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The Scout, looking for some first aid.

I've gotten some music together for the next videos, this one is very quiet in places. Also hoping to make future ones a little longer if possible.

There was a lot of trouble getting the music to play so I had to add it in with video editing software, but other than that I learnt a great deal about rigs - so I should be able to do some nice walking animations among other things.

The next 'Meet the TF2 Commentary' is almost done, but I'm not happy with my noobish animations in places so I will likely re-do quite a bit. I've also had quite a good idea for a new series which is unlike anything else I've seen for SFM, but I need to develop it a bit more so that I don't waste it.

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Author Mr. Cataratus ( ago)
Engineer has unlocked then achievement: lending a hand

Author Tyla Kennerley ( ago)
This dosent make sense cuz in tf2 you can't kill people by stabbing a
fucking sentry in there gut dumbass

Author Jeffrey Dalagan ( ago)
What the fuckong engineer killed scout so i will kill all engineer in TF2
using spy,scout and sniper fast and smooth

Author Tyla Kennerley ( ago)
Wow the dislike button worked

Author L33T Boom ( ago)

Author Dylan Nobrega ( ago)
There was the resupply room just over there but....

Author zero3778 ( ago)
And yet he's like 20 feet from a resupply locker.

Author Xofan95 ( ago)
LoL xD

Author Derek Reath ( ago)
im disturbed

Author Heavy Weapons Guy ( ago)
New Item,The Sentry Arm +Sentry in arm -Can't switch weapons -99% Health on
wearer -You can't control shots -you die after 3 shots I wouldn't use this

Author Kuuleialoha Roback ( ago)
ok this is fucked up anyone agree

Author Pokemonfan3008 ( ago)
I always KNEW Engi was a serial killer!

Author Pokemonfan3008 ( ago)
Scout and Spy best watch themselves.

Author Josh Dio ( ago)
This is me. Waiting for the dispenser to finish building instead of going
to respawn room and get health closet

Author PikachuGames ( ago)
Poor scout D:

Author TrueMisfit ( ago)
I thought this was funny, especially since I hate scouts.

Author Brian Figueroa ( ago)
thts whts hapens when theres no meds

Author KingFluffs ( ago)
Computer specs plox.

Author Shadowmire ( ago)
Spy sappin mah Scout

Author ShroomBotUK ( ago)
That was Cute...

Author CarsonChip ( ago)
wow. sentry's new ammo is scouts organs

Author Questionable Videos ( ago)
Why didn't Scout run into the spawn and grab health from the health and
ammo cabinet?

Author hulk2mad ( ago)
Scout is sentry!

Author Alice Red Femscout ( ago)
wh-... what the hell is you guys problem! Don't bring a wrench to a gun
fight hard hat!

Author Reyes ( ago)
why is it that in these SFM films scout always get something horrible
happen to him?

Author PuffleWaffle ( ago)
It's funny that he could've just walked into the spawn.

Author Danny Varga ( ago)
Never trust a red engine

Author [BTK] ProjectXero ( ago)
engineer you sick fuck O.o

Author Quinn Swiebs ( ago)

Author Kristaps Jurkans ( ago)
o.o wat

Author MrCybersnow ( ago)

Author Захар Мазур ( ago)

Author ramzi manalao ( ago)

Author jamezyboy11 ( ago)
i wish scout ran around with the sentry

Author BattleRedTexan ( ago)
This is fucked up...more like the ENGIE is fucked up

Author Luffy MonkeyD ( ago)
No shit. That's the name of the video.

Author ILikeMySugarWithCoffeeAndCream ( ago)

Author Pete Rivera ( ago)
Reminds me of Dead Space ._.

Author Assasin Scout ( ago)
scout army disapproves

Author Globox ( ago)
Okay what the fuck was this

Author SmashMaster83 ( ago)
Engine is fucked up

Author xXRaocnumDudeXx ( ago)
Engineer: I love that little gun. Annuncer: Teamkiller!

Author TheJaguar King ( ago)
That engi scrared me like X10

Author pamelaadrianamarie ( ago)
The engineer is now 10x scary

Author nashanion ( ago)
I love how he walked right by the resupply room

Author corporatePaladin ( ago)
I love how all these idiots keep making retarded stats for some stupid
scout sentry. It's not a special gun you silly. It's just a sentry head
attached to a dead scout, come on.

