CSS 1 HE grenade 20 kills !

Killing 20 CT's with only 1 nade in CS Source ! Just for lulz ;-)

CS:GO, Source and 1.6 guides visit:

1 nade 20 kills

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Author Sly Vredenburg (2 months)
why does this have dislikes? did you expect someone to do this in an actual
5v5 game?

Author Denoseyhan WWE (4 months)
Chuck norris threw a grenade and killed 50 people ....Then it exploded....

Author Imilio Manettoz (3 days)
what's the point of this...?

Author le0shadow (10 months)
0:24 starts the best part

Author ♥MissPeppermint♥ (10 days)
Too bad it's not like this in CS:GO. You can throw a grenade right on
someone without armor and they only take about 80 damage.

Author Justin Chocolate Bar (22 days)
Its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen 

Author Shoker.Man (3 days)

Author Nikita Milovanov (1 month)
Каак это видео наброло 3 ляма просмотра кааааааааааааак???????

Author lockstock106 (21 day)
nice, we need a slo mo version

Author Lucas Omar Ramos (1 day)

Author elchartps3 (1 month)
Dommage que c'est pas comme ça sur cs go

Author Joao Daniel (2 months)
Chutando fodas caralho assim também eu tontos

Author TutorialesCs'GL (3 months)
Bot-stop 1 plsss

Author dox pox (5 months)
they were all damaged

Author realitycheck (1 month)
You must be proud

Author petglo2000 (1 month)
you thats lame

Author Stefan Rosenov (1 month)
kak se kazva cs

Author jim jam (2 months)
press 6 over n over

Author Pan Tymbark (1 month)
ee lol

Author Steven Roberts (1 month)
bahahaha :D:D 

Author [TH3] Cooperative (9 months)
Came here from smosh :D

Author benjaminrennair (13 days)
mad skill. just wow. 

Author Ramy bouroubaz (3 months)
They Are No Hp Are you Crayzii Hahahah :p

Author cem parlak (5 months)
bot_kill yapıyo baskası amk ortaya düşen boybayla da 4 bot ölüyo

Author giorgi cercvadze (4 months)
I gote that Cheat bro Delete for Aimbot SpeedHack Zoom WallHack BuyWeapons
and that ...

Author Melo Melonendieb (4 months)
Wow what a 5k1ll0r

Author ZiZox ­ (4 months)
HE Grenade Multi-Dammage --'

Author Nicole Horan (2 months)

Author Mehmet Bahtiyar (3 months)

Author AFo Studio (4 months)
Hits and kills :)

Author Julian Molina (3 months)
fue re corto

Author християн динев (9 months)

Author ExtraGamer CZ-LP (1 month)

Author yusuf sengul (15 days)
no no no 

Author andrey sokolov (8 months)

Author Xristos Nixtas (8 months)
1 hp + granate

Author Airon Jay Bate (8 months)
bot_zombie 1 :D

Author GEORGE HORXE (7 months)
very good kill :)

Author andrey sokolov (8 months)

Author баке бакенов (1 year)
откуда скачать

Author Shreyas Dhimate (10 months)
hey anyone can bot_stop and then shoot their legs and throw a nade in their
flock and can make a video out of it ......pls !!!

Author terraria proxy (1 year)
noooooob!!! bots

Author steven lake (11 months)
Only in source.

Author Erick Américo (11 months)
lol muito legal

Author Paul Babin (11 months)
Its funny, cause it says and there is blood on the ground,
so he shot all the cts, or set theyre hp to 1, I'm a server owner and have
played CS since release, I'm not stupid, this is just dumb LOL

Author RamasKa MeSoP (7 months)
low hp

Author Gamer WNC (1 year)

Author TheRealMooose (1 year)
It amazes me a 30 second video gets 2 million views and I get 30-40 views
for making something worth while

Author Choosemeiwin Cho (1 year)
...killing bots standing stil? wow

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