Pokémon Wi-Fi Battle #450 (Killer Nacho vs MMLFrostyPixie) [Underused]

Hey all! For my 450th Wifi battle on Youtube, I continue my streak of Underused matches, this time with a familiar face and opponent, MMLFrostyPixie (or Sasha as she's known to friends). In this match, I get myself into trouble early by letting a Machamp set up and sweep half of my team... will I be able to recover? I guess you'll have to watch to find out!

Leave a comment about your thoughts on Pokemon hacked games, like Pokemon Liquid Crystal, Snakewood, Brown, Light Platinum, etc. Have you ever tried one before? If so, did you like it and which was your favorite? If not, would you ever consider playing one? Would you guys like to see a hacked game run on my channel after I'm finished my Pokemon White playthrough? I'm interested to hear my viewer's thoughts on this matter!

You can find many hacked Pokemon games on Pokecommunity's Hacks Showcase forum:

ALSO... ever curious about my record on Youtube? My friend litestudios went through all of my posted Wifi battles and came up with this record... I thought I'd share it for those who may have been curious! (This is prior to this battle):
Win - 365
Loss - 75
Draw - 2
Disconnect - 8

I never realized my record was so good... apparently that is a 82.95% win percentage excluding Draws and Disconnects... nice!

Check out my opponent:

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Author DLuxGaming115 ( ago)
Pokemon Storm Silver (or Sacred Gold) was awesome. Storm Silver is a remake
of Soul Silver and it was amazing

Author ReLoAd Z3 ( ago)
Pokémon Dark Rising and the Ruby Destiny trilogy was amazing as well. I
recommend these games to anyone. Ps. I probably misspelled the word
"trilogy" but I hope you people know what I mean lol

Author vheissu1138 ( ago)

Author Jordon Light ( ago)
"The best Zoroark is one that doesn't have to drop it's illusion"

Author Lixx Plays Pokemon ( ago)
thats why you SAVE beforehand

Author Däniel Verástegui ( ago)
"I decided to set up the stealth rocks just because, you know, they are
good things to set up" Hahahahhaha just because of that lol

Author Pants On The Ceiling ( ago)
Zapdos was the one that got away in my game... *cries*

Author Jawohl721 ( ago)

Author tpokemon106 ( ago)
pokmeon rapter ex is the best game

Author Nerko Bes ( ago)
Pedophile xD Pokemon Fire-red user will know xD

Author stewievsbrian1 ( ago)
how do you play pokemon hacked games?

Author WhatElseExceptNature ( ago)
Zapdos would own Lugia AND Rayquaza since both are flying type, and Zapdos
is electric.

Author Shawn Peters ( ago)
Lugia and Rayquaza you butt plug

Author Saber Central ( ago)
Infernape when its shiny and White Kyurem

Author Nam Anh Trần ( ago)
Thor... =))))

Author Jeremiah Nitzschke ( ago)

Author bakura306 ( ago)
whats ur fav pokemon??????? mine are dragonite and dialga

Author scott caie ( ago)
who here thinks her nameing a male flareon HawtPussy is funny.

Author Saber Central ( ago)
id lov to battle u dude, PM me if interested

Author Porcupine8490 ( ago)
There are too many pokemon hacks! I can't think of my favorite one!

Author SpectalGamingPhantom ( ago)
You should call dustbuster staubsauger...

Author Kenji Tjhin ( ago)

Author Harman Dyal ( ago)

Author TheStaticSheep ( ago)
How do I find a gen 4 wifi opponent

Author Chom20 ( ago)
Haha love the name of her hypno pretty funny when you know the creepypasta
about hypno

Author derek dimascio ( ago)
i would consider playing one

Author micah6v8fan ( ago)
I namedmy Rotom Sc just Sc. you'll get it

Author Rez Cez ( ago)
You can't even spell "Thundurus" right

Author SpectroVisions ( ago)
I went to your opponents channel and she sounds like a dike....

