Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld - Chameleon - Montreux Jazz Festival 2010

Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld, Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2010, Auditorium Stravinski, July 16th, 2010

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Author Geistclan (3 months)
whats that colored man playing? some kind of big laser gun?

Author David Stevens (2 months)
Seriously--would anyone make as big a deal out of Wilkenfeld if she looked
like Rosie O'Donnell? 

Author Eric Boreen (1 month)
I love watching players have so much fun on stage. Helps the music come
alive, it's great.

Author Jhamile Arias (6 months)
Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld - Chameleon - Montreux Jazz Festival 2010
Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld, Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2010,
Auditorium Stravinski, July 16th, 2010

Author Alex W. (12 days)
This is a prime example of how music is simultaneously ageless, gender
less, and race less, and it is AWESOME! 

Author ReneeNme (14 days)
Herbie is visibly pregnant in this video. Set to give birth to a pony~keg
of Budweiser.

Author Lars Pallesen (15 days)
That's one talented girl, that Tal Wilkenfelt! Impressed.

Author dugongyogurt (1 month)
I just luv her! So engaging ..& Herbie's legend, so, yeah

Author Grizzly v.d. Linden (1 month)
Thanks for the upload AND for the performance. I probably had as big a
smile as you all had playing :)

Author Eric Johnson (4 months)
I don't think that much of her at all really. To me she's just another
modern bass guitar player that has a too trebly sound and solos entirely
too much. The bass is not that hard to play. It's easy. But it's extremely
hard to play easy. And she's not putting forth that effort.

Author Dr. Feelgood (1 month)
Awesome! Do chocolate rain next!

Author Don Lawler (3 months)
A real fun jam to listen to and watch

Author Kurt Lovato (3 months)
Go Tal, ou know what has to be done!! Lol, Good jam!!

Author Keith Pieterse (4 months)
Thanks for the upload. The "dialogue" between Herbie and

Author Carl Schwamberger (10 months)
Long amused me when I hear guitarists, & other traditional 'lead' musicians
whine when a bassist, drummer, or other with serious talent breakout off
the reservation. Contrast their fragile egos with real masters like Jeff
Beck who can work with someone who stands out as far or further than they

Author Tom Rudd (10 months)
And like a good woman should, she takes the time to make adjustments to his
collar and earplug wiring. Finishes the song in beautiful form; Then goes
and brings some sandwiches and cold drinks for the band.
Gotta love her. I do.

Author Benjamin Beames (4 months)
herbie is jokes :D

Author שרה מנו (4 months)
Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld - Chameleon - Montreux Jazz Festival 2010

Author Red Vynil (5 months)
Cool! She turned up! NOW I can hear her!!

Author Chris Welles-Pryor (1 month)
Sheer magic, what talent 

Author Benjamin Beames (4 months)
Great groove and nice tone considering its cam mic recorded?

Author Max W-V (5 months)
Not the same without horns.

Author Mika Palmer (7 months)
Tal; is incredible. that rhythm simply cant be learned

Author Glenn Moran (7 months)
Jazz hazz Tal's rhythm & soul mama

Author Richard Prince (9 months)
Simply Love it When someone Finds Their Bliss,and She has Found it,some
people go their Whole Life and NOT Find it,This Lady is Freekin' AWESOME

Author Janine Stuart (8 months)
Immensely gifted child........was she born the day Jaco died? 

Author traditionalswiss (10 months)
Chameleon reinvented!

Author letienne pierre yves (11 months)
énorme cette môme!!!

Author fitmarkku (11 months)
Nothing wrong with Herbie Hancock cashing in.. playing simple stuff.. at
least there is some quality in it unlike Santana who has stooped down to
playing self indulgent guitar karaoke.. It is still a fun groove with
great players.. I can understand Vinnie getting bored..

Author NowAndThen_EH89JW (11 months)
Please stabilise a copy of this. Hell why not? Thank you.

Author David Franks (11 months)
does she sing too?

Author alvaro gonzalez (1 year)
buen Lunes y aparece la hermosisisma tal wikenfeld

Author Byron Werner (1 year)
Gotta love that Tal! She's going far!

Author Bruce Blake (1 year)
don't care the sound is f.... bad, she is hot.......

Author Eric Sandoz (1 year)
Appréciée des plus grands...

Author Merwyn Kanjes (1 year)

Author Kenneth Williamson (1 year)
Have seen this young lady? She is just sick with it!!! Blows my mind man...

Author Rob M (1 year)
Can you feel it? 

Author Takis Kasimatis (6 days)
Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld - Chameleon - Mon…:

Author Mark Ferrasci (1 year)
Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld:

Tal kicks ass with her playing but what I love more then anything else, is
the pure passion and joy that she puts out while she's doing it.

*Good Stuff!*

Author Dorien Daudou (1 year)

Author Manuel Vargas (1 year)
Ojo..."Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld - Chameleon - Montreux Jazz "

Author Francisco Vera (1 year)
Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld - Chameleon - Montreux Jazz Festival 2010

Author Andrásné Tóth (1 year)
Herbie Hancock & Tal Wilkenfeld - Chameleon - Montreux Jazz Festival 2010

Author Jane Millerick (1 year)
Herbie Hancock, Tal Wilkenfeld Chameleon, live at
The Montreux jazz Fest, 2010 ..

Author Ronald Locke (2 years)
@Zeemanuk And a holla would have been more than enough.

Author vistvan62csatorna (3 years)
-I've almost fallen down of the chair, what a talented musicians and Tal so
young and pretty :)

Author zooby11isbambam (2 years)
200,000TH VIEW!!!! WHAT!!!

Author CarterGrayShelterMusic (2 years)
You also have to remember she's where she is and is only 25...a fairly
incredible feat

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