* I n g r e d i e n t s *

— 1 cup Germinated Really Raw Almonds* (to germinate them, first soak them in water for 24 hours, rinsing them and changing the water every 8 hours...then STRAIN the water away before using them in this recipe)

cost is $60 for a 5 pound bag
INCLUDING shipping!
e-mail Bruce, the almond guy
OR call (949) 922-0919
& please tell Bruce that Dan sent you!

— 2-3 Thai Young Coconuts
(2-3 Young Coconut Meats + 1-2 Young Coconut Waters)

— ¼ cup Life Essentials
— 1 heaping scoop of Probiotic Blend Powder from Puradyme

* P r e p *
— 1) Toss the strained germinated really raw almonds into your Vita-mix blender, or whatever blender is the best blender for you:

— 2) Open the young coconuts to get the coconut water out—watch this vid if you need help: Pour the young coconut water out of each coconut and set aside for use later in this recipe.

— 3) Using a melon baller or a spoon, scoop the young coconut meats out of the coconuts and toss them into the Vitamix or blender on top of the strained germinated really raw almonds.

— 4) Add the Puradyme Life Essentials and Probiotic Blend Powder to the blender as well.

— 5) From the coconut water that you set aside in step 2 above, add just enough coconut water to the blender to be able to blend everything into a creamy yogurt (then enjoy the rest of the coconut water as is!)

— 6) Blend at high speed until the consistency of a yogurt cream is reached.

— 7) Pour into a glass casserole dish, cover it, and let it sit and culture for 3-4 hours at room temperature before using it in a recipe, or enjoying it as is!

— 8) Thereafter, you must store it in the refrigerator, where it will last for 3-5 days.

* I n s p i r a t i o n *
— This Coconut Almond Yogurt raw living food recipe serves as a base for other delicious recipes such as smoothies and salad dressings, which will all appear in videos posted after this one, so stay tuned!

— By CULTURING raw living foods like this Coconut Almond Yogurt, we make it PREDIGESTED, so we are directly getting AMINO ACIDS, FATTY ACIDS & GLUCOSE instead of whole proteins, fats & carbohydrates that our bodies would otherwise have to work at breaking down.

— Raw living cultured foods help your body and muscles to maintain and grow strength!


Love, Dan

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Author Contessa E Jordaan ( ago)
NCP Probiotics

Author TheIceyeddy ( ago)
Just about to make this yoghurt. Can't wait to digest all this nutrition!

Author Betzaida Alsindawi ( ago)
What is the name brand of the probiotics he used? Also the other stuff I
couldn't make it out. Thanks

Author Carlos Rull ( ago)
i was thinking recently that we should all wear earplugs or earbuds
(listening to quiet music) while running the blenders. otherwise we might
have to wear hearing aids later. just a thought.

Author Brittany Stratford ( ago)
what is the thing in the blue can he puts in? Can't understand what he's
saying. Thanks

Author nosirrahm ( ago)
Was I the only one screaming, "get on with it!"

Author Healthy Diabetic ( ago)
waaaay too much talking! get on with it already

Author zippers2 ( ago)
good information. i just wish there wasn't so much talk, and just share the
recipe. I would also peel the almonds....would make a much nicer yogurt.
But i like the idea of using coconut and almonds. super rich. thanks.

Author PrincessAloeVera ( ago)
I did notice more muscle there Dan! GREAT VID! THANK YOU BOTH!!!

Author Mary Alexandria Mailler ( ago)
Yes yes yes!!! I'm 47.. Been vegan and made good life choices all along. I
feel so good and my geneticist said my DNA is 19 years younger than my
chronological age. Thanks for spreading the word on this way of eating to

Author Ricky Kendall ( ago)
I tried to make this but couldnt get it to become smooth like yogurt, it
remained grainy/slightly chunky. Any tips? I have a Cuisinart blender by
the way.

Author Kevin Hansen ( ago)
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Author Judy Morgan ( ago)
Dan inspires me a lot. But he's not new. I learned this stuff in 1980, &
earlier, from Dr. Jensen, Max Gerson, Ann Wigmore, Dr. Norman Walker, Dr.
Paul Bragg, etc. There is a resurgence in natural ways of being/staying
health without all the hype from mlm's, diet industry ads, & maintaining
awareness of our inner voice & His voice gives us all we need for
sustainability without all the hype. Everything is recycled. It depends on
how the person du jour is committed to living the walk they talk.