Author A ( ago)
except thunderos

Author A ( ago)
please rate m wifi team liligant sweeper scolipeed support chandulure steel
type counter flygon sweeper 2 archeops revenge killer milotic fire and rock

Author NeoLoverPet ( ago)
You have four pokemon weak to ground, four to water, three to ice and three
to fighting. Those are just your major weaknesses. Try throwing in a grass
type or something, I'm thinking in place of the Nidoqueen because you've
got some big threats, most of which won't need that support because of that

Author Nintendo Gamer ( ago)
does your zapdos know any flying type moves?

Author Shrek is life ( ago)
yes i know i have updated my team... here it is..... lucario,
gengar,kyurem-w, keldeo, heatran and tornadus-t...

Author Jo Pell ( ago)
Blissey is no more a good pkmn you should try a latias instead of it and
replace the dragonite by a fighting type like a choice scarf machamp with
no guard and dynamicpunch

Author Jo Pell ( ago)
thats the worst team ever men u r too much weeak to ice/fight only need 2
pokémon to destroy you scarf machamp and walrein

Author iownthisaccountnotu ( ago)
oshawott is an awesome starter.

Author Shrek is life ( ago)
Please rate my wifi battle team! Gigalith-lead Lucario-sweeper
Landorus-T-Physical sweeper Dragonite-Mix Terrakion-Defensive sweeper

Author somemonkey3444 ( ago)
Off the top of my head, I would pick a Joltik/Galvantula with Compundeyes
as it's ability, Archen/Archeops (pick plume fossil from the lady at the
Desert Resort), and Scraggy/Scrafty (My favorite from this gen). These
three pokemon alone will make your time against most of the Gym Leaders and
the Elite Four really easy. Best of luck!

Author Ploperdy ( ago)
I am new to pokemon white and i dont want to use a starter, also this is my
first pkmn game. What is a good team?

Author Geert Knol ( ago)
Is this a good wi-fi team?: Blissey, Forretress, Dragonite, Jolteon,
Houndoom, Swampert.

How. Did. You. Win?!

Author ETWEProductions ( ago)
I have a hack called shiny gold and the funny thing is that it isn't a

Author Killernacho55 ( ago)
Hey killer nacho I just wanna say your the best pokemon trainor I ever saw

Author Quinten Rutley ( ago)
chicken nuggets

Author bob marley ( ago)
hey guys my name is luke my friend code is 4342 0475 4864 how about a battle

Author victoria picard ( ago)
you should battle with me i know i could beat you

Author Jeff Criss ( ago)
Pokemon Shinygold is the best hack, it came out before heartgold, and its
pokemon gold with firered graphics (: try it!

Author J-Walker Official ( ago)
yeah, i guess

Author WhatElseExceptNature ( ago)
Yeah I know now, forgot Lugia's 2nd type was psychic. Lugia sounds a lot to
me like Latios, dont you think? They both look alike too!

Author WhatElseExceptNature ( ago)
I actually like Ho-Oh a lot haha. Just maybeee it's better than Zapdos, but
still I love Zapdos :D

Author theproudbritishman ( ago)
*Ho-oh steps in*

Author J-Walker Official (1287 years ago)
lugia has a 2x weakness to electric since it is psychic and flying type
lugia also had the 4th highest sp. def in the game where as zapdos is only
number 18 when it comes to sp. atk.

Author WhatElseExceptNature ( ago)
Wtf? Lol really? I wouldnt really know tbh, never played with a Lugia,
against a Lugia, seen a Lugia in anime or played with one.

Author Jorge Ortiz ( ago)
Lugia is flying/psichic...

Author WhatElseExceptNature ( ago)
Really? Thats surprising. Lugia has a 4x weakness to electricity, and
Zapdos has the best special attack out of all 4 early flying legendaries
(Moltres, Articuno, and Lugia).

Author Mabrur Rahman ( ago)
use more zoroarks plz

Author PokeemonGamez ( ago)
Omfg, our Zoroarks have the same name!

Author J-Walker Official ( ago)
one thunderbolt will NEVER take out a lugia unless the other person had a
lugia with minimum defence

Author The .Joker ( ago)
Why is it annoying? It makes total sense

Author Nancy Maring ( ago)
its annoying in how every wifi battle there is level 100s

Author papuzka0 ( ago)
I've played Shiny Gold ^^

Author WhatElseExceptNature ( ago)
1 thunderbolt = boom. Lugia dead. Zapdos is amazing man!

