Pokémon Wi-Fi Battle #450 (Killer Nacho vs MMLFrostyPixie) [Underused]

Hey all! For my 450th Wifi battle on Youtube, I continue my streak of Underused matches, this time with a familiar face and opponent, MMLFrostyPixie (or Sasha as she's known to friends). In this match, I get myself into trouble early by letting a Machamp set up and sweep half of my team... will I be able to recover? I guess you'll have to watch to find out!

Leave a comment about your thoughts on Pokemon hacked games, like Pokemon Liquid Crystal, Snakewood, Brown, Light Platinum, etc. Have you ever tried one before? If so, did you like it and which was your favorite? If not, would you ever consider playing one? Would you guys like to see a hacked game run on my channel after I'm finished my Pokemon White playthrough? I'm interested to hear my viewer's thoughts on this matter!

You can find many hacked Pokemon games on Pokecommunity's Hacks Showcase forum:

ALSO... ever curious about my record on Youtube? My friend litestudios went through all of my posted Wifi battles and came up with this record... I thought I'd share it for those who may have been curious! (This is prior to this battle):
Win - 365
Loss - 75
Draw - 2
Disconnect - 8

I never realized my record was so good... apparently that is a 82.95% win percentage excluding Draws and Disconnects... nice!

Check out my opponent:

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Link to Smogon tiers:

Link to the TPX chat:

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Author Wilson Dong (4 months)

Author Brian Sherrod (4 months)
His machamp was pretty good but you zoroark was a savage!

Author Wilson Dong (4 months)
Because you quit your channel.

Author bob marley (1 year)
hey guys my name is luke my friend code is 4342 0475 4864 how about a battle

Author Coreythesenvitz (1 year)
Hawtpussy I loled when I saw that

Author Halcon1017 (1 year)
I want a zoroark =(

Author Gloria Groft (1 year)
woah MMLFrostiePixie has a shiny machamp :O I WANT ONE!

Author Harman Dyal (1 year)

Author Luiz Ferreira (1 year)
I love your team !

Author Nerko Bes (10 months)
Pedophile xD Pokemon Fire-red user will know xD

Author Falcon Hoof (1 year)
cause they cheat ....but shhhhhh its a secret

Author TwistedFate42 (1 year)
5:40 why not just seismic toss instead? pretty sure it would have killed

Author iMGamer (1 year)
Anyone else thought it was MILFrostyPixie?

Author WillIam Shields (1 year)
Volt white (nuzloce)

Author hangon4yrlife2 (1 year)
Hey, add me on pal pad thekillernacho! *note: this FC is on Pokemon Black
version* FC: 2366-0815-1579. Trainer name: Trey. Plez add me on pal pad!

Author Ispeaktruth808 (1 year)
I played pokemon light platinum

Author LordJorge (1 year)
Lugia is flying/psichic...

Author Spavorkian (1 year)
In black/white 1 you got it in a give a way I believe and in B/W2 you get
it in driftviel city from ex-team plasma doods.

Author Rez Cez (1 year)
You can't even spell "Thundurus" right

Author Angelina Rodriguez (1 year)
manly pink

Author slartibartfast8787 (1 year)
Say it with me: cry-oh-gon-ul. Like cryogenic freezing, and polygonal

Author A (1 year)
except thunderos

Author WillIam Shields (1 year)
Cryranagal is 100 chose scarfed DustBuster tricked it

How. Did. You. Win?!

Author riplucky1 (1 year)
Hey man! You're really good! We should get together and battle on Diamond!

Author derek dimascio (1 year)
i would consider playing one

Author keving2794 (1 year)
How did you get a zapdos?

Author Jo Pell (1 year)
thats the worst team ever men u r too much weeak to ice/fight only need 2
pokémon to destroy you scarf machamp and walrein

Author Lincoln Warner (1 year)
no girls on the internet

Author willrudd1993 (1 year)
pedophile lol

Author Pants On The Ceiling (9 months)
Zapdos was the one that got away in my game... *cries*

Author Oliver Valerio (1 year)
Love this wi fi Pokemon batle video

Author hangon4yrlife2 (1 year)
*i know this isnt live anymore, but* arent you also known as

Author micah6v8fan (1 year)
I namedmy Rotom Sc just Sc. you'll get it

Author ETWEProductions (1 year)
I have a hack called shiny gold and the funny thing is that it isn't a

Author CptFalcon666 (1 year)
Pretty lucky with that crit on bouffalant when it could resisit that
Outrage. Good battle :D

Author CardboardWindowExe (1 year)
You should do a battle where you and the person you're fighting use the
same party.

Author Blake C. (1 year)
Volt white and blaze black

Author Alex Bonilla (1 year)
play pokemon saphire

Author michaelp657 (1 year)
i do believe it was an event, but it looks like terrance20121 is willing to

Author Charlie Carns (1 year)
Lol HawtPussy

Author doing63 (1 year)

Author iownthisaccountnotu (1 year)
oshawott is an awesome starter.

Author originalMINIman (1 year)
@TheKillerNacho hey there ive been watching your videos and i really want
to battle against you but my team is all lengendaries, is that ok? anyway
my friend code is 1764-5067-5030 and i will battle anyone else just message
me :)

Author Jesus Christ (1 year)
Pokemon Flora Sky is pretty good

Author WhatElseExceptNature (1 year)
Really? Thats surprising. Lugia has a 4x weakness to electricity, and
Zapdos has the best special attack out of all 4 early flying legendaries
(Moltres, Articuno, and Lugia).

Author Pool Party Zac (1 year)
You said you used Body Slam to get parahax on the Machamp, but it was
already paralyzed. xD

Author Jeff Criss (1 year)
Pokemon Shinygold is the best hack, it came out before heartgold, and its
pokemon gold with firered graphics (: try it!

Author Killernacho55 (1 year)
Hey killer nacho I just wanna say your the best pokemon trainor I ever saw

Author PokeemonGamez (1 year)
Omfg, our Zoroarks have the same name!

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