MineCraft Xbox 360/PS3: How To Build A Fighter Jet Tutorial.

Idea from
what else things would you like to see.
and i big thanks to mingod951

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Author hollylynne2001 ( ago)
Man this sucks

Author Brandon Daniel ( ago)
I already built that one lol

Author Lawson Childs ( ago)
that was so cool

Author Kj Jr ( ago)
I loved it I made it fly by a mod on xbox

Author ruizrep509 ( ago)

Author Theresa Padilla ( ago)
you did great :)

Author Rhys O'Donnell ( ago)
Your the best curd 😎😎😎😎😎

Author Jason Crampton ( ago)
In the back of the jet where the flames should shoot out don't take out 2
grey blocks take out one grab some window panel and place 1 in where u c
the flame place another coming out towards you remove the first panel in
where y want the flame and replace it with lava then replace the blocks on
top to finish I'll try and get a photo

Author CarsonXpro ( ago)
Nice jet but I wish you showed us how to build the smoke/web trail on the
end of the jet 😄

Author Dominik Sommer ( ago)
The Video is STUPID

Author Alex Bui ( ago)

Author Alannah Mary ( ago)
Awesome viedos

Author dawson sanford ( ago)
That is really freaken cool

Author Mike Chatary ( ago)
Thanks so much

Author magdy garas ( ago)
how does it fly

Author Bartosz Abratanski ( ago)
This jet is very cool thanx for your help😁😁😆🙆

Author KING D7ööM ( ago)

Author BrianAndTina M ( ago)
you sound like you have a cold

Author Jayden Whaley ( ago)
This is pretty good and also can you build something else like a helicopter
or a big house or maybe A army like a tank and all that stuff but it also
is pretty good this is really good dude helicopters I was looking for the
wings it could be just straight up not over okay that's it by

Author Braydon Richardson ( ago)
Hey dude that was pretty awsome but can you try and make it fly

Author Colonel Gogeta Q ( ago)
I also used a fire charge instead of arrows but I have to say.. the shape
of the jet is amazing good job!

Author Mustang Chef ( ago)
My Little F4...The Seatbelts

Author Tj Gardiner ( ago)
That pretty good and cool

Author nikodem gazur ( ago)
this is so stupid because it doesnt fly like a slime block flying machine
it just sits there and doesnt do anything

Author aronox lp ( ago)
Hmm I built a one thats better i think, where i can mail it to u ?

Author Vivian Duong ( ago)

Author sander van duijn ( ago)
My jet exploded wit te TNT bomb fack you

Author Electro Face ( ago)
i made the plane then made it move

Author blue wright ( ago)
Thanks bud

Author Mike S ( ago)
Dude! Your doing every thing to fast! Can you please stop going so

Author Alex Peake ( ago)
Aperently i had a self destruct button... DX I HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN WHYYYYYY
Dx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.*. ;*;

Author Corina Villarreal (1651 year ago)
Best video ever

Author stefano cutillo (1293 years ago)
U should of used trapdoors for the bottom

Author iron relm ( ago)
there shoulsld be a thing that shoots out flaires

Author Mark Daly ( ago)
Very helpful

Author Nanda arya pradhitya ( ago)

Author Robotic Minecraft ( ago)
what's wool

Author Robotic Minecraft ( ago)
what wool

Author Robotic Minecraft ( ago)
are light gray wool or gray wool

Author jesenia marrero ( ago)
And telling everyone how to make it

Author jesenia marrero ( ago)
I am making this with my sister Alexis along the way that you are talking

Author Kellen Smith ( ago)
I'm doing it a different way but your is better

Author Tamim Elakad ( ago)
can you make a tank that shoots fire charge

Author blue wright ( ago)

Author Dustin Traylor ( ago)
I made that on my ps3 got another sub

Author jacob henry ( ago)
Nic jet but i added:)

Author bloodking boss ( ago)
shut up archy wolfie he can do that on what aver you whont

