[SUB] 080613 MBC Documentary: SUPER JUNIOR SS5 in South America

[SUB] MBC SS5 in South America: Brasil, Argentina, Chile & Peru. SUPER JUNIOR concert 2013. Activate [CC] Eng, Español, etc.
----Translater: Hoon Kleiber
Thank you Hoon Kleiber.

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Author rinnychan8 (6 months)
What surprises me is that during the whole world tour, they didn't perform
in the US... At least LA would've been fine! (or NY, since I live in

Author MrYoseob5 (5 months)
i hate Siwon!!!!

Author Mss Choi (3 months)
They mixed images during Rock Star,,,, the most funs part are from
Argentina! haha

Author Rocio Garzon (6 months)
That tour was a freaking marathon!! They looked so tired, but they made it.

Author xsasukex (8 months)
They need to come to BOSTON!

Author McKenzie Wishman (6 months)
So good!! ^__^ I want to see them so badly... Come to America please!! St.
Louis!! <3 I'll study my Korean well!

Author Herlin Anna Riasari (8 months)

Author Isna Nawa Wati (1 year)
[SUB] 080613 MBC Documentary, SUPER JUNIOR SS5 in South America

Author MrYoseob5 (5 months)
Eunhyuk <3 <3 <3 <3
Donghae <3

Author kotoda chul (6 months)
No sub ? :(

Author kareeeeena (1 year)
please sub also this one youtube*com/watch?v=cbkjhLFd_Gs pleeeeeeeeease

Author nuggetsparami (1 year)
kljfhdaskjdhfkjasdhfkjsadhfjlkashdkfhaskf Recuerdo esto tant tan tan
emocionante, El ss5 fue lo mejor :'(((( akjshdksad los vi tan cerca, me
saludaron, los tenia tan cerca sdakjhskdfsjsad :ccc

Author oome De orga (1 year)
English subs please...

Author ddalbutt (10 months)
wait, i look at it again and ata 27:02 the guy on a green shirt its donghae

Author Cami Chazelle (11 months)
No puedo parar de llorar, los extraño tanto. Me hace muy feliz que hayan
disfrutado y halagado tanto a buenos aires, y que hayan hecho el 23 de
abril una noche increible para tantas argentinas. Ahora cada vez que pase
por la casa rosada o por la boca no voy a parar de pensar en que ellos
estuvieron ahi, se sacaron fotos y disfrutaron de la ciudad. Suju hwaiting ♥

Author Catherine Joy (1 year)
So it's really true that Kyu is laughing at himself during radio star?

Author ajoi8591 (1 year)
jajajaja shindong y su "pablito clavo un clavito" fue el mejor concierto!
siempre que veo la luna llena los recuerdo... los amo son lo maximo

Author chayma hajjem (1 year)
plz eng sub :'(

Author Forever13stars1501 (1 year)
Happy Together :) I noticed they play this song a lot in SJ related shows.
I really love this song ^^

Author n.n Texita (1 year)
OMG...estubo bueniiisiimoo!!!

Author Thevicious555 (1 year)
hahaha baby sungmin

Author emakyu94 (1 year)
i love super junior. i do :')

Author KpopKnitter (1 year)
It's kinda hard to explain. The song is not only beautiful, but it is also
one of their "first" popular songs. I think people cry because the song is
a testament to how far the boys have come and how many people support them.
Although everyone probably has their own reasons for crying but this would
be the reason that I would cry.

Author Young Mi Kim (1 year)
ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! yo salí en el documental que emoción los amo sobre todo a

Author vanitydefender (1 year)
si todavía no lo hiciste poné en la opción de subtitulos, traducir
subtitulos y elegí español. No es perfecta pero se entiende bastante lo que
dicen :)

Author kyutiepie15 (1 year)
I only saw Henry 1 time at the end in this ENTIRE DOCUMENTARY, was zhoumi
even there? why cant they be a part of suju not suju-m?

Author Danitza Laos (1 year)
SS5 in Peru ! SS5 in Peru ! SS5 in Peru ! SS5 in Peru ! come back!!!!!

Author jekaren (1 year)
Why I like you

Author Citlalli Hernandez (1 year)
dormire "filiz" las palabras finales de babykyu tocaron mi corazon. Me
alegra que el haya narrado este capitulo :)

Author melf day (1 year)
turn on caption got eng sub

Author BlueDiamond7 (1 year)
Super Show 5 in Peru~ Dreams come true! So proud~ :'3

Author chayma hajjem (1 year)
so prioud of u my Namjas my super men hope u come to Tunisia

Author Regie R (1 year)
*_* kyu's voice~ T^T Yesung's voice is really missing there..

Author cynthia eel (1 year)

Author Cyntia Herrera (1 year)
22:50 is the song of Julieta venega jaja

Author Arsy Jewelf (1 year)
Love suju

Author ddalbutt (11 months)
27:05 who's the one who topless? donghae? or who? *.*

Author Vitamina - F (1 year)
EL ROCKSTAR Y SPY ARGENTINO en CHILE, como te das cuenta?viendo fan cams,
los calzoncillos del monito aca son azules y en chile eran naranjas, los de
seguridad arg eran naranjas, en ch amarillos el punto es... con que
necesidad?? como argentina me pone contenta ver a argentina en todos lados,
pero creo que si fuese a la inversa me super molestaria! Que no se dan
cuenta que es la filmacion de otro pais?? Lo mismo pasa con la primer parte
del doc bradil, aparece el LUNA PARK!! hasta mi amiga esta!

Author gracelynngyu (1 year)
what is the song title in 10.01?

Author fishyhae7 (1 year)
may i know what song being played at 10:17? anybody? :)

Author cecily mendoza chaupis (1 year)
PERU ♥ 52:21 :D super junior saranghe!!!!!!!!!

Author reezkia paramita (1 year)
HOW TO DOWNLOAD IT with the subs... if i download it the english sub wont
come out... is anyone have a link ???

Author marilu alcantara (1 year)
aaa julieta venegas!! jaja no pude evitar cantar!

Author Mariajbh2 (1 year)
thank you very much. I really like the commentarys of Kyu, also the other
members commentarys

Author Karen weareone (1 year)

Author Maari Taylor (1 year)
Jajaajajaj "Si no me hubiese puesto botas" "Si tendría zapatos deportivos!
chicos.. serán los mejores haciendo lo que hacen, pero los Argentinos somos
los mejores en el futbol

Author Ayumi sshi (1 year)
Amé el docu, enrealidad me da dms lastima no poder haber ido al ss5 u_u
pero bueno, para otra será <3 lo unico que no me gusto tanto del docu..
esque a Henry & a Zhoumi sólo los vi 3 veces... que paso? u________ú bno,
será :)

Author forever-kpop (9 months)
Just once I want to see them...,,.. Please come to canada once!!!

Author Sarah Dominguez (1 year)
traduscanlo en spanish please!!! >.<

Author FullofDestiny (1 year)

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