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Author pantherpawz (3 years)
I too am from MI and thinking of going to ND. The only thing stopping me is
housing. If you can give me a list of man camps or housing options i'd
really appreciate it. Good luck to you.

Author Jared Holmes (3 years)
This is great information. It seems like North Dakota is short on housing?

Author Bakken Dispatch (2 years)
Any updates on your job search?

Author davidd2272 (3 years)
Your videos are very helpful, I plan on making that trip myself in the
spring to try and land a job there. Once again thanks for the videos.

Author Vivian Zanchin (3 years)
beautiful view!!!! I loved the soundtrack !!!!! :) I'm glad you made it

Author BigCat1165 (3 years)
@cooksecurities ?

Author guayacan07 (3 years)
Did you have any previous CDL experience?

Author rob crowe (3 years)
i have a felony drug charge 2004 will that efect me getting a job ??

Author Vivian Zanchin (3 years)
I thought you already had a job there! I miss you! Hope you find a place
very soon! i don't want to see you sleeping in the car in the cold!!!! :(
Send me news soon!! baccio bello!!!

Author guayacan07 (3 years)
Did they give you an automatic truck?

Author BigCat1165 (3 years)
@davidd2272 Glad to help, good luck!

Author BigCat1165 (3 years)
@reotardodickcraprio Your welcome! Good Luck keep me posted too.

Author BigCat1165 (3 years)
@pantherpawz most of the man camps here are owned by companies, so only
emploies are allowed to stay there. There is one place in watford city that
is open to the public. They charge $1750.00 a month for a 30' trailer...
You best bet is to wait till after the winter. I have been here sense the
8th and have been living in my car.

Author David Parker (3 years)
@kckhane41 Anyway i can get some tips. some information on hazmat tanker
jobs there?. i am applying for my hazmat right now and i want to find some
good paying jobs in the oil field. before i leave here. could you email me
some tips please if you dont mind. also if just driving for a company
period i will do that. thank you.

Author sosomrclean1 (3 years)
can you have felonys on your recored? to get hired.

Author Kman (3 years)
Where's the follow up?

Author BigCat1165 (2 years)
About 4.5 years, drove a KW T800 with a dragon trailer out here. It was a
13 speed.

Author norajeanify (3 years)
Is that the Poltergeist music.....very ominous, but
entertaining.....looking forward to you video's, and thanks for all the
help. The video's are very helpful. Thank you

Author kckhane41 (3 years)
Hey Big cat, Hope you find something with a camp soon Brother. Man you are
a trailblazer,I am glad to know ya. I have had two company's tell me I can
fly up and they will pick me up put me in a camp for the hiring process.
but just don't think I can be without my wheels. Did you get that company
name I sent you and do you want me to keep helping you looking from here?
some times the more eyes the better. Stay warm and keep the faith. I am
feeling the anxiety for you.

Author rob crowe (3 years)
i have a felonyy

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