Tae Yang & GD & TOP - 2010 at MAMA Live

Our Babyes~
Tae yang - Break Down ; I need a girl
TOP - Turn it up
GD - Intro of his new album with TOP
GD&TOP - Knock out
GD & TOP & Tae Yang - Hallelujah

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Author Habiba khalil ( ago)
Just awesome 😍😍

Author SantaIsOnHolidays ( ago)
No Playback,Voice only ♥

Author Rocio Berenice Espinosa Hernandez ( ago)
Kyaaaa~ amo tanto sus canciones <3 

Author Gabrielle Wilson ( ago)
top you are my forver bias and i love you any way you are. but i don't
think any one would call you a repeat copier or anything bad like that if
you please brought back this hair. in any color. idc what. AAAHHHHH. but
this year was what made YG. <3 my biases really shown that year.

Author chubbubz ( ago)
Let's bring back the epic <3 

Author nhi hoang ( ago)
Then they all kill each other.

Author nhi hoang ( ago)
I think this is suppose to be a story taeyang is evil then he saw Dara they
in love for 1 minute then TOP kills Dara they fight then GD comes and safe
Tops butt then I think they make a agreement.Then Taeyang betrayed them.

Author SJ Joy ( ago)
Taeyang's always the best!!!

Author Suspicious Kermit (i11evn) ( ago)
Tops hair is awesome

Author Jiiienriw Choi ( ago)
And the sad think is .... This performance was 4 years ago and I miss'em so
much. YG please.. Bigbang comeback as a group

Author APromiseOfALifetime ( ago)
omg why does TOP always gets the most sexiest dance moves!!!!

Author jones110spieletipps ( ago)
This is so epic xD

Author almarie ching ( ago)
omo Tabi oppa so awesome :)) 

Author claireodactyl ( ago)
I love Bigbang. But I do miss this old one. They keep on reinventing
themselves, and that's good. But I still miss this. I wish they would
revisit their old image, for a change.

Author Rose Caz ( ago)
TOP is so Lively Here,,, 11:19

Author Rose Caz ( ago)
When Taeyang kissed Dara.. im thinking GD face Backstage Lol!

Author Chawnalynn Paugh ( ago)
i know right top is soooo cool and cute love his performance : )

Author Nicole Palacios ( ago)
Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ! ❤

Author ji yongiee ( ago)

Author Nyx Kere ( ago)
My three favorite men on one stage, best performance ever!!! T.O.P's got
that stern sexy look, Tae Yang with those killer moves, and G-Dragon with
his seductive eyes - Perfection!

Author ayecarla choi ( ago)

Author Celeste Forrette ( ago)
Haha damn VMA's need to step up their game to be on par with this shit...
it's like a badass hip hop musical.

Author Jenna Kim ( ago)
Was this in LA?!??!!

Author Jenna Kim ( ago)
Bigbang MAMA performances are always awesome!

Author andrew mann ( ago)
he may not look like it but top is having fun XD

Top 3

Author 0susii ( ago)
GD <3

Author Lithvel ( ago)
WHen i look at top dancing, i just laugh and love him, my topie <3

Author Pat Discaya ( ago)
bigbang in the pyramid not building !!! hahahahahahahaha

Author Sandra Brigitte ( ago)

Author ashley galvin ( ago)
I love Yg artist. The only thing I just don't feel within each other is
friendship. I feel it when you see gd/taeyang sometimes with top. I don't
feel it at all with 2NE1 but with CL and gd/taeyang. I understand they were
put together by Yg but other groups are too and I feel more love between
them..I don't I just feel i'm losing Big Bang. My heart was solely them but
I've come to the point where I just see GD, GD&CL&Taeyang. I still like
them, i'm more of a 'oh I like this song' then a V.I.P

Author Nha Nguyen ( ago)

Author TopNadaoo ( ago)
O want gd & top vol2 <3

Author GodsAdventmesnger17 ( ago)
That was a FREAKIN awesome performance!!!! The staging was phenomenal!!!

Author Mondarahae HaeDara ( ago)

Author jnh1409140 ( ago)

Author ywinslee1 ( ago)
YB 

Author Chaerin Lee ( ago)

Author Jodqueunlock Demeostatos ( ago)

Author Jodqueunlock Demeostatos ( ago)

Author ty green ( ago)
I love it

Author superstarCS2000 ( ago)
12:56 GD ear thing isn't on the right place, but the show must go on!!!! <3

Author handongoc ( ago)
love the ending

Author aoira _ ( ago)
TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP
! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP !
♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥
TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ TOP ! ♥♥ *FOREVER*

Author Banana Rose ( ago)
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby - GD GD Baby Baby x) ♥♥♥

Author ParkBom21777 ( ago)
Dara is soooo lucky u_u XD

Author Jill Valentine ( ago)

Author JoZe ( ago)
ty never hold a gun xD

Author CL BIAS ( ago)

Author Sasmita Ardaninggar ( ago)
the title is knock out

Author alyssa villa ( ago)
Knock Out

Author yesti lestwins ( ago)
plese tell me what the GD & TOP song, before halelujah...

