Episode #320: Windows 8 Review... Atom vs. i3 or i5 Processor

In this video Eli the Computer Guy talks about the difference between the Atom processors and the i3 and i5 processors as they relate to Windows 8 Tablets.

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Author Lostzilla847 (3 months)
The Surface Pro 3 has an i7 bitch

Author Warren Levon (3 months)
thank you. perfect

Author Saba Abesadze (5 months)
Windows 7 on iMac :D

Author Allan Soh (1 year)
Windows 8 (not RT) on Atom Processor in a Tablet form factor really bridged
the gap between a full fixed Desk bound Desktop OS and a portable
Android/Apple tablet OS by being able to runs any X86 apps with reasonable
power, battery life and portability. It's a well balance combination of
both world.

Author Onitz (1 year)
5:25 is your desired tablet the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T ?

Author Allan Soh (1 year)
Very good info video and it's very helpful for user who are looking to join
the tablet computing world. Cheers

Author TheOriginalPyroBEAST (1 year)

Author R. Bradshaw (1 year)
medhue, you could always use the cloud to hold all your data that won't fit
on your tablet.

Author Me Catalin (11 months)
win 8 is faster than 7, but there are more ways of making the installation
itself smaller and to remove more of it's components to make it fast

Author Everything Cool (1 year)
I gess netbooks have atom

Author Austin Story (1 year)

Author EpiC (1 year)
Hey Eli, I was wondering if you could by chance help me with my
modem/router setup. Im trying to port forward and ive been looking all over
the place for a video that works. My modem gateway is and my
router ip is something like 72.102ect, not the usual Im trying
to port forward and even if i open the ports on both the modem and router,
it doesnt work. I have a video on my channel if a visual helps. Thanks in
advance! I really hope to get a response! Thumbs up SoHeCan see!

Author da awesomedude (1 year)
i would get a laptop, but it matters what you are doing

Author beatwasherdotnl (1 year)
Will an Intel Atom Z2760 work with Windows 7 (meaning, downgrading a
Windows 8 tablet to Windows 7)?

Author CRlSTO (1 year)
when you buy stuff for a client, how do you earn money from that? how do
you charge them and how much?

Author Joyce Turner (1 year)
I downloaded the upgrade and I am loving it! I was expecting it to be a big
learning curve to get used to it, but I found it easy to find things. It is
fantastic in my opinion.

Author rakibdss (1 year)
Thats why cloud is the big thing, you dont store anything on your computer
anymore. Pictures is on skydrive, movies from netflix, music from spotify
and so on.

Author UnitedBassRadio (1 year)
stop rubbing your hands

Author guard213 (1 year)
Great video! So for me...I want to get a Sony Tap 20 (desktop) i3 or i5. My
purpose for it is mainly only for browsing/minor art work/downloading and
listening to music. Do you think the i3 is sufficient? ???

Author YoutublyricsOffial (1 year)
When i heard about windows 8 i thought it would be the best thing ever i
though you could of like your windows phone desktop and surface together
but now im am hearing some surface cant run normal programs is there a
program that can link my phone so i can control my desktop?????

Author Erik Wern (1 year)
Just saw in MS store the Asus 10" tab (Win 8 NOT RT) with Atom 2G/64G AND
comes with Office for $399. For those who want smaller formfactror- they
had Acer 8 inch, same specs for same price. They claim 100K apps in MS
store, and if Android emulation software works half-way decent- well that's
a pretty awesome combo for those wanting tablet.

Author Medhue (1 year)
I'm sure that might be a good solution for many, but the last thing I would
do is store anything on a cloud. I can't even imagine the time it would
take to download and upload video onto the cloud. Plus, you might also have
data streaming limits or charges.

Author Joyce Turner (1 year)
Let me add that I do not have a touch screen on my laptop and it works
great so far.

Author SolarServer (1 year)
Good information .... I appreciate! I am NOW beginning to sort some of this

Author Medhue (1 year)
That is the issue, that is 1 "basic" use case. I want something I can work
on, on the go, without a mouse and without a touch pad. Put a decent small
graphics card in a tablet, give me a 1 TB hard drive, and now I got
something that can run Blender, or 3ds Max or Poser, as well as my mocap
system. I'd buy that for $799.

Author TEVA BOOKING (1 year)
Im just hope the Hybrid laptop i got with Atom will be good enough. I only
need a touch laptop.tablet for emails/surfing. BUYERS BEWARE about New
Egg...majority of their laptops are non-refundable. You're better off with
Amazon. Karma is a bitch New Egg!

