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Author justmadeit2 (5 months)
10 years ago today. It must have been terrifying

Author Achintha Kumara (4 months)

Author James Godsall (4 months)

Author Sofa King - The Awesome Gamer (7 months)
sorry people

Author boy-fj (9 months)
Women screaming!!! :'(

Author Haddock Captain (1 year)
Where is ALLHA, YHWH OR JESUS ? where were they to save these people.

Author Fabrizio Morra (1 year)
Humanitarian catastrophe...

Author paul davies (9 months)
thank god ,it did nt happen in the night time !

Author Juju Apples (1 year)
8:07 "Bring me my son"

Author theDRaKKaR theDRaKKaR (6 years)

Author rochelimit's hangout (5 years)
@ji3200 KT extinction, meteorite impact, YES

Author Wan Iffan (2 years)
noob tsunami

Author MrRalexcy (4 years)
learn from JAPAN people in sri lanka and malasiya and others!!!!

Author kilburnpark (4 years)
where is God? when i watch similiar things.. im sure .. him doesnt exist.
and if him exist is not a good boy

Author Raymond Babbit (3 years)

Author Mochamochachino (4 years)
@Roshansmith yes, you can hear the people wailing :(

Author sw8741 (6 years)
i can not imagine trying to survive those waters at all. the force of the
water and the amount of debris how could you stay afloat without being
impaled or caught on or under something? the current taking you anywhere it
wants. luck of the draw i guess.

Author Mochamochachino (4 years)
@letranger1217 They are saying "Akka" meaning older sister. From what I
could decipher the man asks "who's missing" and then says "akka!"

Author Shakimetalmaniac (6 years)
its more sad when u can understand what the people are saying... wow made
me cry.. unbelievable pain in their voices...

Author caddielook (4 years)
@arenan123 thank God loves you more than those people? fuck that God!

Author YuGiOhGXFanChannel31 (4 years)
when the wave return to the sea?

Author arenan123 (4 years)
Thank god i dont live there.

Author Judy de Silva (4 years)
This is Sri Lanka Galle.. it's so horrifying and yes we will never know how
the people who really faced it felt.. at the end of the video the woman is
shouting for he son who maybe went out and is caught in the wave.. we can
only assume... people cannot understand what happened suddenly.. THIS WAS
getting washed away from where they are hanging on to dear life. The worst
affected was hambantota..

Author Innocentlive24 (5 years)
maybe.. neither.

Author Diablo Diabolicus (2 years)
Then he sent a Tsunami to kill 300 000 (do you understand that figure)
people randomly. What a nice fucking chap he is.

Author Susath Rathnayake (2 years)
wish no anmy would get in to this dissaster

Author JeromeLeong (3 years)
if there's a game involving nation and tsunami, I'm buying it =]

Author nickthestick26 (4 years)
@mdushiii Knowing how to swim won't help you much against that force. You
have no chance at all unless you're lucky enough to snage something sturdy
enough to climb.

Author Mónica Espinoza (5 years)
¡ Que fuerte imagenes !...q impotancia esa gente sin poder agarrarse de
algo..q tremendo , y q tristeza q pase esto con la naturaleza...

Author Nasir Jawl (2 years)
this is the result for bad habits

Author abradras (4 years)
@prettyasian888 well, god was watching "america got talent" . but next time
he will send angels for sure !

Author MrWasheem (4 years)
Today the Day of Tsunami..........6 years passed

Author maidenhorde (5 years)
In just 5 minutes!!! Changed the whole environment.........

Author john cean (7 years)
can you helpme find the video,you view Banda Aceh : Tsunami Videos Part
1(you tube),i want tyhe original video,i think you are best,can you help

Author Foufouvideos (5 years)

Author rochelimit's hangout (5 years)
@ji3200 actually it's because of the meteorite collision, they just
confirmed that.

Author Roshansmith (5 years)
@ghettotaco2 I dont think you have a clue what those people went through.
It was absoultely awful to see people die infront of their loved ones. You
are either stupid or ignorant or both.

Author Raymond Babbit (3 years)
@ModifiedEvelyn thank you for your complex minded observation :) shine on

Author jehanlive (4 years)
@odinartis This is Galle, a southern Sri Lankan town. What you see is the
main bus stop and the cricket ground in the far.

Author UNCKLEBOB1 (4 years)
Filming for posterity is one thing but my heart would forever be black
knowing I was filming when I should have been helping people escape the
current,I ee you as heartless and I wonder if in hindsight you wish you
would have handed off your camera to a woman and did something

Author abradras (4 years)
@diegitoseis thats ok. in that situation you need to calculate really
carefully if you could actually help the guy or just drown with him. not
easy decision.

Author plinio3 (5 years)

Author Samanyolu2008 (5 years)
Çok korkunç bir tusunami. Deniz insanları nasılda yutuyor. Tabiki okyanus
kenarındaki yerler bundan dehşet boyutunda etkilendi. Turkey

Author letranger1217 (6 years)
you can hear them calling to "Allah".

Author LureThosePixels (3 years)

Author gazbee20008 (5 years)
absolutely catastrophic this like, times like this ya wanna time machine.!!!

Author Azrailpeter (4 years)
hope someday it doesn't catch anymore the poor more the rich ppl...

Author Jeff Laster (5 years)
Alot of people think that a tsunami is just a "giant wave." That is not
true, this video demonstrates that perfectly. Tsunamis are really oceanic
floods. The front of the flood is like a wave, but after the front there is
a giant flood of water that just keeps pouring into the coast until the
entire wavelength of the tsunami has hit.

Author Darby Anne (4 years)
ahh :( This brings back memories. I was in this Tsunami when I was only 6
years old and my brother was 3. We were on vacation there because it's
where my parents were born and family and friends lived there. You have no
idea what it's like. It was HORRIBLE. My dad badly hurt his leg and hand.
One of their friends died. My mom, bro and me( my dad was still being
hospitalized)were in the newspaper for making a fundraiser for kids living
there.:) Now, all of us our are fine :)

Author Sha Rup (2 years)

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