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Author DarkTsubasaRox (3 years)
Thumbs up if you think Damian is the best

Author Catcher Saurizard (2 years)

Author Bhavik Patel (2 years)

Author fer bey (2 years)
destroyer vs loser equel

Author yumitran25 (2 years)
aww i cant watch

Author adilene medina (3 years)
yo dis show iz 1 of da best so dont make fun of it u fucked up people who
hate it

Author Alex rodery (2 years)
awesome video luv it

Author mounthagane (3 years)
Thumbs up if you agree with this good quality on this channel while
awesomefury episodes on lmounthaganel if I get 20 thumbs up I will agree to
do that or if no then there won't be a metal masters video in a lot of time
like 7 weeks.Your decision

Author PrincessMay05 (2 years)
Yes he is. Strogest are Gingka,Ryuga and Kyoya

Author Sai Gautham Reddy Alavala (3 years)
then why do see???

Author PrincessMay05 (2 years)
But my favorite bladers are Gingka,Kyoya,Masamune,Tsubasa and Yu ^_^

Author Charlton Gomes (3 years)
yes put

Author usama notkani (3 years)
plz post all episodes

Author asdivh (2 years)
Hater gonna hate

Author kelvin nguyen (2 years)

Author mylle14 (2 years)
this is my favorite

Author jake stepleman (3 years)
yes you should

Author XxMeteoLCapricornxX (3 years)
Chi-yun keeps talking in the third person.

Author SizzlingBeys (2 years)
check out my account. sizzlingbeys

Author Mr_Soysauce (2 years)

Author Amy the Shiny Umbreon (2 years)
my boyfriend is so crazed about beyblades

Author Lee Rachael (3 years)
hi, hope u can upload more

Author demarcius07 (3 years)
Ok Mei Mei is pretty & all but she's a little off, she should let her boobs
do the talkin' from now on

Author Spec plays (2 years)
who watch beyblade metal masters watch this video

Author alexpss13 (2 years)
thos carrtoonnn is soo sickk

Author menetra (2 years)
I have hades kerbacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Royalkinng (3 years)
stop talking I want eat dat food on d table

Author rokyboy0012 (2 years)
top 3 beyblader are ginka masemmune and ryuga

Author rpsyco (2 years)
So, the Americans spend all this money to create spinning tops and super
beybladers. I wonder how much of taxpayers money went into these spinning
tops. The worst part of all this though is that they couldn't even win.
Scumbag Government: Spends million of dollar on a game. Doesn't even win.

Author VenusTears666 (2 years)
4:33 Forget his name but guy in tealy blue looks like he's thinking "i
can't believe they're making me do this pose..." XD

Author mounthagane (3 years)
@Digimonking9436 because he was the runner up in the metal fusion tournament

Author BlastedOne52 (2 years)
1: I just realized something, Blader DJ, the voice for "LAST TIME ON
BEYBLADE!" and Da Xiang are all the same! :D 2: Silly Mei Mei, why are you
making word mistakes now? Jokes about the language barrier FTW! 3: It's a
season old joke but, "Pheonix: Gingka, I am your father. Let me join you
and we will win the world championship as father and son!"

Author supersmashman90 (3 years)
Poor Gingka's Dad all he want become #1 with his son XD.

Author Sai Gautham Reddy Alavala (3 years)
can anyone say where i can get some good clarity

Author loaney2008 (3 years)
You can tell that The chinese team`s sub member doesn`t know much

Author RedAgent14 (3 years)
9:29 oh great its phoenix

Author yshar8876 (3 years)
I don't even know what is this video about!!!

Author alex Kosabuko (3 years)
is bad

Author Trainer Crash (3 years)
this is like my fav episode of this season

Author austin bell (2 years)
thumbs up if you think this is a good order of the best bladers

Author yumitran25 (2 years)
i love beyblade,starwars,monster trucks,and lego

Author Grand Gaming HD (3 years)
haa kyoya or gingka face damian both of them would win every choice

Author suarvya adhikari (2 years)
i think your are not good in grammar

Author 23starrz (2 years)
Guys in done with metal on metal fury

Author tyyppi55 (3 years)

Author PrincessMay05 (2 years)
Top bladers and the strongest are 1.Gingka 2.Ryuga 3.Kyoya 4.Masamune

Author VictiniExpert2400 (3 years)
no fuck you he's asking a question more likes me his audience wants him to
do it.

Author Abby Rose (3 years)
The Chinese team is probably my favorite besides Kyouya's lol

Author Snapsi Lights (3 years)
Poor Phoenix... T.T''

Author SpectraStarx (2 years)
they did put ryugain gan gan galaxy lol

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