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Author john sparten (15 days)
This video has been edited by a lion fan boy masturbator, in the full
length vid the tiger gets up and gets the lion in two choke holds, the
people outside the cage have to separate the tigers jaws from the lions
head with a water cannon

Author born2kill2750 (8 months)
poor tiger no shame in losing to a lion that was bigger then you tho
especially when tigers almost always win there fights against lions even
when the lion is bigger then them

Author ledecosi (3 months)
tiger vs. lion big cage fight....

Author Kidus Kifle (10 months)
Some of you people keep saying that Tigers are bigger and stronger than
Lions. that may be true but Lions are the better fighters because they have
lots of experience battling other lions for the pride. and a person who
actually had Lions Tigers said they fought alot and almost all the time the
Lion won.

Author thekillerab (6 months)
see the first 12 seconds that tiger looks male his head also bigger..but
then that scene in which lion chase tiger that tiger looks smalll .that is
female this film lion was shown as hero and tiger is villain..this
english peoples never liked tiger

Author DKW Fastlife (8 months)
Lion wins. The tiger knows he is not going to win this fight and he is
running away.

Author 남박삼규 (11 months)
맹수 들의 대결 누가 이길까?
호랑이가 유리하다 하는말 있는데...
꼭그럿타고 하기보단은.
큰숫사자 만난 호랑이는 물려 죽기도.
맹수들은 비중을 어디에다 두기보다는.~
맹수들의 현건강상태 ..
맹수들의 나이에 비례하겠다.~
야생 世界에서는 그의 노출상태이기 때문의....
심기가 호조하자 못한때가 아주만아서.
그상태를 두고 그날의 승패는 결정합니다 .~^&^~.
맹수들 이라도 몸을많이 사리는편이있고.
자신 보호 조심을자칮 스스로를.
맹수 들은 조금만은 샹처도 부폐도고...
건강한 "맹수는' 한번 앞발치기로 상대가를 쓰러트리기도
한번 크게물리면 그곤욕에서 벗어나지못하고"때로호조될수 있지만
거게다 그냥 실음실음 죽어가는 자연의심리라 하겠고
자연의 世界 동물과 맹수둘의삶이라 하겠다.

.~^&^~. Blogger - 남박삼규 (samdoli) .~^&^~.

Author John Dough (9 months)
Too many lion king fans here, grow up, in real life the only thing that
would save a lion from a tiger is its thick mane, the tiger is faster,
weighs more, and is a better fighter, lions are stiff fighters, which is
why they always get out boxed by a tiger.

Author Mario Alvarez (8 months)
Not to mention th lions body is mostly muscle the most of
any mamal i believe

Author Tylet Frost (9 months)
Haha they were trained so of course they would make the lion win 

Author Antonia Abraham (9 months)
you know that there are more big cats out there and that they all have
powerful blows when in a fight right....

Author Shlomi Jony (1 year)
lion win all time... I have researched the topic a lot in Rome... Lion
kills two tigers average

Author Tylet Frost (9 months)
Haha they were trained so of course they would make the lion win 

Author Daniel Roa (1 year)
why did you Cut the scene? you cut the scene whenthe lion was on top of the
but after that the tiger out wrestled the lion and began trying to kill the
lion by grabbing the neck and the lion is almost submitted but the hose
saved him and the tiger from another clash

Author 許員外 (1 year)
King vs King!!

Author Brandon Palmer (2 years)

Author krathos oajk (2 years)
Tiger for ever

Author egrojodnamra (2 years)
This video was uploaded first than yours, also has better quality and
doesn't have that shity music you added watch?v=YmYYpGzmop0 Also shows the
whole thing ending with the tiger grabbing with a bite the head of the
lion. Doesn't seems like any of them died, but the tiger looks victorious.
You shouldn't be wasting usefull space on youtube servers

Author Fran el maquis (2 years)
las fuerzas entre estos dos felinos es muy pareja,en fuerza bruta gana el
leon por lo general,habra casos y casos pero...pero el tigre es mucho mas
agil que el leon en todo tipo de movimientos aparte de contar con colmillos
mas largos aunque eso si menos resistentes que el de los leones.Ahora lo
interesante seria que existiese un leopardo del peso de esots dos grandes
felinos a ver que pasaria ya que en proporcion es el felino mas fuerte y
mas completo

Author BLACKNUGGETSS (2 years)
Finish Him!!!

Author BRUCEJACKSON786X (2 years)

Author Bateristain805 (2 years)
Tigers= stronger bigger taller lions= more experienced ,killers tigers box
with their paws fast but no very effective while lions swing with great
fury but sort of slow. it all depends in the situation is in and thanks for
the information on the tv show ill look forward to watching some episodes:)

Author John yang (2 years)
This is a great video, every little boy always wondered who would win, a
Tiger or a Lion. I would like to see the entire fight, because fights of
this caliber are to the death and usually last long, can anyone tell me
what the song for this video is called?

