Deadmau5 Medley - Traktor Kontrol F1 Remix Set

After the Skrillex Remix set I did (which had quite some success) I decided to do a deadmau5 medley. you may not know much of these if you only listen to the deadmau5 we hear on the radio. I really dug deep on this one...

anyhoo... enjoy!


I promise that the next vid I post will have the screen capture! (by popular demand)

I only claim ownership of the arrangement. all sounds belong to Joel Zimmerman. no copyright infrigment is intended

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 7:46
Comments: 669

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Author Monochrome Arts (1 month)
BIG thumbs up for a nice mix of actual good music... most mixes you see on
youtube nowadays are a blend of the beatport top 20 tracks :/

Author Gustavo Ramos (1 month)

Author Luca Macri (2 months)

Author Juan Rodrigo Martinez (5 months)
Hi, I'm planning to get a the S2, and the F1 really catches my attention, I
see tons of possibilities with that controller, but, how do you arrange the
tracks? Like, do you cut them and then place them in the remix slot, or you
play an entire track from that slot? 

Author ChampionWolfe (3 months)
great job! such a good set up too

Author Brent Horsager (4 months)
nice man 

Author maxime ancellin (6 months)
Very good job and your transitions are perfect

Author Victor Manuel Flores Ortiz (6 months)

Author Виталий Прост (7 months)
I I have seen many videos with DJs on YouTube. I think you are one of the

Author Matt M (7 months)
beautiful i want you to teach me

Author Alexander Bedrossian (7 months)
+Big Skapinsky Where/How did you get these Remix Decks?

Author Colonel eMPaxx (8 months)
I really like it!

Author Jamo Fobe (8 months)
Nice mix dude :)

Author joshuaproulx (8 months)
unreal, you have a unique way of playing your samples. keep doing what your

Author halfblackman (8 months)
+Big Skapinsky I don't know why man, but this is my favorite
music/song/single/ whatever you want to call it. very well done man. please
don't ever take down this video.

Author Jamesy McGuire (8 months)
is it possible to set two up through one usb bus

Author Ax x (9 months)
Hey. On both of my F1s when all pads are white and also light purple, you
can kinda see how not every pad is exactly the same colour/brightness... i
mean you can't tell the difference that much but it's there a bit.. any
other colours you cant see anything, I guess it's just because of the
rubber and when it's white you can see it through more. Anyone else see
anythin? I have it on both so I guess it's normal...

Author Nazariy Banakh (9 months)
very cool!! Well done, dude!

Author Ill umine (10 months)
This is truly one of the most amazing musical feats I have ever heard,
simply in awe of the musicality and understanding of the software you are
using (I presume Traktor). You have truly Inspired me, thank you :)

Author Olli (10 months)
The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused
because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the
file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

Author Alex Walsh (6 months)
This was unreal! Very well done!

Author kreesperez (10 months)
Reupload the samples please!!!!!!

Author EDMA (11 months)
do you have this set upload anywhere with the full audio?

Author Rob Walker (11 months)
i tried to download it it said it was deleted???

Author EDMA (11 months)
what is a good place to find samples to use to remix? good job!

Author Manuel Mempi (10 months)

Author przemo274 (1 year)
dlaczego po niemiecku :(

Author Leo Bacha (1 year)
NICE man! but, one question, do you know if i want to control a normal
deck,using the pads to control the hot cues,for exemple, its possible?

Author Dave Olive (1 year)
Amazing stuff man, and thanks for dropping Arguru. Never gets old for me.

Author Hugo Martinez (1 year)
keep it up man! thanks for the remix set too :D

Author Big Skapinsky (1 year)
he does. its soundcloud (dot) com (slash) fuckmylife not even kidding. go
take a look.

Author Andrew Jaques (1 year)

Author MrPainseeker (1 year)
Dear Sir, I have never seen anyone mix deadmau5 songs this brilliantly!!!
Thank you for the entertainment <3!!

Author guy fawkes (1 year)
Incredible! :D Good job! I love it!

Author JukeBoy (1 year)
The mix which made me buy the F1 ! Sure better than Deadmau5 on stage If
you have some time tell me what you think about that ==>

Author AlfredoGomez16 (1 year)

Author Roman Leiva (1 year)
Good Work. Congratulations!!!

Author DJ ExHaLe (1 year)
dude my ear just came

Author Robo Lepro (1 year)

Author John Bullard (1 year)
True, just like skrillex.. These "Producers" need to stick to just that,
producing there are people like me who have 0 interest in producing my own
track, but i have about a million ways to chop up, remix, and mix their
tracks. Throwing down a bad ass set with a controller is just about as
tedious as producing a track. Sad part is 90% of the DJ's who use
controllers do not do anything like this, they just use it as cheap cdj's &
mixer. Forgetting that all those buttons were put there fo a reason

Author Logan Phillips (1 year)

Author ThePNproject (1 year)
I laugh a lot.

Author arxiSigma (1 year)
im glad the mau5 didnt sue your ass over this. (i hope he wont)

Author tisticman1 (1 year)
This is one of the sickest mix I've seen on YouTube! Keep it up

Author poliklolik (1 year)
what laptop?

Author Brendan Lamb (1 year)
Bad Selection will always be my favorite Deamau5 song. It's just so perfect
in every way.

Author NC (1 year)
he's using the traktor S2, 2 traktor F1 controllers and probably the
Traktor PRO software...

Author Jay Friso (1 year)
One of the best Deadmau5 Mixes!!!

Author Hector Sierra (1 year)

Author Vladislav Yurak (1 year)
deadmau5 is great produce, but terible DJ...

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