How To Mod Halo 4 - Max Rank, Spartan Points and Armor! (OFFLINE)



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Author TheHeadcrabRepublic ( ago)
fotus armor?

Author Flowz HD ( ago)
jerrr it fucking dident work

Author TheDmanns01 ( ago)
Hey I'm looking for someone who can unlock the armory for me if you can
inbox me at LGC Dmanns97

Author Ridwan Hossain ( ago)

Author Trevon Phillips ( ago)
Thx bro it worked perfectly :D

Author The Real L Zero Okay Sharp ( ago)
Go ahead bud, thanks for asking :)

Author Halo Prodigy ( ago)
Hey RealLook. Is it OK if I can extract the Halo 4 GPD from your profile
and make my own tutorial? I will give you credit

Author Alien Craft ( ago)
it works

Author The Real L Zero Okay Sharp ( ago)

Author MikeSter Gaming ( ago)
I have a profile with a lot of mods for every 360 halo, but this one. is
there a way you can stick the hack into an already-made profile without
having it make its own profile? If you get my drift...

Author The Real L Zero Okay Sharp ( ago)
Check the description for an updated way on how to do this, which works

Author Levi Ross ( ago)
Wow what is the point of modding when you can't play on your profile nor on
line what is the point

Author Levi Ross ( ago)
Okay that just doesn't make any sense so do you mind which can't play on
your profile with it and you cant play online what the f*** is a pointy you

Author Here's some cash, guys. Someone take it. ( ago)
Did you read the title? It says "OFFLINE" All in capital. If your offline,
you cant get banned. Dumbass.

Author Mauxpewp ( ago)
Is it possible to rename the profile?

Author seb brookes ( ago)
I'm gonna try this later,hope it works!

Author Gmodman9999 TV ( ago)
Wait, fixed it.

Author Gmodman9999 TV ( ago)
It won't pick up my USB D:

Author NIGHT FALL4479 ( ago)

Author PIRANAHSWAG ( ago)
Thanks man

Author I YAM COW ( ago)
If you do it it corrupts your profile then u just delete your profile then
redownload it

Author CriticalManga ( ago)
It is

Author Taimur Shahzada ( ago)
Hey if i make a offline account then mod halo 4 then sign up for x box live
will i still get banned?

Author Poisoned SAMICH ( ago)
it is possible to mod your profile with a different process to unlock all
armors stances and emblems online

Author Suleiman Rashid ( ago)
THank you!!!

Author Chris Manoloudis ( ago)
what happens if i replace my profile stats at halo 4 with yours?

Author CriticalManga ( ago)
Lol I got it to work thanks a lot. You missed a major step though you got
first put the flashdrive into your xbox then go to system settings, go to
your usb then do a configure which wipes the drive clean of all file. Then
it will show up on the computer after.. anyway I got a big question I want
to make a copy of the profile so I can have 2 more offline accounts with
everything, How can I do that?

Author CriticalManga ( ago)
Ok now does the xbox need to be connected when you say make sure it is
synced? Also my flashdrive doesn't appear in the side window or anything,
can you message me please about this? Thanks

Author CriticalManga ( ago)
What the heck maybe some people want to make machinimas and don't want to
make 4 different accounts and unlock all the armors for each since that
MIGHT take too long.

Author Cory Bush ( ago)
i read your comment, then i read your name. then i made the assumption that
your probably an autistic inbreed faggot mother fucker who never gets pussy

Author JJO117 ( ago)
I believe this is fair due to offline players unable to rank up plus I have
to say Treyarch is nice for letting offline players use ever weapon and for
online you have to earn them but i dont like cod much its pointless except

Author JJO117 ( ago)
You idiot this is good for machinimas

Author INFINITY ME ( ago)
nope he didnt modded mine i im playing ever day haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
suck it

Author Random Knight ( ago)
This If for offline you spas and you don't have to download it

Author gavin bigjoe ( ago)
mod my accunt

Author Ninja Pwease ( ago)
it is online and works for the most part and it is messed up can u help me
it only lets me go 2 sr31 at 14001 xp so i need help contact me on skype ̿
̿|̿ ̿ |̶ ̶ ̶ ̶| |̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇Cookie eater

Author SkuLlKeagh ( ago)
So I suppose I may find this out later but I'm gonna ask anyways. I plan on
using this for Machinima purposes, so seeing that its like an actual
"Profile" Would a person be able to duplacate the contents and have enough
for for player screen?

Author ProtoMario ( ago)
If you are SR 130 you can not be banned for unlocking everything because
technically it is already unlocked.

Author The Real L Zero Okay Sharp ( ago)
Actually this is OFFLINE. So you cant go online with this. Therefore, there
is no way to get banned and affect anyone else online. This is just to see
all the armor.emblems and to make machinimas.

Author Fackyoucrapcom ( ago)
Way to ruin the game you rucking faget i bet you got banned.

Author C8TN ( ago)
And you can open that profile and go to the halo 4 gpd in the contents tab
it's like 4530919 or something, and then extract it and open another
profile and replace it's Gpd with that one so that u can have it on any

Author Oren French ( ago)
thanks this will work hand in hand with some machinimas :)

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