Tiger vs Lion (Real fight)

Around 50-60 years ago this Lion and Tiger fought in a circus, this is NOT staged. Apparently this fight was unstoppable and eventually the Lion mauled the Tiger to death.

More fight videos here :

"The well-known Clyde Beatty film, "The Big Cage", documents a circus on the verge of bankruptcy. Beatty's attempted performance erupted into a shocking fight which was recorded on film.

In the story, Beatty tames the cats and continues in the tradition of 'the show must go on'. Privately Beatty admitted even he had no possible hope of separating the big cats and the lion went on to maul the tiger to death.

For over 50 years the scene was thought by viewers to be a well-staged dramatic scene, but is now recognised as a documentary showing an actual killing."

More can be read here:

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Author john sparten (554 years ago)
This video has been edited by a lion fan boy masturbator, in the full
length vid the tiger gets up and gets the lion in two choke holds, the
people outside the cage have to separate the tigers jaws from the lions
head with a water cannon

Author ledecosi ( ago)
tiger vs. lion big cage fight....

Author thekillerab ( ago)
see the first 12 seconds that tiger looks male his head also bigger..but
then that scene in which lion chase tiger that tiger looks smalll .that is
female this film lion was shown as hero and tiger is villain..this
english peoples never liked tiger

Author TYRANTZILLA “Dkw” Fastlife ( ago)
Lion wins. The tiger knows he is not going to win this fight and he is
running away.

Author born2kill2750 ( ago)
poor tiger no shame in losing to a lion that was bigger then you tho
especially when tigers almost always win there fights against lions even
when the lion is bigger then them

Author Mario Alvarez ( ago)
Not to mention th lions body is mostly muscle the most of
any mamal i believe

Author Antonia Abraham ( ago)
you know that there are more big cats out there and that they all have
powerful blows when in a fight right....

Author Tylet Frost ( ago)
Haha they were trained so of course they would make the lion win 

Author Tylet Frost ( ago)
Haha they were trained so of course they would make the lion win 

Author John Dough ( ago)
Too many lion king fans here, grow up, in real life the only thing that
would save a lion from a tiger is its thick mane, the tiger is faster,
weighs more, and is a better fighter, lions are stiff fighters, which is
why they always get out boxed by a tiger.

Author Kidus Kifle ( ago)
Some of you people keep saying that Tigers are bigger and stronger than
Lions. that may be true but Lions are the better fighters because they have
lots of experience battling other lions for the pride. and a person who
actually had Lions Tigers said they fought alot and almost all the time the
Lion won.

Author 남박삼규 ( ago)
맹수 들의 대결 누가 이길까?
호랑이가 유리하다 하는말 있는데...
꼭그럿타고 하기보단은.
큰숫사자 만난 호랑이는 물려 죽기도.
맹수들은 비중을 어디에다 두기보다는.~
맹수들의 현건강상태 ..
맹수들의 나이에 비례하겠다.~
야생 世界에서는 그의 노출상태이기 때문의....
심기가 호조하자 못한때가 아주만아서.
그상태를 두고 그날의 승패는 결정합니다 .~^&^~.
맹수들 이라도 몸을많이 사리는편이있고.
자신 보호 조심을자칮 스스로를.
맹수 들은 조금만은 샹처도 부폐도고...
건강한 "맹수는' 한번 앞발치기로 상대가를 쓰러트리기도
한번 크게물리면 그곤욕에서 벗어나지못하고"때로호조될수 있지만
거게다 그냥 실음실음 죽어가는 자연의심리라 하겠고
자연의 世界 동물과 맹수둘의삶이라 하겠다.

.~^&^~. Blogger - 남박삼규 (samdoli) .~^&^~.

Author Shlomi Jony ( ago)
lion win all time... I have researched the topic a lot in Rome... Lion
kills two tigers average

Author 宏基許 ( ago)
King vs King!!

Author Daniel Roa ( ago)
why did you Cut the scene? you cut the scene whenthe lion was on top of the
but after that the tiger out wrestled the lion and began trying to kill the
lion by grabbing the neck and the lion is almost submitted but the hose
saved him and the tiger from another clash

Author basse head ( ago)
You have to many alibi f you saw the lion wins its clear the lion dominate

Author he shoots save ( ago)

Author EVIL KIRK ( ago)
The Tiger is bigger and stronger then the lion! But the male lion has no
fear of fighting Tigers do that gives the lion the edge!

Author Chenns Shane ( ago)
you really think that lion is stronger?