Author teewoods ( ago)
better than the insane amounts of carbs/fructose from fruits many eat. I
will rather keep insulin low

Author Sheila meri ( ago)
Thanks Matt, yes, that makes sense.

Author Sheila meri ( ago)
Meanwhile guys, Bruce was asking $65.00 for the almonds, not $60.00!!!!

Author JamesScottGuitar ( ago)
What about Blue Diamond ?

Author Patricia Willson ( ago)
Not so much pre-education just give me the recipe please.

Author ReehKoe ( ago)
Diet supplement companies are dying for people to give their products a try
to show how good they are at burning fat. Well I found a site that will
send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free weight loss
programs! :) You can get them here

Author Gary McCaffrey ( ago)
tried this yogurt a few times, it goes too tangy too quickly. i use soaked
oats now and for me it's much tastier.

Author Brian Draeger ( ago)
Hey Dan, so this is the second time making this yogurt and it's awesome!
Thanks so much for this video. Only problem is, this time I accidentally
left it out overnight (12 hours) instead of 4 has a more
pronounced "yogurty" taste...Do you think it's bad? :(

Author Borys Pitsuk ( ago)
Hi! I'm Nicole.I did -15 lbs in 7 days.More here

Author Udoy Sonker Roy ( ago)
Great way to get rid of fit, but have you stumbled across Sweet Weight
Shredder? My Mom lost 120lbs really easily after reading it.

Author csgforme ( ago)
The guys name, email, phone number is in the video description: e-mail
Bruce, the almond guy OR call (949) 922-0919 & please
tell Bruce that Dan sent you! Cheers!

Author Alejandro Vasquez ( ago)
Is the deal for the almonds still available?

Author Andriy Balaban ( ago)
Hi! I'm James.I did -15 lbs last 30 days.Visit

Author Ben Parsons ( ago)
please can you tell us where to get the pro biotic??

Author Borys Lopidov ( ago)
Good day! I'm Matthew.I did -10 lbs last 30 days.Visit\10PWDx6#rmgB

Author Yura Kuleshiv ( ago)
Dr. Renard was a beaming, brown-bearded man, a good example of that

Author fehr783 ( ago)
to liferegenerator; i didn't like your videos at first. I thought you were
kinda full of yourself (even though very easy on the eyes!) i realize now
though after doing much of my own research on some of the things you talk
about like alkalizing, green juicing, detox, fasting etc. make total and
complete sense. why doesn't anyone know this stuff? now i can't stop
watching your videos and learning. My husband is getting annoyed. :P

Author bud385 ( ago)
who needs a food processor get a blendtec it will blend up a food processor

Author Peace B ( ago)
if you can find a good source of very high quality organic fruit and veg
then fair enough, but a lot of us cannot rely on fruit and veg that is
flown half way around the world

Author Peace B ( ago)
the reason he suggests the enzymes is that the soils are depleted, so a lot
of these fruits don't contain many enzymes as they used to

Author KetoBabe ( ago)
You are welcome. Here is my ginger ale recipe if you want to try it. Put 8
cups pure water, 1/2 cup liquid whey, 3/4 cup maple syrup, 1/2 - 3/4 cup
fresh grated ginger, heaped 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup lime juice plus
juice of 2 large lemons into a large glass mason jar. stir. secure lid.
Ferment it for 2 days out side fridge in hot summer weather or 3 days cool
weather - strain and refrigerate. It tastes better if it ages 2 days or so
once chilled. keeps for about 2 months.

Author stiggyh ( ago)
thanks ;)

Author KetoBabe ( ago)
I am not sure. A lot of the recipes that I have also use salt as a
preserver. When I make raw fermented cabbage I put about 2 teaspoons of
salt. You will probably have to experiment to see what works best.

Author stiggyh ( ago)
thanks for replying :) -but if you don't overdo it timingwise ambient
fermentation should be fine shouldn't it ?

Author KetoBabe ( ago)
You may end up breeding harmful bacteria instead. One other way is to put
1/2 cup of liquid whey from yogurt into it. Whey has lactic acid and
pro-biotics that will help to ferment it. The lactic acid in the whey
prevents harmful bacteria and mold from breading until the fermentation
takes place. Put Yogurt into a sieve lined with a coffee filter and put it
over a bowl. The whey will separate from the yogurt. They use the plant
based pro-biotic powder as they are vegan but one can use whey.

