Conduit Bending How to bend a 3 bend saddle and Others Bends the Correct Way brings you this new conduit bending video which explains how to properly bend a 90 degree bend or stub, along with a back to back 90, a conduit offset with shrinkage and a three bend saddle. All of these bends are easily done with a conduit hand bender and all of the shrinkage factors and measurements can be found on our website. Make sure to always subtract the necessary amount when bending a conduit stub. In this video I used 1/2" EMT conduit so the subtraction amount is 5" for a stub or 90 degree bend. Once you have the stub bent, it is very easy to make a back to back 90 by simply measuring the distance needed and using the star mark on the conduit hand bender. For an offset make sure to visit our website to get the necessary shrinkage factors and make your marks depending on what degree beds you want to use. For 45 degree offsets, the multiplier factor is 1.4. Three bend saddles are very easy. Just measure from your fixed starting point and add the necessary measurement for shrinkage. Add 3/16" for every 1" of offset depth. The two outer marks are determined by adding 2 1/2" for every 1" of offset depth. Make the middle bend 45 degrees at the notch on the bender and the two outer bends at 22 1/2 degree while making sure to keep the bender hook facing the middle bend at all times. Check out the video and let us know if you have any questions.

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Author Kyle J. Schuler, SET (11 months)

Author Brenda Hodgins (4 months)
I was looking for a way to flatten the conduit for dome struts without
using a press. I am a girl and it would be much easier for me not to have
to deal with such a big thing. I am good with cutting them once they are
flat and filing the edges and doing some drilling and final
sledgehammering. This video has shown me many bends that I could make very
good use of when making the frame for my papercrete dome. The whole thing
is going to have to be portable. Thank you for your help. I bet You could
flatten 2 inches of conduit before you cut it...

Author RectalDiscourse (5 months)
How come an offset has 3/8 shrink and a 3 bend saddle has 3/16?

Author Gavin Reynolds (1 month)
Ben Llech, Klein Tools makes benders. Not sure about the sizes.

Author Jack O'Connor (2 months)
been having shrinkage issues for years!

Author Ben Hayward (2 months)
OMG!!!!!! FAIL!!!! Standing on the pipe at the end to keep it flat!!!

Author Brianna Bean (5 months)
just get a ko seal and knock out the proper whole !

Author RectalDiscourse (5 months)
Do an inverted back to back 90. ie - one pointing up and the other
pointing down.

| something like that :P

Author Howard Hoover (8 months)
Can you show me how to do a back to back 90 and have equal length legs say
within 1/8th of an inch ??? I'd like to see how to do this for the purpose
of making a lawnmower handle out of conduit or something similar that needs
equal length legs.

Author ben llech (7 months)
hiya i used one of these benders years ago here in the uk ,it must have
been good as some lowlife half inched it and i was not able to get a
replacement. who makes them and do they come in 20 and 25mm sizes. cheer,s.
oh as we say any idiot can be a critic

Author Figus Heimunschplit (9 months)
Well played

Author emilieannemingli (1 year)
Thanks dude

Author marco sandez robles (11 months)
you're right star in the middle and beside there is the notch thanks

Author Adrian Vargas (1 year)
Best video on YouTube.

Author bakerman4444 (6 months)
for an offset, I've always done 30degree bend and double the length of the
distance of the offset. i.e.: 5 inch offset would require 10 inches between
the bends. it's much easier than all the math. I do appreciate your video.
I'm going up for testing in to the IBEW. 10 years non-union commercial

Author Jjames Anderson (11 months)
Great video ,good examples ,to the point , A+

Author marco sandez robles (11 months)
kyle for the 3 bend the first bend is with the middle star or middle arrow
because my bender has an arrow in the middle not a star

Author ajcobbcobb (11 months)
One other thing notice the saddle is round. If you did a saddle over a
small square object. Double your variable for obstruction height. Meanin.
Clearing a 3 in circle object is like clearing a 1.5 square. Only use 3
point saddle on square obstruction when its to small to do a 4 point saddle

Author Kyle J. Schuler, SET (11 months)
your bender should have a notch, arrow and star. double check and let me

Author thedanwriter1 (6 months)
Can you do a video on how to cencentric bending ? that's if you know how to
do it.

