Source Filmmaker - Armed

The Scout, looking for some first aid.

I've gotten some music together for the next videos, this one is very quiet in places. Also hoping to make future ones a little longer if possible.

There was a lot of trouble getting the music to play so I had to add it in with video editing software, but other than that I learnt a great deal about rigs - so I should be able to do some nice walking animations among other things.

The next 'Meet the TF2 Commentary' is almost done, but I'm not happy with my noobish animations in places so I will likely re-do quite a bit. I've also had quite a good idea for a new series which is unlike anything else I've seen for SFM, but I need to develop it a bit more so that I don't waste it.

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Author Tyla Kennerley (1 month)
This dosent make sense cuz in tf2 you can't kill people by stabbing a
fucking sentry in there gut dumbass

Author giggleblaster (29 days)
Engineer has unlocked then achievement: lending a hand

Author Jeffrey Dalagan (1 month)
What the fuckong engineer killed scout so i will kill all engineer in TF2
using spy,scout and sniper fast and smooth

Author Tyla Kennerley (1 month)
Wow the dislike button worked

Author L33T Boom (6 months)

Author Dylan Nobrega (9 months)
There was the resupply room just over there but....

Author zero3778 (1 year)
And yet he's like 20 feet from a resupply locker.

Author Xofan95 (1 year)
LoL xD

Author PropagandaPenguin (2 years)
you know how scout LOVES his dispensers "needa dispenser here!"

Author Ap-el foxyoxy (1 year)
It's Scout.

Author The 10th Class (1 year)

Author dehkillerful (1 year)

Author PikachuGames (1 year)
Poor scout D:

Author MrCybersnow (1 year)

Author Pete Rivera (1 year)
Reminds me of Dead Space ._.

Author Ivan Vincent (1 year)

Author Cody Boutdy (1 year)
That is just scary using corpse as a weapon.

Author TchXeru (1 year)
That's like legit aimbots XD

Author Jesse Ramirez (1 year)
Uhhhhh is he ok

Author epikdude456 (2 years)
Thats ok,I didn't need sleep tonight anyways..Haha...

Author Brandon Lee (1 year)
scout sentry once ammo is gone its gone 20% more slower carring speed 10-
accuracy moves when shot

Author SmashMaster83 (1 year)
Engine is fucked up

Author FemaleScout (1 year)
That Scout is a Sentry!

Author TheThunder0107 (1 year)

Author divet3sniper (1 year)
that too

Author Jacob Nugent (1 year)
he dosen't know how to reatach an arm

Author warbro22 (1 year)
its engineers fatality FLOURLESS VICTORY!!!

Author MrTwixman1 (1 year)
ᗵ ᗪ ᗜ ᗆ ഗ ഗ

Author theLivind (1 year)
another prof that engineers are evil.

Author TheJaguar King (1 year)
That engi scrared me like X10

Author Enyoyable (1 year)
This is what happens when medic player decide to go engineer. Horrible
mechanical man/machine hybrids.

Author Skull_Gee (1 year)
- No health or ammo by dispensers

Author ronny conny (1 year)
You sona wo bitch

Author pamelaadrianamarie (1 year)
The engineer is now 10x scary

Author AdeptJR1797 (1 year)
oh Arm-ed I get it

Author Slava Thereshin (1 year)

Author TheScoutDolphin (1 year)
should i be watching this late at night??

Author TheSpyCrap (1 year)
Have you saw my painis?

Author WyntersJoey (1 year)
engineer you sick fuck O.o

Author Random Brandon (1 year)
that engineer is a spy!

Author max lion (1 year)
engineer is a team killer :3

Author Захар Мазур (1 year)

Author KatsKatnip (2 years)
can u not

Author hulk2mad (1 year)
Scout is sentry!

Author WilliamAncich (1 year)

Author thomas pedersen (1 year)

Author Danny Varga (1 year)
Never trust a red engine

Author Filip Nilsson (1 year)
TF2 creepypasta

Author Rockjanjan313 (1 year)
"The Sentry Arm" -20 Walkspeed -Autoaim -3 Shot Death

Author aczom2 (2 years)
0:41 Engineer wins. FATALITY

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