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Author cosmic light (26 days)
why u think whites loved MLK...because he was a passive ass negro... singin
all that we shall over come bullshit while this white devil was smashing
our skulls in ...anything the beast likes for us...u can best believe its
not good for us....anytime this cave animal puts some blk person on a high
horse we should tear it down cause this devil has NEVER DONE NOTHING FOR US
OUT OF LOVE...hate is the nature of this beast

Author 3344TJ (5 months)

Author Omer698 (7 months)
This shit is so embarrassing. 

Author Baby T (9 months)
I've said this for ages the worse things they did was intergrate us negroes
into their white society. Segragation was the best things for us now look

Author Latoya Harrison (8 months)
For scripture to be fulfilled, MLK was on point with integration

Author JUDAH z00 (5 months)
The General is correct...MLK told us to let the whiteman beat on us until
he got tired and then to beg them to let us spend OUR money with THEM...and
almost 50yrs later we are giving damb near all our money to them and the
other nations...smh. we as a people are constantly being decieved. ..

Author kibwe durham (5 months)
General Yahanna is a good public speaker he points out the wrong with
blacks and the wrong with whites.

Author HavardiYah (9 months)
Listen to this… Israel

Author Corduroy66 (1 year)
If it were not for Dr. King and other civil rights workers we would not
have a black President of the U.S.A. He made it possible for blacks to
attain higher education. How is it his fault blacks gave up ownership of
their small businesses? We have more professionals now than anytime in the
past. Thank God for the men and women who had the courage to stand up for
our inalienable rights. And unfortunately made the ultimate sacrifice for
unappreciative black people who have contributed very little.

Author DaOrigTruthSeeker (1 year)
I pray to THE MOST HIGH that one day Black people will open their eyes and
accept the truth about MLK. He sold Black people out and all these years
after the fact most Blacks still haven't figured it out. He led us into
integration and was a MAJOR mistake. We lost what little businesses we had.
We stopped doing for ourselves and became physically and mentally lazy. We
put our destiny in the hands of our enemies. There are many facts that back
my comment up. Outsiders came into the Black Community and set up shop in
our neighborhoods and make their money and go back to their neighborhoods
with the money. They give nothing back. Why are Black people so dumb?

Author Andre Wright (9 months)
To Corduroy66 Barack Obama is not From Shem he is from Ham. Ham is the
progenitor of the dark races meaning Ethiopians, Libyans, South Africans
etc not the Negroes. The scholars know this just as well as Barack Obama.
You have to remember Barack Obama is not one of us according to the bible.

Author HavardiYah (9 months)
Consider this… brother is telling the truth.. 

Author Executnr (9 months)
He telling the truth but calling MLK an Uncle Tom to the public will have a
reverse effect of what hes trying to do, MLK was brave for what he did
although looking back it may have been the wrong thing, but we must
remember those were desperate times all black people were desperate thats
why Malcom X was killed 1st so there would have been no differing opinions
or a coming together..

9:40 DAMN he went in ha!

Author HavardiYah (9 months)
Now we talking.. Tell it Brother...

Author andrew hanson (1 year)
Where do native americans fit in your teachings? 

Author AnytimeNigguh (9 months)

Author MessengerOfTruth (9 months)
So, this is the reclusive "General Yahanna". The head of falsehood and

.... I'm not impressed. If THAT is the best ya'll have, it's no wonder why
none of you are able to refute me when it comes to the Truth of the

Author jah12wi (1 year)
Lmfao these pigeon brains can't even read ahahaha

Author Robyne Howard (1 year)

Author CZARVII (1 year)
Huchito624 estas pendejo. Learn what they are truly teaching before you
type shit. 

Author Shepewepet Ani (11 months)
well for the most part in the beginning hes, this hebrew guy is telling the
truth about the Afrikan 'black folks' not having our/their own Afrikan
industries and corporations educational institutions etc, etc..nothing
thats concrete in wealth and of value collectively, other than our consumer
wealth, which is pretty high at least 500 million, or billion in value in
americoon, but its mainly of their Afrikan consuming..but, then, these
hebrew guys go right back to the same plan instruction in the bible and or
the quran and all religions for that matter, which are against the Afrikan
and the masses of the people of the world anyway, chattel, and cattle for
real, corralled for gain, and GREED, and they too, the hebrews fall, and
follow right alone with the scheme anyway...smh, how redundant, oh my...and
let me say this; yes, MLK was too nice and chose the 'turn the other cheek
method' but I think that he was doing what he thought was a good thing,
only not knowing it was being too passive; otherwise it wasnt the greatest
idea, its almost like not expecting a snake to be what it is..yet I pay
homage to MLK for his efforts no one else bothered to stick their neck out
so greatly as he did, to at least try for the Afrikan. LET ME ADD: THIS
GOES FOR THE AMERICAN NATIVES TOO...but even MLK's helpers I do thank them
as well for again the effort. They all just did not know what they were
dealing with, or actually, maybe some did. it is what it is. hotep.

