pamela courson/ jim morrison interview

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Author Dave Cote ( ago)
:) I never pictured Jim Morrison ordering takeout. It's nice to see the
human side.

Author jacky pattersont ( ago)
About 20 YRS ago I started a fan club 4 Pamela. COURSONS CREW and PAMSPAK
BTW I like ur posts.

Author jacky pattersont ( ago)
Violet about 10 YRS ago 

Author jacky pattersont ( ago)
Amen 2 that

Author Lana banana ( ago)
everytime i look for a jim and pam video all i get is the office!

Author SuperKissme69 ( ago)
i am a bif fan of million people are i believe.i really am very
pleased those 2 people met each other....i believe he/she found the other
half....BUT....what makes me feel strange is why no pamela's video is in
public or even exist?i found on to show pam for a few minutes in different
places ...why never together on a video?or her to talk about jim?or any
personal activities?isn't that strange..jim's morrison best love ever never
capture them on camera?i knoe th\ey used to have cams..i think 8 film
named.something like that....i would likeif anyone knows anything to inform
me and the fans too.thanks...

Author Fer Abra ( ago)
Jim Morrison and Pam Courson must be the only two persons in history who
were actually prettier in real life than the actors who played them on

Author Jim James ( ago)
Pamela was born in "Weed California" and died a junkie, how strange.

Author AJ Steele ( ago)
I see why men desired her.

Author rothsuede ( ago)
Was pam doing smack before her and Jim met ? - who got her hooked ?If I was
Jim I would have moved on and buy her the heroin - where did she get money

Author Dean Brandt ( ago)
Maria- rotten??? Because of People like you people become Addict to escape
the Pain, Ignorance and Cruelty of this World/Society and their
uncompassionate beings. Unless you are an Addict you don't know what it's

Author michael99745 ( ago)
great music man love the drs

Author robken0174 ( ago)
Jim: "Yeah, and uh, a half a pint of...uh, Beefeater."

Author Elyce Oleary ( ago)
Pam was very pretty, but to say she was rotten is just wrong. She was sick
like a huge part of the world. They didn't promote rehabs back then. I
mostly know from what I've read. I was only 11 when (he) died?

Author Blue Agramonte ( ago)
Does anybody know the name of the song that starts at 0:09? or at 2:30?

Author Emma Harvey ( ago)
Title of this video should be "Jim Morrison Orders a Pizza"

Author Danny Hood ( ago)
Are we ignorant? Men
are supposed to treat outward beauty as a man who cares nothing for
God.. Grab a shovel and dig up Pamela's grave ,Open the casket clearly
life is instant Beauty fades quick
Don't open a casket i heard its ugly rotten ill be like that 40years
less maybe soon 

Author April Gosa ( ago)

Author Mila Kolarić (1013 years ago)
People tend to romanticize their relationship and depict them as some sort
of 60's version of Romeo and Juliet, which is unrealistic to say the least.
It would be more historically accurate to say that it was a verbally,
emotionally and sometimes even physically abusive relationship. Pamela was
known to haul off and punch Jim in the face anytime he crossed her and as
time went on they were becoming more and more dependent on each other as a
result of their drug and alcohol addictions.
They pretty much feed off of each other's weaknesses. One could argue that
Jim and Pam would not have stayed together had they both lived. It was a
toxic relationship and their reckless lifestyle contributed to their
downfall. It's not a type of relationship one would want to emulate.

Author cori dionne (247 years ago)
She sounds like my sister in law .. Well that's scary. 

Author thears2u ( ago)
Once and for all lets EXUME. Shit, we do it for lesser crimes, unless the
CIA has a problem with it!

Author thears2u ( ago)
I wonder if his dad had connections to help him get out.. :If someone has a
desert Island please turn me on to it, These collective archives are
getting me down"

Author thears2u ( ago)
I wish we could clarify what Pam is saying. I don't trust her!!

