The Confrontation - 3 male Lions versus 300 Cape Buffalo

A long and ferocious battle between 3 male Lions and a herd of about 300 Cape Buffalo. The Lions have taken down a calf, then need to defend it as the Buffalo try to drive off the Lions and save the calf. Control of the calf changes back and forth 11 times. The entire episode lasted over 1/2 hour.

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Author david rostami ( ago)
Can anyone explain why the lions do not attack the people filming them in
open jeep

Author GooglFascists ( ago)
Where's the vid of the cape buffalo herd turning around and killing the

Author iqbal niazi ( ago)
I think video makers were so close... got bigger balls than loins.

Author Vince Lopez ( ago)
300 Buffalo Huh? SPARTANS! Awoo! Awooo! Awoooo!

Author Bill Wilsford ( ago)
Those horns are made for one thing and one thing only: live meat

Author Steadyaim Gaming ( ago)
Put two fully grown black bears with the Lions

Author seven2heaven ( ago)
Buffalo are loyal!! I very much respect their courage 

Author IAmAGeek ( ago)
The larger male who kept moving the buffalo back is defiantly the dominant
one of the three! He's so beautiful.

Author camouflage873 ( ago)
Great vid shame we have to listen to the all knowledgeable ignorant South
African bastard all the way through

Author jFunk ( ago)
fuck the person holding the camera

Author Kristyna Imlaufova ( ago)
I don't like lions. They're absolutely useless.

Author cazzone 88 ( ago)
Male lions are badass, the most fearless animals.

Author kurojin97 ( ago)
This is very interesting. The buffaloes are clearly having an issue coming
to terms with the reality that one of their own is going to be eaten by
those lions. Granted, yes, they could all stomp mud holes into those lions
if they wanted to but that would be a waste of energy. This isn't that
instinct bullshit retards say it is. That's life.

Author la chimutry ( ago)
amazing! the buffalos are together, protect the calf and they are dangerous
with their horns and can stamp ! but the lion is a warrior he is the king
and if they are 3 , they are the best

Author whatsgoingon07 ( ago)
King Leonidas: "this is spartaaa!!"
Lion: "this is africaaa!!"

Author alexrex20 ( ago)
Silly lions, those humans are much easier targets!

Author Moé Ramirez ( ago)
wish that the dead buffalo was fully pumped with potent poison, so the
lions would die too.

Author sonofthedestroyer ( ago)
That guy sat in that seat on the bonnet!
Not the safest place in the world to be at that moment

Author George Georgiou ( ago)
U ppl got some balls being out there

Author kiikiikhan ( ago)
War. Male lions have some major balls.

Author Shane Johnson (72 years ago)
Buffalo later come back with Uzis and pimped out cars.

Author Le Buffle d'Afrique ( ago)
" 300 cape buffalo " il y avais 5 buffle qui fesait qelque chose

Author Quick “quicksilver2099” Silver ( ago)
you shit guys risking your lifes that way, but I guess at least you just
close your mouth and so you won't startle the animal and let the natural
course take...

Author Scar A ( ago)
If the bitches won't cook and are parading for female rights, it's us vs
300 Buffalos fellow brothers. Eat slowly to give your bodies enough time to
recognize that you're full.

Author Celso Principal ( ago)
parece que tem dois leões que são gays, um ta fazendo muito carinho
no outro quando volta para a caça.

Author Ry Mate ( ago)
i just can't evaluate in my head that you have 300 buffalo which weigh
around 2000lbs each and they don't fuck up 3 poncey lions like how does
that make sense? it just can't..

Author Abolfazl Sadeh ( ago)

Author MrSuarezmichael ( ago)
Awesome one day i will comee to see the lion 😌

Author ankushzap ( ago)
2:14 lady voice lol

Author ( ago)
Dope video checkout what we have going on at my Channel ... Just did some
work with Jadakiss and Lil Durk...

Author Abdirisaq abuukar ( ago)

Author L Bandara ( ago)
Buffalos have communication problem. :D

If all 300 run over these 3 lions, story is over !

Author AppleTaste GT ( ago)
And How to kill a heard of buffalos get a ak57 shoot the,

Author AppleTaste GT ( ago)
Guys animals don't eat buffalos If u eat 1 of them Like a thousand shows up
and beats your ass

Author sharingan180185 ( ago)
why do buffalos feel stronger when they already lost a cape? does the rage
and angry make them stronger???

Author Vijayan P K ( ago)
Unity is strength

Author Vijayan P K ( ago)
Every day is not Sunday

Author Adnan Kashogi ( ago)
Buffalos are so stupid

Author saveMe82 ( ago)
look at that lion standing beside the human cos they know they can be
somewhat safe.

