Prayer of St. Therese of the the Child Jesus "You fill my Heart"with lyrics

From the album Something more: Songs for Skeptics (Original Pilipino Music)
Music by: Fr. Arnel dC Aquino, SJ
Performed by: Oggie Benipayo
Video dedicated to my little saint Therese of Lisieux
Pray for Us!

You Fill My Heart (Prayer of St Therese of the Child Jesus)

Music: Arnel dC Aquino, SJ; Lyrics: Johnny Go, SJ
(note: not the official chords of the song)

F Am Bb F
You fill my heart full with sighs,
Dm Bb F
Breathless they dance in the sky.
C Dm-Am Bb F
And when You whisper Your sad lullaby,
Dm Bb C
Tears fill my eyes.

(Same) though for the last Bb change it to Gm
You fill my night full with stars,
Restless my soul seeks Your eyes.
Soon as it shimmers, Your smile in the night,
Dreams fall into flight.

*F C
I long to be Your child,
Dm Bb
Your song to fill this dark night,
F Bb F C
Light for the lost in this lonely exile.
I need to hear Your word,
Dm Bb
To be near You in this scarred world
Dm C Am Bb F
One little sound is a song if it soars in Your heart.

(rep.1 chords)
I'll fill your world full with love,
Roses shall rain from the skies.
And as they scatter, gather the flowers
He shall reign in our lives.

(repeat * for the chords)
As long as you're His child,
His song shall fill your dark night,
Light when you're lost in this lonely exile.
We need to hear His Word.
Would you bleed to heal His scarred world?
Your little thorn is a rose if it grows in His heart.

As long as you believe,
Dm Bb F
Roses shall rain from the skies.

(chords by A.R.M.)

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Author Mike Cyril Jonatas (3 months)
This song made me cry. Yes, you truly fill my heart :)

Author eulobuboy (3 years)
Beautiful Song!! I was crying watching this video, very moving. Thank You

Author jo banu (11 months)
You fill my Heart

Author ppbjacksonsite (1 year)
nakapa ko na sa piano yung melody ng song though i really need the official
chords of it. Tnry kong tugtugin with the chords on your description at
hindi sila match. :( do you know where i could get the official piano piece
of this song? My mom loves this song so much and how i wish i could play
this to her.

Author HarpConnections (3 years)
This is beautiful. Thank you.

Author rosann55 (3 years)
Such a sweet song ! Thank you for the lyrics. God bless !

Author kbhmedina (1 year)
hi thanks for uploading this.. :) very nice song. I was wondering if you
know a version of this with voicing?

Author Petite Fleur (3 years)
@eulobuboy God Loves you sir! I Salamat! :-)

Author tita ramos (1 year)
My daughter ALELI'S favorite christian song! She died 7 years ago at the
prime of her life! Eternal rest grant unto her soul oh LORD, and let your
perpetual light SHINE upon her. May she rest in peace. AMEN

Author Harold Esguerra (1 year)
what a beautiful of child jesus...may we know our true
mission in this therese of child jesus..pray for us

Author kas12kk (1 year)
Nice song, wonderful lyrics, touch my heart.

Author Petite Fleur (3 years)
You're welcome!!! St. Therese Loves you! :-)

Author lhynje (1 year)
where can we buy a chorale music sheet for these? i've been looking for
this for so long.

Author Restlesshiker (6 months)
Happy fiesta! Thanks for this piece.

Author Don Grindell (11 months)
St. Therese has showered roses on me she has interceded for me; I pray
daily for her intercessions and I'm not R.C. Thank God for St. Therese's
sacrifices and prayers.

Author Petite Fleur (6 months)

Author mark wally garcia (7 months)
salamat po nag upload kayo nang ganitong song.. naging favorite konato
simula nung napa kinggan ko.. thx ulit GOD bless :D

Author colorhope (3 years)
Thank you for this post... St. Therese, pray for us.

Author tita ramos (2 years)
Reminds me of my daughter who passed away 6 years ago. She listened to this
in her hospital bed. God loves you more that's why HE took you from us too
soon my dear daughter.

Author create51 (1 year)
Her relics just visited our parish here in Los Baños, Laguna. She stayed
with us for 3 days. People are showering rose petals to the reliquary as it
exits the church. Everybody was crying and applauding as we bid her
goodbye. It is amazing that even a bystander is crying and touched by this
great saint. St. Therese really has a different charisma that pulls people
closer to God. Thank you po sa pagbisita samin.

Author joy5659 (2 years)
this song maid me cry:(

Author nhyne aranilla (11 months)
Ohhh really nice it touches our heart and soul. Wish many will follow St.
Therese footsteps. :).

Author jolad12 (1 year)
I played it for more than 15 times... St. Therese, pray for us to God

Author guadalupe2879 (1 year)
"St. Therese of the Child Jesus, pray for us...Amen."

Author Olie Udtohan (2 years)
thank u for this beautiful song.......i love u st. therese me and
be w/ me as i journey each day. towards God's kingdom............

Author Martha Sebastien (6 months)

Author jo banu (11 months)

Author Matias Jr. Ponlawon (1 year)

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