Author Robert Gage ( ago)
Sweet and needy. I am so sick of useless little twias being given a pass.
Useless little fucks.

Author xPURPLExKILLERx ( ago)
What was he ordering? Pizza?

Author maria casillas ( ago)
she was pertty from outside but rotten from inside.drug-addict. 

Author Jason Donnelly ( ago)
That isn't Pam. That is Diane Gardner.

Author CUDDLES55 ( ago)
They were perfect for each other. I can see why he loved her. 

Author Kammers10 ( ago)
They did NOT look well in Paris. Jim bloated, Pam skin dull, hair dull.
Sadly, not a healthy beautiful as they were.

Author Kammers10 ( ago)
She had a little girl voice. Moreso next to Jim's deep masculine voice.

Author Augest West ( ago)
I find this to be insulting, stupid and asinine. Who ever did this is a
complete ass hole. The man was dead and this was just done in very bad
taste. Anyone who knew Jim would not find this funny in the least. So I am
going to ask you to forgo your 1st amendment rights and take it the hell
off or I'll find you and commence to use my 2nd amendment rights and blow
your FN head right off.

Author Anthony Mireles ( ago)
Jim Morrison ordering food over the telephone--incredible.

Author Joni Hip ( ago)
Like my grandpap says: "Good looking girl with a needle for a husband"

Author Great Books of The Western Tradition ( ago)
"we'd like to make an order, please." So different from what you'd expect
from Jim. Nice guy when he wasn't loaded.

Author Mick Lans ( ago)
If you were back in those times it's likely that you would have used "would
have" at the end of your comment instead of the now common error, "would

Author RockRebel ( ago)
I love the high speed internet, I love my 60 inch & PS3 and Bluray etc but,
I'd trade all that & much much more to go back and live in these
times...for as long as I died in late 93, I would of been good.

Author Lucas Quail ( ago)
"Honey, do we have any wine or anything? Beer? ... Nothing at all?"

Author Lyric Melody ( ago)

Author Lyric Melody ( ago)
Her voice in wonderful *-*

Author El ( ago)
They gave the address. 8216 Norton Ave, West Hollywood.

Author El ( ago)

Author farahm09 ( ago)
She was so beautiful.

Author Mondragon Media ( ago)
what city was this recorded in?

Author Eddie RUKidding ( ago)
so cooool

Author apocatie34 ( ago)
Jim's voice is fucking hypnotizing

Author Dawn Threader ( ago)
I know its such a drag to see that persona always around I hate it He was
so great a singer what about that? grrrr and so beautiful ......

Author Dawn Threader ( ago)
so much suffering with drug and drinking abuse everyone is so young and
beautiful in these clips its good to see them as people just living Jim was
talented He was likened to a Mystic warrior in Music and I think he seemed
like a true gentleman well like my Mom said before she died we will all be
together one day GBless him

Author Dawn Threader ( ago)
I remember reading about Pamela and she died 2 yrs after Jim they were real
close and she was so loyal to him so sad the way they died GBless them in
heaven together and may they watch over us

Author uannoyme74 ( ago)
she was hot but remember she was a 60s chick which means she had a big old
disgusting bush

Author Charlotte Anderson ( ago)
R.I.P. Pamela Susan Courson and James Douglas Morrison.

Author MagasVolar ( ago)
Yes, the link is: ivorylotus.deviantart .

Author dancingqueen1978 ( ago)
you have the link to that? I'd like to see that drawing

Author Szam Boti ( ago)
Great images of Pam & Jim....

Author ElNicco1 ( ago)
"I there any wine or anything ?"

