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Author Kyle J. Schuler, SET (2 years)

Author Jake Zeringue (13 days)
You are by far the most patient and just chilled out person I've ever seen
explain bending EMT.Wish I would have had you as an instructor years ago
starting out.All my teachers didn't have the patience and yelled alot.I
enjoyed your video.

Author empire (3 months)
Nice tutorial on the 3pt saddle. Probably the only bend I struggle with,
but I rarely need to do them.

Author - MrRIchBiker (17 days)
you are a PROFESSIONAL!! and very smart....I envy , your whole
persona..god blessed you. Thank you so much for the informational video.
I am a local 3 Electrician, and I know Profesionals.

Author Cammie Delane (3 months)
Conduit Bending How to bend a 3 bend saddle and Others Bends the

Author Becky Lupton (1 month)
You are truly a good human-being!
Thanks for saving the apprentices!

Author phoon32 (6 months)
Hey were can you get a chart from my book only goes up to 10 inches for

Author Francisco Álvarez (4 months)
Thanks a lot for this explanation, brother. It really helped.

Author jose Diaz (3 months)

Author eazzzye2003 (7 months)
Other than the different off-set for a stub 90, do the shrinkage factors
change for different sizes of conduit?

Author Karla Triana (4 months)
yes this is the best video I've seen so far cuz of all the bends but he
kinda lags it in explaining things. I forgot where my 2nd n 3rd bends are
on a 3 point saddle but omg I had to go through a lot and I was in a rush I
am gonadotropin make really quick and fast explanatory vid of each bend
maybe 3 min tops and show u different ways to do it

Author Brandon Clare (4 months)
good videos, but heighth is not a word, its just height. Keep em coming.

Author mohammad shajareh (3 months)
perfect buddy 

Author mikenstep420 (9 months)
in the beginning of the video he says there is a subtraction factor for the
stub. i just want to say that what you are subtracting is actually the
radius of the bend aka the "takeup". also different types of benders have
different takeups so be sure to check the bender you will be using

Author Kevin Leppink (1 year)
Thanks a lot for this video! It really helped me out. I need to learn how
to bend conduit for my journeyman's test and this video was very well done
and you made sure you explained everything thoroughly. Thank you!

Author Chanchanchan (8 months)
Thank you a lot. Very helpful. Greetings from Venezuela!

Author Jeff Dowd (8 months)
Very helpful... thanks for sharing.

Author DrewFran (9 months)
Good ole pythagoras

Author Sammy the Evil kitty (8 months)
Did you mark a reference end? I usually don't think I need to, as I mark
the reference end in my mind (or with a dot

Author Vince Amato (8 months)
So that's how you do it! It's easy if you know how. Thanks for the info.

Author David Miranda (8 months)
20:10 Kyle, when your doing your 45 degree bend( on the 3 bend saddle),
doesn't the hook have to be pointing towards the start of your measurement?
because your pointing it towards bend C, Not bend B? Can you tell me if
this is correct?

Author Ben Gaudreault (9 months)
I hate pending pipe

Author Joey Needles (8 months)
This would be a real great video, if you had someone filming you, so they
could zoom in on shots, and zoom out, because yo were not seen in a lot of
key moments. Would really love to see Part 2.

Author Ben Gaudreault (9 months)
Hate it!!

Author Jamal Benthall (11 months)
I love this video. I' ve learned so much. Thank you for posting it.

Author BiG MaC McCabe (7 months)
you can listen to him, or you con the STAR on the bender, 

Author Ngrego87 (7 months)
Best conduit bending video I have ever seen. Very simple, clear and
informative. Great job

Author Jamal Benthall (11 months)
I love this video. I' ve learned so much. Thank you for posting it.

Author Michael Melendez (1 year)
Thank You, your video was helpful,keep up the good work!!!!!! just a little
suggestion better camera direction.... Thanks Again

Author Gavin Reynolds (1 year)
Ben Llech, Klein Tools makes benders. Not sure about the sizes.

Author Jack O'Connor (1 year)
been having shrinkage issues for years!

Author Butch Welch (9 months)
Good Job...

Author ryan215553 (9 months)
Do you use .375 for all degree bends?

Author Ben Hayward (1 year)
OMG!!!!!! FAIL!!!! Standing on the pipe at the end to keep it flat!!!

Author Brenda Hodgins (1 year)
I was looking for a way to flatten the conduit for dome struts without
using a press. I am a girl and it would be much easier for me not to have
to deal with such a big thing. I am good with cutting them once they are
flat and filing the edges and doing some drilling and final
sledgehammering. This video has shown me many bends that I could make very
good use of when making the frame for my papercrete dome. The whole thing
is going to have to be portable. Thank you for your help. I bet You could
flatten 2 inches of conduit before you cut it...

Author animalover2000 /minecraftlover (1 year)
just get a ko seal and knock out the proper whole !

Author ryan215553 (1 year)
How about a 4 point saddle?

Author Bolívar Vega Barriga (1 year)

Author Howard Hoover (1 year)
Can you show me how to do a back to back 90 and have equal length legs say
within 1/8th of an inch ??? I'd like to see how to do this for the purpose
of making a lawnmower handle out of conduit or something similar that needs
equal length legs.

Author ben llech (1 year)
hiya i used one of these benders years ago here in the uk ,it must have
been good as some lowlife half inched it and i was not able to get a
replacement. who makes them and do they come in 20 and 25mm sizes. cheer,s.
oh as we say any idiot can be a critic

Author Figus Heimunschplit (1 year)
Well played

Author emilieannemingli (2 years)
Thanks dude

Author marco sandez robles (2 years)
you're right star in the middle and beside there is the notch thanks

Author bakerman4444 (1 year)
for an offset, I've always done 30degree bend and double the length of the
distance of the offset. i.e.: 5 inch offset would require 10 inches between
the bends. it's much easier than all the math. I do appreciate your video.
I'm going up for testing in to the IBEW. 10 years non-union commercial

Author Jjames Anderson (2 years)
Great video ,good examples ,to the point , A+

Author marco sandez robles (2 years)
kyle for the 3 bend the first bend is with the middle star or middle arrow
because my bender has an arrow in the middle not a star

Author Kyle J. Schuler, SET (2 years)
your bender should have a notch, arrow and star. double check and let me

Author Cannabis Research (1 year)
Can you do a video on how to cencentric bending ? that's if you know how to
do it.

Author Scott Ferguson (2 years)
Very good explanation Kyle; better than most of the bending videos on
youtube; I cant wait to get my hands on a bender and conduit to practice.

Author dillynleake (1 year)
Nice job. I would like to see back to back saddles ive run into some areas
were there needed. I can bend them but centers are off.

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