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Author Susie Therrien (7 months)
Can you just use Kangen water instead of Coconut water in the recipe?

Author Sondra Nurse (1 year)
Hey Dan is there still a chance I could get a bag of almonds or was that
just limited time offer? Also I like in Canada?

Author Da'All Lestari (1 year)
so nature intended we use probiotics and protein powder? lmao

Author Carol Lynne Lee (1 year)
This is what happens when you are not well rehearsed for a video tutorial.
Too lengthy, unnecessary gibbering, and then rushing to end it. Good recipe

Author smartalecky1 (1 year)
It is so tough to get real food. Damn shame!

Author Ashley Entert (1 year)
Dan The Man, your are One Hot Vegan Eater =)

Author onlytoloveyou1 (1 year)
I need get my hands on some raw almonds can you tell e how?

Author Darlene DeCicco (1 year)
Great video! I couldn't hear the type of probiotic though can you list the

Author KetoBabe (2 years)
You may end up breeding harmful bacteria instead. One other way is to put
1/2 cup of liquid whey from yogurt into it. Whey has lactic acid and
pro-biotics that will help to ferment it. The lactic acid in the whey
prevents harmful bacteria and mold from breading until the fermentation
takes place. Put Yogurt into a sieve lined with a coffee filter and put it
over a bowl. The whey will separate from the yogurt. They use the plant
based pro-biotic powder as they are vegan but one can use whey.

Author mi2maui (3 years)
@Rossiana71 Which uT are you referring to? I'd like to watch it. Thanks!

Author Mary Alexandria Mailler (1 year)
Yes yes yes!!! I'm 47.. Been vegan and made good life choices all along. I
feel so good and my geneticist said my DNA is 19 years younger than my
chronological age. Thanks for spreading the word on this way of eating to

Author TheyBastardisedJesus (2 years)
Can i dig it? If food processors grew on trees, sure.

Author Brian Draeger (1 year)
Hey Dan, so this is the second time making this yogurt and it's awesome!
Thanks so much for this video. Only problem is, this time I accidentally
left it out overnight (12 hours) instead of 4 has a more
pronounced "yogurty" taste...Do you think it's bad? :(

Author Hoko Le (3 years)
@Elite1987 sorry it is far too subtle to tell

Author miggs80 (2 years)
How long does that amount of coconut almond yogurt last if you're using
them daily in green smoothies? Do you have to throw all of that in one
green smoothie?

Author Betzaida Alsindawi (1 year)
What is the name brand of the probiotics he used? Also the other stuff I
couldn't make it out. Thanks

Author Brigitte De Angelis (4 years)
Hello Dan, I tried to buy the enzyme and proteins on the site NCP but you
don't seem to offer delivery in Canada. Can you please tell me what kind of
enzyme I can use instead? thank you so much.

Author Brigitte De Angelis (4 years)
@liferegenerator thank you sweetie. Courage on your last hourra. You are in
my meditation. Love.

Author informationwarfare (3 years)
you could try juicing organic greens such as spinach, kale, celery.

Author BirdOfParadise777 (2 years)
Dan sent an e-mail not long ago with a link to the "skin cream" that he
explained that both of them use on their face "every day." So, if raw is SO
good for us... why do they need a skin cream every day? Which is contrary!

Author butterflygardennews (3 years)
Where do you get the probiotics with the protolytics???

Author justfront1n (3 years)
Can you tell me the name of the probiaotics you put in the smoothie?
Proderlitics?? Thats what it sounded like.

Author Megan Costello (3 years)
Where do you shop? Whole Foods? Trade Joe's? I don't even know where to
shop to find these great ingredients.

Author Linda Kordich (2 years)
Hey our old buddy Lou Corona! It's good to see you two
this demo too. We would love to get onboard with those awesome probiotics
so we can get to a higher place with our yogurts! Give us a shout out when
you can. Jay says Hi. He's going to be 90 this year, yay!!!

Author Georgiana Salter (2 years)
Those almonds in the Indian store will be treated with pasteurization. They
are referring to those that are not.

Author razz (2 years)
Great info. I have to try this recepie. Can someone offer advice on where
to buy Natural Choice Products in Canada?