Author Psalms 83 2-18 (1 year)
That was powerful 

Author Hotman12Judah (1 year)
The General is bringing the Wisdom of the Mosthigh too the front. Most
people are caught up in the Wisdom of the World. Totally two different
things. Gotta study the truth too understand and do the truth to be

Author AnytimeNigguh (1 year)

Author AnytimeNigguh (1 year)

Author AnytimeNigguh (1 year)

Author Illwillco01 (1 year)
history shows, Men control what goes on in geo political affairs on earth
not no space ships or "Gods"

Author PlantedNobleVine777 (1 year)
Cant lie Yahanna going in

Author Dee Smoove (1 year)
So these brothers are what. Hebrew Israelites? or are they jews?

Author HebrewSistah (1 year)
Sorry but I have to agree with General Yahanna on this one...

Author bklynAtrain (1 year)
This dude talks about blacks having no more businesses or infra-structure.
Instead of standing on top of a box and talking all this nonsense with that
HUGE mouth, perhaps he should get himself together and build a business and
encourage everybody else to do so. No one is stopping him. He has the
freedom to it. He just wants to whine and complain just for the sake of it,
and people are dumb enough to stand there and believe him. How pathetic.

Author AnthonyGSSM (1 year)
Wow, truth!

Author remy499 (1 year)
LOL....Commanding General Yahanna really banged they heads that day
brother, this is JUST PART ONE>...they put out 8 more parts...check them out

Author Akrimoney (1 year) happen then that is not my God. Because I have been a victim of all
of these crimes in which I mentioned. Crimes that the white man committed
against me and my people. When we were brought here as slaves is when the
bible was forced down our throats. We are African people who invented and
created everything. We have been here longer than anyone. All non Africans
have Neanderthal DNA in them. Which makes you part beast if you are not
African. And according to the bible God gave dominion...

Author charles herrington (1 year)
Only a cockazoid would say something like that your a Agent

Author Tony White (1 year)
Stop all that Africa stuff! Black man didn't come from there,we was sold

Author bklynAtrain (1 year)
Got your little pantie in a wad?

Author CEO OA (1 year)
I don't subscribe to your religious views but your argument of what MLK did
from a black economic point of view holds weight..I agree with you on this

Author Kerlon James (1 year)
THE crakkka got no power , GOD / THE MOST HIGH GOT ALL THE POWER , if the
crakka say they want to shut down all this , THE MOST HIGH could send
angels the spirit of death to make each and everyone of them to drop down
like flies , just like in moses times when he killed all the first born
don't forget that my israelites brothers , GOD IS IN CHARGE , not these

Author layah2sexc (1 year)
Lol you give the white man tooooooooooo much credit in this earth SMH.

Author jjcp292 (1 year)
This is the same man who told a crowd of people that the wife should
provide for her jailbird husband and children, plus come home and cook him
a good dinner and buy him nice clothes. What kind of man would strongly
welcome other men to be lazy, worthless, good for nothing bums? A real man
provides for his family, not expect his wife to do his job plus hers. Makes
me ashame of being human.

Author bklynAtrain (1 year)
I refuse to listen to some dude who whines and complains when he can do
better. I know of black businesses in the hood that are doing great.
They're not gonna moan and whine how the white man keeps them down. They
actually get up and do something with their lives and help others along the
way. These clowns are only pushing them into their own destruction and
blaming white man for their own failures. Get yo behind up and do something
with your life instead of whining. Pathetic!!

Author CHUCHITO624 (1 year)

Author Chai Will (1 year)
Yep, you are 100% right!!! People with lack of knowledge of the bible need
to go back and read Genesis, where it is written that the Hebrews were told
to migrate to the land of Ham where it would be given to them and their
children as an inherited land for generations to come. The Hebrews were
also warned not to mix with the customs and traditions of the people there.
Thus, there were people already in this land, namely the Africans! Black
Americans are not Africans!

Author Dice Stubbs (1 year)
General yahanna has one of the most powerful voices ever, And he couldn't
be more right. Good job general

Author TrueWisdomAsherite80 (1 year)
There is no one like Commanding General Yahanna, he has been reppin for the
Nation for a very long time, he is truly a Man of The Most High with the
passion like no other. ISUPK original, Much love to all you Brothers in

Author bklynAtrain (1 year)
Maybe you should take a closer look at the things ISUPK teaches and do real
research, and maybe you're wake up and discover that you're the one who's
in bondage.

Author Tony White (1 year)
Were the jews live! The bible gives u the name of the side of town were
crust came from The Ghetto!


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