The First Great Commandment - Jeffrey R. Holland - October 2012 General Conference

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Author Kate Carrick (1 month)
My very favorite talk. Always what I need to hear

Author David Scott (1 month)
Love of god and neighbour rules the world

Author Rudi Chinchilla (2 months)
I m grateful to reach General Conference talks on my smart phone anyplace
anytime in my country:Costa Rica.How blessed we are with high tech
today.Thanks Elder Holland for your talk.Please don t cry this tine haga!

Author leos AP (4 months)
This message changed my life :')
I bear my testimony,that Gods live and all this is true!

Author johnpipi2 (5 months)
He should mentioned in the greek or hebrew when he asks peter if he loves
Jesus uses the word for unconditional love when he says do you love me and
peter responds yeah lord you know i brotherly love you, Jesus does this on
the second time then on the third Jesus gives up and says peter do you
brotherly love mr then feed my sheep man! 

Author IdiotBox78 (9 months)
This is one of the most touching talks ever. For anyone to say we are not
a Christian church should be ashamed of themselves. That's probably the
most ignorant and false statement anyone could ever make concerning the
church. We do love Jesus Christ with all our heart. 

Author marssa jenson (9 months)
maxwelltrainings get a life bro. He's a man of God. We do not have self
proclaimed apostles in our church. If Christ had apostles in the days of
old why would he not have them now?

Author jaynelsondavis (1 year)
Because you can be keeping the commandments and still making mistakes. You
strive to keep the commandments, at times you make mistakes, you repent of
those mistakes and then the blood of Christ cleanses you from your
mistakes. They aren't mutually exclusive things.

Author vbarkdull (1 year)
For all returned missionaries who have stood in the baptismal font. Being
commissioned of Jesus Christ. Changing that person's life. It surely must
have changed yours

Author bon manzon (2 years)
elder holland is really on of the best speakers. great talk

Author Javierjrmartinez1964 (2 years)
I felt as if Jesus Christ him self was speaking to me.

Author keriscorp (2 years)
thats a rather simple minded comment...are you out to ruffle feathers?

Author Jim Bratt (2 years)
One of the best sermons ever. Very powerful !!!

Author Jared House (1 year)
Elder Holland reminds me of King Benjamin in Mosiah

Author Madsenag (2 years)
Another great witness that Latter-Day Saints are Christians. Any Christian
from any denomination could listen to this talk and be inspired to be a
better Christian.

Author Berni Gatchalian (1 year)
I felt the holy apostleship of elder holland especially when i met him
visited the Philippines and poured his blessings to us..

Author Victormormon (2 years)
Wow wow wow, pure prophetic interpretation of scriptures from a true
Apostole of Jesuschrist !!! Make me feel so little and unperfect, is just
so much to inprove, but at the same time I want to do my best with a big
smile in my face.

Author abw815 (1 year)
This talk is one of my favorites ever given because it reminds of a
commandment that I have so often glossed over; Thou shalt love the Lord thy
God. I have been in a dark place for some time now and I am just now
starting to realize that Jesus Christ is still standing there holding out
his hand to me. I am so grateful to him for being there to help me. I know
he lives. I know he loves us all more than we can imagine. I know that if
we love him and keep his commandments we will see him again.

Author Alcigexed (1 year)
When ever I hear one of these Apostles it's very clear and simple and easy
to understand. Clear communication should be a hallmark of truth.

Author jawjww (2 years)
I love this servant of god. The 12 apostles are my heroes. They all help me
follow Jesus.

Author IdiotBox78 (2 years)
There is no way that ANYONE could not be touched by this talk. Anyone who
says they didn't feel a thing is lying.

Author brightcabfire (2 years)
best talk of conference

Author zsmartin7 (1 year)
I LOVE when the authorities get emotional. It is part of their testimony!!
How can they not be emotional when they testify!?? I know I get emotional :3

Author tcpipdhcp (2 years)
Seriously one of my favorite speakers of all time. I am truly touched with
almost every talk he has given

Author Daniel Impens (1 year)
I simply wish to stand alone in my comment in saying that this talk brings
me to repentance every time I hear it. I have to reevaluate where I am at
in my life and love for the Lord our God and The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I
fear for all of our Heavenly Fathers children simply because there are so
many that understand this simple message. It is not simply Mormon Doctrine
the Elder Holland is sharing here. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is
being shared. That is his purpose and mine as well.