Author DerpTheEpic ( ago)
who is the little girl at 1:25

Author MagasVolar ( ago)
I love to see Jim smiling innocently. There is this one drawing on
deviantart which depicts Jim and Pam as two flowers in a vase and both are
smiling so purely, so beautifully, it actually made me feel redemption as
if I was freed from a demon, from the demonic image that I brought upon
myself by absorbing the dark narrative of Jim's life that is still all to

Author rebecca trafford ( ago)
You cant really hear what pamela is saying as jim talks over her and orders
food beef eater and potato chips lol

Author dancingqueen1978 ( ago)
Pam was prettier than Patricia by far yet she still looks very homely to
me,perhaps she was better looking by 1960's standards although I've seen
much better from that decade,in my opinion anyway.Judging by some other
woman he hooked up with he either didn't have the best taste in women,or
pretty much just hooked up with anyone,or perhaps he saw something special
in them.Bottom line I think he could have done better than he did with a
lot of them,he could have had anyone he wanted,the very best

Author Anthony Watkins ( ago)
I think he could have done so much better than Pam, something about her
seemed evil to me, I think he would still be alive if not for her. She was
into no good and dragged him along with her! I cannot believe she had the
golden pussy!

Author Lisa Samson ( ago)
What the F*** is she talking about? She was the face and Patricia was the
brains by far!!!

Author ThatOneChickHeather ( ago)
Angels Dance and Angels Die is a wonderful biography of Jim and Pamela's
romance. I loved the book :)

Author Bolan Forrest ( ago)
They made it 2 the 3rd HEAVEN ETERNAL & TOGETHER

Author juan alejandro ( ago)
Jim MoRRison LibertaD,drugs y fanTasia heCha ReaLidad....

Author Jon Nixon ( ago)
Mighty black- and -white world you live in Ana R.......

Author mguy03 ( ago)
This is pretty funny. Jim loves food. In all of the interviews I have
watched, Jim always talks about making a sandwich or ordering out. In all
of the Pamela babbling I found the best part of this video is how
interested Morrison is on getting his food delivered.

Author Jesus Melero ( ago)
I love Pam's voice it's so sweet :o

Author skymeetsea6 ( ago)
This is from a conversation and unintentional interview with Jim by Ben
Fong-Torres the Rolling Stone journalist. Feb 1971. It's over an hour long
and occurred because of a chance meeting at Diane Gardiner's Apartment in
LA. Jim was looking for Pam. Fascinating listening, will shift the
perception of him that he was just a babbling drunk at this time. Avail on
YouTube- Search: Ben-Fong Torres & Jim Morrsion 1971 Interview Published as
an article, "Jim Morrison's Got the Blues" Rolling St

Author Ana R ( ago)
Jim was an addict and alcoholic and the only one at fault for his death is
himself. Addiction is a self destructive disease and sadly too many die
because of it. They were co dependent enablers to each other. Its sad that
neither of them could break free of the chains of addiction.

Author MrAlex0262 ( ago)
I agree with you :) And what the most People forget is , that it was much
easier for Pam with Jim to get Heroin , she was a Junkie and needed the
Money for buying it everyday ! And if you read the Book by Heinz
Gerstenmayer you will see that it was her fault that Jim Morrison died in
that Night !

Author Sarah Chick ( ago)
I was literally JUST wondering that. As I went to search "jim and pam" it
hit me. I wonder if the producers did that on purpose.

Author plenty2see ( ago)
wtf is she babbling about.

Author plenty2see ( ago)
shes the classic Willow the wisp, jezebels ,and succubus ,

Author Ruby Eversole Lamb ( ago)
They say Pamela was the main cause of death of Jim but I guess we will
never know but it was odd how fast he was put in the ground by Pamela.....

Author Clarice Douglas Waill ( ago)
therefor not smiliar persons...

Author Clarice Douglas Waill ( ago)
Intelligent no. She is just as pretty as the girl Next door. She wasn't SO
good looking as Mary Werbelow, to Jim. Jim , it'll suprise many, had high
moral values - it's why he didn't marry her? Why did he Escape her and
fought With her if he agreed With her? he did not, because they did not
have the same ideas....