Author KetoBabe ( ago)
Traditional cultures have been culturing foods for decades. Now days people
do not use these old fashioned techniques any more and are actually scared
of them. I have just made lacto fermented raw cabbage, almond milk,
raspberry lemonade and am now going to make ginger ale. It is such fun and
really good for your gut.

Author Tom Jackson ( ago)
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coming outside even we work out well. And In a best female model 2012
exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food
items. i found it here >

Author All Bert ( ago)
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Author NoName ForMe ( ago)
Am I the only one thinking he is incredibly sexy? I love that long hair.
Totally off topic, but I had to point that out.

Author 77xurxo ( ago)

Author stiggyh ( ago)
at 7:52 what the proteolitic blend does - will the same breakdown of
protein not happen if you do not cover it for say 5-6 hours by natural
process of ambient bacteria if you dont add it ? thanks

Author Mike Breler ( ago)
So where do I find this special probiotic and prolitic blend.. Brand name,
manufacturer, source? good video

Author godsaves3in1 ( ago)
Found the coconut at Wal-Mart $3.00 also at some mexican grocery store's

Author ProPaleo ( ago)
no problem, look in your local asian market or wholefoods for coconuts

Author astreaNght ( ago)
Where I live there are no what do I do? :-(

Author astreaNght ( ago)
cool, thanks

Author ProPaleo ( ago)
The proteolytic powder is also not necessary, I suggest you people go
natural and use any fruit of the following in the mix to break down the
proteins into more digestible amino acids: pineapple, papaya, kiwi, fig

Author septunox ( ago)
love it :-)

Author makedonkainfr ( ago)
Can u post links where to buy natural probiotics please

Author Megan Lin ( ago)
he added probiotics from natural choice products.

Author Frankie Fisher ( ago)
both of the products are by ncp (natural choice products). 1inhealth
website is running a march special on these.

Author gabi etenberg ( ago)
And the Raw Almonds address please. I am not seeing it. Thank you.

Author gabi etenberg ( ago)
Dan, Can you please tell me (write it) the name of the Probiotic that Lou
is using/recommending (the small container). Thank you, Peace.

Author John Ritthaler ( ago)
Wow 60 bucks for 5 lbs? Amazon has raw almonds at $50 for 10 lbs. What are
you guys selling anyway?

Author Maya sydney ( ago)
Now we have raw based products :( selling selling selling .. I bet u Dan
doesn't even have that .. He has been living on organic fruits and
vegetables nothing else. Some nuts .. :( I hate this video

Author Stanley Gerard ( ago)
Thanks for this recipe

Author Dev Timilsina ( ago)
It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these normal people
are able to build muscle easily with MAD Muscle Ripper (Google it).

Author Sfbay Bay ( ago)
Yeah they are not trying to sell you anything;))) nothing;)

Author Sfbay Bay ( ago)
Yeah!!!! What about ppl with almond allergies??? You sk guys!

Author downhillchaos isme ( ago)

Author faithahora ( ago)
Regarding raw almonds and food freedom in US please vote Republican. They
are much more for food freedom than the Democrats. Especially conservative
Republicans and Tea Party Republicans. I thought it would be the other way
around but it's not. Search for yourself how the Dems. voted on keeping
truly raw almonds illegal in California.

Author PikabooxxD ( ago)
1st how make yogurt video I watched. I also threw in M&M, Snicker, cotton
candy, peanut butter and skittle. After everything is blended, I put
sprinkle on top to finalize my masterpiece. It taste great! Thank you sir.

Author Nathalie De Wit ( ago)
Hi Dan, Where can i find that melon baller????

Author Linda Kordich ( ago)
Hey our old buddy Lou Corona! It's good to see you two
this demo too. We would love to get onboard with those awesome probiotics
so we can get to a higher place with our yogurts! Give us a shout out when
you can. Jay says Hi. He's going to be 90 this year, yay!!!

Author duwbryd ( ago)
whoa? somethings changed here. Lou appears to be stressed out or something
and the video was cut before Lou was actually done making the yogurt. I
don't understand the changes Dan is taking lately. Like dropping bombs.

Author Tim Kang ( ago)
I think the hardest part is going to be peeling the insides of those

Author alek4jc1 ( ago)
My family laughed when I told them I was going to burn fat with Atomic Fat
Loss, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Atomic Fat Loss to
see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

Author Georgiana Salter ( ago)
Those almonds in the Indian store will be treated with pasteurization. They
are referring to those that are not.

Author Hitesh Makhijani ( ago)
$60.00 for 5 pound bag of almonds is ridiculously high, if you can find a
local Indian grocery store, you can find a 4 pound bag for under $20.00 and
they are raw almonds.

