[SUB] 080613 MBC SUPER JUNIOR SS5 South America

[SUB] MBC SS5 South America: Brasil, Argentina, Chile & Peru.
SUPER JUNIOR 2013. Activate [CC] Eng, Español...
Thank you, Hoon Kleiber ^^

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Author cuong nguyen ( ago)
không có viêtsup .huuu

Author TheAshMaster1000 ( ago)
dang I'm glad they didn't pass out or something. South American fans were

Author My Faith My Voice ( ago)
Just once I want to see them...,,.. Please come to canada once!!!

Author ericka shiu ( ago)
15:43 what name is that song

Author keiss lly ( ago)
nunca olvidare el SS5 fue algo hermoso que quedara por simpre en mi vida
mono me hiciste llorar!!

Author Alexandria Ravenscroft ( ago)
0:53:31 ahi tas nena!!!!!!!!!! :3

Author ddalbutt ( ago)
wait, i look at it again and ata 27:02 the guy on a green shirt its donghae

Author Fadia B ( ago)
I think it's Donghae, he's the one with this hairstyle, KangIn have similar
too, but his height and waist aren't like this. Anyway, i'm not really sure

Author ddalbutt ( ago)
27:05 who's the one who topless? donghae? or who? *.*

Author Cami Chazelle ( ago)
No puedo parar de llorar, los extraño tanto. Me hace muy feliz que hayan
disfrutado y halagado tanto a buenos aires, y que hayan hecho el 23 de
abril una noche increible para tantas argentinas. Ahora cada vez que pase
por la casa rosada o por la boca no voy a parar de pensar en que ellos
estuvieron ahi, se sacaron fotos y disfrutaron de la ciudad. Suju hwaiting ♥

Author LoveSpaghettiSmile ( ago)

Author Young Mi Kim ( ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! yo salí en el documental que emoción los amo sobre todo a

Author Citlalli Hernandez ( ago)
dormire "filiz" las palabras finales de babykyu tocaron mi corazon. Me
alegra que el haya narrado este capitulo :)

Author Citlalli Hernandez ( ago)
aaaaahhh me encanta esa cancion de julieta venegas que pusieron de fondo!!
esto es mucho mensaje subliminal. Ya venganse a mexico chaparros!!!

Author No Name ( ago)
gosh... I cried watching this, even the 2nd time... SUPER JUNIOR SARANGHAE
<333333 BRAZIL LOVES YOU!! proud to be an ELF <3

Author TheJPopHD ( ago)
Brasil B R A S I L

Author caritokyuhyun suju ( ago)
son tan hermosos kyuhyun lo amoooooo ojalas vuelvan el proximo año a chile
juro que no me los pierdos los amo son muy importantes para mi

Author Carmi Rdz ( ago)
nombre de la cancion del minuto 23

Author celmira tc ( ago)
oh!! exitos!! SUJU!!

Author SJ bunny ( ago)
Our little hyukie without teukie leader has became stronger as SJ
representative. Who else can make it to South American tour??? Just Super
Junior 3. Deep inside our heart how much we proud to be ELF, to be Super
Junior's fan club.

Author kpopcity1 ( ago)
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world! Visit: for the largest KPOP/Korean Fashion Store in the

Author myhubbymokpofish ( ago)
Man, it's so hard to find someone that subs with english subs. finally find
this. Thankyu~ TT

Author myhubbymokpofish ( ago)
Of course u can't since this is use CC mean it's soft subs. u should try to
find someone that upload with hardsub, where the subs intact with the
video, I'm still searching too. But just find this one with Cc.

Author Henry Elf ( ago)
watch this and you will understand:) /watch?v=7YMuyC5fZXU&gl=SG&hl=en-GB

Author cecily mendoza chaupis ( ago)
PERU ♥ 52:21 :D super junior saranghe!!!!!!!!!

Author edisonno1 ( ago)
If you guys love Henry, pls vote for him & SJ-M to win 20's choice!!! h t
t p : / / / vote.m (remove spaces) • Super Junior M →
20's Mwave Global Star • Henry → 20's Blooming Star Male ►The winner of
the 20's Mwave Global Star Award will be determined 100 percent by global
fan's votes◄ Create as many users as you can to vote for Henry & SJ-M!!!
Pls help to spread this news. TQ~

Author Osmary Garcia ( ago)
Eun no llores te amamos vuelve a latinoamerica y quedate con nosotras!!!!

Author kittycathappy ( ago)
leetuek must be damn proud of them!!! we will all wait for them to complete
their military service! i will stay with them till the end of time!

Author Nicole Andrea ( ago)
Shindong!! hahahahaha pablitoclavounclavito queclavitoclavopablito, to

Author Maya Sara Boum'z ( ago)
They did a great job at excluding Henry and Zhoumi. That's ridiculous and
disgusting!! They were there, how can they not appear on the documentary

Author kkaflamma ( ago)
please sub also this one youtube*com/watch?v=cbkjhLFd_Gs pleeeeeeeeease

Author reezkia paramita ( ago)
HOW TO DOWNLOAD IT with the subs... if i download it the english sub wont
come out... is anyone have a link ???

Author oome De orga ( ago)
thank you for the vid and subs!

Author gracelynngyu ( ago)
oh.. thank you for answering!

Author maryjuli chavez ( ago)
si come back

Author marilu alcantara ( ago)
aaa julieta venegas!! jaja no pude evitar cantar!

Author Mariajbh2 ( ago)
thank you very much. I really like the commentarys of Kyu, also the other
members commentarys

Author FullofDestiny ( ago)

Author kyutiepie15 ( ago)
I only saw Henry 1 time at the end in this ENTIRE DOCUMENTARY, was zhoumi
even there? why cant they be a part of suju not suju-m?