Author amdturion123 ( ago)
You would say that, but you know as well as I do in Asia they keep the
Lions malnutrition & the tigers well fed.

Author 吴 明肖 ( ago)
It was edited .finaly,the tiger was winner.

Author Đường Liên Tâm ( ago)
Original Video is here: (You must see it to
ending at 2.18 of this video)

Author Đường Liên Tâm ( ago)
This video cutted and edited, you must see original video, you'll see
Female Bengal Tiger cub 2,3 years old take down This Big Male at ending.

Author 23rale ( ago)
Yeah wright, excuses excuses my friend, and i a supose that that female
tiger is blind also...

Author Cole Phelps ( ago)
That and he's more aggressive.

Author Allo4ka Viva ( ago)
съемщики идиоты

Author Đường Liên Tâm ( ago)
Female Tiger's adult age when she 5 years old. And Male is 7 or 8 years old.

Author Đường Liên Tâm ( ago)
That's young female.

Author Zach Waddell ( ago)
Your tragic obsession is quite entertaining. Particularly when you are
unable to produce an adequate argument and resort to 5 year old styled

Author Zach Waddell ( ago)
That was probably the shittest comeback you could make. Your obsession
towards an animal which you are constantly trying to prove is the best
simply reveals your own insecurities about your performance in life. You
are trying to ride the accomplishments of something else in which you have
no connection with. Pathetic.

Author Righter99 ( ago)
At the end, Lion rapes that insolent tiger

Author Righter99 ( ago)
Lion won the fight.....its more than clear

Author Zach Waddell ( ago)
I bet you would fuck a tiger if you had the chance. Your obsession with an
animal is ridiculous.

Author Đường Liên Tâm ( ago)
Dear Uncle. Don't worry about him, each person have each favorite animals
and different together, don't discussion together as that. That's so tired.

Author 23rale ( ago)
It is bullshit edited videos and you know it...

Author 23rale ( ago)
Yeah you sound like truth and facts loving person, i seen a lott of videos
of lions mauling tigers you lying little shit...

Author fyte4luv808 ( ago)
fucking music gave me AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Destroyer of Worlds ( ago)
in most cases the lion gets fucked by the tiger. Its just how the it is.

Author Elricck ( ago)
haha, I don't know but it's funny as all hell.

Author 23rale ( ago)
Just dream on just dream on...

Author 23rale ( ago)
I just see one dead tiger here...

Author 23rale ( ago)
Only thing i saw is tiger running away from the fight, you can clearly see
that lion is better fighter...

Author 23rale ( ago)
Go away dumbass..

Author Ricardo Soto Pacheco ( ago)
Win lionn

Author BeachRumminbummin ( ago)
If you have started or commented on a debate about what cat would win in a
fight, take your soft mellon skull and bash it against you computer monitor
until the lights go out. you are officially a retard and need a rubber
helmet. who ever stuck the cats together do not need to reproduce for the
sake of the human race. My two cents

Author TheLusianPopa ( ago)
i have arguments in previous comments.If ur too lazy to read them please be
too lazy when replying me meanielittlekiddy.Iliterate?u aint worth perfect
writing,neither does youtube,This aint no exam i can write alot better when
its worth it.Poor old man

Author meanwiddlekid ( ago)
Oh, you mean a REAL argument like you saying that lions "rape" tigers?
Illiterate moron.

Author TheLusianPopa ( ago)
im not on anyones team,just stating the truth.dear meanlittlekiddo if u
have real arguments comment if not STFU

Author meanwiddlekid ( ago)
How funny is it that this asshole thinks he's on the lion's team and will
win a prize if the lion wins?

Author katgeluk ( ago)
if you want to be a lion, you have to walk on four legs and eat raw meat
for the rest of your life

Author Ty98ink ( ago)
They are both predators so it's hard to tell who is better in a 1 on 1
fight since it depends on the size of each cat. In the wild (if they ever
come across each other), the lion would win since lions travel in prides
and tigers are usually by themselves. Social animals tend to be at the
higher end of the food chain

Author Ty98ink ( ago)
lol Yeah, I wonder that myself. I think it's because they're bored

Author Sam2lucky13 ( ago)
most experts agree that a tiger at its full grown peak vs a lion at the
same ...tiger wins

Author Rexa_ ( ago)
Now you're a racist.

Author boythirsty ( ago)
your mama is a slut forever!

