Salvage Operation to Bring the Capsized Costa Concordia to the Surface Begins

Two massive cranes will pull the half-submerged wreck of the Costa Concordia upright and air tanks attached to the hull will refloat the vessel to allow it to be towed to a port and broken up.

The news came after salvage plans were unveiled at a news conference in Rome on Friday (May 18).

The 290-metre long cruise liner capsized off the Tuscan island of Giglio after hitting rocks on January 13. At least 30 people died and two are still unaccounted for.

Titan Salvage of the United States and Italian firm Micoperi, who have been chosen to handle the removal, said they were confident the operation would succeed even though it has never been carried out on a ship this size.

"We feel confident that we can do it and we feel confident that with our partners we will do it safely and with the least disturbance to the environment and the least disturbance to the economy of Giglio," said Richard Habib, president of Titan Salvage, which is owned by U.S. group Crowley Maritime Corp.

The head of Italy's Civil Protection Agency Franco Gabrielli said the ship would be stabilized by the end of August to avoid any risk of it shifting down a rocky ledge.

It is then set to be refloated by February at the latest, and towed away to an Italian port.

The removal operation has been reported to cost at least $300 million.The salvage operation is expected to begin within a few days.

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Author pete5668 ( ago)
Cap'n Crunch he is.

Author jawadad802 ( ago)
kapitalism at its best, soulless vultures embezzling hundreds of millions
off a high profile salvage case. the preparation and studies to the
refloating done more harm to the environment then the wreck itself could
ever do after oil fuel and chemicals were removed...

Author Jeremy Menchaca ( ago)
They are going to scrap it. It's deforming anyways.

Author Jeremy Menchaca ( ago)
i say we send the captain the bill

Author Derpy Hoofs ( ago)
good luck :P

Author Tyler Frederick ( ago)
Who cares about the environment?! I care more about Ocean Liners than
anything else

Author john6218att ( ago)
have they gotten this thing up wright yet?

Author cleo0399 ( ago)
has it been moved yet?

Author C. Keough ( ago)
They cant leave it there for alot of Reasons. 1. Marine Disruption 2.Oil
3.Its an Eye sore. I do agree though. It is REALLY stupid.

Author Devon Vaughn ( ago)
300 million!!!??? hook some tug boats to that shit drag it out to sea and
let it sink

Author iddqds ( ago)
what i believe is a ships are not designed to stay leaning o a side.
Imagine you built a building to stand still and see that it leans to a
side. Would you feel comfortable if someone brings it back to its original
position and tells you that it's safe to stay. It shouldn't be. There are
countless joints and corners should have been damaged by the force of
leaning to a side which make me thinking this ship will never ever be safe
to float and re use.

Author karlmnz ( ago)
its a constructive would cost more to refloat and repair than
the ship would ever be worth

Author tauras88d ( ago)
the captain of the concordia realeased a statement yesterday saying that
he had no regrets about anything and basically that he just diden"t care
about anything period.

Author DrAlbertSMeinheimer ( ago)
Salt water has rotten the interior and engines and the metal is banjaxed
too Repair waste of money

Author biga87718 ( ago)
Why scrap it? If you can get it to a dry dock repair it. Make a gallery to
honor those who died on the ship so their memory can live on and I promise
you any captain that sailed this ship would have a reminder of his
obligations to protect his passengers and crew. I don't see the point in
taking a good ship and destroying it only to melt it down and building
another ship to replace it with the same material. Look at the hole size
and how long it took to sink. Good ship!

Author Titanimal12 Is Gaming ( ago)
Let it stay so it can me a momorial.

Author awel69 ( ago)

Author Disneyfan5150 ( ago)
hopefully before it is dismanted it will be towed into a dry dock where the
remaining bodies can be retrieved and survivors can get their belongings
just for the memory

Author Thomas Lynskey ( ago)
Plan to have it righted by August. ....did it happen?

Author JAKE WHITE ( ago)
good thing, great :)

Author SquidVicious11 ( ago)
Captain Rich Habib is a legend in the salvage industry. He is a hands on
guy and will be in the thick of the action on this salvage job. If he says
Titan can do it, they can. I am betting Titan can pull this job off. With
Habib running the show they have a good chance to do something that has
never been done. He has done it many times before.

Author 00Ammar ( ago)
Think about the captain of that boat when you feel like you fucked up..
$450M ship, $300M removal and 32 dead.

Author Ralph Hammond ( ago)
No, they said they are going to tow it to a port where they can break it
apart 0:14

Author D Wetick ( ago)
It's still probably cheaper to re-float and patch her than drain all the
fuel and sink her...and then have to build from new again. Besides, a lot
of people may want to book passage on a once sunken vessel...what are the
chances of it sinking again?

Author Galloping Gertie ( ago)
And THAT is why Titanic went down bow first, she hardly even listed. Mabye
that's the answer, to stop making ships like floating buildings on the sea!

Author mcgyversworld ( ago)
By the way, The lady gaga commercial just blows the video out of the water!
Maybe you should use her! LMAO

Author NodFlareon ( ago)
i say let her sink in deep water

Author TheFoxSays ( ago)
This is Why we shouldn't Have Box Ships.......

Author paul4608 ( ago)
They should leave it there as a monument to stupidity

Author Djordje Petrovic ( ago)
that why i clicked on this vid, too...:)

Author WWW.2KINDS.COM ( ago)
is this boat still there ? any new videos or news ?

Author SnappyPenguins ( ago)
It probably has after it's been rusting away underwater for the past seven

Author luisaviation ( ago)
if i'm not mistaken it is already total lost, it's hall is all broken

Author SnappyPenguins ( ago)
They should just scrap the piece of shit, nobody's going to want to cruise
with them now.

Author Christopher Rogers ( ago)
Lying there you mean. And yes, it probably wont be away until the start of
next year...

Author Erik Zarins ( ago)
we left that ship standing there for six months???

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