Author KetoBabe (2 years)
You are welcome. Here is my ginger ale recipe if you want to try it. Put 8
cups pure water, 1/2 cup liquid whey, 3/4 cup maple syrup, 1/2 - 3/4 cup
fresh grated ginger, heaped 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup lime juice plus
juice of 2 large lemons into a large glass mason jar. stir. secure lid.
Ferment it for 2 days out side fridge in hot summer weather or 3 days cool
weather - strain and refrigerate. It tastes better if it ages 2 days or so
once chilled. keeps for about 2 months.

Author Contessa E Jordaan (1 year)
NCP Probiotics

Author csgforme (1 year)
The guys name, email, phone number is in the video description: e-mail
Bruce, the almond guy OR call (949) 922-0919 & please
tell Bruce that Dan sent you! Cheers!

Author teewoods (1 year)
better than the insane amounts of carbs/fructose from fruits many eat. I
will rather keep insulin low

Author JamesScottGuitar (1 year)
What about Blue Diamond ?

Author ProPaleo (2 years)
The proteolytic powder is also not necessary, I suggest you people go
natural and use any fruit of the following in the mix to break down the
proteins into more digestible amino acids: pineapple, papaya, kiwi, fig

Author jaspermatty (4 years)
@xXOILER1594Xx Probably came with the house/condo/apartment--surely he
wants to leave them there in case he moves some day.

Author trompacoable1 (3 years)
pro...what?I am not English, so this is difficult to understand...

Author Movickrox (4 years)
@shanatp Happily my friend: homegrownalmonds dor com This is a family owned
farm and I can't amply tell you how lovely these people are. I paid $67.50
for 10lbs. delivered. The almonds are perfect!! I think they are out of
stock on Nonpareil, but have have Caramel almonds available. Next time I
order I'll get 50 lbs.!!! These nice folks have a channel on YT as well.

Author StarofSophia (3 years)
Hi Dan and Lou, what you are doing is great. I am going through a
challenging time in 08 I was a pedestrian hit by an SUV have done much
healing but I really need some help, having challenges with standing from
sitting, walking, strength, stiff muscles, bending, kneeling, sore muscles,
can't sit on floor would not be able to get up. I have not been able to
work since 08. God bless you both

Author Todd Dosenberry (4 years)
There is nothing wrong with animal protein but everything write with it. I
love green smoothies but love my steak, bacon, eggs, etc. I feel better
than ever eating the way my body was designed to eat.

Author Gieszkanne (3 years)
@xXOILER1594Xx Interesting maybe he drinks wine instead of water ;) Its
very strange for am man who supposedly live raw for 38 years to have a
stove and microwave in his kitchen.

Author RawClorophile (2 years)
Can I find some other probiotic powder, the NCP is not available in my
country. other brands CAN DO THE TRICK TOO ?

Author Carlos Rull (1 year)
i was thinking recently that we should all wear earplugs or earbuds
(listening to quiet music) while running the blenders. otherwise we might
have to wear hearing aids later. just a thought.

Author Travis Buist (2 years)
Dan, do you ever eat the coconut almond yogurt anymore?

Author zippers2 (1 year)
good information. i just wish there wasn't so much talk, and just share the
recipe. I would also peel the almonds....would make a much nicer yogurt.
But i like the idea of using coconut and almonds. super rich. thanks.

Author stiggyh (2 years)
thanks for replying :) -but if you don't overdo it timingwise ambient
fermentation should be fine shouldn't it ?

Author Smileeen (4 years)
Would you advise against coconut almond yogurt if you're trying to lose
weight? Thanks!

Author Sfbay Bay (2 years)
Yeah!!!! What about ppl with almond allergies??? You sk guys!

Author downhillchaos isme (2 years)

Author jungledrumnbass4ever (4 years)
@xXOILER1594Xx most of this units come with the kitchen

Author Gary McCaffrey (1 year)
tried this yogurt a few times, it goes too tangy too quickly. i use soaked
oats now and for me it's much tastier.

Author TheRawbboy (3 years)
if i dont have coconuts available......can i use water or orange juice? are
sesame seed with pecan and dates is ok to culture??

Author makedonkainfr (2 years)
Can u post links where to buy natural probiotics please

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