Author illuminatioracle ( ago)

Author Extremely Clever ( ago)
Lions need to learn how to EAT GRASS...

Author Farlan Baihaqqie ( ago)
Ayo wins singa africa

Author szaki ( ago)
How about the hunters, poachers they kill lot of big games, some time only
take the horns?

Author Oliver J (973 years ago)
Male lions are very courageous animals...

Author Kenneth Wagner ( ago)
I like the one at 2:33. Just eating grass while his friends off and is the
first one to charge.

Author jiasming2123 ( ago)

Author Bram Stoker ( ago)
Toulon male lions?


Author meong nakal ( ago)
stupid buffalo. there a many buffalo but lose. wkwkwkwkwkw stupid

Author bob boby ( ago)
the funny thing is the buffalo's could destroy the lions but theyre too
scared of the lions to go face to face with them when the lions run up to
scare them back again :P

Author imrandma ( ago)
Oh yes it's soooo natural. Coming from pathetic humans who are so removed
from nature they now have the conceit to call death in other species

Author steve mcquen ( ago)
Why buffalos do not stand their ground against a male lion, beacuse they
are not as stupid as you described them to be...

Author Danzywolf ( ago)
now thats what you call KING OF THE JUNGLE

Author Rillus ( ago)
4:43 this male buffalo is like 1v3 .. let's go i kick your ass 

Author 210sup ( ago)
Them buffalo don't have no brains.. would be able to take them if they did

Author Gia Rcheulishvili ( ago)

3:32 Buffalos be like - SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!

Author Jon Rosseau ( ago)
Why the fuck r these big a$$ 1500 lbs animals running like f@ckin cats?!!
Buffaloes r just dumb a$$ useless animals... like rabbits

Author adriano sondal ( ago)
The king three lion Amazonas Brazil!

Author john doe ( ago)
there is a little truth to that. Other than elephants herbivores require
less brain power than predators. Social predators use ruses deceit and team
methods to catch food and its why they are higher intelligence than
herbivores. The highest intelligence belongs to elephants, the great apes
and dolphins/whales.

Author john doe ( ago)
enter "amazing lion kill" on u tube there a lioness goes head to head with
a cape bluffalo and treats it like a bitch.

Author john doe ( ago)
Humans are not made of much one swipe from a lion can easily kill any
human.Torn flesh and or broke neck. Their paw can cover the width of your
hand the long way and carry massive claws for attaching themselves to
buffalo hide. Also there are plenty of videos showing lions clamping down
of a cape buff thats full of fight. Enter "amazing lion kill" There a
lioness takes one head on while her teamates warn the heard not to
intervene. HA !

Author Sæwelō ( ago)
The Ranger/Guide is top notch. Great pro.

Author NavyOneKC ( ago)
Ha! I like how you don't beat around the bush and get right to the point.
Sort of like the LION...

Author NavyOneKC ( ago)
I was thinking the same thing! You don't normally hear how the King is not
the lazy clown, he is often portrayed to be.

Author kriskal8503 ( ago)
This is Sparta!

Author sacman68 ( ago)
If you notice that the herd only charged when they saw a lion laying down
next to the dead one but when the lions are standing, the herd really
wanted nothing to do with them until the lions laid back down, they decided
to charge again. Kind of a pussy move on the herd but hey, at least they
tried, right?

Author sacman68 ( ago)
How many times did we hear "Wow" in this video?

Author CIIR ( ago)
those 300 buffalo need a leader like Leonidas...

Author Luis Velazquez ( ago)
Would you stop and try to fight a 100 pound crackhead with a knife or run

Author HpnTYzD ( ago)
so you didn't even refute my statement but you managed to call me stupid,
good job!

Author Nick Parsons ( ago)

Author HpnTYzD ( ago)
no, it's just survival instincts if a guy was holding 10 people, including
you, at gunpoint would you dare rush him, knowing you could be the first
one to die? those lions can easily down a couple of more buffaloes before
they are killed

Author HpnTYzD ( ago)
guns probably, if they were to take an aggressive stance against humans
they would probably get shot, or shot at, either way, saving the humans

Author Shane D ( ago)
wow, you guys are so close to them... what stops them from attacking people
in open vehicles?

Author Kim Partin ( ago)
This is so cool how they protect theirs until they know for sure its dead!

