CSS 1 HE grenade 20 kills !

Killing 20 CT's with only 1 nade in CS Source ! Just for lulz ;-)

CS:GO, Source and 1.6 guides visit:

1 nade 20 kills

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Author le0shadow (5 months)
0:24 starts the best part

Author Shreyas Dhimate (5 months)
hey anyone can bot_stop and then shoot their legs and throw a nade in their
flock and can make a video out of it ......pls !!!

Author Paul Babin (5 months)
Its funny, cause it says and there is blood on the ground,
so he shot all the cts, or set theyre hp to 1, I'm a server owner and have
played CS since release, I'm not stupid, this is just dumb LOL

Author TheRealMooose (8 months)
It amazes me a 30 second video gets 2 million views and I get 30-40 views
for making something worth while

Author dox pox (14 days)
they were all damaged

Author NoThinG. (8 months)

Author [TH3] Cooperative (4 months)
Came here from smosh :D

Author Danijel Cvejanov (8 months)
Awesome! ! ! Again! ! !

Author DIMAN1337 (1 month)

Author Airon Jay Bate (3 months)
bot_zombie 1 :D

Author LexBy Hv (8 months)

Author Victor nascimento lemes gardona (8 months)
30 kilss ok

Author GEORGE HORXE (2 months)
very good kill :)

Author Frederik Kristensen (7 months)

Author RamasKa MeSoP (2 months)
low hp

Author Chachi 'LeLe' (18 days)
Low hp or maybe super nades, I'm admin so I know what I'm talking about.

Author баке бакенов (8 months)

Author Ltu Gameris (8 months)

Author Ognjen Stevkovic (8 months)
its not afk it is a freez bots

Author House devedesete (8 months)
they allready damaged axaxaxa you fucking moron.....

Author Xristos Nixtas (3 months)
1 hp + granate

Author Victor nascimento lemes gardona (8 months)
the 40

Author Kevin Shultz (4 months)
Came here looking for the chuck norris comment so i can like it too

Author cem parlak (3 days)
bot_kill yapıyo baskası amk ortaya düşen boybayla da 4 bot ölüyo

Author Altastar VK (8 months)

Author Steven Lake (6 months)
Only in source.

Author andrejj sokolov (3 months)

Author християн динев (4 months)

Author Gamer WNC (7 months)

Author andrejj sokolov (3 months)

Author Joe65347 (7 months)
Not fake. Like

Author Marlon ProGamer (4 months)
ajajaj lol

Author the lich king (8 months)

Author CCCP - 1917 (8 months)
20 kills x 300$ = 6000$ ( AWP ) GJ

Author Soul Evans (6 months)
ok who repeated that a couple times

Author Ace Rodents (1 month)

Author yagon bester (24 days)

Author ciprian calo (1 year)

Author TerritorioUrinado (9 months)
Ér... what?

Author Azbest944 (1 year)
widze ze prawie sami lekarze

Author Munal K.c (9 months)
freeze all bot

Author xXSuperAceBrosXx (1 year)
htf did you get them all in there

Author BillyKone (9 months)
you must be really bored

Author Kevinas Zeveliauskas (8 months)
only one or not all explode

Author теодор коев (9 months)
:D:D:D:D; bot's 1 hp and with HE .. BOOM

Author Manuel Siarov (9 months)

Author MecoJoeyRamone (1 year)
no archievment for that :D

Author Ryan AsAlways (1 year)
1 hit kills with grenades in counter strike? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

Author Lucas Barret (9 months)
Nice plugin man...

Author Magureanu Mihai (1 year)
yeah...all 1 hp and 1 grenade = 20 kills

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