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Author JAMIExELITE - Clash of Clans (2 years)
In the next 10mins :) on jamiexelitev2 my 2nd channel

Author darkspider73 (2 years)

Author AaronM118 (2 years)

Author Wordies Wins (2 years)
Jamie I Love You, Honestly! I Thought I Was Doomed When They Patched It But
My Hero Found Out A New Way! #Team Jamie!

Author Valor Tear (2 years)
Ur just uploadin the glitch butwe still cant do it ourself

Author MrHagan01 (2 years)
nice vid jamie keep the great content up :)

Author sam. | QUIT (2 years)
Are you hosting cause if you are please invite! GT- Welcome Shots

Author JAMIExELITE - Clash of Clans (2 years)
Remember this is AFTER PATCH tutorial at 500likes Enjoy

Author coltsrule1821 (2 years)
Does it work for ps3

Author OhBambii (2 years)
Lets gooo Jamie good job mate !

Author JAMIExELITE - Clash of Clans (2 years)
Thanks mate :) i am uploading it now :)

Author CallOfDutyEmblems11 (2 years)

Author xInfamous vII (2 years)
Cmon guys! Let's get to 500!

Author DJB0OM3R (2 years)
LUv you jamie

Author TwistedStryde (2 years)
I love JamiexElites vids

Author DBN (2 years)
we got 500 likes , when is it up mate ?

Author SoonerFreak321 (2 years)
Third comment

Author JAMIExELITE - Clash of Clans (2 years)
It will i will be giving you guys a full tutorial on it on jamiexelitev2

Author oKazuaLx (2 years)
liked i love you buddy! hug me brutha!

Author R33ZTeam (2 years)
Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author DJK (2 years)
Still there then

Author i RaiiDen (2 years)

Author TTGMODZ4U (2 years)

Author Mahi Ahmed (2 years)

Author Dislikedvideos (2 years)
Gt : Sensor Nade

Author JAMIExELITE - Clash of Clans (2 years)
Yes it will i will say in the next 20 / 30mins :)

Author Donnietastic (2 years)
jamie my GT: is LazySlayer add me and invite.

Author JAMIExELITE - Clash of Clans (2 years)
Hey Guys can we get 500likes for the tutorial i will be uploading it on
jamiexelitev2 this is after patch if we get 500likes i will upload it in
the next 15mins Enjoy

Author Alex Khan (2 years)
500 likes lets go jamie:)

Author ReeceEngz (2 years)
When will it be up?

Author EDM (2 years)
501 likes GO GO GO GO

Author MX21 (2 years)
i have subscribed to both channels i want my 10th prestige

Author HorsePowerFreak 2012 (2 years)
549Likes! Booyaaa! :D Love you Jamie!

Author Ali G x (2 years)
Liked and Subbed, will you host a party and invite me i cant do it, great
vid as usual GT: Mossa15

Author Calvin Amacker (2 years)
come on jamie that will take a while to get 500 likes

Author TehFenz (2 years)

Author TheFlicker00 (2 years)
hope this one works

Author JAMIExELITE - Clash of Clans (2 years)
WOW 500LIKES in 10mins i wil be uploading the tutorial now on jamiexelitev2
<3 you guys :)

Author UM4DBR0123 (2 years)
by the time you upload it will be patched like last time

Author WhatMods (2 years)
500 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Upload Time

Author Michael Blankenship (2 years)

Author WindyCityJ23 (2 years)

Author Jonathan Razo (2 years)
Yay thanks Jamie

Author ImReFleCtt (2 years)
U REACHED 500likes:D Tutorial please;-)

Author AltairPT (2 years)
Nice work man

Author TwizzorXX/FIFA 15 Pack Openings and more (2 years)
I hope this is real liked !

Author Huzaifah15 (2 years)

Author Nelox (2 years)
nice video

Author LeonDesignz (2 years)
Liked mate thanks and ready for tutorial, will it be uploaded today if you
get it?

Author AKAbadboi (2 years)
Race to 500 Likes!

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