Besame Mucho Arranged for Classical Guitar & Orchestra By: Boghrat
Besame Mucho Consuelo Velaquez Arranged for Classical Guitar & Orchestra By: Boghrat for Master Classes and Sheet music Call: (310)407-9076
Attention all classical & Flamenco lovers. Save Gas and time. Now Boghrat's LIVE ONLINE classes (One On One) are admiting new students. Please email me for more information regarding these classes. No age limit. (310)407-9076

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Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)

Author Christian Le ( ago)
So beautiful Besame Mucho!

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
I really appreciate all your comments since my reply feature is disabled.

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
Mr. Samohung I sent you a message visit me at my website. thank you sir

Author samohung hoeng ( ago)
lesson me pleaseee..............!!!

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
thanks I am glad you liked it ..

Author tonaveri ( ago)
Thank you for your soft interpretation of this famous song...........

Author Marc Askew ( ago)
Nice arrangement of a beautiful tune sir - by the way, do you own a guitar
shop or are you collecting them ? Very nice collection in your room.

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
Gracias por su atención y su complemento

Author Politow Moreno ( ago)
Qe bonito toca esta cancion! felicidades viejon! ;)

Author jsivanandham ( ago)
Hi..This is one of my favourite pieces of all time..Your classic guitar
arrangement is quite simple to look at but sounds pleasant to the ears and
reasonably musical too..The fill-ins were not bad..Guess some more such
fill-ins would be much more colourful too with dynamic timbre as there is
greater room for the same if I may suggest..Well, overall is absolutely
enjoyable indeed..Tks so much..siva..India..

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
check out the email on the movie and email me cause your channel has no
room for comments.

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
yes call at (818)578-3262

Author carpassionvn ( ago)
may i ask you one question: if youre a teacher,where is your school do you
teach!i love your song so much!

Author moyalega ( ago)
Sin duda la mejor versión de "Besame mucho" que he escuchado en guitarra.
Mi gran respeto y humilde admiración para un MAESTRO. Mis sinceros
agradecimientos desde Alemania

Author Mahomet Van Beethoven ( ago)

Author Marco brown ( ago)
i love this song so much!!!

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
@jambub Thanks appreciate your kind words/ I wish when you get to my age
pklay much better than me.

Author jambub ( ago)
simply beautiful! ive been playing classical guitar for the last 3 years
(im 21) I hope one day I reach the same level as you and can make this
amazing music!

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
@Arcanis900 thanks for your compliment.

Author Arcanis900 ( ago)

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
@billysr10 Thanks for your compliment all the best

Author Bill B ( ago)
Boghrat, Fantastic job ! Thank you !

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
@pouran8000 Thank you for your compliment ! Boghrat

Author pouran8000 ( ago)

Author Arkansas Red ( ago)
Soooooooo fine.

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
Hi Jose Garcia thanks for your compliment I hope you watch and enjoy my
other videos as well cheers! Boghrat

Author JoseGarcia/CoversdeGuitarra ( ago)
awesome !! outstanding arrangement !!! Jose Garcia

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
Thanks trombonejts for your compliment cheers Boghrat

Author tromboneJTS ( ago)
very nice harmonies and texture!

Author Boghrat Sadeghan ( ago)
Thanks Phyle9 for your compliment .Boghrat

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