Author TheDominoEffect2011 ( ago)
TOP and GD's introduction and entrance just put me in awe and just kill me
every time I rewatch them.

Author Julie Ann ( ago)
TaeYang - sexiness & handsomeness overload ♥ TOP - cool & calm :D GD -
super naughty & craziness overload xD

Author HoloAllTheThings! ( ago)
Actually if you go back and compare GD's and TOP'S cheering GD's is louder

Author sari jhon ( ago)
im vvip n i so like them :*

Author Koalaswag ( ago)
6:15 kills me every time lol

Author sajai sjkaito ( ago)
haahhaaha :-P

Author Shi Shi Mato ( ago)

Author MsLeni11 ( ago)
hahaha promotion at the end...

Author sweetikkie ( ago)
I still cant comprehend ive seen these guys live for like 3 hours..

Author mybigfatcat ( ago)
I love em' to death but whenever the guns appeared I couldn't stop from
giggling XD Awesome stage presence as always.

Author Thalia Manurung ( ago)
lmaooo i don't know why i always laugh at top's serious faces huahhaa

Author pantakarn au ( ago)

Author HyeMi Choi ( ago)
I wish they also perform at this years MAMA. I miss them performing live.

Author lam hoi yee ( ago)
gd gd baby baby gdgd babybaby

Author Nia Simms ( ago)

Author JaMaRuO Sison ( ago)
The best

Author xXxKkkawaiiiixXx ( ago)
YG always have the best performances !

Author Alice ( ago)
One of the best performances!!

Author suenaga mirai ( ago)
taeyang doesn't know how to hold a pistol?? at 08:35

Author suenaga mirai ( ago)
the last song is preview of HIGH HIGH.. :)

Author bonxy10 ( ago)
omg TOP always has the Best entrance on every BIGBANG performance.... i
love love YG family

Author Elitchia Firlanda ( ago)
Taeyang kiss dara! Lucky him, he can kiss dara from many males idol lol

Author Rain CloudGA ( ago)

Author Charli Morris ( ago)
hell yeah!

Author Kazzy Mae ( ago)
and be sexy while doing it!

Author Lennon Yanga ( ago)
Why does YG have such amazing, quality of music?

Author luvbb11 ( ago)
Intro fr GD & TOP album

Author Dalma Bölcskei ( ago)
free replay buttons here: 6:24 6:24 6:24 6:24 6:24

Author turtleyanddoggy ( ago)

Author 2870arvin ( ago)
Yeah I saw that too.haha! If they copied that move, then they really do
watch Bigbang and look up to them (I guess). XD

Author Presley Kern ( ago)
I can totally see why!!!!!

Author M. Heather ( ago)
aww so cute.....same hair cut on them

Author Luis Nava ( ago)
A Diaz

Author Speckleddotz ( ago)
Lmao just saw a move tvxq used in humanoids when they lift up yunho and
changmin rushes forward LMAOOO....well now we know yg is definately being
looked at the most

Author sones GG ( ago)

Author Charli Morris ( ago)
only TOP can take off a robe and reveal a full suit

Author Uva Aiva Sprukte (234 years ago)
ooh! thanks! :) my first thought was that TOP was saying the cameraman to
stay away from him because he might hit him with that thing :D now it made
everything clear. :)

Author Ricky Yin ( ago)
The guns that Taeyang had at the end weren't even pointed at GD&TOP when
they came closer to him, lol.

Author lolface111234 ( ago)
Taeyang..sweetie...that's not how you hold a gun :)

Author SweetToothInc ( ago)
yes it's a G-G-G-G BABY BABY. GD GD BABY BABY. it's a parody of snsd's gee
he did it on purpose cause it fits with his name.

Author SweetToothInc ( ago)
its a sound clip from the movie "Scarface" it says: "Okay.(hey) You wanna
play rough. (hey, hey) Say hello to my little friend"

Author stephanie ( ago)
i wish top still had this hair

Author G dragon ( ago)
OMG... I can't breath

Author 2870arvin ( ago)
This video is the reason why I became a CRAZY VIP. *sigh*

Author iregretnothingbitchezz mihihi ( ago)

Author Presley Kern ( ago)
Being completely American.... And loving the boys.... This performance is
by far one of the best ones I've watched.

Author Kriza Padilla ( ago)
LOL, GD sings Gee by SNSD. xD LOVE HIM.

Author Yurin Yoo ( ago)
i don't think its TOP's.... and i think it says something like 'up to
there' or something like that.

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