Author Clarice Douglas Waill ( ago)
And Jim had DAYS without drinking at all in Paris- but you don't give an
alcoholic who tries to stop drinking a beer! Jim's body could NOT live
without alcohol, but, he tried and in the fact he could live without
alcohol to me means he could change... He was not junky. and never took
heroin and I feel he took it than- Pam took it many years but when he took
it, he died?? perhaps he died, because he didn't know how to use it?

Author Clarice Douglas Waill ( ago)
As for me - i can't stand Pam. In the Intervention program on t.v it's
called ENABLING. She gave Jim a hand in the heroin thing. She was nothing
more than junky. I am 40- and was very Doors fan before. now less. But i
have had many books and in all of them - the Doors and Jim's friends
thgouht she was a drag. When Jim left her, or fought With her - she always
chased him. She was a cigarette smoker and heroin addict. Perhaps good
looking, yes, but still a junky. Junkies are not all ugly faced :)

Author Trillidotia ( ago)
She talked like a vacuous little girl.

Author macready lives ( ago)
8216 Norton Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90046... makes for an interesting
search on Google Maps.

Author Valeria Zane ( ago)
haha Jim ordering food during the interview is just hysterical! love it!

Author TheWeav22 ( ago)
Beefeaters whiskey

Author Lalaxtc Cali ( ago)
Pamela was GORGEOUS!

Author Jevtar ( ago)
At the beginning he says "Hey do you have any wine or anything? Beer?
Nothing at all?" "Do they take, yeah they take credit cards?" Pamela "Do
you know where Barney's is? Then it cuts for a moment @ 2:02 so you miss
the beginning of the order but then he says "right and a 1/2 a pint of
Beefeater (Gin) that's it. An hey you want a bag of potato chips? And a bag
of potato chips" Thank you for posting. Too cool to just hear such a moment
forever frozen in time. Yep got to love the rotary dial !

Author kathy mccullough ( ago)
I just finished reading all the comments. I know this is a free country but
omg some people are sooooo crabby. I have loved the Doors since I had a
spiritual experience while driving in my 68 Mustang during a REALLY bad
storm. I had to pull over because i couldn't see beyond the hood of my car.
Riders On The Storm started playing on the radio. I never paid them much
attention pryor to that. That was 1975 and I love them more now. Thank You
Violentblossom for posting this and You Tube ROCKS.

Author kathy mccullough ( ago)
39 years ago today April 25, 1974 Pam died. I think its so sad she was not
able to be buried in Paris with Jim. You will always be The Queen Of The

Author Infam0usKiller ( ago)
he was an alcoholic he drank more than that, no disrespect to Jim

Author Infam0usKiller ( ago)
JIM MORRISON didnt care about money.

Author Drew Pagliari ( ago)
I love the rotary dial in the background. I still remember that - actually
had to "physically" make the phone work. Now I'm mad when utube videos take
too long to load! lol

Author Salvatore Risi ( ago)
he ordered half a pint of what?

Author brinda oviedo ( ago)
"I can't find anybody to replace Jim. We definitely have a soul connection
so deep. I've never had anything like that again, and I don't expect I ever
will."-mary werbelow

Author Byron Barsamian ( ago)
he was a superb human being and a poet par excellence. His death was a
terrible and tragic accident.It could have happened to anyone of us if we
had lived his lifestyle. Amen.

Author RT ( ago)
"Yeah, throw in a bag of potato chips." lol!!!!

Author tres konopelko ( ago)

Author boobtuber06 ( ago)
who's that adorable little girl tusseling Jim's hair @ 1:24 ?? is that his
love child?

Author Kathryn Handy ( ago)
Pam is so cute! <3

Author lokezep ( ago)
"half a pint of Beefeater want some potato chips?...yeah, a bag
of potato chips....okay....thanks." That could've been his epitaph. JJim
was a classic

Author ladiesman velasco ( ago)
muy hermosa la mujer del rey lagarto,diga de el y biceversa

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