Author Scott Ferguson (1 year)
Very good explanation Kyle; better than most of the bending videos on
youtube; I cant wait to get my hands on a bender and conduit to practice.

Author dillynleake (9 months)
Nice job. I would like to see back to back saddles ive run into some areas
were there needed. I can bend them but centers are off.

Author jhon mart (8 months)
Thanx 4 such an educational video man!! Great job! ☺

Author Viziousdelizous (9 months)
Fail on that 3 point saddle, you said "you can always take some out of the
bend." Try to take some bend out of 1" on your leg haha

Author vinceponce86 (11 months)
Great video, great detailed practice makes perfect...

Author sparky farina (1 year)
looking for you to go ahead and do the 4 bend saddle!...looks like just
bend at end of crossing with star mark and last bend with hook.....thanks

Author Aydjile (6 months)
thank you, for your guides.

Author michaelo061 (1 year)
Great video/tutorial.Could you do a box offset video?

Author steve prichard (1 year)
Excellent Kyle! Is your "notch" the same as the star pointer?

Author RectalDiscourse (6 months)
This is probably a dumb question, but when doing back to back 90s can you
just subtract take up and use the arrow mark in the case of only having a
poor hand bender that doesn't have a star mark? I've come across some poor
hand benders.

Author YareTiuh (1 year)
Nicely presented video. I haven't needed to do anything complex in a while
while bending, so it was great to get a refresher on the shrinkage for

Author jjw69 (9 months)
Lol you lost me after showing the "stub" part. Great video though!!

Author thedanwriter1 (6 months)
Wait how does 4.3 equals 4 1/2" for the shrinkage of the offset?

Author Kyle J. Schuler, SET (9 months)
You are correct with the 1". It would be pretty hard to straighten it out.
Good call!

Author Paul Anderson (9 months)
Understanding paralax error is important when laying out bends or cut lines

Author engrey (6 months)
was trained by people who did saddles by eye and used rough estimates. its
so nice seeing how its done properly.

Author above1t (8 months)

Author ajcobbcobb (11 months)
And also on the radius of bender there should be a notch between the arrow
and star. Some have three. First one is center of 30 second is center of
45. Third is center of 60. Star is center of 90. Arrow is center of zero in
retrospect. Place 45 notch on mark before bending.

Author Just Square Enough (1 year)
Thanks for the video Kyle, I needed to do some basic bends today and having
never bent conduit before this saved me!

Author Mess1410 (1 year)
Good video , good explained . Thank you for sharing .

Author Armand Pouani (11 months)
Wonderful explanation and great practice at the same time. I like it

Author symando (8 months)
Nice thanks ...

Author coolbro12389 (6 months)
judging by the color of the handle and sticker i would say its a klein
bender, no idea if they make them in mm sizes though

Author tsegithunder (9 months)
Good video.

Author jeetasaini (8 months)
Really Nice Video can you please also do video which explanations or teach
that how to Fish the wire through conduit which have bend at different
angle more than two or three places . Thanks

Author AmetdeathA (1 year)
excellent detailed explanation

Author nguyon knight (9 months)
Pretty good vid. Nicely explained. You should do ur vids with examples of
30 degree bends using the push thru method

Author ajcobbcobb (11 months)
Freddie. On a offeset using two 45 bends you have a shrinkage of 3/8 an in.
Now he measured 50 in to get to a certain point. And two 45 bends were
behind that point equaling 90. Now on a saddle his point is in the center
of the 45 and only the degrees to the left of that mark will effect the
length of our measurement . Since our mark is in the center of a forty five
we get 22.5 plus the other 22.5. We have 90deg of shrinkage on offset.
45deg on a saddle. Half of 3/8 is 3/16.

Author freddiemercurious (1 year)
Good video. Just a correction from the first time you mentioned it; for
every inch of rise in an offset, the shrinkage is 3/16". You said this
correctly the second time, but said 3/8" the first time. To the other
commenter, the notch is the center of a bend, the star is the back of a 90,
and the arrow is used for a 90 stub after subtracting your take-off.

Author xPOLACOx (6 months)
Dude thank you do much. I got my union test friday on how to bend conduit
and I have learned and studied so much from this video. Thank you

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