Author Nate Seymore (2 years)
When Satan goes to sleep, he checks underneath his bed for Jeffrey R.

Author CableQGuY (1 year)
what part?

Author 5130711 (2 years)
I love this talk. Brother Holland is such a powerful speaker. I do love
Christ and Heavenly father. With all my heart, mind, and spirit.

Author brynt baird (1 year)
the Savoir Ask Peter three times Do you love me. what will you said if the
savoir ask you that same question put your name in for Peter

Author AchillesDK PoliceMods (2 years)
This talk is so inpsired! This is not of manm but it is definitely by the
spirit. He is truly an apostle of the Lord.

Author Brandon Russell (2 years)
Wow is all I can say...Wow!!!!!....

Author Jamie Hodgkin (1 year)
The Lord chose each of those apostles.They were NOT perfect and they made
many mistakes.Sometimes I ask myself why he chose apostles that would deny
Him and betray him and be so imperfect. However I think the Lord wanted us
to know that WE are not perfect and that we too will make many mistakes. He
had faith in them regardless of their bad choices, he saw their potential.
We can draw hope, and comfort knowing that.We can repent and be better .
.that's all He asks of us,He will do the rest.

Author vbarkdull (1 year)

Author Orange Leebs (1 year)
your right my elder president counsler loves your comment

Author brahmamurti (2 years)
I'm not a Mormon but I wept at these words.

Author Diego Curt (1 year)
What a joke this guy is. More mormon lies.

Author TheLion1027 (2 years)
I have been a convert to the church for 4 years now and every conference
Jeffrey R Holland continues to inspire and amaze me. This man is who I want
to be. He has the passion and heart of Christ himself.

Author jawjww (2 years)
I was in the conference center listening to this. My jaw hit the floor in
awe and wonder. Spectacular spiritual intensity was there. You could feel

Author Gurlskater Super cute (1 year)
Which talk was saying we should give our kids allowance

Author brinton25 (1 year)
That was a very wonderful talk. Personally, ranks up there as one of my
favorites ever.

Author adrian jimenez (2 years)
Great speaker

Author Hans Bjorn Kroneberg (1 year)
He is truly an Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I'm not a Mormon!!

Author paperbullet1945 (1 year)
Well, there are so many benefits to that love and the alternative is so
bleak that it would be less than responsible of Him to do anything less. He
asks, pleads and enables before He commands. It's much better to obey
without being commanded, but it's worst of all to not obey.

Author SparkinUpARhythm (2 years)
lol i like that.. :)

Author Yasmin Carpenter (1 year)
I LOVE this, but i was looking for another elder holland's speech in wich
he says jesus told us we should love people more than He did, and then he
asks himself "how could that be?". Does anyone know where can i find this
speech or it's name? (sorry if this isn't clear enough)

Author Miguel Mendez (1 year)
Remix on my channel.

Author Donaven Naidoo (1 year)
A deeply moving, an inspirational talk, just feels so blessed by the
Eternal Holy Spirit being from true and honest conviction listen of Elder
Holland. If I love being apart of Father,I will serve in God, The Eternal
Father, commandments, live to be a child of is works in my life, and enrich
those who fall short to societies wickness. Listen to this really comfort
my Spirit being closer to word of God, and hold me to stronger foundation
to works, knowing that we serve a living God, Amen.

Author Great Life40 (1 year)
Hans, would you like to listen this message. You will bless forever my
friend. Call this phone number, they will help you. (801) 422-2602

Author MrDJS444 (2 years)
I felt the Spirit so strongly as I listened to this talk during Conference
that tears were streaming down my face. I have watched it several times
since and each time am awed by the simple yet overwhelmingly powerful
truths to which Elder Holland testifies. To me, this talk is among the best
ever -- right up there with Elder McKonkie's testimony of Christ in his
last talk and so many that President Hickley gave during his life. May God
bless them all for their love and service to us.

Author ghettoman2000 (2 years)
This talk left me completely and utterly speechless. All I wrote in my
notes was, "WOW." Even the nephews and nieces I was taking care of were
very quiet. Powerful sermon, it spoke to me. Thanks for uploading!

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