Om Sai Mangalam Sai Naam Mangalam [Full Song] - Sai Mangalam Sai Naam Mangalam

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Album: Sai Mangalam Sai Naam Mangalam
Singer: Hemant Chauhan
Music Director:Kailash Maheta, Rajesh Gupta
Lyricist: Traditional
Music Label: T-Series

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Author Komal Bhandary (1 year)
Om sai mangalam..sainaam mnagalam..paavan bhoomi shirdi sai dhaam mangalam..
Its the holy day of thursday for my guru

Author Nilesh Patel (8 months)
Nice song

Author Prabat Kumar (8 months)
very nice song

Author Rajashekhar Reddy Trsy (3 months)
its a lovely devotional music

Author SRI K (4 months)

Author Suresh s.v (4 months)
very very nice song
jai sairam

Author DINESH NANDA (5 months)
nice song sai baba 

Author Sarojni Sahu (5 months)
Om sai
Yah Gana Bahut achachha hair.

Author Ashwin Kotadiya (4 months)
Hemant chauhan simply d best.

Author Sudhir tALEKAR (7 months)
very nice lyrics with very good unique voice.

Author sharan basi reddy (8 months)
Very good by listing this song am very happy

Author Danda Venu (6 months)
Simply supurb, very sweet voice

Author Manodj Bhagwat (4 months)

Author Rajashekhar Reddy Trsy (3 months)
lovely voice and lovely music

Author soumya sri (7 months)
lyrics was so awesome soothing sweet song i love u sai always help me sai
those who r in difficult situations becoz u only the lord samarth sadguru
ji love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sai baba 

Author Sandy Amin (5 months)
om sai ram very nice song i like it

Author Savithri Gopinath (5 months)
nice ,i liked it

Author SAI SHASTRI (3 months)
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Author Rajendran Rathinam (7 months)
hi please tell me is there any tamil meaning for this song i do like this

Author Shashi Tripathi (5 months)
Om Sai Mangalam Sai Naam Mangalam.

Author Swami dev dutt ji (7 months)
get your love back by vashikaran call to swami ji :-09876954771

Author vishal verma (11 months)

Author Dinesh kumar (1 year)

Author Balaji Srinivasan (1 year)
Om Sai Ram... I am very lucky to hear this song..Only who are blessed by
Sainath can hear this song.Its he who makes us to listen to this song.. Om
Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram
Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai
Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om
Sai Ram.

Author Shalin Mahajan (1 year)
Jai Sai Ram

Author Sai Murali (10 months)
Om sairam

Author Raju kumar (1 year)
in reply 2 mr.ghosh comments. in this world all r not fools like u.if u
will not belive 2 sai. no1 is forcing u 2 pray 2 sai, but ask those people
who belived in sai. & because of sai blessing they got everything in there please dont write such bad comments.

Author ravindra Singh (1 year)
lovely sai ram

Author Carla R (1 year)
I would like to know the meaning for this beautiful song.

Author Sarika Arora (10 months)
Jai ho sai baba ji jai sai mglam

Author R Meera (1 year)
awesome............. no words... forgot all my sadneess.. though i feel
like hell..

Author Sathiya Narayanan (1 year)
i like this song

Author Komal Bhandary (1 year)
om sai ram

Author Teresa Martínez Vila (11 months)

Author Ajay Kumar (1 year)
jai sai baba

Author Dharmendra Chanchlani (1 year)
om sai manglam sai nam manglam

Author Prosenjit Pete Ghosh (1 year)
U r such an Educated Fool...the world is full of Educated fools too
many...Lord Krishno the Yogeshwar sings the most sonorous SriMAd Bhagawat
Geeta says repeatedly I take the Human Forn in Planet Earth in innumerable
and countless and variety forms simultaneously and concurrently to
re-establish Dhamma and Righteousness and sustain the creation everytime
there is a downgrade spiral of Dharma and Goodness in Planet Earth..You are
the one evil that we are worried about tunnel visioned ignominous

Author Girish Kumar (1 year)
om saii ram ji om sai ram,[sai mere privaar ko kush rakho app meri maa ho
mere pita ho app sab thkk kar sakte ki beti.

Author Ajay Kumar (1 year)
this bhajan is realy vry nice. \

Author Raju goswami (11 months)
Om sai nath ../\..Sabka malik ek

Author SASI KUMAR (1 year)
thanks sai to given me new life

Author saraswati Chanderan (1 year)
In our VEDAS there is no speech about Rama, Krishna, or any other gods
worshiped by the us Hindus, rather only a PROPHESY about the ONLY SOURCE OF
SINS. Modern gods are intruders in the REALITY. We should wake up and be
open to go through all the religions, compare and choose the best.

Author Mariano Garcia (1 year)
Sai baba ka darshan gun gaan mangalam Such shanti ka milta hain vardaan
mangalam Bhumi mangalam sai bhavan mangalam Puja path dhyan sai archana
mangalam Om Sai Mangalam, Sai Naam Mangalam Paavan Bhoomi Shirdi Saidham

Author Banti Bakshi (10 months)
Ja sai baba

Author Aneel Nagesh (11 months)
om sai om sai

Author MALLESHAM KOTA (10 months)
any word about sai is an immense

Author boy raj (1 year)

Author vandu vandana (1 year)

Author Sagar Karangle (1 year)
Guuuyttdsq n b b. vv. bcc. Xx zxxpoijlolmggggggfffsssaszawazzmnmm.

Author The24071970 (2 years)

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