Gangsta Tigers - Katt Williams Cartoon: It's Pimpin' Pimpin' (Uncensored)

ClydeTV and Clyde's Comix presents Katt Williams' "Gangsta Tigers" audio from Katt Williams' stand-up special, "It's Pimpin' Pimpin'."

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Cartoon animation by Puny Entertainment.

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Author Daycow417 ( ago)
Yo you left out the best part "Nigga this is not a drill. Get ready. They
think we bullshittin!!"

Author Who's Ur Budduh XD ( ago)
Roflmao 😂😂 Perfect 💯

Author Justin Primm ( ago)
This Cartoon was perfect for the skit....LOVED IT!!!

Author kevin bennett ( ago)
hey what animation program you use

Author Ardhamon5000 ( ago)
So Ironic considering how the BLM people were Race Baiting when the lion
was killed

Let the truth be. The truth... this man is real.. ...and i do love some
katt william 

Author Michael D. Johnson ( ago)
+Dejah McRae 

Author elliot dubois ( ago)
"The only real motherfucker in the whole equation" I'm done.

Author debmart59 ( ago)
GANGSTA TIGER... Katt Williams

Author henrooo ( ago)
"'T' is for tiger"

Author AquariusLady Gorgeouz ( ago)
+kushcomedyclub You all did an excellent job making the video match up with
the audio. It is so funny lol

Author Cynthia Palmer ( ago)
jj white that may be where they're from, but these tigers live in the zoo.

Author lovingjackson ( ago)
"Then the tiger eat yo asshole out baby, that's the end" Had me dyinnnnn!

Author Hood Skalas ( ago)
Check out Raunchy Rhymes!

Author sdnevets ( ago)
Fo five tigers in a fake ass habitat!

Author AllAboutBall32 ( ago)
Start snitching on the tigers

Author Cece Starr ( ago)
then the tiger eat yo asshole out baby thats the end of the story

Author Cece Starr ( ago)
this cage right here nigga this cage right here nigga i wish a motherfucka

Author ChildishWarFare ( ago)
Have this dvd

Author alex ( ago)
therree greaat follow along white people!

Author alex ( ago)
still better then cartoons on now!

Author shane senha ( ago)
i got nothin

Author Chill.God ( ago)
katt willams top 10 funniest comedians ever

Author kaprese ruce ( ago)

Author I am Fluffeh :DDDDDD ( ago)
if a motha fuka was 2 evaaaa eva evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa climb thier god
dam foot ova the god dam gate

Author kaprese ruce ( ago)
Then the tiger eat.your a** hole out lol

Author Darshan RAVEN ( ago)
The transcript is demential....

Author SaBRager ( ago)
LOL 2:17 Katt Williams

Author ardaorhan ( ago)
this is not a drill nigga get ready dey think we bullshittin :D

Author noobkilla53 ( ago)
Maybe im ignorant for thanking you live in a free country ran by a Black
dude.Stop acting like somebody owes you something.Your spreading more hate
with videos like this

Author noobkilla53 ( ago)
And you can where exactly were you taking from and who enslaved you

Author Vlad Nicolae ( ago)
you did not get the metaphor. it means if you can`t comprehend the concept
of being a tiger in a zoo - if you don`t understand what it`s like getting
taken from your environment and get placed into another environment...if
your so ignorant that you understand the sort oif phychological trauma that
causes...the anger...than you can never understand what its liketo get
taken from your enviroment, enslaved, work to exhaustion and after being
freed being expected to behave just like everyone else

Author Brittany B.Brown ( ago)
I love Katy williams

Author noobkilla53 ( ago)
Put the crack pipe down and read a book

Author McKinley Gilliam ( ago)
*you're* Ignorant bitches take that up to katt himself I bet you wouldn't
you scarry white piece of shit.

Author billy currie ( ago)
Love it

Author jaylen heath ( ago)
This some funny shit

Author menacetosociety604 ( ago)
TO @noobkilla53 All a tiger wants to do is rip your fuckin head off but
there's too many snitches so that's why it's a Tiger in a fuckin zoo some
people are like tigers you dumb fuck

Author menacetosociety604 ( ago)
I wish a mothafucka would!

