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Author Derek Reath ( ago)
im disturbed

Author Heavy Weapons Guy ( ago)
New Item,The Sentry Arm +Sentry in arm -Can't switch weapons -99% Health on
wearer -You can't control shots -you die after 3 shots I wouldn't use this

Author Kuuleialoha Roback ( ago)
ok this is fucked up anyone agree

Author Pokemonfan3008 ( ago)
I always KNEW Engi was a serial killer!

Author Pokemonfan3008 ( ago)
Scout and Spy best watch themselves.

Author Josh Dio ( ago)
This is me. Waiting for the dispenser to finish building instead of going
to respawn room and get health closet

Author PikachuGames ( ago)
Poor scout D:

Author TrueMisfit ( ago)
I thought this was funny, especially since I hate scouts.

Author Brian Figueroa ( ago)
thts whts hapens when theres no meds

Author KingFluffs ( ago)
Computer specs plox.

Author Shadowmire ( ago)
Spy sappin mah Scout

Author ShroomBotUK ( ago)
That was Cute...

Author CarsonChip ( ago)
wow. sentry's new ammo is scouts organs

Author Questionable Videos ( ago)
Why didn't Scout run into the spawn and grab health from the health and
ammo cabinet?

Author hulk2mad ( ago)
Scout is sentry!

Author Alice Red Femscout ( ago)
wh-... what the hell is you guys problem! Don't bring a wrench to a gun
fight hard hat!

Author Reyes ( ago)
why is it that in these SFM films scout always get something horrible
happen to him?

Author PuffleWaffle ( ago)
It's funny that he could've just walked into the spawn.

Author Danny Varga ( ago)
Never trust a red engine

Author WyntersJoey ( ago)
engineer you sick fuck O.o

Author Quinn Swiebs ( ago)

Author Kristaps Jurkans ( ago)
o.o wat

Author MrCybersnow ( ago)

Author Захар Мазур ( ago)

Author ramzi manalao ( ago)

Author jamezyboy11 ( ago)
i wish scout ran around with the sentry

Author BattleRedTexan ( ago)
This is fucked up...more like the ENGIE is fucked up

Author Luffy MonkeyD ( ago)
No shit. That's the name of the video.

Author ILikeMySugarWithCoffeeAndCream ( ago)

Author Pete Rivera ( ago)
Reminds me of Dead Space ._.

Author Assasin Scout ( ago)
scout army disapproves

Author Globox ( ago)
Okay what the fuck was this

Author SmashMaster83 ( ago)
Engine is fucked up

Author xXRaocnumDudeXx ( ago)
Engineer: I love that little gun. Annuncer: Teamkiller!

Author TheJaguar King ( ago)
That engi scrared me like X10

Author pamelaadrianamarie ( ago)
The engineer is now 10x scary

Author nashanion ( ago)
I love how he walked right by the resupply room

Author corporatePaladin ( ago)
I love how all these idiots keep making retarded stats for some stupid
scout sentry. It's not a special gun you silly. It's just a sentry head
attached to a dead scout, come on.

Author Brandon Lee ( ago)
scout sentry once ammo is gone its gone 20% more slower carring speed 10-
accuracy moves when shot

Author Jacob Nugent ( ago)
he dosen't know how to reatach an arm

Author mrRC21100 ( ago)
This is an embaresment for scout and baseball players

Author Yjnator ( ago)
Why didn't the Scout just go back to spawn and resupply?

Author DavidBudderGaming ( ago)

Author DavidBudderGaming ( ago)
this sucks..scout is awesome...wngineer sucks dicks

Author Phsyke ( ago)
make it so

Author sugiarto alexandre ( ago)
scoutry (scout sentry) +30 accuracy +mobile sentry +fast capability of
moving -50% health -always said a freakin annoying voice

Author thesolidsnaking ( ago)
Grimdark TF2?... I am strangely okay with this...

Author Nicolaxz-21 ( ago)
Poor scout...

