KATT WILLIAMS Cartoon - "Gangsta Tigers" (UNEDITED)

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ClydeTV and Clyde's Comix presents Katt Williams' "Gangsta Tigers" audio from Katt Williams' new stand-up DVD IT'S PIMPIN' PIMPIN' available now.

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Cartoon animation by Puny Entertainment.

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Author Empress Shah (3 months)

Author yung lighta (1 month)
Lmfao I died when I seen the tigers playing dominos lol

Author Lory Patterson (1 year)
Lmmfao! That damn Kat Williams is a hot mess! #FAF though

Author Stephanie Davis (2 months)

Author Carla Barnes (1 month)
what happened to the audio on this?

Author GearShotgun (4 months)
how about one for his motorcycle story

Author Anta Thompson (3 months)
@ JJ White ya point?!

Author JJ White (4 months)
Tigers are from Asia... to be politically correct. 

Author Michael Covington (6 months)
This cage right here nigga. this cage right hereeee... Ltfol

Author Darshan Karia (1 year)
From Tiger's Point of View...

Author Ugly Ego (3 years)

Author Robert P (1 year)
Next week, it's my turn to do the English Culture Lecture. I chose the
topic of Dangerous English. I was looking through some comedy videos on
Youtube and I found this video. I love when someone makes animation to
match previously existing dialog. This is a great clip with the voice of
Katt Williams...

Author Anta Thompson (3 months)
@JJ White ya point bruh?

Author Armando Jones (1 year)
KATT WILLIAMS Cartoon - "Gangsta Tigers" (UNEDITED)

Author Iulian Dumitraşcu (1 year)
I know some black people miss Africa. And I would love tigers to leave
their cages.

Author jdusti75 (8 months)

Author ems820 (1 year)

Author Bone Sniffer (1 year)
The only real motha fuker

Author trevanismith (2 years)
@razorbakboi lol then the man pushes the kid in

Author Brittany Brown (1 year)
I love Katy williams

Author memphis650 (1 year)
Wish a muthafucka would! Lmao! Would have liked to see the last part of the
skit animated tho..."maul em'!"

Author AllAboutBall32 (11 months)
Start snitching on the tigers

Author Logan494 (1 year)
A tiger mauled a guy at the Bronx Zoo, and lost his leg. I immediately look
up this and would assume he was caught by his toe.

Author skinhead Sane (2 years)
110 peopke stepped into "this cage right here nykka"

Author chacoal (2 years)
@Mecctacular i agree that was done great, love the art direction right
there. nice observation.

Author dwmejia06 (1 year)
Black people are tigers now ??? Lol

Author mucci brown (2 years)

Author The Galaxy Nova (2 years)
@baca360 well fuck you lets see in you can get a top comment

Author eastsidegoon4life (3 years)
Lol Katt Williams Crazy

Author numba1shawty850 (3 years)
wat dey would do if a mutha****** EVA EVA EVA CLIMB DEY GOD**** FOOT OVER

Author Dpayton1123 (2 years)
110 niggas drank some zambooki and climbed they dumbasses over the gate

Author The Galaxy Nova (2 years)
@Coverjobs i think its funnier the way i say it look at the fucking top

Author Eren Serdar (2 years)
this cage right here nigga.. this cage right here nigga.. :D

Author tiafletcher1998 (2 years)
damm y da black person gota fall in the fuckin cage out all the others lol

Author Nosrad130 (1 year)
Katt Williams: Look at white people White person: WHATTT?!?!? Niggers are
Tigers Now Katt Williams: THERE GREAT

Author bombman34 (2 years)
1:18 best line EVER!!!

Author Ayanna Sellers (2 years)
What?!!? Nigga's are tigers now ??!!?

Author Lvduggo69 (1 year)
We gots us the same muvukin tiger fo ours Prez. We funna get the rath if da
tiger now bitchez

Author brandonswagbb (1 year)
Shit funny

Author ChildishWarFare (1 year)
Have this dvd

Author Duskwuffie (1 year)

Author MrProfesionalDoctorJ (1 year)
Katt ain't that tall..

Author The Galaxy Nova (2 years)
@Coverjobs i say it the way i want to say it bitch

Author menacetosociety604 (1 year)
TO @noobkilla53 All a tiger wants to do is rip your fuckin head off but
there's too many snitches so that's why it's a Tiger in a fuckin zoo some
people are like tigers you dumb fuck

Author nickilove890 (3 years)
Oww thats so sad..what..i didn't see...nothin sad

Author wlehdi (2 years)
LOL i think he forgot his metaphor by the end

Author Danielle(: (2 years)

Author noobkilla53 (1 year)
Put the crack pipe down and read a book

Author Raging Camel (2 years)
If a mothafucka was to EVER EVER EVVVEEEEER stick they GODDAMN foot over
this GODDAMN cage

Author Jasmine Wright (3 years)

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