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Author naramovige (2 years)
no problem

Author Caféau lait (3 years)
Elle me donne des frissons cette musique

Author OVG12 (3 years)
i got the best idea ever from this song for reals

Author Roscoe (3 years)
Holst's Neptune always reminds me of that bit. A really lovely 'sphere' in

Author 0ct0parr0t (2 years)
This makes great homework music, thanks!

Author graysight (2 years)
when I read "Łabęd" I thought the screen was dirty and tried to clean it :P

Author Hannah Oláh (2 years)

Author chinchillaqueen13 (3 years)
15:56 I hear danse macabreeeeee>:)

Author Atilio Silva (3 years)

Author laom5r (2 years)
yeah hahaha its its a problem with the cello, if you not know how to do a
vibrato sounds really weird xD

Author ErisponjaMdolla (2 years)
Kylie Minogue brought me here !!!!!!!! :3

Author ElviiR-G VËVO (3 years)
trop cool

Author sasuked951 (3 years)

Author Little Rocket (2 years)
A very fascinating carnival of animals indeed! I simply love it!

Author soleilno2 (3 years)
is there a book or something that narrates the story??? How can we fing

Author Megas Laskaris (2 years)
Thank you for showing everyone in the world that you play the piano. Nobody

Author acla9000 (3 years)
No, no, there are some differences between both.

Author samdian (2 years)

Author AlwaysnorthMusic (2 years)
If you liked this then check out some of my music on my YouTube channel:

Author OVG12 (3 years)
i make piece any way so subscribe and i show you

Author OVG12 (3 years)
if someone want me to make my art-dance-project on this song thumbs it ind
i film it and show form Icelandic dance school

Author Monia Bartz (3 years)
quel sont les animaux qui interviennent dans le final ???

Author Desiree Anderson (3 years)

Author wasakawea14 (2 years)
the aquarium :)

Author k (2 years)
Thank you very very much!

Author leble123 (3 years)
pink flamingos <3

Author shannonkayleigh95 (3 years)
I was born into the wrong era :(

Author sarocha06 (2 years)
5 เปนการบรรยายถึงช้างเสียงก้จะบ่งบอกเลยว่าเป็นสัตว์ตัวใหญ่

Author laom5r (2 years)
its a cello, the only difference is played more high, so sound like a viola
tessitura :D n.n

Author Monia Bartz (3 years)
Merci :)

Author adamz0037 (2 years)
the swan :)

Author Carin JvV (3 years)
@RikuNakashima9001 soooo frikken awesome!!!

Author DanceMuzak (3 years)
I know that Classical connoisseurs regard this piece as gimmicky but I
think there is a great deal of beautiful music in this. Whenever I play
this it reminds me of my childhood. Some of it sends shivers down my spine.
I especially love Aquarium .....

Author kingrolo27 (3 years)
How could there be ANY dislikes to this simply wonderful music!

Author Jambi Determined (2 years)
Thanks! I'll definitely check it out.

Author Sarah Vella (3 years)
the swan ... <3

Author Rebecca (2 years)
Love this music! Thanks! I will soon be performing in the carnival of the
animals and this gets me so excited! Thank you so much!

Author Manolo Sampaio (2 years)
fossils look a mix of twinkle tinklw little star with danse macabre

Author naramovige (3 years)

Author OVG12 (3 years)
15:59 the last show

Author Matteo Russo (2 years)
wonderful, thanks for uploading!

Author beethovennumbernine (3 years)
Dance macabre, Op. 40, began as an art song for voice and piano with a
French text by the poet Henri Cazalis, which is based on old French
superstition. In 1874, SS expanded and reworked the piece into a tone poem,
replacing the vocal line with a solo violin. He then used that same music
in 1886 to write the "Fossils" part. He simply put his own spin on his own
music. Wasn't he ingenious? Hope that helped.

Author somnenie88 (3 years)
Неоднозначное произведение, и вряд ли кого оставит равнодушным. С первых
аккордов ты уносишься в животный мир без клеток и зоопарков. Они проходят
перед тобой такие разные, каждый со своим характером так близко, что
кажется, что к ним можно прикоснутся.

Author Stuardo Clavijo (2 years)
Maldicion porque es tan buena esta musica......podria estarla escuchando
toda la noche¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Author MovieStarOfficial (3 years)

Author Thomas Winget (3 years)
@RikuNakashima9001 it's the one that sounds most familiar to me...seems
like people use it in a lot of things I guess? At any rate, fantastic song.
You (and anyone else here) might like Pictures at an Exhibition.

Author vickygreeven1 (2 years)
Awww Aquarium

Author OVG12 (3 years)
that the begining i need

Author oydududil (2 years)
Hastasıyım bu türkünün.

Author Tiago Nogueira (2 years)
\o/ SWAN \o/

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