Author Spavorkian ( ago)
In black/white 1 you got it in a give a way I believe and in B/W2 you get
it in driftviel city from ex-team plasma doods.

Author Stephen Baldwin ( ago)
DUDE Lugia!!!!

Author xXMrZigzagXx (815 years ago)
i have played pokemon fire red OMEGA and pokemon Myass thay were very good
and fun hacks ^^

Author doing63 ( ago)

Author Falcon Hoof ( ago)
cause they cheat ....but shhhhhh its a secret

Author Angelina Rodriguez ( ago)
manly pink

Author NikeBeast ( ago)
I got him by a mystery gift.

Author darkblade190 ( ago)
Why did you T-wave Cryagonal(sp?)? You could have just S-tossed him to kill.

Author Zachariah Whiting ( ago)
Fucking Light Platinum for the win!!!

Author WhatElseExceptNature (1009 years ago)
Zapdos > all flying legendary.

Author Halcon1097 ( ago)
I want a zoroark =(

Author willrudd1993 ( ago)
pedophile lol

Author Cole World ( ago)
Good game bro.

Author beatwavedj ( ago)
in almost every match I have seen with a machamp the machamp actually
functions very's a good pok' at least for UU

Author LunatheMoonDragon ( ago)
You realize that in order to get level 100 Pokemon with all these specific
move sets, people who do competitive battling usually use programs to
create pokemon exactly as they want them, than transfer them directly to
their game. Aka they cheat.

Author Gloria Groft ( ago)
woah MMLFrostiePixie has a shiny machamp :O I WANT ONE!

Author Jake Anime ( ago)
ask a friend for one. or do the events. there is one in the buiding in
castelia city(its a zorua in disguis in a building farther up and its of a
person who wont talk. then the person who wont talk in lostlorn forest is a
zoroark. if you have an event dog you can get zoroark. an event celebi gets
you zorua. but he is breedable so the GTS should have some or have a nice
frined like i do!(smily face) hope this helped you in case you were still

Author liveadhdtv ( ago)
Either the event or hacked in. Please keep in mind most competitive pokemon
players pokesav their pokes

Author mot her ( ago)
sorry i didnt finish so i was wondering sincere u have so many legands ev
trained and all these other good pokemon , i wanted to know if u hack

Author mot her ( ago)
hey i was eonder

Author Rateb Shalabi ( ago)
is this actually on the DS or on the computer?

Author Jake Anime ( ago)
out of curiousity.. why didnt you swap out from flygon to zoroark when
hypno was out using physcic? zoroark is immune as a dark afterall.. was
that a misplay or were you afraid she would use something else?

Author CptFalcon666 ( ago)
Pretty lucky with that crit on bouffalant when it could resisit that
Outrage. Good battle :D

Author Blake Coulter ( ago)
Volt white and blaze black

Author igo691 ( ago)
Liquid crystal or manly pink

Author pinkiepie the party pony ( ago)
play pokemon saphire

Author iMGamer ( ago)
Anyone else thought it was MILFrostyPixie?

Author fatclemenza ( ago)
The only one I've tried is StormSilver/SacredGold, and I love it. I would
recommend it to anyone who loves HeartGold/SoulSilver. If you have any
questions about it, let me know.

Author leumas0120 ( ago)
I level up too 100 legit, by legit I mean I use AR rare candys

Author swagalina ( ago)
no girls on the internet

Author SuperPancakeNinja ( ago)

Author liveadhdtv ( ago)
I love Pokemon Snakewood. Its extremely stupid, but its funny and very
hard. The last boss is level 90, so I just caught him with an Afro Ball
(game version of Master ball). Start with koffing and get a free legendary.

Author 21 Letters ( ago)
In b/w you get Zorua, the pokemon that will evolve into Zorark, in Castelia
City as a gift.

Author Jack Walker ( ago)
You should do a battle where you and the person you're fighting use the
same party.

Author jorgenost ( ago)
you should play pokemon bloody platium

Author Silencerltu ( ago)
liquid crystal FTW. :)

Author Ispeaktruth808 ( ago)
I played pokemon light platinum

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