Author Lanlan Jiayou ( ago)
Thank u for sub.. Happy together... We do love u.. Amazing super junior and

Author Forever13stars1501 ( ago)
Happy Together :) I noticed they play this song a lot in SJ related shows.
I really love this song ^^

Author Forever13stars1501 ( ago)
And also in Super Show (1) they put music and ELFs sang the song for them.
Its really touching for SJ so Marry U has become a sort of special song
that has a deep meaning behind it. And the lyrics are also pledging their
love for each other, ELF and SUJU ^^

Author KpopKnitter ( ago)
It's kinda hard to explain. The song is not only beautiful, but it is also
one of their "first" popular songs. I think people cry because the song is
a testament to how far the boys have come and how many people support them.
Although everyone probably has their own reasons for crying but this would
be the reason that I would cry.

Author cynthia eel ( ago)

Author xall_ema ( ago)
i love super junior. i do :')

Author gracelynngyu ( ago)
what is the song title in 10.01?

Author shootingstars ( ago)
Can I ask why do fans and suju cry whenever they sing "Marry You"?

Author Nabilah Jasni ( ago)
i spot prince manager ^^ 51:35

Author Bbtuan ( ago)
arab want U sj~

Author yana2nani ( ago)
Happy together from their 3rd album

Author Vitamina - F ( ago)
EL ROCKSTAR Y SPY ARGENTINO en CHILE, como te das cuenta?viendo fan cams,
los calzoncillos del monito aca son azules y en chile eran naranjas, los de
seguridad arg eran naranjas, en ch amarillos el punto es... con que
necesidad?? como argentina me pone contenta ver a argentina en todos lados,
pero creo que si fuese a la inversa me super molestaria! Que no se dan
cuenta que es la filmacion de otro pais?? Lo mismo pasa con la primer parte
del doc bradil, aparece el LUNA PARK!! hasta mi amiga esta!

Author vanitydefender ( ago)
si todavía no lo hiciste poné en la opción de subtitulos, traducir
subtitulos y elegí español. No es perfecta pero se entiende bastante lo que
dicen :)

Author fishyhae7 ( ago)
may i know what song being played at 10:17? anybody? :)

Author Cyntia Herrera ( ago)
22:50 is the song of Julieta venega jaja

Author Karen weareone ( ago)

Author Sarah Dominguez ( ago)
traduscanlo en spanish please!!! >.<

Author jekaren ( ago)
Why I like you

Author Arsy Jewelf ( ago)
Love suju

Author Danitza Laos ( ago)
Peru ! SS5 in Peru ! SS5 in Peru ! come back!!!!!

Author Danitza Laos ( ago)
SS5 in Peru ! SS5 in Peru ! SS5 in Peru ! SS5 in Peru ! come back!!!!!

Author Andrea Heymi Fleur ( ago)
Great. SS5 in Peru ! Fighting to SUJU

Author Catherine Joy ( ago)
So it's really true that Kyu is laughing at himself during radio star?

Author KyuMa TUN-ELF ( ago)
so prioud of u my Namjas my super men hope u come to Tunisia

Author Apri S ( ago)
Amé el docu, enrealidad me da dms lastima no poder haber ido al ss5 u_u
pero bueno, para otra será <3 lo unico que no me gusto tanto del docu..
esque a Henry & a Zhoumi sólo los vi 3 veces... que paso? u________ú bno,
será :)

Author Apri S ( ago)
What is song ??? *-* 23:48

Author Maari Taylor ( ago)
Jajaajajaj "Si no me hubiese puesto botas" "Si tendría zapatos deportivos!
chicos.. serán los mejores haciendo lo que hacen, pero los Argentinos somos
los mejores en el futbol

Author gianne ramos ( ago)
We love you too Super Junior!! Forever!

Author n.n Texita ( ago)
OMG...estubo bueniiisiimoo!!!

Author n.n Texita ( ago)
18:04 eunhyuk y las gfas de willy wonka!!! jajajja

Author nuggetsparami ( ago)
kljfhdaskjdhfkjasdhfkjsadhfjlkashdkfhaskf Recuerdo esto tant tan tan
emocionante, El ss5 fue lo mejor :'(((( akjshdksad los vi tan cerca, me
saludaron, los tenia tan cerca sdakjhskdfsjsad :ccc

Author BlueDiamond7 ( ago)
Super Show 5 in Peru~ Dreams come true! So proud~ :'3

Author suzielf pineda ( ago)
#ItalianMTVAwards #SuperJunior

Author Thais Deschamps ( ago)
Watching this makes me remember the show and miss it even more. :( It was
the most awesome show that I've ever seen. Super Junior, please come back
to South America and to Brazil! SUPER JUNIOR, SARANGHAE! <3 Brazilians
E.L.F. will wait for you! :) And I hope you can come back in the future
with our dearests Heechul-ssi, Leeteuk-ssi and YeSung-ssi!

Author Christine Macke ( ago)

Author tesa regina ( ago)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author melf day ( ago)
turn on caption got eng sub

Author MegaSjonas ( ago)
omg thank you so much

Author Rose Angie ( ago)
Activen los sub

Author oome De orga ( ago)
English subs please...

Author Thevicious555 ( ago)
hahaha baby sungmin

Author Fernanda Campos Mussi ( ago)
Por favor! Subtítulos en español! T_T

Author AllRiseSilber ( ago)
please put eng sub soonㅠㅠ

Author Regie R ( ago)
*_* kyu's voice~ T^T Yesung's voice is really missing there..

Author KyuMa TUN-ELF ( ago)
plz eng sub :'(

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