Author iraczactly lupus baileyi ( ago)
gringos gringos they cruel animals, in mexico dislike this

Author TheRegimelife ( ago)
Tiger=very aggresive A lion can be a crazy american

Author washedenyankeeblood ( ago)

Author TheLusianPopa ( ago)
those videos are inconclusive and doctored.Worthless.Those accounts have
alot more meanning because their old,and the ppl back then werent fan or
one or the other.,so their objective.Tigers dont stand a chance.Lions are
better fighters .Tigers have nothing on lions,no t even size.The avg weight
is the same,but the lion has alot more aggresivity,endurance fighting
TIMES AND TIME AGAIN.not some doctored videos made by indians

Author mrsvoy ( ago)
A lot of so called expert said this and said that..” just a lot of black
and white reading and assumptions. Nothing solid 2 show lion beating tiger.
What? Those painting, drawing, sculptures, are proves? All those painting
of heroic lions saving human from the tigers? Get real. Both will attack
human period. Google “Tiger vs Lion, Tiger Kills Lion at Korean Zoo
Everland” for something more recent. Lions are tigers punching bag. It
clearly proved this in the action on all the Youtube clips.

Author joegrst ( ago)
Why do lions vs tigers piss people off so bad?

Author TheLusianPopa ( ago)
I SHUT 2 or 3 tiger fans with that straightdope forum.And its a neutral
one,not phoney doctored miss leading partial accounts.Since ancient times
the lion is always pictured,sculptures show him on top of the tiger.The
berbery lion reigned in the colloseum.Why dont ppl just understand this
fight is determined by technique endurance and the lion is easily superior
in both.Theyre almost the same size cats,but one is a better fighter,more
aggresive,more skilled,MORE BADASS.Stop reading tiger forums

Author TheLusianPopa ( ago)
like i sai dbefore almost all websites/forums links on the subject are made
by tiger fans,including big sites like wikipedia.There is a neutral
forum.Type lion vs tiger strightdope.Its the 1st thing that comes up.There
are litterally hundreds of documneted accounts there,and most favour the
lion,the links not the guys on the forum.And like i said beatty is the
biggest authority on the subject,his opinion is neutral,has alot of
experience.And if he says the lions wins usually,then THE LION WINS

Author mrsvoy ( ago)
FACT IS! FACT IS! Where's the prove? It still doesn't prove shit. I don't
see any prove of Lion beating Tiger. And all he said was "I Think..." just
his opinion no documented proves. Find solid prove to prove me wrong. The
more you try to prove me wrong the more you'll just prove me right. Type in
"Tiger vs Lion Lairwebs Interspecies conflict analysis" or "Big Cage Lion
vs Tiger (Good Quality Version)" watch it.

Author TheLusianPopa ( ago)
cmon with those ridiculous accounts.A tigress doesnt resist a minute agains
ta male lion.How blind must u be to think a tigress has even a remote
chance against a male lion :)) LOL DELUDED TIGERBOY.Fact is that man was an
expert,proly the best ever on this topic.Saw dozens maybe hundred of fights
between the two.And he clearly said lions win in 80-90% of cases.Most
forums on this topic are one-sided-full of tiger fans.But lions throughout
history almost always win,since roman pleaseSTFU

Author mrsvoy ( ago)
That doesn't prove shit. Nothing's documented. Pics of Lion getting whip to
do situp trick is prove? Dream on. All he stated was his opinion. His exact
words were "I think a full grown lion could whip a full grown tiger." And
he ended stating that in his "Opinion" the African elephant is the king.
According to his words, I quest dogs can beat tigers and women's long hair
can protect their neck. Type in "Tigress Kills Mail Lion." and you'll see
the end result to the clip.

Author Fran el maquis ( ago)
las fuerzas entre estos dos felinos es muy pareja,en fuerza bruta gana el
leon por lo general,habra casos y casos pero...pero el tigre es mucho mas
agil que el leon en todo tipo de movimientos aparte de contar con colmillos
mas largos aunque eso si menos resistentes que el de los leones.Ahora lo
interesante seria que existiese un leopardo del peso de esots dos grandes
felinos a ver que pasaria ya que en proporcion es el felino mas fuerte y
mas completo

Author 8DALE ( ago)
2008- Lion kills Siberian Tiger in Korean Zoo 2009- Lions Kill White
Tigress in Chez Zoo Do you want more? I have it. Even from 19th century.

