MineCraft Xbox 360/PS3: How To Build A Fighter Jet Tutorial.

what else things would you like to see.
and i big thanks to mingod951

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Author iron relm (1 month)
there shoulsld be a thing that shoots out flaires

Author blue wright (2 months)

Author the artic diamonds (3 months)
awsome man

Author Benjamin Bristow (13 days)
i made the plane then made it move

Author gameloser 1 (18 days)
This is awsome for my police base

Author Sam Saunders (23 days)
Thanks. I used this on my Pc minecraft server hub.

Author Mike S (1 month)
Dude! Your doing every thing to fast! Can you please stop going so

Author blue wright (14 days)
Thanks bud

Author benjoe farr (4 months)
can yau fly it m8

Author heath lawardorn (5 months)
your jet rocks but I added stuff

Author Alex Peake (1 month)
Aperently i had a self destruct button... DX I HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN WHYYYYYY
Dx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.*. ;*;

Author Corina Villarreal (1 month)
Best video ever

Author stefano cutillo (1 month)
U should of used trapdoors for the bottom

Author Mark Daly (1 month)
Very helpful

Author Ty Garrett (5 months)
You explain it very well! You earned a sub (:

Author Nanda arya pradhitya (2 months)

Author Domas Žirgulis (2 months)
what's wool

Author jesenia marrero (2 months)
And telling everyone how to make it

Author Kellen Smith (2 months)
I'm doing it a different way but your is better

Author Tamim Elakad (2 months)
can you make a tank that shoots fire charge

Author Dustin Traylor (2 months)
I made that on my ps3 got another sub

Author jacob henry (2 months)
Nic jet but i added:)

Author Domas Žirgulis (2 months)
what wool

Author bloodking boss (3 months)
shut up archy wolfie he can do that on what aver you whont

Author Benjamin Para (3 months)
Amazing job on explaining earn a like

Author Shadow_Minion123 (3 months)
Awesome tutorial

Author jesenia marrero (2 months)
I am making this with my sister Alexis along the way that you are talking

Author Izrael Pena (3 months)
I did it


Author Masih Jafari (3 months)
Wow thanks i will make one

Author jagged 2 channel (8 months)
fuck you that does not help me bitch I fucking hate you

Author Ethan Grainger (3 months)
Can u make a war ship tutorial

Author Braden Francis (3 months)
Can I be your friend , my xbox name is

Author Domas Žirgulis (2 months)
are light gray wool or gray wool

Author Pax Zappin (4 months)
This helped so much thx so much

Author Jaden Williams (4 months)
Any one wants to add me my psn is RellyBeeh need minecraft friends

Author ian edwards (4 months)

Author Adam Richards (7 months)
There was never a ps3 version like god 

Author ghostrobosoldier az (4 months)
damn the begginegdhdsfgh

Author Anthony Z. (4 months)
This is pretty cool! And I have the Arcamedes' ships mod installed so it
can actually move around! 

Author ThePacificCraft (4 months)
Great! I made a jet like yours but in a different color !You've earned a

Author Louie Reimer (4 months)
aarghh, I tried to use the TNT on mcpe but it got stuck in the plane and it
blew up D:

Author casey lippincott (4 months)
lmao this was awesome but until the tnt didnt go down and blew up by jet :(

Author B and A NETWORK (4 months)
you are awesome so you get my awesome sub

Author Kevin Lopez (4 months)
also at 6:59 I got confused

Author Leighton Wickenby (5 months)
Bigal in house1

Author Dylan King (5 months)
You gave me a lot of help thanks :D

Author lathusan thusan (5 months)
i like it but i want to fly it

Author JR McCall (5 months)
Dood that was cool and so are you 

Author Bryce Lapoo (5 months)
thank you soo much

Author TheJwang8000 (5 months)

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