Tae Yang & GD & TOP - 2010 at MAMA Live

Our Babyes~
Tae yang - Break Down ; I need a girl
TOP - Turn it up
GD - Intro of his new album with TOP
GD&TOP - Knock out
GD & TOP & Tae Yang - Hallelujah

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 14:49
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Author Gabrielle Wilson (2 months)
top you are my forver bias and i love you any way you are. but i don't
think any one would call you a repeat copier or anything bad like that if
you please brought back this hair. in any color. idc what. AAAHHHHH. but
this year was what made YG. <3 my biases really shown that year.

Author chubbubz (2 months)
Let's bring back the epic <3 

Author SJ Joy (7 months)
Taeyang's always the best!!!

Author Hania Park (7 months)
ahhh como amo a esos niños me encatan / o \"

Author Jiiienriw Choi (8 months)
And the sad think is .... This performance was 4 years ago and I miss'em so
much. YG please.. Bigbang comeback as a group

Author Chawnalynn paugh (10 months)
i know right top is soooo cool and cute love his performance : )

Author jones110spieletipps (8 months)
This is so epic xD

Author APromiseOfALifetime (8 months)
omg why does TOP always gets the most sexiest dance moves!!!!

Author almarie ching (9 months)
omo Tabi oppa so awesome :)) 

Author claireodactyl (10 months)
I love Bigbang. But I do miss this old one. They keep on reinventing
themselves, and that's good. But I still miss this. I wish they would
revisit their old image, for a change.

Author Rose Caz (10 months)
TOP is so Lively Here,,, 11:19

Author nhi hoang (5 months)
Then they all kill each other.

Author Rose Caz (10 months)
When Taeyang kissed Dara.. im thinking GD face Backstage Lol!

Author IAM NICOLE (11 months)
Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ! ❤

Author Nyx Kere (11 months)
My three favorite men on one stage, best performance ever!!! T.O.P's got
that stern sexy look, Tae Yang with those killer moves, and G-Dragon with
his seductive eyes - Perfection!

Author ji yongiee (11 months)

Author ayecarla choi (11 months)

Author nhi hoang (5 months)
I think this is suppose to be a story taeyang is evil then he saw Dara they
in love for 1 minute then TOP kills Dara they fight then GD comes and safe
Tops butt then I think they make a agreement.Then Taeyang betrayed them.

Author Luis Nava (1 year)
A Diaz

Author Banana Rose (1 year)
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby - GD GD Baby Baby x) ♥♥♥

Author Yurin Yoo (1 year)
TOP looks like he's out of breath!!!

Author cricketopus (2 years)
The crowd went wild when GD came out!!! Loved Taeyang's and GD&TOP's

Author lolface111234 (2 years)
TOP logic part 2: Idea of stripping is taking an overcoat off to reveal a
full suit.

Author CL BIAS (1 year)

Author SweetToothInc (1 year)
its a sound clip from the movie "Scarface" it says: "Okay.(hey) You wanna
play rough. (hey, hey) Say hello to my little friend"

Author Heather VanBuskirk (1 year)
aww so cute.....same hair cut on them

Author 21Mariiam (1 year)
basically the whole thing here was that gd&top were taking over but yb was
still promoting so they killed his promotions to start gd&top promotions.
Sorta like a transition. yg very smart :p

Author Kazzy Mae (1 year)
and be sexy while doing it!

Author 0susii (1 year)
GD <3

Author Jenna Kim (1 year)
Bigbang MAMA performances are always awesome!

Author denden pineda (1 year)
its on nov. 30 2012 friday ... mama 2012 will be held in hongkong big bang
and psy confirmed in mama 2012 as well as super junior sistar and jackie
chan and other korean actors...

Author Nanaka Ishihara (2 years)
lol me too

Author khaezel reyes (2 years)
i dnt get tired watching this over and over agn!! :)))) <33 love them!!

Author Leslie Cordero (1 year)
Love there songs!

Author asmahan9000 (1 year)
Can someone please tell me when will the mama2012 awards will be at. What
date. And please dont forget to vote. Thanks VIPs


Author Juan E.C (1 year)

Author sones GG (1 year)

Author Amber Tran (2 years)
fuck you. this is pure perfection.

Author ywinslee1 (1 year)
YB 

Author Jenna Kim (1 year)
Was this in LA?!??!!

Author Jodqueunlock Demeostatos (1 year)

Author ParkBom21777 (1 year)
Dara is soooo lucky u_u XD

Author Brian Stell (2 years)
taeyang&dara= epic fan service! tops intro=perfect. taeyangs grip on that
weapon= made me cry. however, tops grip on his weapon, made me horny.

Author ashleni (2 years)
Whilst watching htis video, I realised that T.O.P didn't blink when the
camera was in front of him... Would love to be in a staring competition
with him

Author XxKawaiiLoidxX (2 years)
Lol GD's version of Gee

Author BROWZERO (1 year)
I remember when I was going totally CRAZY when I watched this live. Damn
man, Kpop will never be the same, shows are so boring now.

Author sweetikkie (1 year)
I still cant comprehend ive seen these guys live for like 3 hours..

Author Cory- chan (2 years)
TOP!!!! I love youuuuu!!!! <33333333

Author whoopsy daisy (2 years)
Well obviously cuz all his hard work in dancing! He is still awesome!

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