Author Brandon Lee ( ago)
scout sentry once ammo is gone its gone 20% more slower carring speed 10-
accuracy moves when shot

Author Jacob Nugent ( ago)
he dosen't know how to reatach an arm

Author mrRC21100 ( ago)
This is an embaresment for scout and baseball players

Author Yjnator ( ago)
Why didn't the Scout just go back to spawn and resupply?

Author DavidBudderGaming ( ago)

Author DavidBudderGaming ( ago)
this sucks..scout is awesome...wngineer sucks dicks

Author Phsyke ( ago)
make it so

Author sugiarto alexandre ( ago)
scoutry (scout sentry) +30 accuracy +mobile sentry +fast capability of
moving -50% health -always said a freakin annoying voice

Author thesolidsnaking ( ago)
Grimdark TF2?... I am strangely okay with this...

Author Nicolaxz-21 ( ago)
Poor scout...

Author Filip Nilsson ( ago)
TF2 creepypasta

Author uzimakiking ( ago)
SPY! *hits you with bat*

Author uzimakiking ( ago)
NO WRONG PASSWORD! *bonks you with bat*

Author TheThunder0107 ( ago)

Author TheThunder0107 ( ago)
Scouts rule

Author TheNethero ( ago)
I think he was talking about scout

Author TheSpyCrap ( ago)
Have you saw my painis?

Author Slava Thereshin ( ago)

Author Mort Aura ( ago)
Well,he isn't.He's just using the corpse as a base for his gun.

Author Mort Aura ( ago)

Author uzimakiking ( ago)
whats the password....?

Author Atanarix ( ago)
Ahem... Yo' whats up?

Author Cody Boutdy ( ago)
That is just scary using corpse as a weapon.

Author FemaleScout ( ago)
That Scout is a Sentry!

Author Megan Johnson ( ago)
that's what I was thinking ._.

Author TheTreebrook ( ago)
Medic: Oh yeah, he's fine... Just had his arm sliced almost completely off
and then our Engineer stuck his sentry into his arm... So yeah he'll live...

Author Platinumcan ( ago)
I get it he is armed

Author Captian Canada ( ago)
i thought he was going to beat the sniper with his arm XD

Author Ivan ( ago)

Author RandomBrandon ( ago)
that engineer is a spy!

Author TheLittleGamer ( ago)
"The Sentry Arm" -20 Walkspeed -Autoaim -3 Shot Death

Author Jesse Ramirez ( ago)
Uhhhhh is he ok

Author Jesse Ramirez ( ago)

Author Clyde Donovan ( ago)
Uhh.. now I'm gonna have a nightmare about Engineer. Thanks.

Author Fabulous Joker ( ago)

Author B- bear ( ago)
O_O ok scared of engi now

Author gamefreakgamefreak23 ( ago)
At the begining Sniper was holding his knife backwards lol.

Author ReySyndicate ( ago)
I will not stand by and let my brothers be used for experiments

Author TheRiverKruse ( ago)
Well ain't that the darndest thing.

Author Drama Pyro ( ago)
If you win a saxxy all must be drunk.....

Author jotabeas22 ( ago)
...and that's how the first aimboting scout was born

Author ronny conny ( ago)
You sona wo bitch

Author PVBeastful ( ago)

Author Enyoyable ( ago)
This is what happens when medic player decide to go engineer. Horrible
mechanical man/machine hybrids.

Author Hunter Strait ( ago)
That would be the sniper.

Author Land Mantis ( ago)
Way to simply rip off the top comment. No really, good job; it's quite the

Author Joseph Foster ( ago)
Scentry Fires 50% quicker Runs out of ammo 50% quicker amount of Annoyence
Gotten Rid of OVER 9000

Author WilliamAncich ( ago)

Author MizuiroNo (582 years ago)
That's like legit aimbots XD

Author SamuraiBlack ( ago)
it would have been funny if "need a dispencer here" started playing in
engineer's head before he did that

Author StudioARE ( ago)
Was that sentry firing his internal organs o_o?

Author ThatOneEpicGuy ( ago)
I thought the scout would say sweet! then use the arm mounted gun.

Author Anton Thomasson ( ago)

Author Unlimited Soup , Salad, and Breadsticks ( ago)
Really? I didn't know he had scars

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