Author BirdOfParadise777 ( ago)
Dan sent an e-mail not long ago with a link to the "skin cream" that he
explained that both of them use on their face "every day." So, if raw is SO
good for us... why do they need a skin cream every day? Which is contrary!

Author divefraggle ( ago)
Looks good.

Author Greebus1 ( ago)
I make kefir and use it in my smoothies. I will definately start sprouting
more nuts and incorporating coconut in my smoothies.

Author Burocracia eso ( ago)
There is MANY investigators on nutrition that I know that could be really
interested in spanish subtitles to this. ¿Could yo do it? I can help ;)

Author miggs80 ( ago)
How long does that amount of coconut almond yogurt last if you're using
them daily in green smoothies? Do you have to throw all of that in one
green smoothie?

Author Dimas Bensuaski ( ago)
can i use any other probiotic...please eamil me

Author sunshinebloo (525 years ago)
@pungisotu yes he does still offer it....send him a email or call
batch is on it's call him. real nice guy to talk to...cheers!

Author ashleylfrith ( ago)
i just use a regular blender

Author RawClorophile ( ago)
Can I find some other probiotic powder, the NCP is not available in my
country. other brands CAN DO THE TRICK TOO ?

Author Travis Buist ( ago)
Dan, do you ever eat the coconut almond yogurt anymore?

Author TheyBastardisedJesus ( ago)
Can i dig it? If food processors grew on trees, sure.

Author sweetmaria79 ( ago)
Awesome!! I watched this video (and Joanne Gero's too)..made my 1st batch
tonight, it's on the counter culteralizing atm:) thank you sooo much for
sharing this incredibly simple, easy, nutritious recipe ☼ You guys make a
great team btw!!

Author razz P ( ago)
Okay just found they do ship to Canada. But don't probiotics need to be
refrigerated, I'm concerned the heat will kill the bacteria during 4-7 day
shipping to Canada.

Author razz P ( ago)
Great info. I have to try this recepie. Can someone offer advice on where
to buy Natural Choice Products in Canada?

Author Lamia Kocaman ( ago)
@cumljxt you are correct. it was really hard when I first started working
out and my muscles were going nowhere at all. Between I must say I credit
all of the 30 pounds of ripped mass I have put on since 1 video series it
changed my life. just follow what video is saying to you here >>

Author bmlsb69 ( ago)
Can you use cashews?

Author Delilah Olicker ( ago)
I saw your other video about reserving a portion of the yogurt for the next
batch. How much do I save and how is it stored and for how long?

Author tusambolo ( ago)
Probiotic Blend Powder from NCP (Natural Choice Products)

Author swiss chard ( ago)
can you do a whole video on dressings!

Author singletrackdan ( ago)
These dudes are so damn informed its unreal. Everyone in the world should
listen to what they have to say. Epic stuff.

Author Megan Costello ( ago)
Where do you shop? Whole Foods? Trade Joe's? I don't even know where to
shop to find these great ingredients.

Author ChristosRoukas ( ago)
is the nutrition essentials good for candida? It has carbs but the
probiotic turns it into glucose during the culturing process, so I'm not
sure? thanks

Author corporatebootcamp ( ago)
Dan...I do not know if you realize that your videos have helped a lot of
people. I just had a friend go to the store to look for a juice fountain.
The store clerk said that they cannot keep them in stock because "some
skinny guy on the West Coast has all these juicing videos on the web using
that particular machine!" Note that I am in Philadelphia!

Author QueenThrisa ( ago)
I may be wrong, so if I am, someone please correct me... the problem is
that the bacteria use to have available to us is no longer as available.
The soil (where we would naturally get the bacteria) is depleted due to
monocultures, etc... and then due to pesticides we wash the dirt away that
might have any (if at all) bacteria. I watched a video on this not too long
ago, but they never said anything about ganic foods... this is all I know,
but it mu research toward the right direction :-)

Author trompacoable1 ( ago)
What probiotics are these? You guys are hard to understand....

Author trompacoable1 ( ago)
pro...what?I am not English, so this is difficult to understand...

Author zippers2 (1016 years ago)
my feelings exactly. and wondering about these probiotics, plant based, and
all, and what is really in this product. Healthy Origins tells you nothing
about how the product is made. I'm almost to the point that I am leary of
any 'powder'...ha

Author informationwarfare ( ago)
you could try juicing organic greens such as spinach, kale, celery.

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