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Author robken0174 (1 month)
Jim: "Yeah, and uh, a half a pint of...uh, Beefeater."

Author michael99745 (9 days)
great music man love the drs

Author Emma Harvey (2 months)
Title of this video should be "Jim Morrison Orders a Pizza"

Author Robert Gage (3 months)
Sweet and needy. I am so sick of useless little twias being given a pass.
Useless little fucks.

Author Mila Kolarić (3 months)
People tend to romanticize their relationship and depict them as some sort
of 60's version of Romeo and Juliet, which is unrealistic to say the least.
It would be more historically accurate to say that it was a verbally,
emotionally and sometimes even physically abusive relationship. Pamela was
known to haul off and punch Jim in the face anytime he crossed her and as
time went on they were becoming more and more dependent on each other as a
result of their drug and alcohol addictions.
They pretty much feed off of each other's weaknesses. One could argue that
Jim and Pam would not have stayed together had they both lived. It was a
toxic relationship and their reckless lifestyle contributed to their
downfall. It's not a type of relationship one would want to emulate.

Author xPURPLExKILLERx (4 months)
What was he ordering? Pizza?

Author thears2u (3 months)
Once and for all lets EXUME. Shit, we do it for lesser crimes, unless the
CIA has a problem with it!

Author thears2u (3 months)
I wish we could clarify what Pam is saying. I don't trust her!!

Author April Gosa (3 months)

Author Elyce Oleary (1 month)
Pam was very pretty, but to say she was rotten is just wrong. She was sick
like a huge part of the world. They didn't promote rehabs back then. I
mostly know from what I've read. I was only 11 when (he) died?

Author maria casillas (4 months)
she was pertty from outside but rotten from inside.drug-addict. 

Author cori dionne (3 months)
She sounds like my sister in law .. Well that's scary. 

Author Danny Hood (2 months)
Are we ignorant? Men
are supposed to treat outward beauty as a man who cares nothing for
God.. Grab a shovel and dig up Pamela's grave ,Open the casket clearly
life is instant Beauty fades quick
Don't open a casket i heard its ugly rotten ill be like that 40years
less maybe soon 

Author thears2u (3 months)
I wonder if his dad had connections to help him get out.. :If someone has a
desert Island please turn me on to it, These collective archives are
getting me down"

Author Jason Donnelly (4 months)
That isn't Pam. That is Diane Gardner.

Author Blue Agramonte (2 months)
Does anybody know the name of the song that starts at 0:09? or at 2:30?

Author TheCherylwalker (9 months)
She was a heroin addict is what she was

Author PollyVinyl Chloride (9 months)
Is she coked up or something? What the hell? 

Author CuoKare (9 months)
Que alguien la traduzca por favor :'C

Author sküll düggery (6 months)
beefeater and bickel's...(a large one).

Author 8Dollface8 (1 year)
Pam is such a beautiful spirit, so sweet and gentle. I gotta say that Meg
Ryan did a great job on her performance as Pamela in The Doors movie. They
were my 1st favorite band (at age 8 growing up in the 80's!) and they still
are. There's just something so enticing about their music... and anything
and everything about them really. But had to give my love to pretty Pamela!

Author Andrew Garrett (10 months)
For the longer version of this, chk out last "Rolling Stone" interview I
think it's w/ the journalist Ben Fong Torez...

Author Stacy Hickman (9 months)
Is that Pams voice?

Author King Solomon (1 year)
Pam was a druggie waste of good life 

Author TheInboil (1 year)
this is the best JIm recording i have ever heard. Totally unstaged.

Author CUDDLES55 (6 months)
They were perfect for each other. I can see why he loved her. 

Author joseph garcia (8 months)
She was breath taking. I see why Jim fell for her and I know why she fell
harder for Jim. She was the girl you walk into the fray with. She was

Author IvaVendetta1 (10 months)
It's sad to hear now because of what was so carelessly thrown away.
She was a junkie. Period. Fade out.

Author Nar Torres (11 months)
Candid interview. Gotta love it. 

Author Kammers10 (6 months)
They did NOT look well in Paris. Jim bloated, Pam skin dull, hair dull.
Sadly, not a healthy beautiful as they were.

Author june schalit (1 year)
Thanks Violet for posting. No one really knows how Jim really died. There
was never an autopsy. So people can speculate from here to eternity. Both
their lives ended in tragedy-just an incredible loss and waste of talent.

Author wiisalute . (1 year)
Pam, Nancy, and Courtney killed these great rockstars!

Author Kammers10 (6 months)
She had a little girl voice. Moreso next to Jim's deep masculine voice.

Author Enky Namlu'u Anunnaki De Nibiru (1 year)

Author Catalina Gómez (1 year)
She was...just...beautiful

Author Aspasia60 (1 year)
She sounds like Mia Farrow...

Author Gina Wirth Terzis (1 year)
Pam and Jim being themselves. I've never heard her voice before. Jim
ordering pizza but doesn't know address, Pam and company are talking about
Jim's poetry and no place to exercise around there. I'd love to be the
pizza delivery girl!!
That day - just ordinary people. 

Author Chronos127 (1 year)
Great vid!! I work for a delivery service and when ppl don't know their own
address sometimes it's a little irritating but now I have a whole different
view on the

Author ryan mercier (1 year)
@august west what is insulting about this do u have a clue? what...u dnt
think this is really jim and pam or something? well ur wrong because it is,
I have it on an official interview compilation set.

Author Dj3lite (1 year)
beautiful couple 

Author deepsleepkentucky (1 year)
half a pint of beefeater...Irish

Author Monica Szajna (1 year)
like you (((((

Author CupcakeEater2010 (1 year)
R.I.P Jim & Pam <3 good to know they are together up there.

Author Badfingerbabe777 (1 year)
This is very fun to listen to, Pam has a soft little girl voice she was
pretty. Jim ordering pizza is so funny. I always wonder if pam did any
interviews after his death. Maybe she killed herself to be with Jim?

Author Ben Markham (2 years)
You think "Jim and Pam" from the Office is somehow related to "Jim and Pam"
of rock and roll?

Author farahm09 (1 year)
She was so beautiful.

Author Luna Rose (1 year)
R.I.P. Pamela Susan Courson and James Douglas Morrison.

Author Kitasenju2 (2 years)
People on You Tube are funny. Here it's clear that they love the same music
but cannot agree with each other about anything.

Author Macdeth1717 (2 years)
I love finding stuff like this. Just cool people dealing with life but it's
the LizRd King!

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