Shahrukh Khan, Deepika, Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir, Ranveer attend Priyanka Chopra's father's funeral

Priyanka Chopra's Father No More By
Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra's father Ashok Chopra, who was hospitalised at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital two weeks ago, passed away Monday afternoon.
"He passed away at 12.30 p.m. today (Monday). He was undergoing cancer treatment," Dr Ashok Chopra was admitted to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital two weeks ago. He was undergoing the treatment for cancer for few years now.

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Author Samira Cabdisamed ( ago)
am waiting for you to die mrs. priyanka chopra hhhhhhhhh

Author HARMAN SANDHU ( ago)
Shit!..Seeing PC just made me cry :/
Everybody knew how much she loved her dad! May god be with her!

Author Oumaima Hassini ( ago)
So so so so so so sad for prianka

Author Oumaima Hassini ( ago)
3lache majache shahid ou amitab ou abitcheik

Author Farhad Sumon ( ago)
where is download option ?

Author khalid mahmood ( ago)

Author Taro Dosanjh ( ago)

Author shadab akhtar ( ago)
So sad 

Author Aysha Rah Mallett ( ago)
life goes on upload is for the interested dont judge 

Author Hisagi Yumnam ( ago)
Fuck off to dis persn who uploaded this video.... who the fuck tld u, u cn
jst upload it

Author GRINGO HOSANAN ( ago)
WHY indians are fond of showing off cars on funerals......low cheap crap

Author Renata Sharma (1726 years ago)
4 days after her father's death Priyanka chopra spotted partying in shahid
kapoor's house. I feel sorry for all people who have hypocrite queen
priyanka chopra kind of daughter.

Author raju kumar ( ago)
Hiiiiiii. I'm so happy today

Author Zunaid. ( ago)
I pity the father who had such a daughter.

Author kelly jones ( ago)
Sad for Prianka :( 

Author khalid alwalid ( ago)
Shah Rukh Khan? Aamir Khan? Salman Khan?? All stupid kafir Khan !!! Very
poor wrong track Muslim !! Murtadin!!! Stupid drunk people. Don't you know
that you are all stupid Moghul Khan generation??

Author ayyaz ahmed ( ago)

Author Vshal - S - R ( ago)
I'd say those people are like stray dogs running with their mobile camera,
they just wait such type of occasions so as they launch on the bone, dirty
stray dogs

Author Anca Mirabela Fulga ( ago)

Author Homa Kp ( ago)
ignore these spammers. i'm a muslim and I see so much similarities between
two religions. I so like how india's traditions have not faded.

Author mwpuneetg ( ago)
eureka luckily I discovered Dhoom3 whole length film. you can see it paste

Author asif patalbap ( ago)

Author asif patalbap ( ago)

Author Sundeep Neupane ( ago)

Author Rajat Hooja ( ago)
Oooo look, an Indian Army bred sex worker! Look at those army genetics!
Yummy *nom nom nom*

Author AquaHeroin101 ( ago)
this is why racist keep on increasing each day..coz of the people like
u..each races or religions have their on beliefs..who are u to judge it?
God? even if u don't like other religions, u don't need to bash people like
that. The only thing u'll received is people will bashed the heck out of u
back. Are u even a Muslim? Shame on u.

Author elkng sharo ( ago)

Author Mohammed Saleh ( ago)
aww its ohk pk chops be strong may ur dad RIP

Author Rafiq Meghani ( ago)
I am heart by Abdul Mashuk s comment. First of all a daughter lost her
father. It is natural a daughter loves her father more than anyone. But
besides Mashuk comment, who is he to determine any belief. As a Muslim I
must say that it is in Holy Quran to respect other religions. And it is
common sense to look into your own character and than point others. Such
language is not a human language. So please forgive other Muslims, we are
not part of Mashuk beliefs.

Author Rafiq Meghani ( ago)

Author Rafiq Meghani ( ago)

Author TheConnectionError ( ago)
the video was filmed before her father passed away. And what do you want
her to do, lock herself in the room and cry rest of her life.

Author subbu ks ( ago)

Author Priya Virdee ( ago)
Abdul mashuk Wth?!!! U are probs butters

Author minu ishaque ( ago)

Author Mariyam Nizam ( ago)
I feel sorry for priyanka

Author abdul mashuk ( ago)
Shame to these ugly celebrities like priyanka

Author Shashank Agrawal ( ago)
Had this just been people coming i and going out is understandable. But
filming emotions and funeral procession is just not done. Shame on the crew
for filming it and me for clicking on such links.

Author laila1989ism ( ago)
Filming a funeral is so disrespectful. Just awful what you did you should
be ashamed

Author mohammad rizwan ( ago)

Author Singh Glam ( ago)
Correct And She Wont Stop Working Just Because Her Father Died... Its Her

Author bunny ( ago)
aww they shouldn't really have filmed a funeral...They clearly don't have
permission to do it and it's just disrespectful.

Author Rishi Kanakarajan ( ago)
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Author Deezignerkid1 ( ago)
look' Ass wipe' I know shit bout India and what ever is associate with it'
I don't understand the languages but I do watch their movies/ series's' and
no they don't use the same Christianity' as in some countries' such as
Europe' Africa and America'..and you are just A Bastard..

