Camille Saint-Saëns - Le Carnaval Des Animaux [complete recording]

Camille Saint-Saëns - Le Carnaval Des Animaux (Karnawał Zwierząt)
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra - Bystrick Rezucha


1 - Introduction & Royal March Of The Lion (Wstęp i marsz królewski lwa) ..... 0:00
2 - Hens & Cockerels (Kury i koguty) ..... 2:18
3 - Wild Asses (Kułany) ..... 3:07
4 - Tortoises (Żółwie) ..... 3:42
5 - The Elefant (Słoń) ..... 5:46
6 - Kangaroos (Kangury) ..... 7:10
7 - Aquarium (Akwarium) ..... 8:13
8 - Creatures With Long Ears (Osobistości z długimi uszami) ..... 10:45
9 - The Cuckoo In The Depths Of The Woods (Kukułka w głębi lasu) ..... 11:32
10 - Aviary (Ptaszarnia) ..... 13:24
11 - Pianists (Pianiści) ..... 14:37
12 - Fossils (Skamieliny) ..... 15:57
13 - The Swan (Łabędź) ..... 17:19
14 - Finale (Finał) ..... 20:14

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Runtime: 22:10
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Author Jeff1328 ( ago)
we played this at my school, and then it said wild asses and we were all

Author LUISTARWIND ( ago)
Excellent Rendition of this Masterful work by Grand Master Rose croix
Camille Saint Saens.

Author Sarah Blary ( ago)
J'adore sa !

Author wasaw102 ( ago)
Was the aquarium in beauty and the beast? I

Author 55gobstopper ( ago)
I knew I'd heard it somewhere before!!

Author AlwaysnorthMusic ( ago)
If you liked this then check out some of my music on my YouTube channel:

Author Juan Pablo Puerta Ramirez ( ago)

Author Anais Fandubs ( ago)
aquarium, aviary and fossils! :D

Author Alex Boden ( ago)
The Cuckoo In The Depths Of The Woods is the fucking shiit!

Author givegive94 ( ago)
It is my favourite of the whole suit, but imho there are better version
than this one

Author Hannah Oláh ( ago)

Author oydududil (1546 years ago)
Hastasıyım bu türkünün.

Author Hannah Oláh ( ago)
thank you very much!:)

Author Hannah Oláh ( ago)
Woow!that's my favorite songs!!!I like that song!This 17 people haven't got

Author Sabrina Sohan ( ago)
i can't listen to the finale without thinking about the flamingo with the
yoyo from fantasia hahaha but this is still a fantastic piece of music!

Author naramovige ( ago)
no problem

Author k ( ago)
Thank you very very much!

Author Gabriela Sulczinski ( ago)
essa música sempre me vem algumas cenas de Princess Tutu,...

Author adamz0037 ( ago)
the swan :)

Author João Correia ( ago)
I want the Finale to be played at my funeral, I will leave with a blast! xD
What a genius!

Author Elisa Hirtz ( ago)
trop bien

Author Stuardo Clavijo ( ago)
Maldicion porque es tan buena esta musica......podria estarla escuchando
toda la noche¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Author Ruvigy ( ago)
"Fossils" makes me wanna learn to play xylophone, or whatever the hell that
percussion instrument is :)

Author Lydia Maria Bader ( ago)
Happy Birthday Camille Saint-Saens!!

Author ErisponjaMdolla ( ago)
Kylie Minogue brought me here !!!!!!!! :3

Author Dante Mendoza ( ago)

Author lijenchina ( ago)
beautiful! :)

Author tatebakeyamamono ( ago)
Ah Saint-Saëns, quel génie!

Author samdian ( ago)

Author laom5r ( ago)
its a cello, the only difference is played more high, so sound like a viola
tessitura :D n.n

Author laom5r ( ago)
yeah hahaha its its a problem with the cello, if you not know how to do a
vibrato sounds really weird xD

Author richard4677 ( ago)
What incredible beautyfull music.

Author Rebecca ( ago)
Love this music! Thanks! I will soon be performing in the carnival of the
animals and this gets me so excited! Thank you so much!

Author Tiago Nogueira ( ago)
\o/ SWAN \o/

Author EmmA Miplla ( ago)
OMG I searched whole youtube for this..... THANK YOU

Author Lou P ( ago)
Fossils <3

Author Lorena Pimenta ( ago)
Weirdly interesting.

Author Kim Hansen ( ago)
Beatiful!! Thanks! Kim.

Author Sedraen ( ago)
Also, to be fair, the instrument in this recording really sounds more like
a viola. I guess just because of its tessitura here, if you will. But yeah,

Author Sedraen ( ago)
My mistake, then. I'm not incredibly familiar with strings in particular. I
do know, though, that the vibrato was a little crazy.

Author laom5r ( ago)
hey buddy, you are wrong, its a violoncello, no a violin ._.

Author 124Brainiac ( ago)
Odd, but beautifully odd...

Author wasakawea14 ( ago)
the aquarium & fossils

Author wasakawea14 ( ago)
the aquarium :)

Author Little Rocket ( ago)
A very fascinating carnival of animals indeed! I simply love it!

Author Cheyenne Roller ( ago)
I first heard Aquarium in an episode of The Simpsons xD

Author sarocha06 ( ago)
5 เปนการบรรยายถึงช้างเสียงก้จะบ่งบอกเลยว่าเป็นสัตว์ตัวใหญ่

Author vickygreeven1 ( ago)
Awww Aquarium

Author Macacus Monasticus ( ago)

Author Sedraen ( ago)
Also, only thing wrong with The Swan: That violinist and his vibrato.

Author beethovennumbernine ( ago)
He poked fun at Offenbach with the turtle. The Can Can REALLY slow.