Author shunkajun ( ago)
Anyway you look at it, this was a truly great spectacle of Mother Nature
and Natural Selection in action. A great video, all animals have a right to

Author kiikiikhan ( ago)
Man oh man buffalo herd is not something you want to be fighting:D Lions
are badass:)

Author BruceIsSoCool ( ago)
The order of animal is strange, the Cape Buffalo eat the wheat or what
every and their metabolism is extremely slow , and they produce, the Lions
are meat eaters but there seems to be harmony.

Author ryan ruu ( ago)

Author Mari Active ( ago)
buffalo are afraid of lions duh , its like if u were a buff u wouldnt wanna
go agents that 500 pound thing

Author Sergio Arguelo ( ago)
prak atira nobufaloseu pau no cu anatreza vai cobrar de vo deixe o sanimais
viver dojeto q deus deixounao seja umcovarde queren se aparecer adesgraça
dos animais indefeso

Author Mohamed Firdous ( ago)
Lion shame shame....

Author mark dutton ( ago)
They are not bluffing. The lion had one by the leg as he fled for his life.

Author TreeAttacks StupidWoman ( ago)
the lions are bluffing and the buffalo's are not intelligent enough to see

Author john doe ( ago)
No they ran like sissies and the one who died squealed like a pig.

Author john doe ( ago)
Nope they don't have the balls or the courage of a LION nothing does ! they
run in fear and rightly so.

Author john doe ( ago)
None of those buffalo wanted to be the next one laying dead under a tree.
Nobody wanted to get their ass kicked and seeing a dead buff also
demoralized them. Besides the lion charges were balls out. One word

Author john doe ( ago)
The buffalo showed fear becouse they had good reason to be. If you look
closely one of the lion charges the lion actually grabs a buffalo leg and
its actually hobbling while the lion has its leg in its jaws. it could have
been a mortal injury. Who even if your among 500 wants to be the one that
gets his ass kicked by a lion?

Author john doe ( ago)
Another mindless tiger worshiper. You should be fed to the tigers you

Author Aren Mori ( ago)
I want to bring a gun on safari and shoot any buffalo that tries to retake
a buffalo from the lions. More food for the pride.

Author Jhonny Tuffister ( ago)
you are absolutely right, ALL animal experts agree that even though the
Bengal tiger is the biggest cat, in a one on one fight with the African
Lion it would lose (holding everything constant EX both are healthy) when
it comes to pure power, predatory intelligence, and just plain BADASS
nothing comes close to a male lion!

Author Lord Hades ( ago)
100 buffalo, 300 buffalo... doesn't matter. Fact is 5 male lions at the
least and it would be a different story, if they wanted their meal they
would get it. The buffalo can react as aggressive as possible and the lion
pack would no matter what kill the calf. And if the lion was starving in
this case, it would more likely be different as well, the 3 lions would
aggressively attack the larger buffalo, scaring the herd allowing for an
easy kill. Trust me I know.

Author aarond2lod ( ago)
It's not even close to 300 buffalo, 100 max tbh, 5 lions would flee from
300 buffalo if they were so aggressive like that from the beginning, it's
because the buffalo showed fear and were too slow to react that they were
unable to save the calf.

Author Phạm hồng Giang Eliston ( ago)
Mếu can thiệp vào thế giới tự nhiên thì là điều ngu xuẩn nhất ,nếu như
không bị thú giữ làm thịt !

Author Sergio Arguelo ( ago)

Author Lord Hades ( ago)
Get a least 5 healthy male lions against those 300 buffalo and you'll see
the story will be very different. That was 3 lions and one was badly
injured in the leg, probably the weakest spot.

Author Zarnosch ( ago)
thats perfect. dont waste time guys , rush to this site and get ur ipad3 or
iphone as per ur choice. dont think its funny, make sure you tell the
address and email properly to send the giftbox. have a try and enjoy :) ==>

Author kannadabond ( ago)
That women's voice awwwahhhh yuuuuccckkkkk.....

Author yvonne0011 ( ago)
That stupid woman needs to shut up!! Why did she go on something like this
if she's just going to sit and cry, complain, be upset and probably ruin
everyone elses time, I know she ruined this video for me. What a waste of
money for those people, if I paid to go one something amazing like this I
would have THROWN THAT STUPID WOMAN OUT OF THE CAR!! Give her something to
really cry about.

Author warriormanjit ( ago)
All of those 45+ men were KILLED. --- guru gobind left them there with
their consent and RAN away (nothing heroic) --- That was the battle were
45+ MEN wasted their lives for one man. No lion involved in this -- it was
more like leopards getting smashed by wilder beasts. THEYhad no CHANCE. Sad

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