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Author Gordon Manuel (1 month)
2:13 LOOOL

Author michael carpenter (9 months)
tthe rebelion is so better than the empire

Author Rebecca Hughes (23 days)
There isn't a bro foot

Author jaimy Bijl (3 months)
Cool this video

Author Dean Brown (2 months)

Author brooke rigolo (7 months)
Star Wars rocks!!!!!!!

Author ubeatsmn (3 months)
you are so so so so funny

Author Samrai Celery (9 months)
LAND BEFORE TIME REFERENCES! Dear jeebus the childhood memories are
flowing ..

Author C J Johnson (11 months)
Haven't you played all these

Author Greg Blankenship (10 months)
you are so old are you.violent games are sick

Author Jasper Fox (10 months)
10:05 Reminds me of that commercial about the chemicals that cigarettes
have. It showed how the chemicals are also in cat piss, and dog shit.

Author Britt Hill (1 year)
My username is boombuscus

Author Parker Moore-LeFauve (11 months)
Lol he accidentaly chose Sith

Author Bookish Kate (1 year)
3:26 Got to watch that wording. 

Author Jasper Fox (10 months)
0:55 What did you expect from the wife?

Author cool creeper23 (1 year)
But spike ! OH GOD

Author Diana Stude (1 year)
OMG I LOVE these videos! People are staring at me because I am sitting in
the café at my school and laughing uncontrollably... by myself... :(... oh
well! thank you for the laughs!!!!

Author GriffentheCreeper (1 year)
What the freak did that elf eat!?

Author afuea84847 (11 months)
Please use the large women,well maybe really fat women! Use her more
because it's funny when she does stuff like get out of ma butt, and her
body part are hilarious when they come off because I laugh really hard.So
please, use the really fat women more so I laugh.(Please make her die on
levels when your about to give up on the level so it's funny.)

Author Cinder Mouse (1 year)
Butt Friendly Hobo. Rat 5.

Author Alex Jones (1 year)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Meg Doolan (1 year)
Toby yoer hot

Author skull drummer (1 year)
8:08 XD

Author Emily Rose (1 year)
I'm playing

Author Канал ARTYYY (1 year)
(4:28) Ой устал устал 

Author jonathan woodson (1 year)
+TobyGames B---- from hell For the win

Author jinpachi1231 (1 year)
i bet he rated five to see what next :3

Author JakePlayZ (1 year)
10:21 Floating Head

Author paige hubbard (1 year)
fid the 5
Good luk

Author lion gaming (1 year)
Hey why are u on cartoon network

Author Emily wolf (1 year)
Lol you laughed when you said 69 lollolollololol

Author paige hubbard (1 year)
Mmmmm mm. Mm m. Mm mm mm. M. M

Author Amber Willinger (1 year)
Toby are you part of the bro army xx
👊bro fist
Peace out ✌️

Author James Hatton (1 year)
Lol! Butt freindly hobo! :D

Author Derpy Hooves (1 year)

Author connor norcross (1 year)
great baca voice

Author Daisy Conrad (1 year)
Wow 6 million subs o.o

Author Gubby1244 (1 year)
Am I the only one who noticed at 3:26 he says "aw come (cum) face

Author Aidan Miller (1 year)
its says you like li - ek put it together 

Author Team Scor (1 year)
i like todygames

Author Dailyn Rodriguez (1 year)

Author Attila Pataki (1 year)
maybe but almost every youtuber does , and he doesnt which is good for a

Author Jenny Couch (1 year)
toby is awesome

Author ForteGX100 (1 year)
Today on Happy Wheels... Evil wins, yaaaaaaaayyyyyy!

Author KingFlyer747 (1 year)
Toby vs Pewdiepie... I think it will result as draw.

Author Parker Messex (1 year)
Kingflyer thank u most ppl would say pewds is better but Toby vs Felix 50%

Author Donavan Graham (1 year)
tobuscus really

Author angeles meraz (1 year)

Author ktalbert98 (1 year)
I sneezed twice! Never felt so special from a sneeze :3

Author Impala67 (1 year)
Type in "Gimme That" by DJ Alex S. ..Thats the full length :3

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