Author noobkilla53 ( ago)
If you think America for blacks is like a tiger in a zoo you are one dumb
black Bitch you can leave at any time your not in a cage your just dumb

Author noobkilla53 ( ago)
Not funny

Author jocelyn williams ( ago)
This is not a drill !!! Lol

Author dwmejia06 ( ago)
Black people are tigers now ??? Lol

Author jaylen heath ( ago)
This shit funny as shit

Author Bone Sniffer ( ago)
The only real motha fuker

Author manuel perez ( ago)
Funny shit

Author Locostacos77 ( ago)

Author LadyKei ( ago)
Then the tigers eat your asshole out! #DEAD

Author Aharon Boyd ( ago)
Whaaaat!?!?!? Niggas are tigers now? Lmao funny ass fuck

Author Lvduggo69 (707 years ago)
We gots us the same muvukin tiger fo ours Prez. We funna get the rath if da
tiger now bitchez

Author WAKE ( ago)
1:25 You gone get rid of the TIGER!? You gone get rid of the only REAL
MOTHAFUCKA in the whole GOD DAMN equation! LOL

Author e91roboninja ( ago)
If u look close u can c kat William twitching

Author EmperessClaudia ( ago)
I was looking forward to the tiger laying on top of a speaker "I don't feel
very much like a Tiger."

Author christien woody ( ago)
look white ppl like wht niggas are tigers now it great ppl

Author Bellicose City ( ago)
LOL. Right. That shit was funny.

Author Sheriqa M. Childress ( ago)

Author ulando3000 ( ago)

Author memphis650 ( ago)
Wish a muthafucka would! Lmao! Would have liked to see the last part of the
skit animated tho..."maul em'!"

Author Gangers ( ago)
anyone know the name of the music at the start?

Author ems820 ( ago)

Author Duskwuffie ( ago)

Author re7211 ( ago)
Bronx zoo tiger incident brought me here

Author Logan494 ( ago)
A tiger mauled a guy at the Bronx Zoo, and lost his leg. I immediately look
up this and would assume he was caught by his toe.

Author jmass123456 ( ago)
A pimp name slip back voice from boondocks

Author Nosrad130 ( ago)
Katt Williams: Look at white people White person: WHATTT?!?!? Niggers are
Tigers Now Katt Williams: THERE GREAT

Author Vuitton, The Ruler ( ago)
Lol "I wish a muthfucca would". ~Dj G.I.M.S.~

Author robert jones ( ago)
Katt Williams killed that Gangsta Tiger video

Author PRXNCE LAPACUS ( ago)
lol mane it's been 4 years and it's still funny lol

Author MrProfesionalDoctorJ ( ago)
Katt ain't that tall..

Author Ayanna Sellers ( ago)
What?!!? Nigga's are tigers now ??!!?

Author Ayanna Sellers ( ago)
What ??!!?!

Author Amanda (1186 years ago)
Dis shit rite here nigga is funny

Author Danielle(: ( ago)

Author wlehdi ( ago)
LOL i think he forgot his metaphor by the end

Author BreezyBrae19 ( ago)
Lmfao.! Why is Katt like 6'3 as a news reporter.? That's about 2' too tall.

Author Raging Camel ( ago)
If a mothafucka was to EVER EVER EVVVEEEEER stick they GODDAMN foot over
this GODDAMN cage

Author Stacy Lofton ( ago)

Author steven dixon ( ago)
My side is hurting, that was some funny clip.

Author theHedgex1 ( ago)
Now that i think of it who was the stupid geinus that thought getting into
a tiger cage was safe like the tigger would play kitty cat with them

Author kudos7777 ( ago)
They're no Tigers in Africa,Tigers are native to Asia!! the only cats out
there are lion,cheetah,leopard just to mention a few!

Author cameronfurtado ( ago)
Wattt!!! Nigers r tigers now

Author girguy101 ( ago)

Author TRU BLESS'N ( ago)
Katt Williams: It's Pimpin' Pimpin' is what it is called.

Author Sen pai ( ago)
what the show called ? like the who stand up title?

Author Stephen Chase ( ago)
Funny video!!

Author Laura Broadwater ( ago)
there are other cartoon clips other comedians did try typing in shorties
watching shorties

Author Miss Victoria ( ago)
This cage right here nigga'?! This cage right here nigga'?! Wish a mother
fucker would! *thump*

Author ashana fisher ( ago)
Lol this cage right here nigga !

Author Mario Cervantes Jr ( ago)
white people

Author chase b ( ago)
Lol are there anymore of these anywhere!?

Author jaiware ( ago)
This cage right here nigga right here nigga? I WiSh a motherfucker would lol

Author Robert Damico ( ago)
If a motha fucka was to ever everrr everrrrr climb they goddamn foot over
the goddamn fence. Wish a motha fucka would

Author greatukk0 ( ago)
wish a motha-fucka would!

Author RealG2015 ( ago)
this cage right here niggah this cage right niggah

Author plantguy666 ( ago)
nigger nigger nigger !!!!!

Author BklynBabe ( ago)
Still funny!

Author Bluntimus Prime ( ago)
Snitching on da Tigers

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