Author alma rin ( ago)
Danse Macarbre??

Author Sedraen ( ago)
I don't understand why the vocal art song version of Danse Macabre isn't
more commonly performed. It sounds awesome with voice. I mean, I suppose
the violin solo or the orchestral arrangement allows more to be done in the
piece, but I guess I'm just spoiled on vocal music.

Author LOVELINA96 ( ago)
Aquarium <3

Author Leona ( ago)
The finale <3

Author Andrew Givens ( ago)
Okay, 'Tortoises' = Offenbach. I got that one. :)

Author Andrew Givens ( ago)
If, as I'm sure I read somewhere, it's true that SS was doing a clever
'double mockery' with this work (ie, mimicking or suggesting the various
animals whilst at the same time parodying other individual composers'
styles and mannerisms within each movement), then WHO exactly are the
targets of SS' satirical baton in each movement? I know he obviously poked
fun at himself in 'Fossils', suggesting the bones of Danse Macabre &
calling himself an old fossil at the same time (good man!) but the rest?

Author OtarKiZ ( ago)
I do too

Author Manolo Sampaio (1537 years ago)
fossils look a mix of twinkle tinklw little star with danse macabre

Author ThankYouJim ( ago)
That's some good classicals right there.

Author Alison Derolez ( ago)

Author graysight ( ago)
when I read "Łabęd" I thought the screen was dirty and tried to clean it :P

Author Jambi Determined ( ago)
Thanks! I'll definitely check it out.

Author Jambi Determined ( ago)
Heh, took me a while to realize where I've heard Akwarium. Straight out of
Harry Potter :)

Author 0321Sjoerd ( ago)
If you like that, listen to the Danse Macabre bij Saint Saëns, I think you
like that one as well then!

Author Matteo Russo (655 years ago)
wonderful, thanks for uploading!

Author Ruvigy ( ago)
That was not his intention...

Author Ruvigy ( ago)
Haha, thought about the same thing, when I first saw that ;D

Author grasmonkey15 ( ago)
fossilis are soooooooooo cooooooooooooollllll tatitatatam

Author devil666 ( ago)
totally right dude!

Author thebrainnugget ( ago)
Hahahahahahaha, so many scales for the "Pianists". Yeah we practice scales
a lot T_T. At least some of us do >_>.

Author HQSP Music ( ago)

Author Megas Laskaris ( ago)
Thank you for showing everyone in the world that you play the piano. Nobody

Author Petra Gonova ( ago)
the aquarium is the best part, when i listen to this part i feel like in

Author 0ct0parr0t (39 years ago)
This makes great homework music, thanks!

Author Emily Au ( ago)
the pianists song kinda sounds like 'Hanon finger exercises'. thumbs up if
u know wat i mean!

Author Tricia Lu ( ago)
The Aquarium is so wonderful... the best

Author Roscoe ( ago)
Holst's Neptune always reminds me of that bit. A really lovely 'sphere' in

Author acla9000 ( ago)
We can really find some similarity. And as you listen, you'll perceive an
excerpt of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star", too. :)

Author acla9000 ( ago)
No, no, there are some differences between both.

Author Caféau lait ( ago)
Elle me donne des frissons cette musique

Author Lunalae ( ago)
la musique est formidable

Author Arno Nühm ( ago)
The Swan always brings tears to my eyes...

Author beethovennumbernine ( ago)
Dance macabre, Op. 40, began as an art song for voice and piano with a
French text by the poet Henri Cazalis, which is based on old French
superstition. In 1874, SS expanded and reworked the piece into a tone poem,
replacing the vocal line with a solo violin. He then used that same music
in 1886 to write the "Fossils" part. He simply put his own spin on his own
music. Wasn't he ingenious? Hope that helped.

Author Ilatane04 ( ago)
I simply love this music... especially the swan always gives me tears in my
eyes, it sounds so melancholic... J' adore cette musique vraiment. My

Author Sarah S ( ago)
we are playing this in orchestra at my school and is so much fun! We just
played in festival today and got gold! I am the percussionist so fossils,
aquarium and the finale are my songs! fossils is so fun to play although
its a hell of a lot more challenging than it sounds

Author Chazoboist ( ago)

Author chinchillaqueen13 ( ago)
15:56 I hear danse macabreeeeee>:)

Author shannonkayleigh95 ( ago)
I was born into the wrong era :(

Author Monia Bartz ( ago)
Merci :)

Author naramovige ( ago)

Author aniusiamamusia ( ago)
Thank you very much. God bless you.

Author kingrolo27 ( ago)
How could there be ANY dislikes to this simply wonderful music!

Author somnenie88 ( ago)
Неоднозначное произведение, и вряд ли кого оставит равнодушным. С первых
аккордов ты уносишься в животный мир без клеток и зоопарков. Они проходят
перед тобой такие разные, каждый со своим характером так близко, что
кажется, что к ним можно прикоснутся.

Author Giuseppe Fochesato ( ago)
Yes it's magic.

Author parawhore239 ( ago)
me and my dad play a game where i close my eyes and guess the animal and he
tells me if im right. i initially thought that it was something ghostly
like some sort of bat or something. i love carnival of the animals fossils
is one of my favorites

Author eMIli e ( ago)
On y voit réapparaître plus ou moins brièvement les animaux dans l'ordre
suivant : les hémiones (avec des accords scandés par les cordes), les
fossiles (notamment par l'utilisation plus importante du xylophone), les
poules et coqs, les kangourous, les ânes et implicitement par la tonalité,
le lion. (source wikipedia)

Author makedaevilmage ( ago)
Nice, was looking for this ^^

Author Andrew Li ( ago)
fossils sound like danse macabre in a way

Author MovieStarOfficial ( ago)

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