Author Filip Nilsson ( ago)
TF2 creepypasta

Author uzimakiking ( ago)
SPY! *hits you with bat*

Author uzimakiking ( ago)
NO WRONG PASSWORD! *bonks you with bat*

Author TheThunder0107 ( ago)

Author TheThunder0107 ( ago)
Scouts rule

Author TheNethero ( ago)
I think he was talking about scout

Author TheSpyCrap ( ago)
Have you saw my painis?

Author Slava Thereshin ( ago)

Author Mort Aura ( ago)
Well,he isn't.He's just using the corpse as a base for his gun.

Author Mort Aura ( ago)

Author uzimakiking ( ago)
whats the password....?

Author Atanarix ( ago)
Ahem... Yo' whats up?

Author Cody Boutdy ( ago)
That is just scary using corpse as a weapon.

Author FemaleScout ( ago)
That Scout is a Sentry!

Author Megan Johnson ( ago)
that's what I was thinking ._.

Author TheTreebrook ( ago)
Medic: Oh yeah, he's fine... Just had his arm sliced almost completely off
and then our Engineer stuck his sentry into his arm... So yeah he'll live...

Author Platinumcan ( ago)
I get it he is armed

Author Captian Canada ( ago)
i thought he was going to beat the sniper with his arm XD

Author Ivan Vincent ( ago)

Author RandomBrandon ( ago)
that engineer is a spy!

Author TheLittleGamer ( ago)
"The Sentry Arm" -20 Walkspeed -Autoaim -3 Shot Death

Author Jesse Ramirez ( ago)
Uhhhhh is he ok

Author Jesse Ramirez ( ago)

Author Clyde Donovan ( ago)
Uhh.. now I'm gonna have a nightmare about Engineer. Thanks.

Author Fabulous Joker ( ago)

Author B- bear ( ago)
O_O ok scared of engi now

Author dammitbobby ( ago)
At the begining Sniper was holding his knife backwards lol.

Author ReySyndicate ( ago)
I will not stand by and let my brothers be used for experiments

Author TheRiverKruse ( ago)
Well ain't that the darndest thing.

Author Stain ( ago)
If you win a saxxy all must be drunk.....

Author jotabeas22 ( ago)
...and that's how the first aimboting scout was born

Author ronny conny ( ago)
You sona wo bitch

Author PVBeastful ( ago)

Author Enyoyable ( ago)
This is what happens when medic player decide to go engineer. Horrible
mechanical man/machine hybrids.

Author Hunter Strait ( ago)
That would be the sniper.

Author Land Mantis ( ago)
Way to simply rip off the top comment. No really, good job; it's quite the

Author Joseph Foster ( ago)
Scentry Fires 50% quicker Runs out of ammo 50% quicker amount of Annoyence
Gotten Rid of OVER 9000

Author WilliamAncich ( ago)

Author MizuiroNo (582 years ago)
That's like legit aimbots XD

Author SamuraiBlack ( ago)
it would have been funny if "need a dispencer here" started playing in
engineer's head before he did that

Author StudioARE ( ago)
Was that sentry firing his internal organs o_o?

Author ThatOneEpicGuy ( ago)
I thought the scout would say sweet! then use the arm mounted gun.

Author Anton Thomasson ( ago)

Author Unlimited Soup , Salad, and Breadsticks ( ago)
Really? I didn't know he had scars

Author zagFUpro ( ago)
the engie is 5x more scarry now

Author Anton Thomasson ( ago)

Author The Gentlemenly Kiwi ( ago)
guess we can make a sentry out of you yet

Author 1un4cy (1211 year ago)
I think it's a bit more gruesome that he dies with a sentry in his arm.

Author TheScoutDolphin ( ago)
should i be watching this late at night??

Author Justin Smith ( ago)
well fuck you engie

Author kartdriver92 ( ago)
scouts only need dispensers here!

Author SpazFox455 ( ago)
And then he re-spawns and beats the engis face in with his own hard-hat

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