Author Ty98ink (2 years)
lol Yeah, I wonder that myself. I think it's because they're bored

Author 8DALE (2 years)
2008- Lion kills Siberian Tiger in Korean Zoo 2009- Lions Kill White
Tigress in Chez Zoo Do you want more? I have it. Even from 19th century.

Author евгений Петросяныч (2 years)
Купи себе очки у тебя проблемы со зрением?лев полностью обхватил клыками
позвонок если люди не вмешались то тигр труп, и причем тут азиатский лев?
если речь идет об африканском, лев существо которое создано природой для
таких поединков, при драке двух львов всегда есть проигравший так и тут все
зависит от обстоятельств,поэтому я и сказал что в боьшинстве поединков

Author Eugen Hannibal (2 years)
Lion is the King...

Author TheLusianPopa (2 years)
type clyde beatty lion v tiger on google,read and STFU underdog lover. A
tigress beating a lion,how deluded u tigerboys must be:))LOL A lion kills a
tigress in 1 minute.And a male in a couple.Big cat experts said it and
proved it,not some tiger fan websites/forums with doctored videos.LIONS OWN
TIGERS in 80-90 % of fights.THEY OWN THEIR ASS

Author Sam2lucky13 (2 years)
most experts agree that a tiger at its full grown peak vs a lion at the
same ...tiger wins

Author caleb stoyles (2 years)
actually tigers are bigger and stronger than lions yeh

Author fyte4luv808 (2 years)
fucking music gave me AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Keshaw Radho (2 years)
The tiger was running away at the end

Author egrojodnamra (2 years)
You should had seen the whole fight, it was a tigress and she killed the
lion Lr1X9XeWY6s&feature=fvwrel

Author mikemike0506 (2 years)
how the hell do you know,have you been to every lion and tiger fight,you
stupid shit kicker,if i ever see you ill slap that tobacco chew out of your
mouth for showing your stupidity for the public to see

Author Righter99 (2 years)
Lion won the fight.....its more than clear

Author Kenny Tran (2 years)
To mike , you watch full video then tell me . Don't tell me the the tiger
run ,. Watch the big cage 5 minute video you known what happen . The lion
got bite on the face and run like a dog at the end .the tiger still stay in
the cage .

Author TheLusianPopa (2 years)
cmon with those ridiculous accounts.A tigress doesnt resist a minute agains
ta male lion.How blind must u be to think a tigress has even a remote
chance against a male lion :)) LOL DELUDED TIGERBOY.Fact is that man was an
expert,proly the best ever on this topic.Saw dozens maybe hundred of fights
between the two.And he clearly said lions win in 80-90% of cases.Most
forums on this topic are one-sided-full of tiger fans.But lions throughout
history almost always win,since roman pleaseSTFU

Author Alejandro Meneses (2 years)
Es obvio que gane el león, a pesar de que el tigre es levemente mas grande,
se debe recordar que el león es un guerrero por naturaleza.

Author TheLusianPopa (2 years)
avg male lion s avg male tiger lion wins 80-90% of fights.Beatty,the great
bigcat circus trainer said it.And he saw more fights between these 2 than
anyone proly.Tiger fanboys come with ridiculous record sized
specimens,those dont mean shit.The only thing beats a lion is hunting,and
even that is debatable.

Author TheLordSod (2 years)
Ever watched the show "lion man"? In is Craig the keeper/tamer of lions and
tigers says that tigers are much stronger and heavier than lions. However,
that's not the same as saying that a tiger will always win.

Author fyte4luv808 (2 years)
fucking music gave me aids

Author Xxp0LoswaqqxX (2 years)
Dat was a female tiger

Author DJIGIT06 (2 years)
FULL VIDEO PLZ WHERE tiger fucks lion ....

Author Franco El Gorila (2 years)
Its funny if you think about it the tiger saved Clyde Beatty's life if you
think about it,even though he attacked the lion from

Author EagleMarine2012 (2 years)
lion is the tallest cat buddy

Author fanaber70 (2 years)
L'être humain est le plus cruel de tous les animaux.

Author 23rale (1 year)
Yeah wright, excuses excuses my friend, and i a supose that that female
tiger is blind also...

Author Ty98ink (2 years)
They are both predators so it's hard to tell who is better in a 1 on 1
fight since it depends on the size of each cat. In the wild (if they ever
come across each other), the lion would win since lions travel in prides
and tigers are usually by themselves. Social animals tend to be at the
higher end of the food chain

Author youssef king (2 years)
its not figth its dance

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