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Downloads: Horizon - XP Editor - *I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING...
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Halo 4 News: FREE codes from Microsoft
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If you bought Halo 4 and played at least 1 game of multiplayer before November 20th, you are eligible for this! Microsoft and 343 sent e-mails out...
Halo 4 Unlock Everything Instantly
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Halo: The Movie HD (Halo Wars, Halo Reach, Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 3, Halo 4)
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How to mod Halo 4- LvL 50 All armor, specialization and XP to the max|Read description| Tutorial
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Halo 4 Pelicula Completa Español
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Halo 4 | Engineer Demonstration | See? A Sam..? Saw!
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I Inspire and STL KID take a look at the Engineer Specialization Mod: Drop Recon.
Halo Reach How to mod all armors and infinite credits [NO JTAG!]
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READ!!!!: ok to clear a few things up because i'm tired of answering the same damn questions. -YOU CAN NOT USE THIS ONLINE -YOU CAN NOT GET BANNED...
Halo 4 Profile Editor Free 2013
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Hello Guys this is a video of a profile editor for halo 4 i just got the game also add me on Xbox Live as: EpicTurtle225 Send me some game invites...
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This is a tutorial of a halo 4 mod. Horizon link: Halo 4 Mod Tool link:...
How to Mod Halo Reach with a USB All Armor Max Rank Max Credits
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Halo reach modded GPD:: MODIO::: please comment,rate, subscribe...
Halo 4 Story All Cutscenes Movie - (Unmasked Master Chief) Legendary Secret Ending End
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Halo 4 Story All Cutscenes Movie - (Unmasked Master Chief) Legendary Secret Ending End inFAMOUS: Second Son Movie ►►
Halo 4 - Modded Gametypes
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New Halo 4 Online All DLC Unlock and Rank Mod!
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Modded with
Halo 4 All Armor And How To Unlock ( See Description )
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LINK FOR HALO 4 MOD TOOL- if the link is not working tell me and i will fix it (:
How to mod halo 4 Rank XP and sparton points ONLINE/OFFLINE
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DOWNLOADS BELOW: + Warning always chance of ban with modding Think i was one of the first to do this and i think they though i had a jtag or...
Halo 4 Glitch - How to Get Out of Infinity
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halo ce cea reach odst out of map glitch trick tricker tricking tricks glitches glitcher eir Team Lag Launching montage tricking jumps warthog...
Halo 4: [Max Rank SR70, All Armor and Unlockables],

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Hey I wanted to make a video on the max rank for Halo 4. I confirmed that max rank is 70. But i have everything unlocked. If i get enough view or...

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