Author imaginevinee ( ago)

Author Deezignerkid1 ( ago)
Yes no denial that Christians are not welcomed / allowed neither Valued
after all it is a Muslim Country'..How ever there is no need to degrade
another's religion!

Author abdul mashuk ( ago)
U mother fucker u know christian are not valued in india they are
lowcaste...and if u are son of your dad u will give me your details..i will
come crush u..and u can call me bastard over the net but i will fuck your
mum so hard

Author Sandhya Mahat ( ago)
Actually u are a disgrace to ISLAM.. Go hang urself bastard! Talking
nonsense abt others' religion.. I'm a Christian.. Now, u wanna say ill
things abt it?? Go ahead.. nobody care wat a fucking atheist says here!!!

Author Sandhya Mahat ( ago)
who the hell are you to look down upon any religion??? Yeah, they worship
the animals.. which are a part of nature.. U got a prblem wid dat bloody
Muslim cunt?? Then, jst fuck offf!!!! P.S. I respect ISLAM but I can't
tolerate MUSLIMS spoiling its name... U aren't a muslim cunt... U are an
atheist... coz no one who respects his religion looks down on others.. Read
Quran u motherfucker!!

Author abdul mashuk ( ago)
Visa u may be hindu lol..hindu what a religion..worshiping dogs cats snake
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Author visa422978 ( ago)
Muslims dick aren't gold so stfu cunt

Author dipak shrestha ( ago)
first human being

Author moe sid ( ago)
I feel sorry for her

Author RohainArora ( ago)
lol yeah, in the city.

Author abdul mashuk ( ago)
Sala srk gandu ka bachah

Author abdul mashuk ( ago)
Srk is hindu he is not muslim at all disgrace to muslims....

Author adeq jin ( ago)

Author TooForCuteYou01 ( ago)
That video was filmed before her father passed away

Author babaaj ( ago)
Priyanka bahut achhi Insan hai, SRK Idiot hai.

Author Jason Cerone ( ago)
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Author lValenl ( ago)
The video was filmed before her father's death...

Author Sipho Warrior ( ago)
no man we need to be respectful...WTF...why are people commenting such
nasty stuff?!?

Author manjeet singh ( ago)
@mydesigirl84,yes,because he was priyanka

Author kinny7676 ( ago)

Author Al Mcdonald ( ago)
Nice song

Author ankit ki maa ka bhosra fatt gaya ( ago)
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice saali ki fatti choooooooooot dekh kar baap mar

Author cunyhuny ( ago)
chamara chopra died

Author cunyhuny ( ago)
shes got dark n dirty skin like indian poverty striken thieving cunts

Author cunyhuny ( ago)
chamarae hindoo angrezi toh seekh le

Author cunyhuny ( ago)

Author cunyhuny ( ago)
indian slumcunts

Author Soman k.v ( ago)
Real exotic indeed.

Author suny ali ( ago)

Author abdul mashuk ( ago)
Priyanka my love is there for u and a big hug to sympathy goes to
your family..

Author Avanish Tiwari ( ago)
yep man. fans got shocked by watching this. kareena kapoor revealed her
secret boy friend in a secret party. she doesnt have any voice over it.
just watch it here >>

Author ez rider ( ago)
how about u let them choose... n wats rong with hinduism, would u convert
to other religion, if not, then dont tell other people to convert... plz!

Author comeless kumar ( ago)
Kamlesh yadav Sikatia dinachak,khurwasia,deoria.274703"8865910310

Author Yamuna Basnet ( ago)
RIP. ans What do u mean by that @theasian73. U asshole.

Author TheAsian73 ( ago)
dumb nepali !!

Author yasir khan ( ago)
oi hindus plz turn to islam

Author shaik ahmad ( ago)

Author jimmy perry ( ago)

Author diwash thapa ( ago)
my sincere condom-lense buhahah dhoti

Author 321192ify ( ago)
Who is the guy wearing a red jacket at a funeral? Is he trying to make a
statement there?

Author Sushmit Rajaure ( ago)
just fuck off with your fake ids

Author mastercool39 ( ago)
i see some celebrities just wanna show off to be in front pages .people are
looking for photo cameras.

Author divyals123 ( ago)
RIP, my sincere condolences to Ms. Chopra and her family.

Author hanny bajwa ( ago)
Sooo sad

Author Khodidas Ghariyela ( ago)
hi ha ha

Author hasanthi silva ( ago)
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Author Neha Jaiswal ( ago)
RIP> so sad

Author Dini Meutia ( ago)
When did this happen? My big condolence to Priyanka's father. RIP Sir..
Stay strong for the family who left behind.

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Author Patrick A Anthony ( ago)
Are you her dad? She lost her dad not a Boyfriend

Author Malik Orangzeb ( ago)
Priyanka don t worry I m here for u darling.

Author binu zachariah ( ago)

Author 6 o Smoke ( ago)
well sorry for Priyanka.... but no words for the camera angel and camera man

Author king baadshah ( ago)
wheres srk

Author ulfat786khan ( ago)
sab apni matlab kele ye ayee hai sali saab choor hai shahrakhan directer
producer all of them are theifs

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