Author Benjamin Para ( ago)
Amazing job on explaining earn a like

Author Cyber Chain ( ago)
Awesome tutorial

Author Izrael Pena ( ago)
I did it


Author Masih Jafari ( ago)
Wow thanks i will make one

Author the artic diamonds ( ago)
awsome man

Author Ethan Grainger ( ago)
Can u make a war ship tutorial

Author Braden Francis ( ago)
Can I be your friend , my xbox name is

Author Pax Zappin ( ago)
This helped so much thx so much

Author Jaden Williams ( ago)
Any one wants to add me my psn is RellyBeeh need minecraft friends

Author ian edwards ( ago)

Author ghostrobosoldier az ( ago)
damn the begginegdhdsfgh

Author Anthony Z. (Yoshiz8) ( ago)
This is pretty cool! And I have the Arcamedes' ships mod installed so it
can actually move around! 

Author ThePacificCraft ( ago)
Great! I made a jet like yours but in a different color !You've earned a

Author Louie Reimer ( ago)
aarghh, I tried to use the TNT on mcpe but it got stuck in the plane and it
blew up D:

Author casey lippincott ( ago)
lmao this was awesome but until the tnt didnt go down and blew up by jet :(

Author Drk-dragon Network ( ago)
you are awesome so you get my awesome sub

Author Kevin Lopez ( ago)
also at 6:59 I got confused

Author Kevin Lopez ( ago)
wasnt able to build good because my game kept crashing.

Author benjoe farr ( ago)
can yau fly it m8

Author Leighton Wickenby ( ago)
Bigal in house1

Author Leighton Wickenby ( ago)
Can you add me on xbox 360 I am called Bigal in house 1

Author heath lawardorn ( ago)
your jet rocks but I added stuff

Author Dylan King ( ago)
You gave me a lot of help thanks :D

Author lathusan thusan ( ago)
i like it but i want to fly it

Author JR McCall ( ago)
Dood that was cool and so are you 

Author Bryce Lapoo ( ago)
thank you soo much

Author TheJwang8000 ( ago)

Author Ty Garrett ( ago)
You explain it very well! You earned a sub (:

Author ajaz pervaz ( ago)

Author Kevin Kealey ( ago)
Fuck off Adam Richards

Author Clintjohn Daly ( ago)
I don,t like it

Author FuZe_TempZ gaming ( ago)
Thanks it looks wicked :)

Author Emilio Almazan ( ago)
How about NOW

Author The Doctor Jedi ( ago)
all you guys wolf guy he dose not care what you did it on

Author Thomas Clare ( ago)
Hey thanks

Author Jake Osness ( ago)
The model is cool bu the tutorial was hard to follow you went fast

Author Nancymbs ( ago)

Author Ryan Doolan ( ago)
Thank u Adam buy a ps3 curd umcrap curd stampylonghead is the best
minecrafter and you tuber so curd never go soon u tube again a 3 year old
can do better the u u videos are shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Maicela Diaz ( ago)
I did it 

Author ThePowerOfDalton ( ago)
didn't you make a police car cuz if you did i did it on pc

Author Tails The Fox ( ago)
Howed u place blocks in the sky

Author Jason Austin ( ago)
You explained how to build this jet well and my turned out great....great

Author Anton Krutz ( ago)
How do you make the loop

Author Daelin Wert ( ago)
Next build a monster truck

Author Interesting ( ago)
There is its on the ps store i love it!!! CHECK OUT TRUETRIZ HE DOES PS3

Author Robynn Kent ( ago)
Your the best

Author Robynn Kent ( ago)
I followd it well I dont like it I love it his my name for xbox live im 9
and spelt it wrong MRcoolJKAUSOME

Author firey phoneix ( ago)

Author creeper250505 ( ago)
It took me ages to build it

Author Angelo Donnelly ( ago)

Author wajahat kayani ( ago)
My friend made a penis with a plane stuck in it

Author Arthur Santos ( ago)
IOYahoo onlineIOGA?:-) MIÓ......................

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