Author TheLusianPopa ( ago)
type clyde beatty lion v tiger on google,read and STFU underdog lover. A
tigress beating a lion,how deluded u tigerboys must be:))LOL A lion kills a
tigress in 1 minute.And a male in a couple.Big cat experts said it and
proved it,not some tiger fan websites/forums with doctored videos.LIONS OWN
TIGERS in 80-90 % of fights.THEY OWN THEIR ASS

Author Awray Wray ( ago)

Author Awray Wray ( ago)

Author Awray Wray ( ago)

Author Awray Wray ( ago)

Author Awray Wray ( ago)

Author mrsvoy ( ago)
This scene was cut short. Unless you've been living in a cave or just a
natural born douche bag like the person that posted this video saying the
lion maul the tiger to death, you should've already know that lions are
tigers punching bag 90% of the time. Hey idiot, you forgot the part where
the tiger got the lion by the throat and they were being sprayed by a high
power water hose. Type "Tigress Kills Male Lion." into the search button
and you shall see the end result.

Author JoaoIJV6aPROV ( ago)
Leão Africano Selvagem Adulto x Tigre Siberiano Selvagem Adulto, Leão
vence. Leão Selvagem foi feito para brigar e proteger o bando de outros
Leões, o Leão criado em cativeiro não tem essa experiencia... E acho q em
uma luta com os 2 animais selvagens, o Leão ganharia, apesar do Tigre ser
maior, mais forte, e mais ágil. O Leão é mais agressivo e mais preparado
para uma briga. Basta ver a maioria dos ataques do Tigre (patadas) e do
Leão (mordidas), e o Leão tem a juba pra proteger das mordidas.

Author lord freezer ( ago)
wow, you're just pathetic.

Author TheLusianPopa ( ago)
avg male lion s avg male tiger lion wins 80-90% of fights.Beatty,the great
bigcat circus trainer said it.And he saw more fights between these 2 than
anyone proly.Tiger fanboys come with ridiculous record sized
specimens,those dont mean shit.The only thing beats a lion is hunting,and
even that is debatable.

Author TheLusianPopa ( ago)
it was an acccident.Lions kill tiger in 90% of cases.Proven since roman

Author Rodrigo Braga ( ago)
lixo....mente humana deprimente...o que pensa uma pessoa q coloca dois
animais dentro de uma jaula para se degladiarem??? é um borsal

Author jhoni kun ( ago)
tiger fans vs lion fans... ego and cant accept the reality change a fact to
fiction like a child

Author Trần Hoài Nam ( ago)
those lion are still small

Author KaLiKuS Scott ( ago)
pssh should've put a tiger against a female lion! Male lions can fight, but
not as fierce as the hunting females!! and seriously...what's with the

Author Pavle Barta (1930 years ago)
Same age, same sex, same level of aggression - tiger always wins. It was a
rare case in Ancient Roman arenas that lions had defeated tigers. It is
very simple, tiger is bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic animal with
bigger teeth and claws... Btw, the comment of this video is fake 'cause the
tiger killed the lion in that circus... Kids, don't reply please, read some

Author Trần Hoài Nam ( ago)
not full, but i'm sure male lion always defeats tiger

Author jhoni kun ( ago)
for uploader learn the fact and accept reality you will become a true man
ego can't make you become a god

Author Roddo08 ( ago)
Looks like the Lion owned the tiger...end of. Lions are pride animals built
for is their forte..tigers are solitary and therefore more
impressive hunters.

Author Hieu Le ( ago)
only part of the battle

Author iwbtssothy ( ago)
this is a famous fight in a circus where tiger actually killed the lion

Author Ihsen Fezzeni ( ago)
fingerup if u muted the music .....

Finish Him!!!

Author Brandon Palmer ( ago)

Author Kenny Tran ( ago)
Bullshit video !!!!! Tiger kick lion ass in this video if you watch 5
minute video .

Author Kenny Tran ( ago)
To mike , you watch full video then tell me . Don't tell me the the tiger
run ,. Watch the big cage 5 minute video you known what happen . The lion
got bite on the face and run like a dog at the end .the tiger still stay in
the cage .

Author mikemike0506 ( ago)
you hardly ever see lions running from tigers in these videos,but you see a
lot of the so-called bigger tigers running from lions

Author mikemike0506 ( ago)
how the hell do you know,have you been to every lion and tiger fight,you
stupid shit kicker,if i ever see you ill slap that tobacco chew out of your
mouth for showing your stupidity for the public to see

Author mikemike0506 ( ago)
is thats why the tiger laid down in submission

Author Samuli Roponen ( ago)
Lion is still the king.

Author satpaul1983 ( ago)
naturally the tiger was,,,,lion wat smacked hard and on the other hand lion
blowed real with he had to come baq

Author krathos oajk ( ago)
Tiger for ever

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