Author Allan Soh (1 year)
Soon afterwards, the race between the 2 OS begins with major device
manufacturer joining in the 'War'. Over these few short years Google's
Android really improve in quantum leaps and give Apple user a run for their
money (Although fanboy dare to differ). Among these 2, Miscrosoft slowly
creep in with its Window's Metro UI that is now commonly known as Windows

Author Allan Soh (1 year)
I think the first Atom processor was out way before Android (before Google
accquire it) & Apple's IOS. Back then it was used mainly in NETBOOKS, a
device platform that was meant to fill the gap between a desktop and a
laptop. It had it's years of success which saw some iconic device that
shape the history of gadgets in those days. It's main advantage as pointed
out by Eli is it's long battery life although the lack of computing power
but was a major leap that shape the world of mobile computing.

Author j abroon (1 year)
I am pretty sure that everybody knows what an arm is :)

Author Daveit Ferris (1 year)
How is this episode 320? are you counting every small video you've ever
done as an 'episode'??

Author Dan Islam (1 year)
Intel Atom is not good.Because I had a notebook with intel atom
processor.It ran windows 7 very very slow.But however the laptop is now
dead.Because the notebook's motherboard is dead. Now I have a new
netbook.The new netbook is much much faster with a AMD C-70.Runs windows 7
blazing fast:D

Author amishterrorist17 (1 year)
How do you get Windows 8 to run MinGW...Im having issues with G++
compilation not being available...Along with Bagatrix software not running

Author dabatchiede (1 year)
Nice vids continue the good work .

Author cgillyard (1 year)
Cool and interesting video Eli! Something to keep in mind if people ask me
what my thoughts on tablets with Windows 8.

Author William79 (1 year)
i3 would be fine but I would invest a little more into an i5

Author Dan Islam (1 year)
PS: I Do Gaming,Video Editing,HD Video Streaming,High-end gaming etc.

Author Allan Soh (1 year)
To me, Windows 8 is Miscrosoft's answer and successor to it's previously
well known WIN CE (It's competitor Palm OS and Symbian in those era), it's
own Portable version of Windows on mobile devices (02 XDA, Smart Phone &
PDA) of the late 90s and early 2000s. i have to say this are entirely
personal preference but to me i feel that Windows 8 (Not the RT version) on
an Atom Processor is the 'Real' bridging gap between a Laptop and a

Author Medhue (1 year)
Personally, I don't understand the whole small disk space thing going on
with tablets. Without a big hard drive, which are super cheap, I have no
use for a tablet. I always feel like the industry most forward before the
hardware does, or they just don't think people need that hardware for these
new devices. Oh, and wow, those prices are high for tablets. I'll stay away
from tablets until they can do more and come with big hard drives.

Author Arthur Chisom (1 year)
Good day Sir, please I need your advice on making a decision for buying a
new laptop. I wanna know if it will be ok for me to buy an i5 ultra book
laptop with Window 8 for my Masters Degree in Network Security. Does window
8 or 7 have any limitation over my school or office work as a Network
Engineer, I meant installation of software, etc Do u have any ultra book
laptop in mind for me or do I go for Hp Specter Envy 14 with window 7.
Thanks for your support

Author Allan Soh (1 year)
NETBOOK era lost its shine pretty quick & what lurks behind are Android at
its very own infancy stage. The very first few Android devices are make by
some lesser known brand & if you ever own one back then you'll witness how
un-polish it was on a Resistive touchscreen. It stay this way for a few
more years until APPLE come into the picture to change everything. Apple
introduced mobile user to a whole new world of touch screen on a Capacitive
screen and user of Resistive Touchscrn was sold immed.

Author Allan Soh (1 year)
That was also around that time when Google announced that t will fully
acquire Android. That was when things started to get interesting. User of
Apple's IOS eco system soon learnt that Apple had created a sandbox user
experience for them in iTune's world and IOS and soon craved for more user
customization... that is when a more polished version of Google's Android
steps into the picture. It offer user never before customization compare to
IOS and to user like me is a God send.

Author Bernard Mahoney (1 year)

Author Eli the Computer Guy (1 year)

Author j abroon (1 year)
I am pretty sure that everybody knows what an arm is :)

Author James Strongsmith (1 year)
what if Eli got blown away in the hurricane during one of his live shows

Author ELI ETHERTON (1 year)

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