD

Author Icelandic pie (1 year)

Author mypcblewup (2 years)
This trick saves you battery power while your phone is in use with the
screen on. I use my phone a lot and this definitely has helped cut down on
battery drain over these past few months. Turning off location services
would save you even more battery life, but I have a lot of apps that use
it. Most important one is locate iPhone incase I lose it. I prefer to keep
that on instead of going back and forth with it. In short, I'd say this
trick is a nice alternate way to save on battery power.

Author aryan singh (1 year)
it workkks who make it are you genius fucker to your girlfriernd

Author Fibonachi Seqence (1 year)
I like the tips recommended here, but I ended up going with an extended
battery for my iPhone from uNu. That gives me multiple days worth of
charge. Good video here though.

Author Bonnie Rite (1 year)

Author ThePROsiakTV (11 months)

Author XiNTHNiX (2 years)

Author mypcblewup (11 months)
No. iPhone 3GS does not have Siri.

Author Billy O'Reilly (1 year)
When my contract ends I want the iPhone 4S just only for Siri. It might be
free later.

Author TheFranny1998 (1 year)
i know right hahaha

Author mypcblewup (1 year)

Author Louise Doherty (1 year)
does it work on the iPhone 4S ?

Author jokerki7 (2 years)
i turn off Siri :\

Author cArLViNcEnT (1 year)
does it work for iphone 4

Author mikma (1 year)

Author Dalila Mendez (1 year)
Tris Israel nota working

Author ThePROsiakTV (11 months)
Does it work for iPhone 3GS?

Author KoolTone (2 years)

Author mypcblewup (1 year)
No. iPhone 4 does not have Siri.

Author mypcblewup (2 years)
The reason why it works in the iPhone 4S uses infrared sensors so that Siri
knows how far away the user is (raise to speak) - by turning it off you
turn off the sensor.

Author finali H (2 years)
do you know does opening the ?task manager? ( double tapping the home
button and the running apps appear) and turning off the apps ( holding down
an app until the red and white negative sign appears on the left corners of
each app, then selecting the negative sign closes the app) extend battery
power? thanks

Author finali H (2 years)
thanks. you're a life(battery) saver lol

Author mrfuzzy00 (2 years)
Does it really work

Author Billy O'Reilly (1 year)
Did you read the title at all? The title says everything.

Author mypcblewup (1 year)

Author saoudazzzl (1 year)
thank !!!!!

Author mypcblewup (1 year)

Author RandomBros00 (2 years)
It work

Author Julian Smith (2 years)
The reason why it works in the iPhone 4S uses inferred sensors so that Siri
knows how far away the user is (raise to speak) - by turning it off you
turn off the sensor. This is the main reason why there is a huge battery
difference between the 4S and the 4. And it does save a high amount of

Author TheDuckLewis (1 year)
@mypcblewup Never would have thought of it... Thanks for the sweet video!!!

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